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Rodrigo Duterte looked set to become the next president of the Philippines last night as partial results indicated that the strongman mayor of the city of Davao had won about 39 per cent of the vote in yesterday’s election.罗德里戈#8226;杜特Rodrigo Duterte,见上图)昨晚看来将成为菲律宾下一任总统,部分点票结果表明,这位强势的达沃市(Davao City)市长在昨日大选中赢得大约39%的选票。Estimates from elections watchdog Comelec, based on an unofficial count of almost 80 per cent of the ballots, suggested Mr Duterte was set for a landslide victory, with 13.7m votes by midnight more than 5m ahead of his closest rival.根据对近80%选票的非官方统计,选举监督机构——选举委员COMELEC)的估计表明,杜特蒂将取得压倒性胜利;截至午夜,他已赢370万张选票,比最接近的对手多00多万张。Former senator Grace Poe, a one-time frontrunner who slipped into third place, conceded defeat to Mr Duterte late last night. “I’m giving way, I respect the results,she told a news conference.一度领先但后来掉至第三位的候选人、前参议员格蕾西#8226;Grace Poe)昨日深夜向杜特蒂认输。“我让路,我尊重选举结果,”她在记者会上表示。In a democracy where personality has always trumped policy pledges, the controversial Mr Duterte who is known as “Dirty Harryand regularly compared to pugnacious US presidential hopeful Donald Trump captured the public imagination after promising to improve security by killing 100,000 suspected criminals.在这个候选人的个性魅力永远被置于政策承诺之上的民主国家,有争议的杜特蒂抓住了公众想象力,他承诺杀0万犯罪嫌疑人以改善治安。杜特蒂的外号是“肮脏的哈里”,人们经常把他与好斗的美国总统候选人角逐者唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)相提并论。Political analysts say the election shows a growing portion of the public choosing strong leaders over democratic ideals, with early polls also indicating Ferdinand “BongbongMarcos, son of the former dictator whose name he shares, the likely winner in the vice-presidential race.政治分析人士表示,这场大选显示,越来越多的公众选择强势领导人而非民主理想;早期点票结果还显示,前独裁者马科斯的儿子费迪南#8226;邦邦#8226;马科Ferdinand “BongbongMarcos)很可能赢得副总统选举。Following six years of economic expansion and political stability in the Philippines, the international business community has described the would-be leader, who has admitted knowing little about economic policy, as a wild card who could threaten growth and investment in one of Asia’s best-performing economies.杜特蒂承认自己不懂经济政策。在菲律宾经历持续六年的经济发展和政治稳定之后,国际商界把这位即将上台的新领导人形容为未知数,可能给亚洲表现最佳经济体之一的增长和投资带来威胁。“He has no foreign policy and no formal statements concerning business,says Ebb Hinchliffe, executive director for the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines. “He is such an unknown and he makes people nervous.”“他没有外交政策,也没有关于商业的正式声明,”菲律宾美国商会(American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines)执行总监艾布#8226;欣奇利夫(Ebb Hinchliffe)表示。“他就是这样的一个未知数,让人紧张。”In the past six years under President Benigno Aquino, the Philippines has shed its label as the “sick manof Asia. An anti-corruption drive has boosted the country’s reputation and growth has ticked up to an average 6.3 per cent annually over the past five years.过去六年里,在贝尼尼#8226;阿基诺三Benigno Aquino)总统领导下,菲律宾甩掉了亚洲“病夫”标签。反腐败运动提振了国家的声誉,过去五年期间年均经济增长达.3%。Yet yesterday’s election signals that Filipinos are demanding change, with much of the public complaining that growth has not trickled down to the poor.然而,昨日选举传递出的信号是,菲律宾人要求变化,很多公众抱怨经济增长的成果未能让穷人受惠。来 /201605/442600

China has issued a stark rebuke of alooming court decision on its maritime claims in the South China Sea, with asenior official labelling the lawsuit launched by the Philippines “a viciousact aimed at deception中国对即将出炉的南中国海仲裁结果发出严厉谴责,一名高级官员称菲律宾提起的这一诉讼是一起旨在欺骗的恶劣行为。Xu Hong, director of treaties and law atthe foreign ministry, reiterated Beijing’s position that a UNarbitration tribunal in The Hague had no jurisdiction when it came to a lawsuitover the status of 15 islands, reefs and shoals claimed by China.中国外交部条约法律司司长徐宏重申了北京方面的立场,即海牙联合国仲裁庭对南海仲裁案没有管辖权,该案件涉及中国声索的15个岛屿、珊瑚礁和浅滩的法律归属。The tribunal, launched in 2013, will rulebased on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which counts both Beijing andManila as signatories.南海案仲裁庭013年成立,将依据《联合国海洋法公约UN Convention on the Law of the Sea)作出判决,中国和菲律宾都是该公约的缔约国。Mr Xu said the process was a “typical actof abuse of dispute resolution mechanisms”and Beijing had nointention to abide by the court’s decision, which he expected soon. China has not appeared at thetribunal.徐宏表示这一过程属于“典型的滥用公约”,预计仲裁庭将于近期作出裁决,中国政府并不打算遵守裁决。中国没有出席仲裁审理。At issue is its claim to a historic zone ofinfluence marked by the so-called nine-dash-line, which covers 90 per cent ofthe South China Sea. The territorial rights date back 2,000 years, according toBeijing, which claims dozens of tiny islands, shoals, reefs and underwaterrocks throughout the sea.争论焦点是中国依据所谓的九段线所主张的历史性权利范围,它涵盖了南中国海90%的海域。北京方面表示中国在南中国海的领土权利可追溯000年前,其声索对象包括整个南中国海上几十个小岛、沙洲、暗礁和海底岩石。Experts say the court will almost certainlyreject those claims, and, with them, much of the rationale for China’s interpretationof the nine-dash line.专家表示海牙仲裁庭几乎肯定会拒绝这些主张,以及中国对九段线说明的大多数阐释。来 /201605/443820

Donald Trump has agreed to a million settlement to end the fraud cases against his now-defunct Trump University, New Yorks attorney general said - 纽约州检察长称,特朗普同意500万美元的和解金,以了结关于现已倒闭的特朗普大学涉嫌欺诈的官司。A move that the president-elect said Saturday was done in order to ;focus on the country.;侯任总统特朗9日表示,此举是为了让自己专注于国事。The settlement likely means that Trump will avoid becoming possibly the first sitting president to testify in open court.这笔和解金可能意味着特朗普能避免成为第一个出庭作的在职总统。New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman called the settlement on Friday ;a major victory for the over 6,000 victims of his fraudulent university.; 纽约州检察长埃里施奈德曼18日称,这笔和解金000多名特朗普大学受害者的重大胜利。Lawyers involved in the cases say the settlement applies to all three lawsuits against Trump University including two cases filed in California.本案律师称,和解金是用于和解针对特朗普大学的3起诉讼案,其中两起是在加州立案的。Trump commented on the settlement via Twitter on Saturday, telling his 15 million followers that the only ;bad thing about winning the presidency; was not being able to fight the ;long but winning; Trump University trial.特朗9日在推特上就此事发表,他500万粉丝表示,成为总统唯一的坏事儿就是不能打这场漫长但必胜的官司。The trial for one of the cases had been scheduled to start Nov. 28三起诉讼案中的一起原定于118日开庭审理。The million figure will be split among the students who sued, minus the legal fees.在减去诉讼费后,这笔和解费将被给分配给上诉的学员。Trump will also pay up to million in penalties to the state of New York, Schneiderman said.施奈德曼称,特朗普还将向纽约州付多00万美金的罚款。Former students of Trump University say the school fraudulently misrepresented what students would be taught and falsely claimed that instructors were handpicked by Trump.特朗普大学原来的学生称,学校虚假描述授课内容,且谎称老师是由特朗普钦定的。Trumps attorneys last week asked the judge to delay the trial until after the inauguration, citing the ;critical and all-consuming; work the president-elect has to do before he takes office in January.特朗普的律师上周表示,特朗普在明月就职之前有很多重要且耗时的工作要做,因此请求法官将庭审推迟至其就职后。The deal doesnt require Trump to acknowledge wrongdoing. 这份和解协议不要求特朗普承认行为违法。Trump has strongly denied the allegations and said during the campaign that he wouldnt settle.特朗普强烈否认诈骗指控,并在竞选期间称他不会和解;We are pleased to announce the complete resolution of all litigation involving Trump University,; the Trump organization said in a statement on Friday. 特朗普团8日在一份声明中称,我们很高兴地宣布,关于特朗普大学的诉讼案得到了彻底解决;While we have no doubt that Trump University would have prevailed at trial based on the merits of this case, resolution of these matters allows President-Elect Trump to devote his full attention to the important issues facing our great nation.;尽管我们相信如果进入法律程序,基于案情特朗普大学将会打赢官司,但是现在和解能让这位候任总统全神贯注于我们伟大国家面临的重要问题。During the campaign, Trump said Gonzalo Curiel, the federal judge in the San Diego case, was hostile to him.特朗普在竞选期间称,审理圣地亚哥特朗普大学案的联邦法官贡萨库列尔对自己存有敌意;I believe he happens to be Spanish, which is fine. 特朗普今月时曾表示,我相信他碰巧是西班牙人,这没关系。He is Hispanic, which is fine. 他是西班牙裔,这没关系。And we havent asked for recusal, which we may do,; Trump said in May. 我们没有要求取消这位法官的资格,我们本可以这样的;But we have a judge who is very hostile.;然而,我们碰到了一位充满敌意的法官。来 /201611/479823

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