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Starbucks offers wireless phone chargers Powermat CEO Ran Poliakine discusses the Duracell Powermat wireless cell phone chargers available at Starbucks.Coffee shops are aly a go-to star for a quick re-charge if you need some coffee. Now customers at the worlds biggest coffee chain will be able to power up their phones as well as themselves. Starbuck is rolling out wireless charging spots accross the U.S in its stores, pilots in Europe and Asia are also expected within the year. The coffee chain is teaming up with Duracell, Powermat, to install the wire-free chargers and the CEO of Powermat Ran Poliakine joins me here in Newyork. Thank you very much for being with us today. This is interesting, because when I first saw this, I though, oh, you know, charging mat, charging stations, I know about that, someone is always pitching me one for my house, for all my gadgets and my stuff. This is a little bit different though, because you know, targeting public places for the first time. What do you think about the potential is here?Well, I think the problem we are trying to solve is very simple, when you are out and about in the city, you are running out of your battery, you are getting into a Starbuck, you place your phone on the counter and you get a charge while you are having your coffee, this is a very intuitive kind of service, we think that has a lot of potential.So is this what we are looking at now? Is this we are looking at the pictures? So it looks like you, just sort of, put it on the counter, so it doesnt look like any, sort of, special ledge that you have, because I can see that being a mere competition for that one sort of, you know, a little pad out there, just, is that actually, sort of, just built into the counter, is that right?Exactly, so that... This technology is fully integrated to the furniture, so wherever you sit, you simply place your phone the same way you do today like wifi. You expect your email to be downloaded and now you expect your phone to be charged,And that sort of thing, was it a tougher for Starbucks? Because, I, sort of, we take so much of this for granted. I didnt realize that, when Starbuck introduced wifi, it was almost, it was a very novel idea to be able to get that at public places. Now, it is in almost every coffee, every store you go into, accepted as a common policy. Was it hard for them when you were pitching this idea to team up with them and to get them to say yes?I think the idea is very compelling, I mean, wifi indeed, started to appear in public places, so the analogy between wifi and charging phone is very simple to understand. The process is a long process and you want to make sure the consumers excitment is being generated that the technology is well integrated to the stores experience, so overall it is a challenge, but it is not a hard pitch.And is this only in a commercial outlet, is that your main focus or is this technoly that we would also expect to see in furniture that we buy for our home at some point?I think that if you think about the Internet and everything and if you think about the services that are beyond just the mobile phone itself, you can expect power to be changing for ever, so you can expect it to be in your kitchen, places like your coffee maker, expect it works without cords and * . You can expect to see those technologies in airports, in hotels and offices, and this, to our mind, is the first step in a bigger solution of changing the way people are getting power to their devices.And I was in a doctors office yesterday where someone was scrambling over my laptop and moving a cord in order to plug in to recharge. So I was assuming that experiences, as pleasant as it was, will be a thing of the past. Fascinating, so thank you very much for coming in and the perfect week that we focus on the Israeli starups which is where you also got your start. Thank you very much, Ran.Thank you. /201406/30709680 Million Americans Certain UFOs ExistNew National Geographic Survey shows one-third of Americans believe in UFOs.A new survey conducted by national geography shows that one in three of us believe in UFOs, 80 million Americans, which may help us explain why UFO sightings have been on the rise, and now a new show on the national geographic channel chasing UFOs is digging into these sightings and find out exactly what is going on, Amy R back with that story.Yes, George, good morning to you and whether you believe in aliens or not, there are a lot of unexplained mysteries in the sky and this brand new show examines all the information to try to get to the bottom of them.Have you ever looked up and wonder are we alone? It is a question Fox M and Danna S try to answer in the hit show the X files.Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrial?Now a new national geographic unscientific online poll shows that more than 80 million Americans believe UFOs exist and the truth is still out there, just this month alone, a rash of sightings across the country, strange light formations over Colorado springs, forth myer Florida and salt lake city, Utah, back in 2008 some central Taxas residents were so sure they had close encounters of a very real kind, they made national headlines. It was difinately not from around these parts.This week national geographic channel is exploring the mysteries of the unexplained in a brand new series called chasing UFOs, a team of investigators chasing down real life X files, reports of alien abduction, UFO sightings even military cover ups, there are skeptics and believers.See there is a light, hole sitting.These UFO hunters gather witnesses, searching for definitive evidence of extraterrestrial activity.Four really bright orange light and they are really big, there is one there there there and there.Wow what the hell is that? thats incredible.And just like S this team even has a government insider dedicated to revealing the truth.UFOs are real and we need to make it permissible for scientists to study them without risking their career life.So as they search for the truth by testing theories, these UFO hunters may even stumble on their own X files.And while there will always be skeptics, most people agree on one thing, the government knows more than its telling us, about 80% of people in the survey think the government has concealed information about UFOs, always distrustful.Its a quesion i got to ask you all the time, what do you know about the UFOs, but chasing UFOs premiers on the national geographic channel this Friday. /201401/271743Im somebody who spends a lot of time我花了很多时间modelling hurricanes in the current climate and future climates.建立现在气候和未来气候下的飓风模型When we do that, we begin to see hurricanes模型告诉我们that havent happened yet in history, if you well,从未出现过的飓风but they could happen on physical grounds.理论上可能发生We call those ;Black swan events;,我们称之为;黑天鹅事件;the particularly bad ones.就是最糟糕的那种This is something that worries me particular对此我很担心because there are places around the world因为世界上有些地方that are at great risk from hurricanes.极有可能遭受飓风Some of which dont know theyre at great risk from hurricanes.但有些还不知道自己正面临飓风的威胁It seems scarcely credible,听起来似乎难以置信but one of the places但其中一处he thinks could be hit by a hurricane他认为可能会遭受飓风袭击的地方is here in Dubai就是迪拜in the Persian Gulf.就在波斯湾The Persian Gulf is a body of water波斯湾中的海水that gets very hot in the summer.在夏天时温度会很高Really hot. The hot water runs very deep, as well.非常热 热水会流到很深的地方To our knowledge, in the limited history of the region,据该地区有限的历史记录所知there hasnt been a hurricane there.那里还从未发生过飓风There may have been one in the distant past that wasnt recorded.很久以前可能发生过但未被记录下来201410/333311

;It means that I have a continuity of culture that is quite astonishing.这表明我们有着惊人的文化传承。Many Latin Americans who are merely migrants from European countries, or do not have a strong Indian culture behind them,很多移民自欧洲或是对印第安文化没有认同感的拉丁美洲人并不欣赏墨西哥文化的深厚底蕴。dont have the extraordinary strength of the culture of Mexico, which begins a very long time ago-as proven by the Olmeca culture, which begins in the twelfth or thirteenth century before Christ.而这一文化在基督诞生前约一千二百年至一千三百年便已出现。;We consider ourselves heirs to all these cultures.我们自认为是这些文化的继承人。They are a part of our make-up, a part of our race.它们是我们性格的一部分、种族的一部分。We are basically a Mestizo country, Indian and European.我们基本上是个印第安文化与欧洲文化混血的国度。The Indian culture has infiltrated into our literature, into our painting, into our habits, into our folklore.印第安文化渗透了我们的文学、绘画、生活习惯以及民间传说。It is everywhere.它无处不在。It is a part of our heritage, as much as the Spanish culture, which for us is not only Iberian but also Jewish and Moorish.和西班牙文化一样,它也是我们传统的一部分,而西班牙文化对我们来说也不只是伊比利亚人的文化,还包括犹太人和尔人的。So Mexico is a compound of many, many civilisations and part of them of course are the great Indian civilisations of the past.;所以说,墨西哥是多种文化的综合体,其中之一便是古老伟大的印第安文明。So who were the Olmecs?那么,奥尔梅克人到底是谁?Whose face does this mask show, and how was it worn?这张面具上是谁的脸?它又该如何佩戴?Olmec masks have been intriguing historians for a long time.奥尔梅克面具一直让历史学家着迷。Scrutinising their features, many scholars believed that they were looking at Africans, Chinese or even Mediterraneans, whod come to colonise the New World.在仔细查看它们的脸部特征后, 有学者认为它们是非洲人、中国人甚至是地中海人,是来此地开拓新世界的。I suppose if you look at our mask, wanting to see an African or a Chinese face, you can just about persuade yourself that you can, but the features, in fact, are totally characteristic of Central American people.我猜,如果你想在我们这副面具上找到非洲人或中国人的面孔特征,你一定能说自己。但事实上,它体现的是十足的中美洲人的特点。This face is one that can still be seen in the descendants of the Olmecs still living in Mexico today.这样的面孔在今天生活在墨西哥的奥尔梅克人后裔身上还能看到。201409/331355

This Buddhist temple near Shanghai has an extraordinary story attached to it.这所上海附近的佛庙有一段与之相关的传奇故事。In May 2007, A Wild China camera team filmed this peculiar Swinhoes turtle in the temples fish pond. According to the monks, the turtle had been given to the temple during the Ming dynasty, over 400 years ago.2007年5月,一野性中国摄制组在这所寺庙的鱼塘里拍摄到了这只罕见的斑龟。据寺庙的和尚所说,这只龟在明朝期间被赐予寺庙,至今已有400余年历史了。It was thought to be the oldest animal on Earth. Soft-shelled turtles are considered a gourmet delicacy by many Chinese, and when it was filmed, this was one of just three Swinhoes turtles left alive in China, the rest of its kind having been rounded up and eaten.它被认为是地球上最老的动物。软壳龟被很多从中国人视为神赐的馈赠。在被记录下的时候,它已是中国仅存的三只斑龟之一。他的同胞们被当作食物剿杀殆尽。Sadly, just a few weeks after filming, this ancient creature died.悲痛人心的是在拍摄后的短短几周后,这只远古的生物与世长辞了。 /201407/311123

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