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Despite attempts to look calm, cool, and collected like any other man, there are a number a things I will do around an initial date that clue you in that I#39;m interested. Here are a few:在与女士第一次约会的时候,我会像其他所有男士一样保持冷静、淡定、从容的态度,尽管如此,你还是可以从我的某些举止中得到暗示,发现我对对方心存好感。比如下面所说的几件事。1. Completing the Date不中途逃脱It may not indicate that you#39;re the apple of my eye, but it does indicate that you#39;re not a total disaster. Most people are courteous enough to do the absolute minimum on a date: finish whatever activity you#39;re doing together and devote sufficient time out of respect for the other person. But some situations are such utter disaster, things must be cut short.这也许并不能代表你是我的梦中情人,但却能说明,你在我心中并不算糟糕。这是对约会双方的基本礼仪,大多数人都能出于礼貌做到这一点:出于对对方的尊重,无论两人一起做什么都要善始善终,投入足够的时间和精力。不过有的时候局面糟糕透顶,就要速战速决了。2. One on One一对一If I#39;m into you, and comfortable, I won#39;t want to ;share; you. A common tactic to combat a boring date is calling in ;reinforcement; friends to ;dilute; you. I#39;m naturally talkative with those around me, but if I invite everyone else around us into our party, I might be looking for a more interesting outlet.如果我对你有意,和你在一起感到舒,我一定不会和别人“分享”你的陪伴。当男士们在一次约会中感到无聊时,他们惯常采用的策略就是招来一群“救场”的朋友,好分散他花在你身上的注意力。当我的朋友们在场时,我也会变成话唠,不过如果我和你进行二人约会时也这样招呼来所有的小伙伴,这就说明我想要找个更有趣的出路了。3. Extending the Date延长约会的时间Suggesting something (other than going back to someone#39;s place) after dinner like taking a walk, grabbing a drink, going for dessert, catching a movie, etc., indicates I#39;m asking for an encore.晚餐之后,我提出了友好的建议(而不是看着别人的饭桌),比如我们去散个步、喝杯酒、吃个甜点、看个电影等等,这都暗示着我想要延长我们的约会。4. Suggesting Another Date提议再次约会Sometimes I get so excited during a first date I play my cards by suggesting other things we should do together. A common time to suggest another date is at the end of the date, though some guys just say this to be friendly.有时候我在第一次约会时就感到非常开心,这时我就会采取进一步策略,提出各种小建议,下次再一起去做其他活动。一般人会在约会结束时提出下次约会的建议,不过也有人只是出于礼貌才这样说。5. Friendly Follow-Up Right After You Say Good-bye告别之后的友好问候Sometimes after a date, I#39;ll text the girl telling her I had a great time, out of sheer giddiness. If I#39;m not interested after the date, I#39;ll head straight home and begin my process of fading out of this girl#39;s life.偶尔在一次约会之后,我会告诉对方我觉得很开心,这完全处于一种意乱情迷的状态。如果我对这次约会并不中意,我就会径直回家,开始采取策略,渐渐淡出这个女孩的生活。6. Consistency关系维持的时间长Hold me to a higher standard than one extra date, or one call back after the initial date. How many times have you gone on a few dates only to have it fizzle out? You can#39;t be sure I#39;m interested until we#39;ve gone out consistently for more than a month.怎么才能知道我希望约会双方的关系进入一个新阶段?除了第二次约会的邀请,或者在第一次约会之后再次通电话,还有更明显的暗示。如果我们相互邀约的关系已经维持了一个月之久,你就能确信我对你有意了。 /201607/453639The website of Google said last Wednesday that it has banned ads for these ;deceptive or harmful financial products; because they ;can result in unaffordable payment and high default rates for users.;上周三,谷歌官网宣称,已经禁止那些“具有欺诈性质和有害金融产品的”广告,因为这些广告“可能会给用户带来无力付的账单和高违约率。”The global policy change to its AdWords program will start on July 13, according to a statement from Google (GOOG).根据谷歌公司的这份声明表示,竞价广告的全球政策变动将会于7月13日正式生效。;We will no longer allow ads for loans where repayment is due within 60 days of the date of issue. In the U.S., we are also banning ads for loans with an APR of 36% or higher. Ads for financial services are a particular area of vigilance given how core they are to people#39;s livelihood and well being,; the statement said.该声明还指出:“我们不再允许还款日少于60日的借贷广告出现在我们的网站上。在美国,我们也禁止年利率大于等于36%的借贷广告。金融务是一个特别需要警惕的行业,因为它们对人们的生活和幸福有非常大的影响。”The ban won#39;t affect companies that offer mortgages, car loans, student loans, commercial loans or credit card ads.这项禁令不会影响到那些提供抵押贷款、车贷、学生贷款、商业贷款以及信用卡业务的公司的广告。Each year nearly twelve million Americans use payday loans. These borrowers are typically struggling financially and rely on the loans for quick money.每年都有大约一千两百万美国人借高利贷。这些人通常经济状况不好,靠借贷弄到快钱来度日。However, the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has said the loans are ;debt traps.; They usually have interest rates of over 100%, and borrowers must often take out additional loans to pay off the original because of the short repayment window.但是,美国消费者金融保护局声称这些贷款是“债务陷阱”。通常它们的利率超过100%,并且偿还期限很短,贷款人们必须去借新的钱来还旧债。In 2015, Google disabled over 780 million ads.2015年,谷歌共屏蔽了超过7.8亿条广告。While the decision to ban payday loans is apparently voluntary, Google is often asked to remove questionable ads and content by various international governments. Google is actually one of the world#39;s biggest Internet censors.尽管谷歌显然是自发封杀高利贷广告的,但是它也经常被各国政府要求移除有问题的广告和内容。实际上,谷歌是世界上规模最大的互联网审查者之一。 /201605/444623A new is using stunning models and revealing statistics to illustrate what makes up beauty standards in different countries around the world.新近发布的一个视频通过漂亮的模特和揭示性的数据阐明了世界各地不同国家的不同美女标准。In its latest installment, YouTube dating and travel series Dating Beyond Borders looks at female beauty standards across countries from the UK to Jamaica to show how vastly they vary and asking: #39;how far do we go to look beautiful?#39;YouTube最新一期约会旅游节目《跨国界约会》聚焦从英国到牙买加等不同国家截然不同的美女标准,并提出问题:“我们愿意为美貌付出多大代价?”Starting in the UK, a young tanned brunette poses in a simple white tank top and jeans with a full face of make-up.首先出镜的是一位皮肤晒成深褐色、身着简单白色背心和牛仔裤、全副武“妆”的棕发年轻女子。The then displays statistics, explaining that the woman#39;s glowing complexion is to represent how more than half of women in the UK believe that they feel more attractive with a tan.紧接着视频展示的数据解释道,这名女子容光焕发的面容代表了英国超半数女性的审美观,她们认为自己晒黑了更有魅力。Liverpool, the adds, is considered to be the most-tanned city in Britain, with more than 59 percent of women admitting to applying fake tanner at least five times per month.视频中还提到,利物浦是最多人拥有晒黑肤色的英国城市,超过59%的利物浦女性承认她们每个月至少涂抹5次美黑乳。For the next country, the filmmakers turn to the US with an African American model sporting a crop top and high-waisted jeans.接着,视频中出现的是一位身着露脐紧身上衣和高腰牛仔裤的非裔美国模特。#39;Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have turned towards focusing on larger assets,#39; the clip explains.视频说道:“像珍妮弗·洛佩兹、金·卡戴珊和凯莉·詹娜这些美国名人都转而关注丰乳肥臀。”The next shot sees the model posing for a series of selfies while it revealed that 15.6 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the US over 2014.而接下来我们看到的是这位美国模特摆出一系列自拍姿势,与此同时视频揭示2014年美国就有1560万整容手术案例。For Brazlian women, the claims that the highest standard of beauty is #39;smaller breasts and a round bottom#39;—a body type modeled by a young woman in a snug green dress.视频上出现的巴西美女是一位身着贴身的绿色衣,小胸圆臀的年轻女性。“小胸圆臀”是巴西最高的美女标准。However, to achieve the standard it seems many women in the country are willing to go pretty far, with the prevalence of butt enhancement surgeries doubling since 2013.然而,为了达到这一标准巴西很多女性似乎都愿意付出相当大的代价。自2013年以来,巴西国内丰臀手术数量翻了两番。In fact, the clip states, nearly one in five of such surgeries in the world are performed in Brazil.事实上,视频中指出,世界上每五例丰臀手术中,就有一例发生在巴西。Jamaicais the next country covered, with a gorgeous fit-looking model dancing with one of the country#39;s flags.接下来出现的牙买加美女模特看上去很健康,手持祖国国旗,翩翩起舞。#39;In order to achieve the ;healthy body girl; look, a woman must be between 160 and 210 pounds,#39; claims the , adding that some women have been known to take the now-outlawed #39;chicken pills#39;—engineered to help chickens grow faster—to help them gain bigger hips and bottoms.视频中提到:“为了拥有一个健康形体,女性的体重必须控制在160-210磅之间。”视频中还说,据悉有些女性非法用“鸡药片”(这些药用来促进鸡的发育),以求拥有更大的臀部。Some have also been known to lighten their skin through dangerous, illegal bleaching.据悉有些人还通过危险的非法皮肤漂白手术来让肤色变浅。For France, the claims that women prefer to go for the #39;au-naturel#39; make-up look and that going to the gym #39;is not part of the lifestyle#39;.视频称,法国女性更喜爱自然妆容,去健身房“不属于她们的生活方式”。The country is represented by a slim brunette model while the clip claims that French women are #39;considered the most underweight in Europe#39;.法国美女代表是一位苗条的棕发模特。视频中提到法国是欧洲国家中公认的女性体重最轻的国家。However, between 30,000 and 40,000 people in the country are affected by anorexia, and 90 per cent of them are women.而该国有3万到4万人深受厌食症的困扰,其中90%为女性。A woman decked in a glittering outfit and hefty jewelry is chosen to represent India, where skin bleaching is also very popular.代表印度的则是一位着装闪耀,浑身缀满沉重珠宝挂饰的美女。印度也是个皮肤漂白手术盛行的国家。#39;Paleness is a sign of distinction and superiority,#39; the clip explains.视频解释道:“在印度,肤色白皙象征着独特与高贵。”For Venezuela, the country that has produced the most winners of international beauty pageants, it#39;s explained that there is a highly-criticized practice of giving implants to young girls on their 15th birthdays.而在委内瑞拉,这个盛产世界选美冠军的国家,很多女孩在15岁生日时做植入物手术,这种做法饱受批评。China#39;s reverence for the #39;double eyelid#39; is the focus of the next section in the clip, explaining that #39;eyelid tapes#39; to achieve the look are #39;available in pharmacies and beauty stores for those unwilling or unable to have surgery.#39;视频中接下来关注的是中国人对双眼皮的喜爱,视频提到双眼皮贴在药店和美容店均有售,这可以帮助那些不愿或不能进行双眼皮手术的女性拥有双眼皮。The ideal face shape for a woman in China is the #39;melon seed face#39;, namely an oval shape with a pointed chin—and is so important in fact that dating sites in the country ask for face shape descriptions alongside other information.中国女性最理想的脸型则是“瓜子脸”,也就是一张椭圆形且拥有尖下巴的脸。而脸型的重要性在生活中也得到了体现。比如在中国的约会网站上,脸型描述信息是必须的。The last country covered in the clip is Iran—illustrated with a woman in casual clothing and a hijab—where nose jobs are considered a status symbol. #39;Both men and women wear their bandages with pride.#39;视频最后提到的国家是伊朗,代表这个国家的女模特穿着休闲装,戴着头巾。在伊朗,男男女女都视鼻子整形手术为社会地位的象征,他们“以鼻子上包扎着术后的绷带为荣”。 /201604/435702

The Art of Chinese Dietary中国饮食中的艺术Chinese dietary culture can communicate with other forms of art,thus making it a genuine art winning a high reputation at home and abroad.中国饮食文化可以和其他艺术形式进行交流,这样使其成为一种真正的艺术并赢得了国内外的高度赞誉。With its diverse flavors,its complicated and magical techniques,and the combination of appearance and taste,Chinese food culture has become a colorful art form,redolent with a strong sense of aesthetics and artistic appreciation.中国饮食文化以其多样的味道、复杂神奇的烹饪技巧和形与味的结合成为一种多的艺术形式,散发着美学和艺术价值。 /201606/445321

POPSUGAR: What is the lunula part of the nail?POPSUGAR网站:指甲上的半月是什么?Jin Soon Choi: The lunula is the light crescent marking on your nail where the nail emerges from the skin. It is part of the nail root, and most people have prominently visible lunula on their thumbnails and diminishing sizes to their pinky nails.崔荣淑:在你的指甲从皮肤中新长出来的地方,就会有颜色很浅的半月标记。它是指甲根部的一部分,大多数人的大拇指指甲上都有明显的半月形,从大拇指甲到小指指甲的半月形逐渐缩小。PS: What does it say about someone#39;s health - both the lack of it or the presence of it?补充:半月形能说明哪些健康状况呢——没有半月或者有半月形?JSC: The presence of eight to 10 milky white lunula indicates good health if the lunula edge is sharp and clear. I believe in the ancient Chinese view of the lunula as the barometer of one#39;s health and the modern medicine ideas with regard to specific conditions. The condition of the lunula really is an indication of your health. When your health declines, it is manifested in changes to the lunula, or the disappearance of it altogether. And when your health is restored, your lunula returns to its original condition.崔荣淑:如果10个指甲中有8个乳白色月牙,而且月牙的边缘非常鲜明,那么说明你很健康。我相信古时候中国对于月牙看法,因为健康状况的晴雨表与现代医学中对于特殊状况的观点一致。月牙情况确实是可以反应健康状况。当你的体质下降,月牙的变化就会很明显,或者月牙完全消失。而且当你的健康恢复的时候,你的月牙也会恢复到原来的状况。PS: Any advice on making your nails healthier in terms of diet or care?补充:如何饮食或者注意些什么可以让你的指甲更加健康呢?JSC: Diet is very important - eat dark green vegetables, fish oils, and nuts. Also be sure to stay hydrated, both orally and topically.崔荣淑:饮食非常重要——吃一些深绿色蔬菜、鱼油和坚果。总而言之,还要保持体内水分充足。PS: Anything else we should know about lunulas?补充:对于月牙我们还应了解哪些呢?JSC: Make sure your manicurist doesn#39;t ruin your lunula when pushing back the cuticles. Pushing very hard on the lunula with a cuticle pusher can cause damage, which will be evident when the nail grows out.崔荣淑:要确保美甲师在去除角质层的时候,不要伤害你的月牙。美甲角质推棒在月牙上非常用力的话,会损害月牙,尤其适当指甲再长出来的时候,就会非常明显。 /201606/451723

A megahit South Korean drama is inspiring Chinese -steaming website iQiyi.com to explore e-commerce as a new way to grow revenue.一部热播的韩剧促使中国视频网站爱奇艺探索电商销售模式以作为提升收益的新方式。The popularity of Descendants of the Sun, which has been viewed a combined 1.92 billion times online in China, shows how companies can benefit from consumers who want to mimic styles of celebrities.热播剧《太阳的后裔》在中国迄今为止已经获得19.2亿的点击量,也让人们看到企业是怎样从那些想要模仿明星风格的粉丝身上获取利润的。IQiyi, the official streaming site of the 16-episode drama in China, is seeing sky rocketing sales of items used by actress Song Hye-gyo, whose character is a doctor in the series.作为这部十六集电视剧在中国的官方独家授权网站,剧中宋慧乔饰演的一名医生使用的同款商品在爱奇艺上销量剧增。The Beijing-based company, backed by Internet giant Baidu Inc, said the daily sales on its e-commerce site jumped by 180 percent in March after it started streaming the drama on Feb 24. Sales of a Laneige cream from Amore Pacific Corp surged by 10 times and a Daniel Wellington watch by eightfold.这家由中国互联网巨头百度持股、总部位于北京的公司表示,自从2月24日此剧开播以来,3月份其网上商城的每日交易额已经增加了180%。其中,爱茉太平洋兰芝气垫BB霜的销量剧增了10倍,丹尼尔·惠灵顿手表的销量也提升了8倍。;The whopping sales figures illustrate there is a huge demand for derivatives of quality content,such as clothing and cosmetics,; iQiqi said in a statement.爱奇艺在一份声明中宣称:“销量的巨大攀升明消费者对于剧中相关衍生物如衣、化妆品等的需求巨大。”The company did not disclose detailed numbers but said Guangdong, Shanghai and Beijing are the top three regions where consumers spend most on buying items used by actors in the drama.该公司虽然没有透露具体的数据,但其指出,广东、上海和北京的消费者在购买剧中主角同款商品上花费最多。To enable viewers to do shopping while watching, iQiyi has embedded shopping links into s so that consumers can get what they want with a simple click of the mouse.为了使观众可以“边看边买”,爱奇艺在视频中植入了购物链接,使观众只需轻轻一点就能买到他们想要的商品。Wang Xiangjun, chief management officer at iQiyi, said: ;E-commerce is an important part of our efforts to monetize intellectual properties. We will continue expanding our presence in e-tailing by selling products used in popular entertainment shows.;爱奇艺的首席营销官王向军说:“线上商城是我们知识产权变现的努力中重要的一部分,我们将继续在明星同款商品零售上加大投入力度。” /201604/437067Misael Caldogno Abreu is three times the size of other children his age due to a syndrome which means he is unable to stop eating.据报道,一名名叫米萨尔·卡尔多尼·奥阿布鲁的男孩由于患上了一种无法停止进食的综合征,体形是同龄儿童的三倍。He is so heavy he often stops breathing while sleeping - leaving his terrified parents fearing that one day he may not wake up.由于太重,他睡觉时经常会停止呼吸。他父母吓坏了,总担心有一天他会醒不过来。Doting dad Manoel Abreu, 38, said: ;Everything is hard for him - he is a baby carrying an adult#39;s weight. His heart must be suffocated and working under a lot of pressure. If he doesn#39;t get the treatment he requires there is a very good chance he will pass away.;38岁的父亲曼诺尔·阿布鲁非常溺爱儿子,他说:“对他来说所有事情都非常艰难。他是个承载着成人体重的婴儿。他的心脏一定备受压迫,承受很大压力。如果不能得到应有的治疗,他很可能会过世。”Misael, from Espirito Santo, Brazil, was born a healthy 6lb 6oz, but immediately started piling on the pounds. Doctors believe he may be suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic condition that leaves him with an insatiable appetite.米萨尔来自巴西圣埃斯皮里图州,出生时非常健康,体重6磅6盎司,但随后开始迅速发胖。医生认为他可能患了普瑞德威利症候群。这种罕见的疾病使得他无法控制自己的胃口。He now weighs a hefty 178lb and is still gaining despite following a low-fat diet and walking for 40 minutes each day.目前他重达178磅,尽管他每天坚持低热饮食并散40分钟的步,他的体重仍然在继续飙升。Mum, Josiane de Jesus Caldogno Abreu, 37, said: ;He has been putting on a lot of weight since he was a baby - even when I was breastfeeding him it was more than expected. But it was only when he was one and a half years old that we began to worry. He was gaining 3kg (6.6lb) a month and was starting to get very heavy.;37岁的母亲乔西安·杰西·卡尔多尼奥·阿布鲁说:“从他还是个婴儿时就一直在长肉。即使在我给他哺乳期间,他体重的增长仍然超乎预期。但直到他一岁半时我们才开始担心。他每月增重3kg(6.6磅),开始变得越来越重。”;His situation is complicated. We know we could lose him at anytime. Sometimes when he is sleeping I watch him to see if he is breathing. I cry a lot because we want to help him. But I am also very proud of him because he is a child who doesn#39;t surrender.;“他的情况很复杂,我们都清楚随时可能失去他。有时候,我会在他睡觉时看他是否仍在呼吸。我们时常以泪洗面,因为想要帮助他。但同时我们也为他感到骄傲,因为他是个永不屈的孩子。”Misael visits a doctor every three months to try and control his condition but currently there is no cure for Prader-Willi syndrome.米萨尔每三个月要去看一次医生,努力控制病情,但目前还没有普瑞德威利症候群的治疗方法。Paediatric neurologist Lucio Coelho Miranda said: ;Every appointment we have had he has put on a lot of weight - sometimes up to 5kg (11lb). I think Misael could get help from someone outside of Brazil - both medically and financially - so he can get the laboratory and genetic testing he needs.;儿科神经学家露西娅科埃略米兰达说:“每次会诊他都会长很多斤。有时会长5kg(11磅)。我觉得米萨尔能够从国外专家那里得到包括医学和经济上的帮助。这样他就能得到他需要的实验室测试和基因检测。” /201604/437637There are very few people that actually find the prospect of cleaning the house exciting.几乎没有人会为将要打扫房屋欢呼雀跃。But these inventive hacks could make your least favourite chores a whole lot easier - or more fun, at the very least.但是下面这些别出心裁的小技巧能让你最讨厌的家务活变得轻松许多——或者至少,乐趣更多。Fellow slackers have been taking to social media to share their favourite cleaning tricks, ranging from the clever to the downright bizarre - not to mention disgusting.懒汉们在社交媒体上分享他们最喜欢的清洁技巧,这些诀窍既有巧妙的也有特别怪异的,更不要说恶心的了。While sellotape is more commonly used to wrap up presents, it also doubles up as an inventive way to dust.透明胶带一般用于包装礼物,但也可以独出心裁,兼做除尘工具。Simply stick a piece of tape onto the surface and pull it off. Voila, just like that the dust is removed.只需把一条透明胶带粘到物体表面再撕掉。瞧,灰尘就被粘掉了。Those fluffy socks you got at Christmas but have never worn could also be put into good use with this trick.你圣诞节买的那些从来没有穿过的毛茸茸的袜子用类似的办法也可以好好利用起来。Just pop them on your feet, walk around your kitchen and you#39;ve cleaned the floor. It#39;s as easy as that, according to one groundbreaking pioneer.一位颇具开拓精神的先驱说,你只需把袜子套脚上,在厨房里走一走,地板就擦干净了。就这么简单。Meanwhile, do not underestimate the power of the dishwasher. One person showed how their children#39;s toy Stormtroopers could be washed along with all their cutlery.与此同时,可不要低估洗碗机的威力。一个人向我们展示了他孩子的帝国冲锋队玩具是怎么和所有餐具一起洗干净的。While blenders are fantastic for whipping up a healthy smoothie, it#39;s always a chore having to wash it up afterwards.尽管用搅拌机打一杯健康的鲜果奶昔特别棒,但清洗起来总是很麻烦。But instead of using your own elbow grease, it#39;s possible to use the power of the blender to let it clean itself.但是你不用自己费力气,利用搅拌机自己的力量就可以清洗干净。Simply put some soap and water into the kitchen appliance and turn it on.你只需往这个厨房小家电里放一点肥皂和水,再打开开关。You can upgrade this method by putting one part vinegar and one part water in your coffeemaker, and get it to churn it out afterwards.你可以改良一下这个方法,以1:1的比例给咖啡壶倒上醋和水,然后让它自己搅拌。If you cover your fridge with cling film, you can easily remove and replace it with another layer after any spills.如果你冰箱架子上盖的是保鲜膜,那么如果什么东西洒在上面,你只要再换一层就可以了。Similarly, if you always use tin foil when grilling your sandwiches you can avoid any unnecessary washing up. The only snag is that throwing away all that foil is not great for the environment.类似地,如果你总是用锡纸烤三明治,就可以避免不必要的清洗工作。唯一的问题是,扔掉那么多锡纸对环境不好。Using food packaging as a bowl is one way to get out of doing the washing up, as shown by this snacker who poured milk into her pack of cookies.食品包装当碗用是逃避洗碗的好方法,就像这个吃零食的人一样,把牛奶倒在饼干盒子里。Can#39;t budge the stains in the bottom of your toilet bowl? One social media user advises pouring a whole bottle of Coca Cola down the loo and leaving overnight. In the morning your pan will be pearly white with no elbow grease invested.洗不掉马桶下面的污渍?一位社交媒体用户建议往里面倒一瓶可口可乐,留一晚。不用吹灰之力,早上你家的马桶就会散发珍珠般白皙的光泽。The laziest household hackers have discovered that the solution to a stinky fridge is placing sheets of newspaper inside it. This apparently absorbs smells, catches grime and can be easily replaced.最懒的家务劳动者发现了一个解决冰箱味道难闻的办法,那就是在冰箱里铺上报纸。报纸能显著吸收异味,吸附污垢,并且容易更换。Another favourite life hack published on social media is to place an oven-proof jug of water with two lemons cut in half inside your microwave. Simply turn it on high for four minutes and your microwave will have been steamed clean.社交媒体上还有另外一个最受喜爱的生活小窍门,拿两个柠檬,每个切两半,放进微波炉适用的罐子里,里面加满水,放进微波炉。只需高火加热四分钟,你的微波炉就会被蒸干净。 /201605/442591

Skincare brand SK-II wants to remind Chinese women it#39;s okay to be single — even if repressive society norms are trying to tell them otherwise.  护肤品品牌SK-II想提醒中国女性,单身没有什么大不了——即使传统社会规范正试图告诉女性单身不是一件好事。  In a new documentary-style commercial called ;Marriage Market Takeover,;the brand shows how traditional attitudes towards marriage can put extreme pressure on single women to find a husband as they reach their late twenties.  在《相亲市场接管》这部新纪录片式的商业广告中,SK-II展现了传统对婚姻的态度给女性造成了极端的压力,迫使她们在“奔三”时结婚。  In fact, there#39;s a common derogatory term for older unmarried women in the country: ;Sheng nu,; which translates to ;leftover woman.;  事实上,对大龄未婚女性,在中国有一个贬称 ——“剩女”,英文即;leftover woman;。  ;She#39;s not pretty...that is why she is a leftover woman,; one mother theorizes about her adult daughter, who fights back tears.  一位母亲这样总结自己女儿:“我女儿不漂亮……这就是为什么她成了剩女。”一旁的女儿强忍着泪水。  ;If she can#39;t find the one, it will be heart disease for me,; says the father of one of the other women featured in the .“  如果她找不到结婚对象,这会是我的一块心病。”视频中另一个女性的父亲说道。  But the parents#39; hardline stances appear to soften when they visit a matchmaking;marriage market; only to find self-affirming messages of independence from their daughters.  当父母们来到“相亲市场”,发现了那些自己女儿自我肯定的信息时,他们强硬的态度有所软化。  ;I don#39;t want to get married just for the sake of marriage,; says one of these messages. ;I won#39;t be happy that way.;  其中一条信息这样写道:“我不想为结婚而结婚,那并不会过得幸福。”  The touching four-minute online is part of a larger campaign for the anti-aging cream maker called ;Change Destiny; that centers on subverting traditional cultural attitudes towards women.  这段感人的在线视频时长4分钟,是抗皱霜制造商宣传活动“改变命运”的一部分,目的是推翻对女性的传统文化态度。  One participant turns ;leftover woman; to ;power woman; with a beautiful picture of herself.  一位参与者用自己一张美美的照片,将“剩女”变成了“女强人”。  ;I#39;m confident. I#39;m independent. I love life. I#39;m a pretty outstanding woman,;says one of the film#39;s subjects at the end of the .  在视频结尾时,其中一位主人公这样说道:“我自信,独立,热爱生活,是一位很优秀的女性。” /201604/436821We can all pretty much agree that soda is unhealthy and kale is healthy. But there are lots of foods on the soda-to-kale continuum whose nutritional value is murky.我们都赞成碳酸饮料不利于健康、甘蓝则对身体有好处。但还有很多食物的营养价值介于碳酸饮料和甘蓝之间,大家都不太了解。For example, what is the deal with granola? Frozen yogurt? Red meat? And are you supposed to eat butter or never eat it?比如格兰诺拉燕麦卷怎么样?冻酸奶呢?红色肉类呢?你该不该吃黄油?To answer all this, the New York Times hired a polling firm to ask hundreds of nutritionists (all members of the American Society for Nutrition) whether they considered certain foods healthy. The firm also asked the same question of ;a representative sample of the American electorate.;为了回答这些问题,纽约时报雇了一家调查公司询问数百位营养学家(都是美国营养学会的成员)以了解某些食物他们是否认为有利于身体健康。这家公司也问了“美国选民代表”同样的问题。It turns out that there#39;s some agreement and a fair amount of disagreement about the nutritiousness of the foods we eat every day.结果发现我们对于每天所吃食物的营养价值有时意见一致,有时也颇有争议。 For example, regular people surveyed overwhelmingly thought that frozen yogurt, granola, granola bars, and orange juice were healthy, while nutritionists surveyed overwhelmingly thought that they were not.比如,参与调查的普通民众坚持认为冻酸奶、格兰诺拉燕麦卷、格兰诺拉麦片和橙汁都很健康,然而参与调查的营养学家却坚决认为这些食物都不健康。And then there are foods that are considered healthy by nutritionists, but the public doesn#39;t seem to realize their value.还有一些食物营养学家认为很健康,但公众好像并没有意识到它们的价值。 And, of course, there are some foods that everyone can agree are generally healthy.当然还有一些食物所有人都认为很有营养。And everyone seemed to more or less agree that certain foods are unhealthy.有些食物大家都或多或少认为不健康。And since it wouldn#39;t be a conversation about nutrition unless things got ~murky~, there are a bunch of foods that people had mixed feelings about.而且,因为如果不是有些食物的营养价值颇有争议,那就没有争论的必要了,有那么一些食物让大家又爱又恨。 Just over half of each group surveyed described the following foods as healthy: pork chops, steak, whole milk, cheddar cheese, and popcorn.两组被调查者中都有刚刚超过半数的人认为下列食物是健康的:猪排、牛排、全脂牛奶、切达干酪和爆米花。 /201607/455896

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