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阿克苏市做脱毛手术多少钱乌鲁木齐达坂城区去疤痕多少钱The budget预算 The real fight begins真正的战斗打响了As a government shutdown looms, an attempt to grapple with America’s long-term deficit problems is at last under way政府关门之危迫在眉睫,最终总算有人挺身而出解决美国长期的赤字问题了CONGRESS may not be very good at passing budgets, but that is not for lack of discussion of them. This week it was by three overlapping budgetary debates: about a “continuing resolution” to keep the government up and running for the rest of this fiscal year, about next year’s budget and about whether to raise the legal limit on the federal government’s debt. Lawmakers have just under six months to sort out next year’s budget, and under six weeks before America’s debt reaches the current ceiling. But without a new resolution, the government’s authority to spend will expire at midnight on April 8th, forcing much of it to shut up shop. As The Economist went to press, the Republicans who run the House of Representatives, the Democrats who run the Senate and Barack Obama himself were holding last-ditch talks, but also warning their staffs to prepare for a shutdown.国会可能并不是很擅长通过预算,但这并不是因为议员之间缺乏讨论沟通。本周国会将同时忙于三场关于预算的辩论:有关“延续性决议”的辩论,以维持政府运转直至本财政年度结束;有关下一年度预算的辩论;有关是否应提升联邦政府债务法定上限的辩论。立法人员仅有不到六个月的时间整理下一年度的预算,更是仅有不到六周的时间美国的债务就到达当前的上限了。但在没有新决议的情况下,政府开之权将在4月8日午夜12点废止,政府大部分部门将被迫关门。截至本期《经济学人》付梓之时,共和党控制的众议院、民主党控制的参议院及贝拉克·奥巴马总统本人在举行最后的会谈,同时也警告各自职员为政府关门做好准备。This cliffhanger is the culmination of months of fiscal bickering, punctuated by stopgap continuing resolutions. Since February the Republicans have been holding out for billion in cuts to this year’s budget, including assaults on favoured Democratic causes such as public broadcasting (see article). The Democrats argue that their proposal is too extreme, too political, and too narrowly focused. The previous two continuing resolutions, which had lifespans of two and three weeks respectively, were intended to allow the two sides enough time to hammer out a compromise for the rest of the year.这一悬念标志着数月以来关于财政的争吵,在“延续性决议”这一权宜之计的推波助澜下达到顶峰。自二月份以来,共和党人一直坚持削减本年度财政预算610亿美元,包括攻击民主党倡导的、备受民众欢迎的众多事业,例如公共广播项目(见文章)。民主党则认为共和党人的建议苛刻、政见强烈、目光狭隘。前两个延续性决议分别为期2周和3周,目的是为双方提供足够的时间达成妥协,度过本财政年度剩余的几个月。201104/132375博乐市提眉手术多少钱 When Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot, security was virtually nonexistent because most members of Congress neither have it nor want it. But in the wake of the Arizona incident, questions are being raised about both the need and feasibility of new security measures for them, especially when they are in their home districts and states.当加布里埃尔.吉福兹众议员遭到击时,周围实际上没有保安人员,因为大多数国会议员没有、也不想要保安跟随。亚利桑那击事件之后,为国会议员提供新的保安措施的必要性和可行性问题浮出水面。Former Secret Service agent Joe LaSorsa, who served on the detail protecting President Ronald Reagan, says politicians do not like living in a so-called "security bubble" because they feel that cuts them off from voters.前秘密特工乔.拉索尔萨曾做过里根总统的随身警卫。他说,政治人物不喜欢待在一个所谓的“安全气泡”里,因为他们觉得那样就把他们跟选民隔开了。"In a democracy our politicians are required to go out and press flesh, they are required to go out there and meet the people,” LaSorsa said. “And they have been accustomed to traditionally not being exposed to an overwhelming amount of violence directed towards individuals, especially individuals like congressmen and senators. But with the number of individuals out there in our society who are mentally ill, they do face a greater degree of exposure than ever before."拉索尔萨说:“在民主社会,政治人物必须走出去接触人,跟人民见面。传统上,他们、特别是国会参议员和众议员,不会面对大量暴力,他们对此也习以为常。可是,鉴于我们社会中存在精神病患者,政治人物的确面临比以往任何时候都大的风险。”Members of Congress have been spending more time in their home districts than in Washington because of the need to raise funds to cover burgeoning campaign costs. It is also easier to get home now that cheaper and more convenient transportation is available.国会议员在他们家乡选区待的时间比在华盛顿长,因为他们需要筹集资金来付不断增长的竞选费用。由于交通更加便宜和便利,返回家乡也更加容易。LaSorsa, who owns a business training bodyguards, says simply providing members of Congress with bodyguards gives them a false sense of security. 拉索尔萨经营着一个训练保镖的公司。他说,仅仅给国会议员配备保镖会给他们一种虚假的安全感。201101/123960阿图什治疗青春痘多少钱

乌鲁木齐市第三医院整形科US House Adjourns as Democrats, Republicans Feud Over Health Care, Other Measures 众院休会 两党就医保等分歧严重 Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress engaged in procedural battles and traded allegations on Wednesday as lawmakers attempted to conclude work on legislative priorities near the end of the congressional session. Senate Republicans used procedural tactics to delay Democrat's efforts to move toward a vote on health care reform, while House lawmakers approved a defense bill and a job creation measure amid partisan bickering over responsibility for the U.S. economic situation.星期三,美国国会议员试图在议会会期结束之前完成对一些当务之急法案的审议工作,民主共和两党议员打程序战,并且互相指控。参议院共和党人试图利用程序手段来拖延民主党试图尽快对医保法案投票的努力。在就谁该对美国经济现状负责的争论中,众议院通过了一项国防出法案以及一项增加就业机会的法案。In a day of frenetic activity before it formally adjourned for the year, the House approved the last of 12 government spending bills for the 2010 fiscal year that began last October.众议院在今年正式休会之前,度过了紧张的一天,通过了2010财政年度12项政府出议案的最后部分。2010财政年度由今年10月份开始。The 6-billion defense appropriations measure includes 8 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Senate began considering the bill late on Wednesday before adjourning.这个高达6360亿美元的国防拨款中,有1280亿用于伊拉克战争和阿富汗战争。参议院星期三晚些时候在休会之前就此议案开始审议。Congress will have to approve more money for Afghanistan in the new year, estimated at between billion and billion, to support President Obama's 30,000 U.S. troop surge. As part of a package of bills, the House also approved a 4 billion measure aimed at easing the difficult U.S employment picture by creating new transportation and other infrastructure jobs, providing more financial aid to U.S. states and local governments and expanding unemployment benefits.作为成套议案的一部分,众议院也通过了一项总值1540亿美元用于缓解美国就业困难的议案。其中包括创造新的交通和其他基础设施建设工作,为州政府和地方政府提供更多的财政援助,以及扩大失业救济。Debate on this and other matters was marked by complaints from the Republican opposition about what they call out-of-control spending by Democrats and President Obama. Republican Jeb Hensarling of Texas:关于这个议案及其他问题的争论,一个特点是,共和党抱怨民主党和奥巴马总统的出失控了。来自德克萨斯州的共和党议员贺萨林说:"You cannot spend your way into more jobs, you cannot borrow your way into more jobs, you cannot bailout your way into more jobs," said Jeb Hensarling. "That is not the recipe."“你不能花钱来买工作,你不能借钱来买工作,你也不能靠救济来创造工作。这根本就不是解决办法。”12/92582铁门关市祛痘要多少钱 And its saved them. Life on the move kept them step ahead of the guns and human hunger.它在拯救他们。迁徙中的生活必须让他们领先一步于口和人类的饥饿中。By November, the blinding equatorial sun has turned their southern water holes into sucking mud. A trap for unwary youngsters. And so they must move north toward permanent water. Their pace quickens with the males need to reach their ancient battle grounds.在11月,眩目炽热的太阳已把他们在南部的水洞变成了恶心的泥浆。这对年轻一代来说是粗心的陷阱。这样,他们必须北上,那里的水是永久不会干涸的。他们加快步伐,男性们需要尽早到达古老的争斗中去。After months on the move, they arrive at the northern edge of their migration. A network of swamps and rivers, where they can unleash their unique breeding spectacle. This is where the antelopes lacks of form, vast fighting arenas,where gladiators duel, sometimes to the death for the right to mate.经过数月的迁徙,他们到达北部边缘。一个沼泽和河流交织而成的网络。在这里他们被激发出生存欲望,接下来的景象令人叹为观止:这是羚羊极度缺乏下的巨大战斗竞技场。决斗士们互相角逐,甚至用一死来争夺交配的权利。Their breeding season brief, their hormone rage intense. They are about to the stance with ritual, and get straight to the blood bleeding. Head budding males are conspicuous icons of the need to breed. But in the hidden world of a cost reckoned rainforest, it is a seeding sisterhood of hunger that assures the success of the next generation.简短的繁殖季节,他们的荷尔蒙让他们愤怒。他们注重礼节,采取硬碰硬,直到出血才罢休。初露头角的男性都是引人注目需要交配。但是在这个隐藏世界,适者生存的热带雨林里,饥饿难耐的下一代只有对亲人痛下狠手才能确保自己后代的延续。词语解释:1. equatorial a. 炽热的2. permanent a. 永久的3. antelope n. 羚羊201111/162521乌鲁木齐哪家医院激光去痣好

乌鲁木齐隆胸多少钱啊In Australia, it’s not just livestock hit hard by draught, but the next generation of farmers. At 24, Robert Watt, a farmer from Alectown, a region of Australia, has had seven seasons on the farm, but not one year of profit. He says the draught, plus a sharp spike in farming costs, has left a generational hole on farms.“A lot of my mates have gone off farm, off farms and get the quick buck at the mine. And it's not usually by, by choices. It's...they're forced to, cos, uh, when they make a living, yeah.”He says most young people have considered selling out, and explains that the prospect of not earning any money could eventually push him to leave as well.“The only reason I would leave the land is the finance, the pressure of not being able to get a wage at the end of the week and do what you like with it.”Robert has joined other young farmers at a meeting in Sydney recently, to work out ways to get more people back on the land. And some say farm finance is the key. Sam Gunn, the chairman of the Young Farmers’ Committee, says that encouraging young people to get the “first farm buyers” grant is important to help them get back into farming.“And we’re just saying that, you know, people getting back and that encouraging young people back into farming if they get that first farm buyers grant, I really think it would be a step in the right direction to getting people back on the land.”The farmers who stay on the land face new challenges. They have to manage with less rain, and decide which crops suit the changing conditions. Robert also says there is potential in agriculture to make some money, but external conditions such as the weather are elements that can’t be anticipated and controlled.“Yeah, there’s definitely potential in agriculture. The, the, the price of the commodity at the moment is quite, quite good. It just depends if, if the weather comes our direction and we can crack a crop and some, some decent seasons for the livestock as well, we could, we can make a bit of money. It’s obviously out of our control.”在澳大利亚,牲畜受到干旱的重大打击,下一代农民也会受到严重威胁。24岁的Robert Watt来自澳大利亚的Alectown地区,他已经种植了七季,但是没有任何一年是盈利的。他说,由于干旱,加上农业生产成本增加,他在土地上损失巨大。“我的很多同伴都离开了农田,回到了来钱比较快的矿山。这是没有选择的……他们是被生活所迫,是的。”他说,很多年轻人考虑过将土地出售,他解释说,如果连续亏损,他也会考虑离开。“我离开农田的唯一原因就是经济原因,周末拿不到工资,不能去做自己喜欢做的事情的压力。”Robert和其他年轻人一起参加了最近在悉尼召开的会议,主题是怎样让更多的年轻人回到土地上。有人说,农田是否赚钱是关键。Sam Gunn是年轻农民委员会的主席,他说,鼓励年轻人找到第一批农田买主对于他们回到农田非常重要。“我们说,你知道,如果他们能找到第一批买主,他们就会回到农田,我认为,这是让年轻人回到农田的正确的一步。”坚守土地的农民面临着新的挑战。雨量减少,他们必须找出更能适应环境变化的作物。Robert说,农业要赚钱还是有潜力的,但是像天气这样的外部环境是不能预测,也无法控制的。“是的,农业肯定有潜力。现在,农产品的价格很好。关键取决于,天气是否帮忙,如果天气好,我们可以多收一点庄稼,牲畜也长的好,这样我们可能赚点钱。但是,很明显,这是我们控制不了的。”07/77797 Indonesian President Sets Economic Priorities for Second Term印尼总统把经济列为头等大事  During his first term in office, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono oversaw a period of robust economic growth based on exports. This year exports have slowed as a result of the global recession. As the president gets set to begin his second term, one of his chief economic advisers says the government must now focus on improving the investment climate to develop domestic industries.印度尼西亚总统苏西洛·尤多约诺在他的第一任期看到了出口所带来的扎实的经济增长。可是今年,由于受到全球经济衰退的影响,印尼的出口大幅减少。在印尼总统尤多约诺开始他的第二任期之际,他的一位首席经济顾问建议,政府现在应该把重心放在改善投资环境和发展国内产业上。As a result of the global economic slowdown, Indonesia's rate of economic growth went from 12 percent last year to 4.3 percent.在全球经济衰退的影响下,印尼的经济增长率从去年的12%滑落到今年的4.3%。Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati says the export market that fueled economic growth during President Yudhoyono's first term in office may not recover for some time. She says in his second term the president and his economic team will focus on improving domestic industries. 印尼财政部长穆里亚尼(Sri Mulyani Indrawati)说,尤多约诺总统第一任期那种出口市场所带来的经济增长,短期之内可能无法回复。她说,尤多约诺在他的第二任期内会和他的经济团队把重点放在改善国内产业上。"I guess President SBY and Vice President-elect Bodieno are going to use the theme of improvement of the investment climate still as the main topic for their agenda in the next five years," she said. “我认为当选连任的尤多约诺总统和其副总统将把改善国内投资环境做为未来五年的首要任务。”Indonesia possesses the large labor pool and the abundant natural resources required to develop a manufacturing base that can compete with Brazil, Russia, India and China. But in part because of an uncertain regulatory environment and poor infrastructure, the country has been unable to attract the investment needed to develop industry.印尼拥有广大的劳工市场和丰富的天然资源来发展一个足以跟巴西、俄罗斯、印度和中国竞争的制造业。不过,印尼仍然无法吸引足够的投资来发展国内产业,部分原因是印尼的监管环境不完善以及基础设施落后。Mulyani told journalists on Wednesday that the government will first require state-owned enterprises in key agricultural industries such as sugar and fertilizer to modernize and maximize production. 穆里亚尼告诉记者,政府将首先要求蔗糖和化肥等主要国营农业企业更新并扩大他们的生产。"There is no motivation to use their division or the money, the surplus from their revenue, to reinvest it in this industry," said Mulyani. "The president has aly outlined an order and I think it will be started in the first year of his next term, 2010, to start revitalizing by these industries." “过去总是难以鼓动这些国营企业利用它们的收入盈余来重新投资这个产业。但是现在总统已经定好了大纲,我认为,在他第二任期的第一年,2010年,就会开始采取措施振兴这些产业。”To the make the economy more competitive, she says, the government is looking at ways to reduce costly fuel subsidies. 她说,为了使国家经济更具竞争力,政府会想办法减少昂贵的燃料补贴。And Mulyani says the government is going to get tough with speculators, who stifle infrastructure improvements such as roads and bridges, by inflating the price of the land needed for these projects. 穆里亚尼还说,政府将对投机商采取强硬措施。这些投机商蓄意抬高土地价格,妨碍了公路和桥梁等基础设施的改善。"The government can make sure that any speculant [speculator] that increases the price, who increases the price extraordinarily, they are also going to pay the tax," she added. "So that is going to be neutralizing from the fiscal position." “政府会确保任何过份哄抬价格的投机商都必须交税。这么一来将能从财政方面取得平衡。”Ultimately, she says over time the government must divest itself of more state-owned businesses to allow the private sector to grow.她说,政府最终还是必须让更多的国营企业转型,以促进私营部门的增长。09/84989铁门关腿部脱毛价格哈密市复合彩光祛斑多少钱



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