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浙江嘉兴打瘦脸针要多少钱嘉善县中医院点痣多少钱桐乡市妇幼保健院祛眼袋多少钱 Frightening images of babies as young as two weeks old being flung around a therapist head have shocked millions around the world. And now the Russian woman filmed spinning the babies by their wrists and ankles has confirmed she hopes to bring the practice to the UK.治疗师将仅有两周大的婴儿在头顶甩来甩去的可怕图片,让世界各地的数百万人感到震惊不已图片中抓住婴儿手腕和脚踝旋转的这位俄罗斯女子,现在已经确认她希望把这种练习方法引入英国Lena Fokina can be seen flipping a baby over her head in her bizarre ;baby yoga; routine which has been banned from a number of websites fear that it glorifies child abuse.我们可以看到,莱娜;法姬娜在做她那套奇异的;婴儿瑜伽;常规动作时,将婴儿在头顶甩来甩去,这些图片已被一些网站禁止,唯恐带来宣扬虐待儿童的后果Many viewers believed the moves must have been permed on dolls but the 51-year-old says they are definitely real babies and she has been practising the techniques the past 30 years.许多观看者都认为这些动作一定是用玩具娃娃完成的,但这位51岁的女士表示说这些绝对是真正的婴儿,过去的30年来她一直在练这门技术Lena was tracked down at a seminar called ;Parenting the Deliberate Way; in Dahab, Egypt, where parents from across Europe were paying her to perm the same moves on their infants, some just months old.日前莱娜在埃及达哈卜举办了一次题为;作尽职父母;的研讨会,来自欧洲各地的父母花钱让她在自己婴儿身上去完成同样的动作,有的婴儿只有几个月大And while most of the babies were left screaming in tears or vomited during or after their session of ;baby dynamics;, Lena insists it is their benefit.The qualified PE teacher, said: ;It very good babies and not dangerous at all. Some babies cry at first, but they begin to enjoy it.;虽然大部分婴儿在;婴儿动力学;课中或课后被折腾得尖叫流泪或呕吐,但莱娜坚持认为这对他们有好处这位有从业资格的体育老师说:;这对婴儿很有好处,一点都不危险有些婴儿起初会哭,但他们很快就会开始喜欢的; ;Most people think young babies can only lie on a bed, eat, and cry. But babies are born with natural reflexes, which we can use to help them develop physically and intellectually.;;大多数人都认为年幼孩子只能躺在床上,吃奶,和哭泣但婴儿天生具有自然反应,我们可以利用这一点来帮助他们开发身体和智力;;I work with parents from across Europe. I hope soon I will be working with a family in England. I think there are a number of open-minded parents there whose babies could benefit from my work. According to Lena, baby yoga was first practiced by ancient African tribes ; but the modern incarnation was developed by fellow Russian Dr Igor Charkovsky, who was also present at the seminar.;;我与欧洲各地的父母紧密合作我希望不久我能和英国家庭合作一次我想那里会有一批开明的父母,让他们的婴儿受益于我的工作; 根据莱娜的说法,婴儿瑜珈最初是由古代非洲部落开始的;;但现代的方法则是由俄罗斯研究员艾格;柴可夫斯基士发展而来,他也出席了研讨会;Lena added: ;The method was originally developed to cure and correct the health of children having muscular or skeletal problems but it is also suitable healthy children. The movements are designed to improve their muscular abilities and development. And the children often turn out to be early ers, singers, talkers, swimmers. It also makes their hands stronger. We are humanists and we dont do anything wrong.;莱娜说:;该方法的设计初衷是用以治疗和矫正那些患有肌肉或骨骼问题儿童的健康状况,但它也适用于健康儿童这些动作旨在提高其肌肉能力的培养和开发接受了练习的孩子们能更早阅读、唱歌、说话、游泳他们的动手能力也更强我们是人文主义者,我们不做错事;At the camp the parents, hailing mainly from Russia and the Ukraine, also seemed entirely satisfied as they stood by and watched Lena treat their babies, usually above a gravel floor. Lena has also conducted workshops in Thailand and India where she has worked on children from all over the world.在训练营地,主要来自俄罗斯和乌克兰的父母们,似乎心满意足地站在旁边,观看莱娜训练自己的孩子,通常就在砾石地板上莱娜还在泰国和印度举办了讲习班,训练世界各地的孩子们Lena studied physical education at the University of Physcial Culture in Moscow, achieving a Master degree.莱娜在莫斯科体育文化大学研读体育教育,已取得硕士学位 318浙江嘉兴磨颧骨效果如何

嘉兴哪个医院可以治疗脱发海盐县中医院去痘多少钱 As most people know, about 70 percent of the Earth surface is covered in water. All said and done, there about 1.3 billion cubic kilometers (33.5 million cubic miles) of water on the planet, and the seas and rivers and oceans that hold all that water are still some of the most poorly understood regions on Earth—and so are the creatures that live in them.众所周知,地球表面70%都被水体覆盖总而观之,地球上的水约有亿立方千米(3350万立方英里),然而人们对盛着这些水的江河海洋却仍知之甚少——对生活在其中的生物也一样.Colossal Squid Digest Food With Their Brains.巨型乌贼用大脑消化食物The colossal squid, or Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, was believed to be a myth until recently, and weve still only seen a handful in real life. In , the largest specimen yet was found and captured by a crew of New Zealand fishermen in the Ross Sea near Antarctica. It was massive—a full meters (33 ft) long and almost 50 kilograms (1,000 lbs) in weight. The squid was hauled back to New Zealand to be studied, and they found something pretty incredible: Its digestive system runs right through the center of its brain.巨型乌贼,即“大王酸浆乌贼”(Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni),在世人眼中一直是个谜,直到最近才解开;然而我们实际上仍只看见寥寥可数的几只年,最大的一只乌贼在南极洲附近的罗斯海出现,被几个新西兰渔民捉住它体型巨大——整整米(33英尺)长,几乎有50公斤(00英镑)重这只乌贼被运回新西兰进行研究,人们发现了一些不可思议的东西:它的消化系统贯通了大脑The brain is built like a doughnut—a ring of fleshy mass with a hole right in the middle. When the colossal squid swallows its prey, the esophagus carries it through the brain, which pulls nutrients directly from the food bee it reaches its stomach. Gigantic squid like this inhabit the frigid waters of the deep ocean, and between the cold and their ridiculously slow metabolisms, they dont actually need much food to survive. In fact, the half-ton animal only needs 30 grams of food per day to survive. That about what a single AA battery weighs.它的大脑结构就像甜甜圈——一圈大脑组织,正中间一个洞当巨型乌贼吞咽猎物时,食道把食物送到大脑,大脑从中直接吸收营养物质,然后食物才进入胃里像这样巨大的乌贼住在深海冰冷的水中,在寒冷和极其缓慢的新陈代谢之间,它们实际不需要太多食物就能活下去事实上,这种重达半吨的动物每天只需要30克(1盎司)食物那大约就是一节5号电池的重量9.Piranha-Proof Fish Armor9.防御水虎鱼的铠甲Piranhas, the razor-toothed terrors of the Amazon River, have few natural predators and an almost endless buffet of potential prey. Although a single piranha might make a nice meal a dolphin or a cormorant, their tendency to swim in schools of hundreds keeps most predators at bay, so piranhas live a largely lawless life. As a result, other Amazonian fish have had to adapt to their bullying neighbors, and even the largest fish in the Amazon—the Arapaima gigas or giant arapaima—needs a second layer of protection.水虎鱼是亚马逊河里长着尖牙的恐怖分子它们的天敌屈指可数,猎物倒是很多,几乎有吃不完的大餐虽然单个水虎鱼可能成为海豚或鸬鹚口中的美餐,但是它们喜欢几百条一起成群结队出现的习性让大部分敌人敬而远之,,水虎鱼几乎过着无法无天的生活最终,亚马逊河的其他鱼儿不得不适应这些粗暴的邻居,甚至亚马逊河里最大的鱼——巨骨舌鱼(Arapaima gigas)——都需要两层防护Giant arapaima are massive fish, weighing close to 0 kilograms (300 lbs) at adulthood. But as Teddy Roosevelt observed, a school of piranhas wont shy away from size alone, so the giant arapaima evolved armor to withstand the bites. Their scales are built in two layers—the outer layer is a hard, mineralized surface shell, and the inner layer is softer with intricate collagen structures built like rotating stairways. When a piranha tooth clamps against the outer shell, the stairway structures bend and rotate to absorb the ce without breaking. It like punching a pillow rather than a pane of glass—the pillow bounces back into shape.巨骨舌鱼是巨型鱼,成年时的体重近0公斤(300英镑)但是据泰迪·罗斯福观察,水虎鱼群不会被体型吓倒,所以巨骨舌鱼为抵挡啮咬而进化出了一副盔甲它们的鳞有两层——外层坚硬,是石化的外壳;里层柔软,里面的骨胶原结构像旋转楼梯那样错综复杂当水虎鱼牙齿钳住外面的壳时,楼梯似的结构就会弯曲、旋转,将撞击力吸收而且不会破损就像一拳打在枕头而非玻璃窗上——枕头弹回了原型8.Invisible Warfare8.看不见的战争The most abundant lifem in the ocean is one youll never see—a family of bacteria collectively known as SAR. They live in all the world oceans from the arctic to the tropics, and theyre incredibly efficient at their job—converting dissolved carbon into CO. The most abundant predator in the ocean also exists at the microscopic level—a closely related group of viruses called pelagiphages. And theyre waging holy war on the SAR bacteria.你永远看不到海洋里最丰富的生命形式——一个总称为SAR的细菌科生物它们遍布世界各大洋,从北极到回归线;它们的工作效率极高——将溶解的碳转换为二氧化碳海洋生物面对着各种杀手,其中对手最多的也是用显微镜才看得见的生物——一个与病毒密切相关的群体,叫做“pelagiphages”它们对SAR细菌发动了圣战What happening is a fiercely competitive evolutionary arms race. Twenty-three years ago, in 1990, the SAR bacteria were observed the first time, and they werent given a lot of attention. They dont do much; there just happen to be a lot of them. But earlier this year, a routine test of the water off the coast of Oregon found a mass of dead SAR cells. Swimming in the same water were the previously unknown pelagiphage viruses, and the researchers watched as the viruses murdered the remaining bacteria cells in front of their eyes.这是一场进化上激烈的军备竞赛3年以前,1990年SAR细菌被首次发现,备受关注它们没有什么特别,只是数量庞大但是今年初,对俄勒冈沿岸水体的一项常规检测发现了大量死亡的SAR细胞人们不知道这片水里有这种病毒研究人员眼睁睁地看着病毒杀死剩余细菌细胞But the SAR are so adept at sharing genetic inmation that theyve managed to stay one step ahead of the pelagiphages, constantly evolving to fight them off. And the viruses arent far behind. There aly a completely new subfamily of pelagiphage viruses, evolved to prey on the more evolved SAR cultures. It a microscopic war unfolding right in front of us.但是SAR擅长分享遗传信息,它们能比这些病毒快一步,不断以进化挫败对方而病毒落后并不多它们已经有了一个完整的新的亚科——这就是为捕杀更高级的SAR生物所做的进化这场微生物战争正在我们面前兴起翻译:罗惠月 来源:前十网 386573嘉兴鼻基底手术费用

嘉兴曙光整形医院开双眼皮多少钱 We all like magic and more importantly we all like to think we can work out magic tricks if we really want to. But as it turns out, even a simple card trick utilizes neuro-scientific principles to trick our brain in ways that we usually cant consciously control. So what exactly is wrong with our brain? Well nothing really, but years of evolution has left it with traits that leave it wide open to be duped by magic.我们都为魔术着迷,更重要的是,我们都以为,只要我们想,揭秘魔术并不在话下,但即使一个小小的纸牌魔术都会麻痹掉我们的科学神经我们的大脑有缺陷吗?当然没有,不过多年来,大脑已经进化出某些易被魔术愚弄的特质.Focus.专注Multi tasking is a myth, the human brain simply wasnt designed to focus on two things at once and magicians take full advantage. Our attention is pulled to one thing in particular due to the moving-spotlight theory. In short, the theory says that our attention is like a spotlight, highlighting one thing while leaving what surrounds it in the dark. When an item or action is within the spotlight the parts of the brain involved in processing it work more efficiently, but anything beyond the spotlight is barely processed at all, at least not by our conscious mind. This allows magicians to pull a sleight of hand right under our noses, as long as something else is drawing our spotlight what happens beyond it, to our brain isnt happening at all.多任务就是个神话,我们的大脑不能把注意力同时放在两样东西上,这可给了魔术师可趁之机根据“移动聚光灯理论(moving-spotlight)”论,我们总会只把注意力放在一样事物上面简而言之,我们的注意力就像一盏镁光灯,照耀了某事物,该事物周围的东西就都处于黑暗之中,而大脑中处理该事物信息的细胞特别活跃,而处理“背景”信息的细胞可以说根本没动,或者说并不是我们刻意去处理的,所以只要有一个东西先吸引走我们的注意力,其他东西发生了什么,我们都一无所知,魔术师就是靠操纵我们的思维盲点而工作的9.Made Up Memories9.改变记忆The misinmation effect occurs when inmation we are given after an event alters our memory of it. example, a magician asks you to choose a card from the left side of the deck and return it without telling him. Bee the razzle-dazzle where he guesses your card he may say something like Now you chose any card you wanted, correct? And in the heat of the moment you will say you did. The truth is you were only given the option of the left side of the deck, but the ambiguous comments from the magician alters how you remember the trick, leaving you with a false memory making the trick seem perhaps more incredible than it was.某件事改变了你原来记忆就是误导信息效应比如,魔术师要求你在左边那副牌中抽出一张牌,然后在不告诉他牌面的情况下把那张牌还回去,接着便是令人眼花缭乱的洗牌,在这个过程中,他一般会问:“你任意选了一张牌,对不对?”在这种千钧一发的激动时刻,你一般会回答:“是呀!”但事实是,你只能在左边那副牌任意选择一张牌,魔术师这种模棱两可的询问会把你带入这样一个误区:你会觉得这魔术比想象中更加不可思议8.Predicted Wrong Future8.预估错误When you see a ball get thrown in the air, it comes back down. Youve a seen it a million times. You know that what comes up must come down and so does your brain. In fact because of something called the Memory-prediction framework our brain sometimes remembers certain actions so well, it stops paying close attention because it predicts how they will end. When a ball gets thrown in the air our brain instantaneously recalls memories of similar events and produces an idea of what going to happen next, but sometimes it wrong. When a magician puts a ball in a cup only to have it disappear when the cup is lifted, we are shocked because what our brain predicted didnt come true. Our brains often feed us a prediction and convinces us we saw it happen, which leaves us even more shocked when the predicted action didnt happen at all.一只球被抛向空中,然后又掉下来,这种情景我们看了无数遍,你知道这只球会先向上运动,接着向下运动有一种东西叫“思维定势”,就是说我们知道接下来会发生什么,乃至从不把过多的注意力放在上面,因为我们心里十分清楚事情的结果是什么所以当一只球被抛向空中时,我们大脑会瞬间调动所有类似回忆,预测接下来会发生什么但有时候这种预估是不靠谱的一位魔术师将装着球的杯子扔向空中,杯子飞出去了,球却不见了,我们瞬间便会震惊无比,因为我们预料的事竟然没有发生!我们的大脑总是装满了各种预估信息,我们也毫不怀疑这些预估信息的真实性,所以当预料的事没发生时,我们才会那么惊讶译:赵一力 前十网 38688海宁做隆胸多少钱嘉兴去眼袋那家好




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