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Thai Police Arrest Key Anti-Government Protest Leaders泰警方逮捕反政府抗议主要领导人  Thai police have arrested key leaders of protests who have occupied a main government building in Bangkok since August 26. But analysts warn the arrests mark a setback in efforts to reconcile anti-government protesters and may lead to heightened political tensions in Thailand. 泰国警方逮捕了8月26号以来占领曼谷主要政府大楼的抗议活动主要领导者。但是分析人士警告说,逮捕行动标志着和反政府抗议人士进行和解的努力出现倒退。逮捕行动还可能导致泰国紧张局势升级。Former Bangkok governor Chumlong Srimuang is the second anti-government protest leader arrested on charges of insurrection. Thai police have issued arrest warrants for nine people on the charges that carry a maximum penalty of death if convicted. 曼谷前市长西蒙是第二位因为叛乱指控而被逮捕的反政府抗议活动领导者。泰国警察向9个人发出了逮捕令,如果被定罪,对他们的指控最高可以判处死刑。The nine have been leading demonstrations for several months, but since August 26 protesters have occupied the main government administration building in Bangkok, forcing the government to relocate to temporary offices. 这9人领导了几个月的示威活动。从8月26号以来,抗议者占领了曼谷主要的政府行政大楼,迫使政府搬到临时办公室。A member of the opposition Democrat Party, Kraisak Choonhavan, says the arrests mark a setback in efforts to negotiate with the government. 反对派“民主党”的成员克拉萨说,这些逮捕行动标志着和政府谈判的努力出现倒退。"The arrest of Mr. Chumlong, in fact both, has intensified the politics of Thailand and that the reconciliation, which I thought was going well, but this is a major hiccup in a way that could in fact bring us to the brink of a crisis. The heat is really up and I truly feel very saddened by the situation," said Kraisak Choonhavan. 克拉萨说:“逮捕西蒙导致泰国政治呈现紧张局面,我原来认为进行得不错的和解也出现了大倒退。实际上,这可能会把我们带到危机的边缘。气氛的确很紧张,我真的对局势觉得非常悲观。”Chumlong also played a key role in anti-government protests in 1992 that led to a bloody crackdown by the military, leading to dozens killed and hundreds injured.  西蒙还在1992年的反政府抗议活动中发挥了重要作用。那次抗议导致政府的血腥镇压,造成几十人丧生和几百人受伤。The current protests are led by the so-called People's Alliance for Democracy, which has accused the government that was elected last December of acting as a proxy for former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. He fled Thailand in August while facing charges of corruption. Courts have since issued five arrest warrants for Thaksin. 目前的抗议活动由一个叫“人民民主联盟”的组织领导,这个组织指责去年12月选出的政府成为前总理他信的傀儡。面临贪污指控的他信今年8月逃离泰国。法院后来发出5次逮捕令,要求逮捕他信。Protests and street violence in early September led to a two-week state of emergency being declared in Bangkok. Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej was forced to surrender the leadership in September on court charges of conflict of interest. 9月初的抗议活动和街头暴力导致曼谷实行了两个星期的紧急状态。总理沙马因为法院指控有利益冲突,被迫在9月交出领导权。The new government leader, Somchai Wongsawat, a brother-in-law of Thaksin, had promised to promote reconciliation and talks with the anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy. The Alliance, known as PAD, is reported to be calling for further protest support following the arrests.  新政府领导人翁沙瓦是他信的夫。翁沙瓦表示要推动和解和与反政府的“人民民主联盟”进行对话。“人民民主联盟”据报导在逮捕行动之后,正在呼吁进一步持抗议活动。An author and commentator on Thai politics, Chris Baker, says the arrests could be attributed to Thaksin looking to re-exert his influence over the governing People's Power Party. 泰国政治作家和员贝克尔说,逮捕行动可能是因为他信希望对执政的“人民力量党”重新施加影响力。"The transition from Samak [Sundaravej] to Somchai [Wongsawat] was very much the reassertion of Thaksin's influence. So, one possibility is that Thaksin is driving a harder line on the PAD. It is certainly very strange given the way they were talking about reconciliation," said baker. 贝克尔说:“从沙马过渡到翁沙瓦是对他信影响力一次很大的肯定。所以,一种可能性是他信正在推动人民力量党实行更加强硬的路线。考虑到他们谈论和解的方式,这当然让人很奇怪。”Thailand has been deeply divided politically since Thaksin came to power in 2001 backed by his populist policies that won strong support from the urban working class and rural low income earners. 2001年,他信因为受人欢迎的政策上台。他的政策赢得了城市工薪阶层和农村低收入者的大力持。后来,泰国一直深陷政治分裂之中。But the urban middle class accused Thaksin, ousted in a 2006 coup, of acting in an authoritarian manner by looking to concentrate power as well as widesp corruption in government. 城市中产阶级指责他信希望实行集权,从事专制行动,以及政府广泛的腐败。200810/51914

US Senate Approves Financial Rescue Plan美参院通过金融法案焦点转向众院 Revised legislation to rescue America's financial institutions has cleared its first hurdle, winning approval in the U.S. Senate. The bill could face a tougher test Friday in the House of Representatives.经过修改的拯救美国金融机构的立法通过了第一道关卡,在美国国会参议院得以通过。这项法案星期五在众议院可能面临更艰难的考验。Senators overwhelmingly passed the enhanced version of the bailout, 74-25 Wednesday night, sending it to the House, which rejected the first incarnation of the bill earlier in the week. 星期三晚间,参议员们以74票比25票的压倒多数通过了修改后的救市计划。该计划将送往众议院表决。 本星期早些时候众议院拒绝了这项计划的最初版本。Under the controversial plan, the U.S. government would spend 0 billion to take over bad debts from U.S.-based financial institutions.根据这项具有争议的计划,美国政府将使用7千亿美元来收购美国金融机构的坏账。The easy Senate approval raised hopes among the Bush administration and congressional leaders that many of the Representatives who voted against the bill on Monday might change their minds by Friday.参议院顺利通过救市计划,重新燃起了布什政府和国会领袖们对星期五众议院通过这一计划的希望,他们估计很多在星期一投反对票的众议员可能改变立场。The revised legislation is said to be gaining support in the House, thanks in part to amendments including 0 billion in tax breaks for businesses and middle-income families, as well as an increased limit on federal deposit insurance.这项经过修改的救市立法据说会在众议院得到更多持度,因为该立法作了部分修正,包括对企业和中产阶级家庭减免高达1千亿美元的税收,同时提高了联邦政府给存款的保险金的最高限额。The proposal is not popular with many taxpayers. Mail, e-mail and telephone calls to congressional offices have been overwhelmingly against it. With the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate up for re-election about one month from now, many lawmakers have been hesitant to support the bailout.这项提案对很多纳税人来说是非常不受欢迎的,反对提案的信件、电邮、电话像潮水一样涌向国会议员办公室。还有一个月左右的时间,国会全体众议员和三分之一参议员将面临重新选举的考验,很多议员在是否持这项法案问题上犹豫不决。Even some Senators who voted for the plan, such as Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, say they did so reluctantly.甚至一些投了赞成票的参议员,例如来自南卡罗来纳的共和党人格雷厄姆就表示,他们这样做并不是心甘情愿的。"We have two choices as far as I am concerned: a bad choice we all recognize, and a catastrophic choice if we do nothing," he said.“我们认为我们有两种选择,一个是我们都承认的不好的选项,而假如我们不采取行动,另一个选项则会是灾难性的。”Many lawmakers who voted yes warned of a financial catastrophe if the bailout goes down again. Democrat Chuck Schumer of New York said failure to pass the bill would result in the financial equivalent of a heart attack.很多投了赞成票的国会议员都警告说,如果救市计划再次失败,金融灾难就将来临。来自纽约州的民主党参议员舒默说, 假如救市议案不能通过,金融界发生的情况就像是人的心脏病发作。"Our economy's body is in terrible shape because its arteries, the financial system, is clogged, and it will cause a heart attack, maybe in a day, maybe in six months, but we will get a heart attack for sure if we do not act," he said.“我们的经济体系情况很糟糕,因为供血的动脉系统,也就是金融系统被堵塞了,这会引发心脏病卒发,也许再过一天,也许再过半年,总之,如果我们不采取行动,心脏病终将发作。”Both presidential candidates left their campaigns to return to the Senate and vote in favor of the bill. Illinois Democrat Barack Obama spoke on the Senate floor, saying a second defeat for the legislation would affect Americans everywhere.美国两党总统候选人中断了竞选,回到参议院,为救市方案投了赞成票。来自伊利诺伊州的民主党参议员奥巴马在参议院说,如果再次否决这项立法,全国各地的美国人都将受到影响。"What it means is that businesses will not be able to get the loans they need to open a new factory or make payroll for their workers. And if they cannot make payroll on Friday, then workers are laid off on Monday. And if workers are laid off on Monday, then they cannot pay their bills or pay back their loans to somebody else. And it will go on and on and on, rippling through the entire economy," he said.“这意味着企业在开设新工厂或者给员工发放工资时不能得到它们所需的贷款,如果星期五他们开不出工资来,工人下星期一就被裁员。如果工人星期一失业的话,他们就无法交付账单,无法偿还拖欠别人的贷款。”Earlier in the day, Republican John McCain of Arizona warned of dire consequences if the enhanced bailout plan went down.星期三稍早,来自亚利桑纳的共和党参议员麦凯恩警告说,如果修改后的救市方案再次受挫,后果不堪设想。"If the financial rescue bill fails in Congress yet again, the present crisis will turn into a disaster," McCain said.“如果金融救援议案在国会再次失败,那么,目前的危机就将变成灾难。”Wednesday's vote crossed party lines. Many Republicans voted for the plan, and some Democrats voted against it. Some liberals oppose using taxpayers' money to rescue the financial markets, and some conservatives believe the government should not interfere in private business. 星期三的表决超越了政党的界限,很多共和党人赞成这一方案,一些民主党人则投了反对票。一些自由派的议员反对利用纳税人的钱去挽救金融市场,一些保守派人士认为,政府不应该干预私有经济。Alabama Republican Richard Shelby voted against the proposal because he thought there should be a better alternative.来自阿拉巴马州的共和党参议员谢尔比投票反对这一立法,因为他认为应该有一个更好的选择。"Many around here are finding comfort in the notion that something is better than nothing. I believe that is a false choice. The choice we faced was between pursuing an informed response or panic. And I think we chose panic," he said.他说:“这里很多人认为,做点事情总比什么都不做更让人感到安心。而我认为那是错误的选择。我们面临的抉择是,或者在得到足够的信息后做出反应,或者惊恐万状不知所措。我认为我们选择了惊慌失措。”If the House passes the bailout plan, it will go to President Bush for his signature.如果众议院通过了救市立法,该立法将送交总统签字生效。After the House rejected the previous version on Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost almost 780 points, a record for a one-day point loss. The Dow recovered more than half of that lost value on Tuesday.众议院星期一否决前一个救市方案之后,道琼斯指数下降了近780点,创下单日跌幅历史纪录。星期二这一指数回升,收复前一天跌幅的一半以上。200810/51521

7 确认订单3句英文任你选We are glad to receive your order and confirm acceptance of it.很高兴接到贵方订单,并确认予以接受。We have decided to accept your order in spite of the current shortage of the goods.尽管现在供应非常紧张,但我方还是接受贵方的订单。You may be assured that we shall do our best to execute the order to your satisfaction.我方会尽力执行贵方的订单,让您满意。半个句型要记牢execute the order(执行订单)Tip:订单下单的常规流程是 receive the order(收到订单), confirm the order(确认订单), execute the order(执行订单)。 /201604/434107

Hello! Youre joining us again after Annas call from Mr Lime – he asked her to lunch, remember.你们好!在安娜接到Lime先生的电话后,我们又见面了。记得他邀请安娜共进午餐吗?Now Anna and Denise are flapping.现在安娜和丹尼斯都感到很慌张。...Hell be asking you to marry him!……他会让你嫁给他的!Trust me Anna, this has happened to me dozens of times!相信我,安娜。这种事在我身上已经发生过几十次了!But I thought he was only interested in the lemons!但我以为他只是对柠檬感兴趣!Please promise me you won’t mention this to anyone.拜托保不要对任何人讲这件事。OK, I promise.好的,我保。Good morning. Whats going on?早上好,女士们,出什么事了?Mr Lime has asked Anna to lunch! Please…Lime先生约安娜吃午饭! 拜托……And? And its not to talk business!然后呢? 这次可不是商务谈话哦!I saw him looking at her with big eyes, from the moment he first saw her!从他第一次见到她,我就看出他对她有意思!Denise!丹尼斯!Old Slimy Limey eh? Lucky Anna!谄媚的老Limey?好运的安娜!Hes not slimy, its just…他不是谄媚,只是……Dont tell me you said yes? !Well I didnt know what to say.You didnt?别跟我说你同意了?!我不知道该说什么好。你不知道?No, no, I said I was busy and would call back.不,不,我说我很忙,我会回电。I wanted to just say no, but with everyone complaining that Im not polite on the phone...I just...I didnt know how to say it politely.我想说不,但是大家都抱怨我在打电话时不礼貌,我只是……我不知道如何礼貌的回话了。Alright.Ill tell you what to say.好吧。我告诉你怎么说。Hang on, let me write it down...why do all the pens keep disappearing?稍等,让我记下。为什么所有的笔总是都不见了? /201701/483842

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