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讲解Today key word is: recite It means to something out loud or say something from memory usually an audience. 背诵recite the poems背诵诗歌recite the English words背诵英语单词延伸Now let learn the word in the news.A driving school in Wuhan, central China Hubei province, has announced a plan that encourages college students to learn more about Chinese literature. If you can recite some of the traditional Chinese literature, you might have a discount.Here is how it works. If you can recite more than 30,000 characters from classic Chinese literature works, you will be able to take the driving lessons free.And the original price a full course is 3,800 yuan, which is around 600 US dollars.If you can recite more than 8,000 characters, you will get a discount of 1,500 yuan. And more than 1,000 characters, a discount of 0 yuan.So far, many college students have taken on the challenge.Here is one student Le Yanyan, a senior majoring in Chinese literature, even managed to win the free lessons.Explaining why the school has come up with this plan, the principal Ma Deming says he is a big fan of all the traditional Chinese literature and wants to do his part in helping promote it.He adds that it contains lots of profound thoughts and teaches the basic principles to conduct oneself, which can be beneficial to college students as well.Notes:武汉驾校招生新方法,背诵国学经典,可以见面学费-如果能背诵3万字全文,则可以免费学车-湖北大学知行学院汉语言文学专业大三学生用时3小时,背诵了全文,获得免费学车的资格(学车费用为3800元) 795We are gonna begin this half-hour though with Bill Cosby, and the latest on his career in turmoil was allegations of sexual assault.接下来我们半小时的节目将关注比尔·科斯比,以及最近他职业生涯关于性侵犯的指控Last night he gave us his first public permance since TV network begun pulling the plug on his new projects and reruns the Cosby Show.昨晚自从电视网络播出以来他首次出现自己的公众节目当中并且重新回归到科斯比秀A Lindsey Janis has the story from Bahamas where Cosby took the stage last night.接下来我们就为你带来A新闻的林赛詹尼斯从巴哈马群岛发回昨晚关于科斯比的报道Overnight, Bill Cosby perming in front of a packed audience at a women charity event in the Bahamas…科斯比整夜间都在巴哈马群岛的一场妇女慈善活动拥挤的观众面前表演…“You find yourself the longer you are married saying, Can I just say one thing?”“你会发现自己结婚的时间越来越长等待,我能就说一件事吗?”Telling jokes about his childhood and about being a grandparent to roars of laughter from the audience, but not addressing the mounting allegations of sexual assault against women.关于他童年和祖父母的笑话赢得了观众的欢笑,但并没有解决他自身越来越多针对女性的性侵犯指控“It sad, uh, that somebody so famous can be brought down, you know, by this.”“这令人感到悲伤欲绝,嗯,有名人就是会因为这种事情会一落千丈”The Women Volunteer Service Group that organized the event telling A News:组织这次事件的女性志愿务组织告诉A新闻:“Recent accusations against Bill Cosby are alarming and unsettling…“最近对于科斯比的指控令人吃惊而且不安…Being that no mal charges have been filed against Mr.Cosby, we theree dont deem it appropriate to further comment on the accusations.”由于对科斯比还没有正式起诉,我们不认为进一步指控合适”Cosby event going on as scheduled as a growing list of women are speaking out, accusing the 77-year-old of sexual abuse.随着公布越来越多的女性名单这件扣人心弦的事件如期待般被传的沸沸扬扬,甚至指责他性虐待77岁的老女人Therese Serignese is telling A affiliate WPBF that the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted her in 1976 when she was just 19 years old.特里希赛格尼斯告诉美国广播公司旗下WPBF这位喜剧演员将1976年年仅19岁的她灌醉后实施了性侵犯“With a glass of water on his hand and he had two pills, large white pills in his hand and he said:Take these.”“他手上拿着一杯水,还有两片药,是那种大块白色药片,然后他说吞下去”Serignese said she continued having relations with Cosby years after, saying her mother told her Cosby would take care of her.赛格尼斯表示自那以后多年来她继续与科斯比发生关系,她的母亲告诉科斯比会照顾她一生一世She claims that he gave her checks until 1996, totaling $,000.她宣称直到1996年科斯比才对她进行了检查,总计花费000美元Cosby has not responded to Serignese allegations.科斯比没有回应赛格尼斯的指控But overnight, his lawyers denied two other women claims, saying that accusers are “coming out of the woodwork with fabricated or unsubstantiated stories.”但一夜之间,他的律师否认了另外两名女性的说辞,称原告的陈述是伪造或未经实的故事 Good Morning America, Lindsey Janis, A News, the Bahamas.A新闻,早安美国,林赛詹尼斯,巴哈马群岛报道 57

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