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嘉兴祛斑价格合适嘉兴哪里激光去痣比较好057 languages Words Reading writing speaking listening pronouncing spelling alphabet Character official second/third bilingual native tongue widely spoken Accent dialect slang formal informal scientific translation interpretation Linguistics Anglophone Germanic indo-european basic proficient fluent native speaker Phrases Learn a language Speak fluently Write characters Translation a document Have an accent Speak a dialect Use slang In everyday use Beginner A: which language do you speak? B; well, I studied French at school, but I’ve forgotten most of it. I learnt some Russian while I was studying there and now I study Spanish in evening classes. Do you speak Japanese at home with your parents? A; yes, I do. I’m learning Chinese now on the internet. B; how do you find studying a language on the internet? A: it’s not easy, particularly with listening and speaking, because sometimes the connection isn’t too good. B; I bet you find the character difficult to write! A: actually, many of the characters are the same or very similar in both Chinese and Japanese, so they’re easy for me. B; so , you can and write much better than you speak and understand other speakers, right? A; yes. How are the Spanish classes going? B; in a way, it’s similar to your experience of learning Chinese. Some Spanish words are very similar to English ones. But I need to practise listening to native speakers and saying the words myself. Intermediate A; what are you ing? B: it’s an article about language. It talks about the idea of having a single global language. A: it seems that English aly is the main global language. Does the article suggest that there should be an artificial language like Esperanto as the world language. B: actually, it suggest English. The main argument is that English is aly being studied as a second language in most countries-china, India, mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, and japan – so beginning again with a language like Esperanto would be wasteful. The second argument is that English is used in modern technology far more that any other language. Most emails are sent in English and the vast majority of website use English. A: does the article say anything about other language? How will they survive in an English-speaking world? B: the article points out that many languages have been lost and will be lost, but others will continue to be used for generation, even if English continues to be the dominant language. A; right. All the people who speak Chinese. Hindi, French and Spanish aren’t suddenly going to stop using those languages. B; exactly. The article suggests that those languages will be used, but that they will only rarely be used in international communication between non-native speaker. A; in that case, I shall continue to learning a few basic phrases in other languages. /200705/13716海盐县妇幼保健院隆鼻多少钱 中级英语口语闪电速成[13] /200702/10645网络社交英语口语 72:这才叫浪漫SCENE⑥ B 星期六晚上七点 在公园散步 Sue: Flowers.Now thats romantic. 苏: 花。这才叫浪漫。 Rose: Theyre plastic and will never die. Theyre1)supposedto be a symbol of endless love.柔丝: 它们是塑胶的,永不凋谢。那些花象征永恒的爱。 Sue: The two of you were2)definitely3)made for each other. Thank God, my match-making work is over...Now4)its your turn. 苏: 你们两个真是天造地设的一对。谢天谢地,我不用再牵红线了……现在换你了。 Rose: What? 柔丝: 换我干嘛? Sue: Do you have Dons number? 苏: 你有唐的电话吗?语言详解 A: When were yousupposedto pay your rent? 你本该何时付房租? B: Last week Im five days late. 上星期,我晚了五天。 【Now thats romantic. 这才叫浪漫】 Now thats...这样的句型所表达的意思,类似中文里头“这才像话”或是“这倒也说得过去”的语气。 A: Im late to work because I had to take my child to school. 我是因为送小孩子上学才会上班迟到。B: Now thats not a bad excuse. But I dont want to see you late again! 这个借口倒还不坏。但我不想再看到你迟到了! 1) be supposed to...应该是……2) definitely (adv.)绝对地3) made for each other绝配,天生一对4) its your turn该你了 /200708/16855嘉兴曙光整形美容医院激光祛斑手术多少钱

嘉兴割双眼皮哪家好/200703/11098平湖市切割双眼皮哪家好 In the secular world we think, ;If an idea is important, Ill bump into it. Ill just come across it.;在非宗教世界里,我们觉得 ;我会毫无预兆就想到一个好主意,我是偶然想到的;Nonsense, says the religious world view.宗教人士会说 ;胡扯;Religious view says we need calendars, we need to structure time, we need to synchronize encounters.宗教人士觉得我们需要日历,需要安排好时间,我们需要同步好想法和时间This comes across also in the way in which religions set up rituals around important feelings.这还帮助宗教们安排传统仪式和感受到特定的感情Take the Moon. Its really important to look at the Moon.就像月亮,看月亮是非常重要的You know, when you look at the Moon, you think, ;Im really small. What are my problems?;你看月亮的时候,你会想 ;我真渺小,我有什么问题呢;It sets things into perspective, etc., etc.这帮助你从不同角度看世界We should all look at the Moon a bit more often. We dont.我们应该经常赏月,可是我们不这么做Why dont we? Well theres nothing to tell us, ;Look at the Moon.;为什么呢,因为光看月亮不会给我们什么信息But if youre a Zen Buddhist in the middle of September,但如果你是个信禅的,在九月中旬you will be ordered out of your home, made to stand on a canonical platform and made to celebrate the festival of Tsukimi,你会去一个专门的站台上,去庆祝月见节日where you will be given poems to in honor of the Moon and the passage of time你会吟诗去赞赏月亮,你会阅读关于时间的文章and the frailty of life that it should remind us of.你会被重新提醒关于生命的脆弱Youll be handed rice cakes.你会收到米糕And the Moon and the reflection on the Moon will have a secure place in your heart. Thats very good.而月亮和它的倒影会让你感到内心中的一片净土。这是很好的事情The other thing that religions are really aware of is: speak well宗教还注重另外一件事情就是去好好说话发言Im not doing a very good job of this here -- but oratory, oratory is absolutely key to religions.虽然我的演讲不是很出色,但是演讲术对宗教来说是非常关键的In the secular world, you can come through the university system and be a lousy speaker and still have a great career.在非宗教世界里,你仍然可以有个很好的工作,即使你演讲说的很糟糕But the religious world doesnt think that way.但是在宗教世界里不是这样的What youre saying needs to be backed up by a really convincing way of saying it.你说的话必须要有说力,去持你的论点So if you go to an African-American Pentecostalist church in the American South如果你去一个在美国南部的非洲美国五旬节教会and you listen to how they talk, my goodness, they talk well.你会知道他们的演讲是如何出色After every convincing point, people will go, ;Amen, amen, amen.;每在说得好的地方,大家会说;阿门,阿门,阿门;At the end of a really rousing paragraph, theyll all stand up,在最后一段振奋人心的地方,大家都会站起来and theyll go, ;Thank you Jesus, thank you Christ, thank you Savior.;他们说 ;谢谢你耶稣,谢谢上帝,谢谢救世主;If we were doing it like they do it -- lets not do it, but if we were to do it --如果我们像他们那样做--好吧算了,但如果我们真的做了--I would tell you something like, ;Culture should replace scripture.;我会告诉你们,文明文化应该代替教典And you would go, ;Amen, amen, amen.;然后你们会说 ;阿门,阿门,阿门;And at the end of my talk, you would all stand up and you would go, ;Thank you Plato, thank you Shakespeare, thank you Jane Austen.;我演讲完的时候,你们应该都站起来,然后说 ;谢谢你柏拉图,谢谢莎士比亚,谢谢简·奥斯汀;And wed know that we had a real rhythm going.我们都知道你们会说的很好All right, all right. Were getting there. Were getting there.好了,快说到重点了201608/460502嘉兴市立医院毛囊角化症

嘉兴整形公立医院激光点痣多少钱So the following episode happened the seventh week of my first semester of my first year at Yale Law School.接下来这件事发生在我上耶鲁大学法学院的第一学期的第七周Quoting from my writings:从我的笔记中:;My two classmates, Rebel and Val, and I had made the date我的两个同学,Rebel和Val和我约了一个时间to meet in the law school library on Friday night to work on our memo assignment together.星期五一起在图书馆学习我们的备忘录的作业But we didnt get far before I was talking in ways that made no sense.但是我们没有完成,因为我开始胡言乱语Memos are visitations, I informed them.“备忘录是探访”,我告诉他们They make certain points. The point is on your head.“他们有写观点,观点就在你脑子里,Pat used to say that. Have you killed you anyone?Pat曾经就这么说,你杀了人吗?Rebel and Val looked at meRebel和Val看着我,as if they or I had been splashed in the face with cold water.好像我在他们脸上泼了冷水一样What are you talking about, Elyn?你在说什么?,Elyn?Oh, you know, the usual. Whos what, whats who, heaven and hell. Lets go out on the roof.哦,你知道的,谁是什么,什么是谁?天堂和地狱,让我们去屋顶。Its a flat surface. Its safe.那是平的,那里安全。“Rebel and Val followed and they asked what had gotten into me.Rebel和Val跟着我,问我怎么了This is the real me, I announced, waving my arms above my head.我说:这就是真正的我。高高的挥着我的手And then, late on a Friday night, on the roof of the Yale Law School,然后,在星期五很晚的时候,在法学院的楼顶上I began to sing, and not quietly either.我开始唱歌,很大声Come to the Florida sunshine bush. Do you want to dance?来到佛罗里达,阳光和灌木。你想跳舞吗?Are you on drugs? one asked. Are you high?“你嗑药了吗”有人问,“你high了吗?”High? Me? No way, no drugs.“high?不可能,没有嗑药。Come to the Florida sunshine bush, where there are lemons, where they make demons.来到佛罗里达,阳光灌木,那里有柠檬,那里有恶魔Youre frightening me, one of them said, and Rebel and Val headed back into the library.“你吓倒我了”,他们一个人说, Rebel和Val回到了图书馆。I shrugged and followed them.我耸耸肩,跟着他们。Back inside, I asked my classmates回来之后,我告诉我的同学if they were having the same experience of words jumping around our cases as I was.他们有没有同样的胡言乱语的经历像我一样I think someones infiltrated my copies of the cases, I said.“我觉得有人进入了我的案件”Weve got to case the joint.“我们要把关节装起来,I dont believe in joints, but they do hold your body together.;我不相信关节,但是它们能把身体连起来。Its an example of loose associations.这就是一个散漫联想的例子;Eventually I made my way back to my dorm room, and once there, I couldnt settle down.最终我回到了宿舍。到了后,我没有办法安心。My head was too full of noise,我脑子里都是噪音too full of orange trees and law memos I could not write and mass murders I knew I would be responsible for.到处都是桔子树和我写不出来的法律备忘录,以及那些我需要为之负责任的大规模谋杀。Sitting on my bed, I rocked back and forth, moaning in fear and isolation.坐在床上,我摇来摇去,在孤独和恐惧中呻吟。This episode led to my first hospitalization in America.这次发病让我第一次在美国住院了,I had two earlier in England.我前两次在英国201603/432815 to get one's back up to scratch one's back 当一只猫生气的时候,它往往把它的背拱起来,嘴里还发出呼呼的声音,显得它随时准备施展它那爪子的威力。美国一个常用语就出自猫的这种形像。 这个常用语就是:to get one's back up。To get one's back up就是生气的意思。下面这句话是一个妻子在说他的丈夫: 例句-1: "One thing really gets my back up -- the way my husband leaves his clothes on the bed or on the floor so I have to pick them up all the time." 她说:“我的丈夫总是把衣往床上、地上乱扔,我老得把它们拣起来,真叫我生气。” 可是,妻子的批评使做丈夫的很生气。他对朋友说: 例句-2: "And there's one thing that really gets my back up: my wife nagging at me to hang my clothes up as soon as I walk in the house at night after a hard day at the office." 他说:“每天在办公室辛苦地工作了一天,可是晚上一走家门,我老婆就开始唠叨,要我把衣挂好。这实在让我生气。” 要是你觉得背上某一个地方痒痒,而你自己又抓不到。这是很难受的。在这种情况下,最好有人替你抓一下。美国人有一个普遍的说法,那就是:to scratch one's back。To scratch one's back从字面上来看就是“抓某人的背”。它的真正含义是:某人帮了你一下忙,而这个帮你忙的人也期望你下回帮他的忙。因此,to scratch one's back实际上就是:这回你帮我忙,下回我就帮你的忙。例如,一个参议员对他的高级助手说: 例句-3: "This senator from the 11th district scratched my back when he voted for my bill to cut state income taxes, so it's my turn to do him a favor and vote for that bill for more money for roads in his district." 这位参议员说:“上回在投票通过我提出的有关裁减州所得税的提案时,第十一选区的参议员投了我一票,帮了我的忙。所以,现在是该我帮他忙的时候了,我得投票赞成为他的选区修建公路增加拨款的提案。” 这种现象在政客当中很普遍,但是做买卖的也要相互给好处,请听这位推销员说的话: 例句-4: "In my business it's important to scratch each other's back. Say a customer does me a favor by giving me an extra big order. The next time he's in town I might take him out to dinner and a broadway show." 这位推销员说:“干我们这行,相互帮忙是很重要的。要是一位顾客订了特别大的一批货,帮了我的忙。下次他再到这个城市来的时候,我可能得请他吃晚饭和到百老汇去看演出。” 今天我们讲了两个习惯用语:"to get one's back up"和"to scratch one's back"。 To get one's back up是生气的意思;to scratch one's back是指某人帮了一下忙,帮忙的人也期待对方下回帮他的忙。 「美国习惯用语」第一百零一课就讲到这里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200601/3056海宁市人民医院做双眼皮多少钱桐乡市濮院中心医院做抽脂手术多少钱



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