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2019年09月24日 17:00:07 | 作者:ask养生 | 来源:新华社
Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, met with Hung Hsiu-chu, the visiting chairwoman of Kuomintang (KMT) party, and called for officials on both sides of the Taiwan Straits to remain committed to the one-China consensus.中共中央总书记习近平会见来访的中国国民党主席洪秀柱,呼吁台湾海峡两岸官员继续坚持;一个中;的共识。Holding talks with a delegation led by Hung at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing last Tuesday, Xi said ensuring national integrity and protecting the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation is the ;common will of all Chinese people;.习近平主席于上周二在北京人民大会堂同洪秀柱率领的访问团举行会谈时指出,确保国家完整不被分裂,维护中华民族根本利益,是;全体中华儿女的共同意;。Xi made a six-point proposal on cross-Straits relations, including adhering to the 1992 Consensus, which affirms the one-China principle, resolutely opposing forces supporting ;Taiwan independence; and their activities, promoting social and economic cooperation between the two sides and working together to carry forward Chinese culture.习近平主席就两岸关系发展提出六点意见,包括坚持体现一个中国原则的;九二共识;、坚决反;台独;分裂势力及其活动、推进两岸经济社会合作和共同弘扬中华文化等;Safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity is the core national interest, and it is a line that cannot be crossed,; Xi said.习近平主席表示:“维护国家主权和领土完整是国家利益的核心,是一条不能跨越的红线。”Hung said the KMT and the CPC should continue promoting economic, trade and people-to-people exchanges on the basis of adhering to the 1992 Consensus and opposing ;Taiwan independence.;洪秀柱表示,国共两党应继续在;九二共识;、反;台独;的基础上推动扩大两岸经贸和民间交流往来。It is Hungs first trip to the Chinese mainland since she became head of the KMT on March 30.此行是洪秀0日就任国民党主席后第一次访问大陆;The meeting between Xi and Hung is pragmatic and has far-reaching significance,; said Wang Kunyi, a professor with Tamkang University in Taiwan.台湾淡江大学教授王昆义表示:“习近平主席与洪秀柱主席的这次会见是非常务实的,并且具有深远的意义。”来 /201611/477323Ivanka Trump is poised to play an active role in her fathers administration, assuming some of the duties normally assigned to the first lady.据报道,伊万卡·特朗普已经准备好在她父亲的总统任期内发挥积极作用,将可能承担一些通常属于“第一夫人”的职责。Trump transition aides are aly planning for an ;Office of the First Family,; in the East Wing where the current office of the first lady is located, sources familiar with the plan told CNN.熟悉内情的消息人士向CNN透露,特朗普过渡团队的助手们正在计划将位于白宫东侧的、当前的第一夫人办公室设置为“第一家庭办公室”。Melania Trump is still expected to play a role in the White House. However, Ivanka is expected to have a prominent slot as well.虽然“准第一夫人”梅拉尼娅·特朗普也有望在白宫发挥自己的作用,但伊万卡将会在白宫中占据突出位置。A source said she is likely to play the part of Washington hostess as well as advise her father on issues including family leave to climate change.消息来源表示,她可能会作为白宫的“女主人”,以及在一些问题上为特朗普出谋划策--包括从家庭休假问题到气候变化事务等;No decisions have been made regarding Ivankas role,; Hope Hicks, Trumps spokeswoman, told CNN.不过特朗普的发言人霍普·希克斯告知CNN:“伊万卡在白宫中的角色还没有确定。”Titles for Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, have not been determined. But Kushner, a publisher and businessman, is expected to have his own role outside of the family office -- the latest indication that he could be bound for the West Wing.伊万卡和她的丈夫贾里德·库什纳的职衔目前尚未确定。不过,作为一名出版商和生意人,库什纳的职责范围可能不在第一家庭办公-最新的猜测是他可能会被安置在白宫西厅。Trump has indicated Don Jr. and Eric will retain control of his business operations while hes in the White House, while Kushner and Ivanka are expected to move to Washington and work closely with him in government.特朗普曾暗示,自己任职期间,儿子小唐纳德和埃里克将继续打理家族生意,而女儿伊万卡和女婿库什纳则会和他一道搬到华盛顿,与他一同在政府工作。The details remain murky, however, both because of Trumps opaqueness and a federal nepotism law. Passed in 1967, the law states no public official -- from the President down to a low-level manager at a federal agency -- may hire or promote a relative.不过,由于特朗普的信息不透明以及美联邦在1967年发布的一个裙带关系法规,这些细节还难以确定。该法规声明,上至总统,下至低层官员的任何公职人员,都不得雇佣或提拔亲属。Kushner, who is related to Trump by marriage but not blood, would still be ineligible. The law specifies ;son-in-law; as a type of relative covered by the rule.库什纳是特朗普的女婿,没有血缘关系,但仍然是不允许的,因为该法规明确规定“女婿”也属于亲属。However, there could be a loophole for the ban. The law states that any appointee found to have violated the law is ;not entitled to pay; by the federal government, which offers the opportunity for Ivanka and Kushner to forgo paychecks while still serving the administration.然而,它还是有漏洞-该法规还声明,对于任何违反规定的人,联邦政府都“不予发放薪资”。这给了伊万卡和库什纳放弃薪水却能继续为政府效力的机会。来 /201612/485275Its started: Robot uprising begins as China turns to machines to fill in gaps in the workforce中国用机器填补劳动力短缺,机器人开始崛起China is increasingly turning to machines to fill in gaps in its workforce.中国正越来越多的使用机器人来填补劳动力短缺。The country is aly the worlds largest market for mechanical helpers and is set to get bigger with estimations suggesting that by 2019, China will account for 40 percent of the global industrial robot market.中国已经世界上最大的机器助手市场,而且规模将继续扩大,有预测称019年中国将占有全球工业机器人市场的40%.In 2012, the working age population in China fell for the first time and has been declining ever since.2012年,中国的劳动年龄人口首次下降,并愈演愈烈。One example where robots are being introduced in factories is at the Hikvision factory in Wuzhen.其中的一个例子就是乌镇的海康威视引用机器人来代替工人。Hikvision has been testing its robotic parking system as it struggles to recruit a large workforce as the number of cars on Chinese roads continues to rise.该公司已经在测试一款机器人停车系统,随着中国道路上汽车数量的不断增加,该公司在雇佣员工上显得力不从心。Wu Yonghai, the companys head of robotics said: The technolody and scale of the industry is still at a very early stage.该公司负责机器人事务的主管称:“这个技术和行业规模依然处于初期阶段。This is about finding a solution to the car parking problem.“这是为了找到解决停车问题的办法。”In the factory, the robots glide under stationary cars and ferry them to empty Chinese parking bays using space more efficiently and reducing driver stress.在工厂里,机器人在固定的汽车下滑行,并将汽车拖到空置的停车位里去,更加有效的利用了空间,也减轻了驾驶员的压力。The working age population which is defined as those from 15 to 59 fell for the first time in decades in 2012 and have declined ever since.劳动年龄人口指的59岁之间,2012年出现了几十年来的首次下降,自那以后就一直处于下降的趋势。According to the International Federation of Robots which estimates China will account for 40 per cent of the global industrial robot market by 2019.国际机器人联合会称到2019年中国将占据全球工业机器人的40%. /201701/488624

The version promulgated by the Emperor Meiji in 1889 [CHKD]created a state empowered to direct Japan’s modernisation fusing economic, political and social power in the service of the national purpose, legitimised by an absolute monarchy.1889年由明治天皇颁布的宪法缔造了一个带领日本迈向现代化的国家体制——集中经济、政治和社会力量,为国家目标务,而这一切的合法性来自绝对君主制。The later document decentralised power and divested the state of its military power.和平宪法对权力进行了分散,剥夺了国家的军事力量。Will a new constitution once again seek to mend the social compact? Or will leaders set their sights lower, tinkering, tweaking language or amending the 1947 blueprint of their democracy to meet today’s social needs? It is too early to tell. 新版宪法会寻求再次修改这种社会契约吗?抑或日本领导人会降低期望值、在字面上稍作调整,或是修改1947年制定的民主蓝图以满足当今的社会需求?现在评判还为时过早。The committee to revise the constitution has catalogued the changes Japan’s political parties think could improve their founding document. 修宪委员会已经列出了日本各政党认为可以改进该国宪制文件的修改内容。The governing Liberal Democratic party has a draft to share, as Mr Abe pointed out after the election, a draft he says could serve as a basis for legislative discussion.正如安倍晋三在选举后所指出的那样,执政的自民党制定了自己的草案,安倍称该草案可以作为立法讨论的基础。But it will take far more than the 242 legislators in the upper house or even the roughly 700 in both houses to determine what a new constitution might look like. 但是,制定新宪法所需要的不仅是上42名议员的持——即使获得两院近700名议员的持也不够。Article 96 of the present document declares that two-thirds of all the members of each house of parliament must create a proposal for revision. After that, a national referendum must be held to gain approval.现行宪法6条规定,上下两院各三分之二以上的议员必须拿出一份修订提议。之后必须由全民公投批准修订。And the fact is that, while voters have created an opening for those who advocate revision, they seem deeply ambivalent about the prospect of tampering with the document that has supported their transition to democracy.事实是,尽管选民们为那些提倡修宪的政客创造了一个切入点,但是他们似乎对修订曾经持日本实现民主转型的宪法的前景深感矛盾。Popular sovereignty brings agency to the people; it should not be abandoned easily. All the social institutions must claim a stake in the process and all citizens must take responsibility for the outcome. 人民主权给人民带来能动性;它不应该被轻易抛弃。所有社会机构都应该参与这一过程,所有公民都必须对结果负起责任。Revising simply for the sake of revising will only weaken confidence in Japan’s democracy, at home and abroad.为了修宪而修宪,只会削弱国内外对日本民主的信心。来 /201608/463245

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