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网络社交英语口语 15:这杯是那位先生请你的Herbert: Hey Don! Who's that girl?赫伯特: 嗨!唐!那女孩是谁? Don: Why do you care? Don't you have a 1) date with a guy?唐: 你为什么想知道?你不是跟男人有约吗? Herbert: Oh, come on. Who is she? She's...赫伯特: 噢,拜托。她是谁?她…… Don: Just your type? I think so, too. Just go over and talk to her. Go on!唐: 正是你喜欢的那型?我想也是。你就过去跟她说话啊。去! Herbert: I can't!赫伯特: 我不行啦! Don: You can! In fact, you're going to buy her a drink first.唐: 你行!事实上,你还要先请她喝一杯。 Herbert: No! (Don walks over to Rose)赫伯特: 不要!(唐走向柔丝) Don: This drink is compliments of the gentleman over there.唐: 这杯是那位先生请你的。 Rose: Hun?柔丝: 嗯? 语言详解 A:Sorry,John,I have to cancael our lunch date today. 抱歉,约翰,我必须取消我们的午餐约会。 B:Fine,we can make it up next week. 没关系,我们可以改到下星期。 【Just your type?正是你(喜欢)的样子?】 这里是接前面说话的人没说完的句子She's...,所以整句是She's just your type?(她就是你喜欢的那一型?) 【This drink is compliments of the gentleman over there. 这杯是那位先生请的】 compliment,有“问候、恭维”的意思。这句话在电影、电视上经常听到,但是文绉绉的,所以有点难。 1) date (n.) 约会 /200708/16605英语会话800句 20 /200608/9104/200703/11241

Just to give you a few examples: ;ending a pregnancy; versus ;killing a fetus;;这里是一些例子:是“终止怀”还是“杀死胚胎”;a ball of cells; versus ;an unborn child;;“一个细胞聚合的小球”还是“一个尚未出生的孩子”;invading Iraq; versus ;liberating Iraq;;“侵略伊拉克”或是“解放伊拉克”;redistributing wealth; versus ;confiscating earnings.;“收入重新分配”抑或“没收财产”And I think the biggest picture of all would take seriously the fact而整个图景中最显著的一部分是要看到一点:that so much of our verbiage about abstract events is based on a concrete metaphor就是我们对抽象事件的描述,大多都是基于实体的隐喻and see human intelligence itself as consisting of a repertoire of concepts这反映出人类智能本身是由一整套概念组成such as objects, space, time, causation and intention比如物体、空间、时间,因果关系与意图which are useful in a social, knowledge-intensive species,对我们这种群居的、知识密集型的种群非常有用whose evolution you can well imagine, and a process of metaphorical abstraction我们能想象人类的进化和语言的隐喻抽象化过程齐轨并行that allows us to bleach these concepts of their original conceptual content慢慢地这些概念里原先的实际内容就淡化了space, time and force -- and apply them to new abstract domains,空间、时间和力--而它们却被用在全新的抽象领域里therefore allowing a species that evolved to deal with rocks and tools and animals,如此就使得我们这个原本是进化出来,和石头、工具与动物打交道的种群to conceptualize mathematics, physics, law and other abstract domains.能够形成数学、物理、法律等等概念,涉足其他抽象的领域Well, I said Id talk about two windows on human nature我曾说过我要谈谈人性的两扇窗户the cognitive machinery with which we conceptualize the world,我们用来概念化世界的知性机能and now Im going to say a few words about the relationship types现在我要说说几种人际关系that govern human social interaction, again, as reflected in language.它们配着人类的社交活动,同样,这些都体现在语言里And Ill start out with a puzzle, the puzzle of indirect speech acts.我要从间接话语行为这个谜题开始。201702/492120

About a year ago, I asked myself a question: ;Knowing what I know, why am I not a vegetarian?;大概在一年前左右,我问了我自己一个问题:“我明明知道这些资讯,为什么我不是个素食者?”After all, Im one of the green guys: I grew up with hippie parents in a log cabin.毕竟我持环保,热爱绿概念 和嬉皮父母在小木屋里长大。I started a site called TreeHugger — I care about this stuff.我开了一个叫Treehugger的网站-我很关心这些东西。I knew that eating a mere hamburger a day can increase my risk of dying by a third.我知道光是每天吃一个汉堡,就能增加三分之一的死亡几率。Cruelty: I knew that the 10 billion animals we raise each year for meat are raised in factory farm conditions that we,我知道每年我们养殖100亿动物,就为了他们身上的肉,而这些动物生活的那种工厂环境,hypocritically, wouldnt even consider for our own cats, dogs and other pets.是我们根本无法想象自己的猫或是宠物可以居住的。Environmentally, meat, amazingly, causes more emissions than all of transportation combined:就环境来说,神奇的是,肉品排放的二氧化碳比所有交通工具的排放量还大cars, trains, planes, buses, boats, all of it.汽车、火车、飞机、公交车、船只等所有交通工具。And beef production uses 100 times the water that most vegetables do.制造肉所使用的水是蔬菜的一百倍I also knew that Im not alone. We as a society are eating twice as much meat as we did in the 50s.我也知道我并不孤单,整个社会,现在我们所吃的肉足足比50年代多了两倍。So what was once the special little side treat now is the main, much more regular.曾经我们当作特别的小食,现在却成了我们的日常主食So really, any of these angles should have been enough to convince me to go vegetarian.说真的,以任何角度来说,都应该足以让我成为素食者。Yet, there I was — chk, chk, chk — tucking into a big old steak.但我还是嗯,嗯,嗯,被一块巨大的牛排包围着。201705/511649

Im going to e from another magazine of the60s.我要去引述1960年代,另一家杂志刊载的话。This one is from 1968-The Atlantic Monthly, voice of liberal America-written by an important bioethicist.这是1968 年出版的大西洋月刊,美国的自由主义之声,作者是知名的生物伦理学专家。He said, There is no reason to feel guilty about putting a Down syndrome child away,他说,对于遗弃唐氏综合症的婴孩,我们不必感到内疚,whether it is put away in the sense of hidden in a sanitarium or in a more responsible, lethal sense.无论是将其送到疗养院去,或者用更负责也更致命的方式。It is sad, yes-dful. But it carries no guilt.这很可悲,也很可怕,但不需要有罪恶感。True guilt arises only from an offense against a person,真正有内疚只源于侵犯人,and a Downs is not a person.而唐氏综合症患者不是人。Theres been a lot of ink given to the enormous progress that weve made in the treatment of gay people.关于同性恋者处境的大幅度进步,已经有很多文章就此发表观点。The fact that our attitude has changed is in the headlines every day.每天都有头条报导,人们对同性恋的态度已有所转变。But we forget how we used to see people who had other differences,但我们遗忘了过去是怎么看待,不同于大众的人,how we used to see people who were disabled,忘了过去是怎么看待残障人士的,how inhuman we held people to be.忘了我们曾经多么不人道。And the change thats been accomplished there,在那些方面的改变,which is almost equally radical,几乎同样激进,is one that we pay not very much attention to.我们却未给予更多的重视。One of the families I interviewed, Tom and Karen Robards,我采访过罗巴兹家族的汤姆和凯伦夫妇,were taken aback when, as young and successful New Yorkers,他们当年是年轻有为的纽约人,their first child was diagnosed with Down syndrome.在得知他们第一个孩子患有唐氏综合征时大为惊讶。They thought the educational opportunities for him were not what they should be,他们认为儿子并未得到应有的教育,and so they decided they would build a little center-two classrooms that they started with a few other parents-to educate kids with D.S.于是他们决定成立一个小型教育机构,两间教室里,他们开始和其他的父母,一起教育唐氏综合症儿童。And over the years, that center grew into something called the Cooke Center,多年后,该机构发展为库克中心,where there are now thousands upon thousands of children with intellectual disabilities who are being taught.现在有成千上万的智障儿童在这里接受教育。201603/431935

First of all, I wanna…I wanna say thank you to Elizabeth. That was an amazing, amazing performance. Can I put this down? Sorry, seriously. Its better this way. I always feel better with something hard between my legs. Thank you for acknowledging my ability to continue my career for 34 years in the face of blatant misogyny, sexism, constant bullying and relentless abuse. When I started, there was no Internet, so people had to say it to my face. There were very few people I had to clap back at, because life was simpler then. When I first moved to New York, I was a teenager. It was 1979 and New York was a very scary place. In the first year, I was held up at gunpoint, raped on a rooftop with a knife digging into my throat. And I had my apartment broken into and robbed so many times I just stopped locking the door. In the years to follow, I lost almost every friend I had to AIDS or drugs or gunshot. As you can imagine, all these unexpected events not only helped me become the daring woman that stands before you, but it also reminded me that I am vulnerable; and in life, there is no real safety except self-belief; and an understanding that I…Im not the owner of my talents, Im not the owner of anything. Everything I have is a gift from God. And even the…things that happened to me, that still happen to me, are also gifts. To teach me lessons and make me stronger. Im receiving an award for being ;Woman of the Year,; so I ask myself, ;What can I say about being a woman in the music business? What can I say about being a woman?; When I first started writing songs, I didnt think in a gender-specific way, I didnt think about feminism, I just wanted to be an artist. I was, of course, inspired by Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde and Aretha Franklin, but my real muse was David Bowie. He embodied male and female spirit and that suited me just fine. He made me think there were no rules. But I was wrong. There are no rules – if youre a boy. If youre a girl, you have to play the game. What is that game? You are allowed to be pretty and cute and sexy. But dont act too smart. Dont have an opinion. Dont have an opinion that is out of line with the status quo, at least. You are allowed to be objectified by men and dress like a slut, but dont own your sluttiness. And do not, I repeat, do not, share your own sexual fantasies with the world. Be what men want you to be. But more importantly, be what women feel comfortable with you being around other men. And finally, do not age. Because to age is a sin. You will be criticized, you will be vilified, and you will definitely not be played on the radio. When I first became famous, there were nude photos of me in Playboy and Penthouse magazine – photos that were taken from art schools that I posed for back in the day to make money. They werent very sexy. In fact, I looked quite bored. I was. But I was expected to feel ashamed when these photos came out, and I was not. And this puzzled people. Eventually, I was left alone because I married Sean Penn, and not only would he would bust a cap in your ass, but I was taken off the market. So for a while, I was not considered a threat. Years later, divorced and single – sorry, Sean – I made my Erotica album and my Sex book was released. I remember being the headline of every newspaper and magazine. And everything I about myself was damning. I was called a whore and a witch. One headline compared me to Satan. I said, ;Wait a minute, isnt Prince running around with fishnets and high heels and lipstick with his butt hanging out?; Yes, he was. But he was a man. This was the first time I truly understood that women really did not have the same freedom as men. I remember feeling paralyzed. It took me a while to put myself together and get on with my creative life – to get on with my life. I took comfort in the poetry of Maya Angelou, and the writings of James Baldwin, and in the music of Nina Simone. I remember wishing that I had a female peer that I could look to for support. Camille Paglia, the famous feminist writer, said that I set women back by objectifying myself sexually. Oh, I thought, ;So, if youre a feminist, you dont have sexuality, you deny it.; So I said, ;Fuck it, Im a different kind of feminist. Im a bad feminist.; People say Im so controversial. But I think the most controversial thing I have ever done is to stick around. What I would like to say to all women here today is this: Women have been so oppressed for so long they believe what men have to say about them. And they believe they have to back a man to get the job done. And there are some very good men worth backing, but not because theyre men – because theyre worthy. As women, we have to start appreciating our own worth and each others worth. Seek out strong women to befriend, to align yourself with, to learn from, to be inspired by, to collaborate with, to support, to be enlightened by. As I said before, its not so much about receiving this award as it is having this opportunity to stand before you and really say thank you as a woman, as an artist, as a human. Not only to the people who have loved and supported me along the way, so many of you are sitting in front of me right now, you have no idea…you have no idea how much your support means. But to the doubters, the naysayers, to everyone who gave me hell and said I could not, that I would not, that I must not – your resistance made me stronger, made me push harder, made me the fighter that I am today, made me the woman that I am today. So thank you.201701/487702

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