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Steve: You dont really want to hear about NeXT, do you?Steve: 你大概没兴趣听我聊NeXT吧?Yes, I do.我想听。You do? Okay, well... maybe the best things take so much time, I just tell you what NeXT is today. 好吧。我直接说NeXT目前在做什么吧There hasnt been … clearly the innovation of computer industry is happening in software right now, 很显然,计算机产业创新要靠软件and there hasnt been a revolution in how we create software in a long... (sneeze) Sorry. 但是长久以来,软件开发方式没有本质变化。对不起The innovation in the industry is in software, and there hasnt ever been a real revolution how we created software, certainly nonetheless in 20 years . 软件开发方式20年来一直没有变化As a matter of fact, its getting worse.不但没有变化,反而越来越糟Well, Macintosh was a revolution for the end users to make it easier to use,降低了用户的使用难度,这是一项创举 it was the opposite for the developer, the developer pays the price, 但增加了程序员的工作难度and the software got more complicated to write, 软件开发越来越复杂as it became easier to use for the end user, so software is impetrating everything we do these days, in businesses software is one of the most important pop competitive weapons. 软件正在向各行各业渗透,成为重要的商业竞争武器I mean its the most successful business war was MCI friends and family in the last 10 years, and what was that?MCI与ATamp;T十年来的竞争是就是最好的例,MCI做了什么? It was a brilliant idea it was custom-billing software. 不过是率先采用客户账单软件ATamp;T didnt respond for 18 months yielding millions of dollars for the market share to MCI.18个月内就抢走了ATamp;T数百万美元的市场份额Not because they are stupid, but because they couldnt get the billing software done. ATamp;T并非毫不知情,可就是搞不定客户账单软件So in ways like that, in smaller ways, software is becoming an incredible force in this world, 软件正在释放不可思议的力量to provide new goods and services to people whether its over the Internet or what have you, software is going to be a major enabler in our society.新的软件产品和软件务将改变我们的社会 /201307/248721Health apps raise privacy concerns Samuel Burke explains how health apps are a potential goldmine for advertisers and health insurers.Each time Christine Ingram takes a run, her apps are up at running before she even takes off. ;I use technology everytime I run. I track my run and it keeps track of how far I ran, how many calories it burned and what the time was, where I ran, what time today.;Like so many exercise enthusiast carrying a smartphone. ;It has my total amount of run that I have ever made.;She likes to keep a close eye on the progress shes making. But when the run is finished, the data remains stored on the app. And a study just released by data intelligence firm Evidon shows that 20 of the most used health apps are sharing information with third party companies. ;Mobile applications are using third party data collection and advertising tools in order to monitor those applications. It happens across all types of apps, including ones that users may find fairly sensitive like health and fitness wellness applications.;The apps in the study cover everything from running apps to apps that let women track their menstrual cycles. Many of the companies behind the apps insist they are only sharing analytics about their apps functionality and use, not any identifiable information about users identity or health? And they say thats no different from the tracking that many popular websites engaged in. ;The advertiser may be interested in your location if they sell energy drinks or smoothies. So they may look for where is this person, where did he complete his run and how close the nearest smoothie place so they can advertise what specially smoothie to him.;Sports psychologist Melinda Nicci says its only natural that we would be more concerned about the device storing data related to our bodies and health. ;When you got your social networking on, you can be a certain personal. You can create a persona for yourself. But with health tracking, its real matrix and real senses tracking things that are all completely real and in real time and a lot of time as well. So I think its kind of vulnerability about giving that much away that we cant control. ;The information those health apps track maybe a gold mine for advertisers but it could be more even valuable to health insurance companies and they are indeed moving into apps business and making partnerships with companies like Mapmyfitness. But that apps policy explicitly states the user must opt in before any data shared with an insurance company. ;Maybe the company behind the most popular health apps go to great strength to try to keep their users information private. But apps are business too, so they have to look for innovative and creative ways to make money which could make information about us and our bodies more and more valuable.; /201309/257349

In 1947 kajukenbo was the first to put all these different martial arts in one title:karate, judo, kenpo, boxing.1947年的混合自卫术是第一个把所有武术混合在一起的项目,有空手道、柔道、流空手道和拳击。Like Bruce Lee,they put all these practical things together but kajukenbo had it first.和李小龙一样,他们把所有实用技法进行了结合,但混合自卫术开了先河。I agree with Dana White.He is one of the pioneers of mixed martial art.The reality is, everybody has been a part of this evolution from Benny ;The Jet; Urquidez to Joe Lewis to all these guys,to Joe Lewis the boxer, too, and the list goes on and on and on.我同意丹纳·怀特他是综合格斗的先驱之一,其实每个人都为它的发展做了贡献,从宾尼·尤奎德兹到乔·路易斯的所有人,还有拳击手乔·路易斯 多得数不清。When the UFC came in,they werent talking about Bruce Lee.- They were talking about Royce Gracie. - Royce Gracie!终极格斗出现之后 人们就不再提起李小龙了。他们在说罗伊斯·葛雷西 -罗伊斯·葛雷西The Gracies were a piece of that too,a piece of the history of not only the UFC but of the martial arts evolving.葛雷西家族也是贡献者之一,不仅是终极格斗冠军赛,对武术的发展都有重要意义。For a while they owned those competitions.Theres the tag.What the Gracies did was they took the ground game, the submission game,and really refined it to a whole other level.很长时间他们统治了那些比赛,葛雷西获胜。葛雷西家族的贡献是他们把地面战和控制战结合起来,并将它提炼到了一个新高度。Bruce would have loved Brazilian jiujitsu.I think if he saw the Gracies, he would have studied.He really embraced wrestling and he really embraced judo.布鲁斯一定会爱上巴西柔道,我觉得如果他见过葛雷西家族,他一定会学。他向柔道和摔跤都敞开了怀抱。The difference between the Gracies and Bruce Lee is Bruce Lee was never stuck and married to one thing.I think once everybody started to learn jiujitsu and then people started to do more stand-up in there...葛雷西家族和李小龙的不同在于李小龙从不会只认定一种流派,人们一旦开始学日本柔术就会有更多人开始进行站立比赛。My goodness!天哪Then I think they started talking about Bruce Lee.Oh, man. That is the Karate Kid.我觉得这时人们就会谈论李小龙,天哪,这就是功夫小子。201311/266448

  在整个星球的表面,巨大的望远镜和探测器正在寻觅(监听)宇宙运转的线索。在INK会议上,科普作家 Anil Ananthaswamy为我们介绍了这些奇妙的设备,带我们游历了地球最偏远和最宁静的地域。201406/307060


  The heat wave in many parts of China shows no sign of easing. The National Meteorological Center says temperatures in some areas could surpass 40 degrees Celsius.在中国大部地区肆虐的这股热浪似乎并没有减轻的迹象。国家气象中心表示一些地区的温度降超过40摄氏度。Henan, Hebei, Beijing, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou and Sichuan will see temperatures above 35 degrees. The highs above 40 degrees are forecast for areas in Zhejiang and Xinjiang.河南,河北,北京,广东,广西,贵州以及四川将迎来35度以上的高温天气。浙江和新疆将出现40以上的高温天气。The center says the heat wave will continue to wreak havoc in the next few days, and temperatures could rise further. The public has been warned to stay indoors when possible, and keep cool and hydrated.气象中心预报该热浪将在未来几天继续肆虐,而气温也会进一步升高。市民应该尽量待在室内并保持室内环境凉爽,同时多饮水。201307/250338

  Some incredible sand sculptures can be seen by the Qinghai Lake in Northwest China. Qinghai Lake is the largest lake in the country and is known for its outstanding scenery. Now with the addition of these temporary sculptures what better reason to pay it a visit.我们在位于中国西北部的青海湖看到一些不可思议的沙雕。青海湖是中国最大的湖泊,这里因其与众不同的风光而出名。现在出现的这些临时沙雕为这里增添了一抹亮丽的风景。This sculpture tells the story of the origins of Qinghai Lake. Legend has it that it came to being when a god from heaven was battling the Monkey King. During a break in between fights they drank from a spring, and the spring later overflowed to become Qinghai Lake.这些沙雕讲述着青海湖的由来。这个传说讲述的是一位天神与孙悟空作战的故事。在打斗间歇,他们从一眼泉水中饮水,后来泉水便溢出化作了青海湖。Modern childrens stories are also depicted in sand. The ;pleasant goat and big big wolf; has been a major hit with children for years.现代的儿童的故事也用沙雕来呈现。《喜羊羊与灰太狼》一直就是孩子们的最爱。;Ive seen so many cartoons depicted here. Im really fascinated. Its great!;“我在这里看到了很多动画片中的人物。我深深地被这里吸引了。太棒了!”;I love this place! The blue sky and blue lake coupled with the sculptures form a great experience.;“我喜欢这里。湛蓝的天空,碧绿的湖水以及这些活灵活现的沙雕简直就是一次非凡之旅。”Japanese cartoons such have ;Spirited Away; and Disney Classics ;Aladdin; and ;Snow White and the 7 dwarfs; also feature. All of these sculptures exemplify sublime skill and sharp attention to detail. The 23 sand sculptures will be available for all to see until October.这里还有日本动画片《千与千寻》中的人物,迪斯尼经典动画片《一千零一夜》中的阿拉丁以及《白雪公主与七个小矮人》中的人物。所有的这些沙雕都向人们展示了精湛的技艺和对于细节的深切关注。这23座沙雕将在10月前对所有游客开放。201306/245295Seeing his chance, the male makes his move.是行动的时候了。Constant moisture in the Gaoligongshan forests means that throughout the year there are always fruits on the trees.高黎贡山的森林总是保持着湿润的气候,这意味着这里终年都出产水果。Such abundance of food encourages a high diversity of fruit eaters more commonly found in the tropics.如此丰盛的水果吸引了各式各样原本仅存于热带地区的“水果派”们。The black giant squirrel is found only in undisturbed rainforest. At close to a metre in length, its one of the worlds largest squirrels.大黑松鼠原本只生活在原始雨林中。体长近一米的大黑松鼠是世界上体型最大的松鼠之一The mystery is that these forests are growing well outside the tropics.神奇之处在于这些森林远离热带却依旧繁茂。By rights, none of this jungle, or its animals, should be here. These are bear macaques. Theyre found only in tropical and sub-tropical jungle.要是公正的说,雨林及其间的动物本不该存在于此。这是短尾猕猴。他们通常只生活在热带亚热带的丛林中。With a tiny home range of just a few square kilometres, they depend on the abundant fruit that only true rainforests can provide all year round.之所以能够在这片方圆千米的袖珍家园生息。靠的是全年丰足的水果供给。这种得天独厚的饮食条件足以媲美热带雨林。To the European plant hunters, these northern rainforests must have seemed a fantastic and mysterious lost world.对欧洲的植物猎人而言,北方的雨林简直是奇幻美妙的失落世界。 /201404/288795

  As night falls, spirits emerge from their hiding-places. The yellow weasel.夜幕降临,藏在深处的动物开始活动了——黄鼠狼。Some people believe that offending this crafty predator can bring bad luck, so they turn a blind eye to the weasels night-time marauding.一些人认为冒犯这些狡猾的肉食动物会带来坏运气,所以对黄鼠狼晚上的活动,人们睁一只眼闭一只眼。Old beliefs, coupled with a rising awareness of conservation, are helping the yellow weasel survive in the middle of Beijing, despite killing the odd pigeon.旧的观念连同逐渐增强的保护意识,使得黄鼠狼能在北京城生存,尽管人们还在猎杀残存的鸽子。注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 /201409/325042

  VideoJug shows you that this incredibly versatile hairstyle of a messy knot looks high-maintenance but is actually quite low maintenance. After learning a few tricks of the trade from Celebrity Hair Stylist Robert Steinken, youll be able to create this updo in just a few minutes.VideoJug教给你一款非常百搭的凌乱感发髻造型,看上去需要精心梳理,实际上却非常简单。明星发型造型师Robert Steinken告诉你一些小技巧后,你只需几分钟就可以打造出这样的发型了。Step 1: You Will Need1.你需要1 Hair Brush1把发刷1 Coated Elastic Band1根橡皮圈3 Hair Pins or Bobby Pins3只发夹Step 2: Brush2.梳理头发Begin by brushing to smooth and detangle the hair. While it seems obvious, this step is too often overlooked, resulting in ugly bumps in a ponytail or updo. Celebrity Stylist Robert Steinken recommends using a paddle brush with boar bristles.首先把头发梳好理顺。虽然看上去很简单,不过这一步通常都被忽视了,结果导致扎起的马尾臃肿或过高。明星发型师Robert Steinken建议使用野猪毛的发刷。Step 3: Create A Ponytail Loop3.扎成马尾,形成发圈Brush your hair away from your face and gather it into your hand. Wrap a coated elastic band around your hair. When the band is stretched just about as far as it can go, stop. Dont pull that last bit of hair through, just leave it in a loop.从面部向后梳理头发,集中在一只手中。用橡皮圈扎起头发,当橡皮圈拉伸至最大限度时停止。最后一点头发不要拉过来,形成一个发圈。Step 4: Wrap4.包住Grab the free ends of your hair and wrap them around your looped ponytail. Allow the ends to feather and stray as they may.抓住头发散开的一端,包住马尾。让发梢随意散开。Step 5: Secure With A Bobby Pin5.用发夹固定Secure your knot with a bobby pin. Your messy knot is almost finished. At this point, you should have a knot with random pieces of hair sticking out. The elastic band should no longer be visible.用发夹固定发髻。凌乱感的发髻基本上已经完成了。这时,几绺头发随意地散乱着,橡皮圈就看不见了。Step 6: Shape6.定型For optimal cuteness, you want to shape your knot. Take the loop of your hair and fan out the sides a bit. Then secure each side with a bobby pin.要获得最佳效果,你肯定想要定型。将发髻的边缘散开一点。然后用发夹固定。Thanks for watching How To Create A Messy Knot.感谢收看“如何打造凌乱感发髻”视频节目。视频听力由。201401/271571


  视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》And a white-bellied female responds.一位白腹蛙做出了回应They join together to mate.一对爱侣开始交配The loser will have to wait for the next storm before he sings again.输家恐怕要等到下场暴雨才能再次歌唱了She lays her eggs on a blade of a long leaf.母蛙将卵产在长叶植物的叶片上And he, using his back legs, folds it over公蛙用后腿将叶片折叠and glues its two edges together, shutting the eggs inside.再将叶子的两端粘住 把卵包裹其中This sealed nest is the safest place these leaf-folding frogs那个密封的叶巢是大叶皱蛙为自己的后代can find to protect their precious brood.所能找到的最安全的孵化场所Within days, the eggs are developing.几天之内 蛙卵便开始发育The timing is perfect.时间刚刚好The rain washes away the glue and the tadpoles大雨将叶子冲开 小蝌蚪们趁机slip out of the leaves into the growing puddles below.从叶片中滑进积满雨水的水坑201403/278609


  Lady Gaga has released the first music from her new album ;ARTPOP,; set for release on November 11th.LadY Gaga将于11月11日发布新专辑《ARTPOP》,其首单曲MV已经发布。The first single, called ;Applause;, is an up-tempo tune written while the singer was sidelined with an injury earlier this year.首单曲《掌声》是Lady Gaga今年初因伤修养时创作的一首快节奏曲调歌曲。Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, says she had problems with her right hip, which forced her to cancel several concerts and undergo surgery.Lady Gaga真名为Stefani Germanotta,她表示自己右臀受伤,因而不得不取消几场演唱会并进行手术治疗。Talking about the name of her new album, Gaga says she is bringing ART culture into POP, a reference to late American pop artist Andy Warhol.当谈及她的新专辑名字时,Gaga表示她在POP中添加了艺术文化元素。The Grammy-winning singer first rose to prominence in 2008 and is well-known for her outrageous costumes and provocative music s.这位格莱美奖获得者于2008年声名鹊起,同时因大胆的着装和极具挑衅意味的MV而著称。Gaga will return to the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, where she is expected to perform ;Applause.;在周日举行的MTV音乐录影带大奖颁奖晚会上,Gaga将重返舞台并将献唱《掌声》。201309/255003

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