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Do you have a Phone, Frow or Sugar face? How to identify what could be making you uglier - and how to fix it immediately? Navigating your complexion can often be a minefield. Skincare experts and nutritionists have shared guide to complexion issues.  你是电话脸、主妇脸还是糖分脸?如何来鉴别那些让你变丑的因素并及时修正呢?肤色调整常常会步入雷区,护肤专家和营养学家已经分享给大家一些解决肤色问题的指导方案。  Fat face is result of stodgy comfort food, wine and puddings. After a month of overindulgence this festive period, it isn#39;t just our waistlines feeling the ill effects. If you#39;re suffering from saggy, wrinkled and spotty skin, according to skincare experts, most of us have fallen victim to what they#39;re hailing ;seasonal face problems;.  酒足饭饱和可口布丁都会导致面部发福。节庆假期里一个月的放纵饮食之后,受影响的可不单单只有腰围。根据护肤专家的研究,如果你皮肤松弛而且有皱纹和斑点,那么你就和我们大多数人一样是“季节性面部问题”的受害者。  Whether your ;phone face; has left you with saggy jowls and jaw tension or you#39;re suffering from dull and lacklustre ;winter face;, navigating your complexion can often be a minefield. However, FaceGym, the facial exercise and skincare studio in Selfridges, has teamed up with The Juicery and WelleCo to devise ultimate guide to every type of facial issue - and the solution to fixing it fast.  无论是你的“电话脸”让你两颊下垂、下巴紧绷,还是你正为暗淡无光的“冬季脸”而烦恼,肤色调整都常常会让你步入雷区。但是,塞尔福里奇的面部运动与护肤工作室FaceGym已经与TheJuicery 和 WelleCo两家公司联手,旨在设计出针对各种面部问题的终极指导和快速解决方案。  PHONE FACE  电话脸  It#39;s time for a digital detox. Put down your smartphone, tablet and iPad and give your face and neck muscles a rest.  是时候戒掉数码产品了,放下手机、平板和iPad,让你的脸颊和颈部肌肉放松一下吧。  The signs:  特征  #8226; Always switched on  (设备)总是开机  #8226; Instagram addict  对Instagram上瘾  #8226; Constantly texting  无时无刻不在发信息  #8226; Poor posture  姿态欠佳  #8226; Sagging jaw  下巴下垂  #8226; Double chin  双下巴  #8226; Forehead creases  抬头纹  #8226; Jaw tension  下巴紧绷  #8226; Tired eyes  双眼疲倦  #8226; Tight neck muscles aka ;text neck;  颈部肌肉紧绷又名#39;#39;短信脖#39;#39;  How to beat it: Try and implement a ;digital downtime; for a few hours every day. Spend time doing what you love - a book, take a walk, prepare dinner or meditate and get back into yourself.  如何解决: 尝试每天留出几小时“关机时间”,去做一些自己喜欢的事——比如读书、散步、准备晚餐或冥想和自我回归。  Food for thought: Vitamin C, found in leafy greens and berries, is crucial for building collagen - the most important thing for keeping your skin looking firmer and younger.  推荐食物:绿叶蔬菜和浆果中含有的维生素C。维C是生成胶原蛋白的必备材料,而胶原蛋白对年轻、紧致的肌肤是至关重要的。 /201604/435723They may have lived some 1,700 years ago, but the ancient Maya had an incredible knowledge of celestial bodies, which they believed influenced everything.古玛雅人也许生活在距今1700多年前,不过他们对天体却有着让人难以置信的研究,玛雅人相信天体可以影响一切事物。Now a 15-year-old boy has studied astronomical charts devised by these ancient Mexican people, as well as satellite photos, to pinpoint the location of a forgotten Mayan city. William Gadoury, from Quebec has named the #39;lost city#39; in the Yucatan jungle K#39;aak Chi, or Mouth of Fire.现在,一名15岁的男孩通过观察由古墨西哥人绘制出来的星象图,结合卫星图像,发现了一座失落的玛雅古城。这个来自加拿大魁北克、名叫威廉·甘德瑞的男孩将这座在尤卡坦丛林中发现的失落古城命名为“火山口”。Satellite images suggest the lost city could be among the largest built by the ancient civilisation, which thrived between 300 and 700 AD.根据卫星图像显示,这座失落古城有可能是在公元300年到公元700年间兴盛的古文明时代最大的建筑。Wondering why the ancient people built their cities far away from rivers and in inhospitable mountains prompted the teenager to look to the sky for answers.对玛雅人为何会远离河流,选择在深山的热带丛林中建立城市的好奇,促使了这位这位少年开始研究星象图以找寻谜底。Incredibly, the brightest of the stars match up with the largest cities.不可思议的是,最亮的星星恰好就代表的是那些主城。#39;I was really surprised and excited when I realised that the most brilliant stars of the constellations matched the largest Maya cities.#39; He told The Journal of Montreal.他接受《蒙特利尔日报》采访时表示:“当我发现那些最亮的星座正好对应玛雅那些大城市时,我惊奇不已。”He is said to be the first to make the connection, which could lead to further finds.据说,威廉是第一个发现这种对应关系的人,而这项发现会通向更进一步、更深层次的研究。It was in the 23rd constellation, containing three stars, that he found two matching cities on the map, suggesting one has not yet been re-discovered. To investigate further, he used satellite images from the Canadian Space Agency and Google Earth to search the dense jungle for any signs of buildings.在研究第23张星座图时,他发现图中的三颗星星只有两颗能与已知古城对上号,这就意味着极有可能还有一座尚未被发掘的古城。为了更深入地调查,他使用了加拿大太空局及谷歌地球提供的卫星图片,寻找茂密的丛林中任何有关建筑物的迹象。Armand LaRocque, from the University of New Brunswick believes one of the images shows network of streets leading to a large square, which may be a pyramid. #39;A square is not natural, it is mostly artificial and can hardly be attributed to natural phenomena,#39; he said.来自新不伦瑞克大学的专家阿尔芒·拉罗克认为,其中一张图片显示出的街道布局通向一个大广场,这极有可能是一座金字塔。他说:“广场并非天然形成,很可能是人工造的,不太可能是自然现象所致。”It#39;s possible 30 buildings accompany an impressive pyramid at the site. If true, the lost city would be one of the five largest known to archaeologists, built by the Mayans.除了这座让人惊叹的金字塔,此处可能还有30栋建筑。如果被验属实,那座古城将会是考古学家已知的、玛雅的第五大城市。Linking the position of stars and the location of a lost city and the use of satellite images on a tiny territory to identify the remains buried under dense vegetation, is quite exceptional. Dr la Rocque thinks William Gadoury#39;s technique could lead archaeologists to pinpointing the location of more possible lost Mayan metropolises.将星座的位置与失落的古城联系起来,使用一小块地域的卫星图象,以鉴别掩埋在浓密植被下的遗址,这真的是让人非常意外。拉罗克教授认为,考古学家或许能借鉴威廉的这种技术,发掘出更多的玛雅失落古城。 /201605/444848The 29-year-old singer who is famous in Dangdut circles, a genre of Indonesian folk music, is no stranger to daring on-stage antics. Bule#39;s shows usually sees her performing with venomous snakes such as king cobras, reticulated pythons and boa constrictors, reported Reptiles Magazine.一名在印尼“圆度”(一种印尼的民谣体裁)圈内很有名的29岁歌手,常常在舞台上表演大胆动作。据《爬虫杂志》报道,布儿的表演中经常会有眼镜王蛇、网纹蟒、大王蟒蛇等剧毒蛇类出现。Bule was performing at a village in Karawang, West Java in Indonesia, when she was bitten, and continued to sing for another 45 minutes after.当被眼镜王蛇咬伤时,布儿正在印尼西爪哇一个名叫Karawang的村子里表演。之后她又继续演唱了45分钟。According to eye-witnesses, Bule had accidentally stepped on the cobra#39;s tail in the middle of her second song. The snake responded by striking her on the thigh.据现场的目击者透露,在演唱到第二首歌中途的时候,因为布儿不小心踩到了眼镜蛇的尾巴,所以受惊的眼镜蛇咬伤了她的大腿。Although the snake handler tried to administer an antivenin jab on her, Bule refused treatment and continued with her performance like nothing happened.尽管现场的巡蛇师想让布儿注射抗蛇毒血清,但她拒绝治疗,反而像什么也没发生一样继续表演。45 minutes later, Bule started to have seizures and vomited. She was rushed to the hospital but later succumbed to the snake venom and died.45分钟过后,布儿开始出现癫痫和呕吐的症状。她被紧急送到了医院,但不久就因为蛇毒入体太深,不治身亡了。Netizens have praised Bule posthumously for her showmanship and dedication to her art在布儿死后,网友纷纷表达自己对她的演技和为艺术献身的精神的赞赏。However, some have also called into question her handling of the snakes during her performance, which saw her throwing and kicking the snakes around.但是也有人对布儿在表演中处理蛇的方式表示疑问,他们表示曾在现场看到布儿扔蛇和踢蛇。 /201604/437025

Shanghai plans to introduce an online appointment booking service for people wanting a divorce, in a bid to make the process more organized and convenient for the growing number of couples in the city looking to end their marriages.近日,随着上海市寻求离婚的夫妇人数不断增加,为使办理流程更有秩序、更便捷,上海市计划为想办理离婚的人士推出网上预约务。Since the launch of the amended Marriage Registration Regulation on Feb 1, an added procedure involving inquiries and questions has increased the length of the process to register for a divorce from around 25 to 35 minutes to a new time of between 45 and 55 minutes.自2月1日新《婚姻登记工作规范》发布以来,新增的询问程序导致办理离婚登记的耗时从25-35分钟左右延长至45-55分钟。Couples must now talk to staff at the registration office separately to independently confirm their willingness to proceed and statements they have made.现在,办理离婚的夫妇必须与登记处工作人员单独交谈,各自确认其离婚意愿、离婚协议。The additional work and slower process was part of the reason why Pudong district#39;s civil affairs bureau chose to reduce the number of appointments it would handle each day. That, in turn, has led to crowded waiting rooms.这些附加的工作和缓慢的进程是浦东新区民政局选择每天限号办理离婚的部分原因。这反过来又导致了等候室的拥挤。;We are discussing launching an online booking system for couples to select an appointment time in advance to shorten the waiting time and control the number of daily filings,; said Sun Xiaohong, deputy director of the marriage management department at the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.上海民政局婚姻管理处副主任孙晓红说道:“我们正在讨论推出一个在线预约系统,提前为夫妇选择预约时间,以缩短等待时间和控制日常的工作量。”More than 3.6 million couples divorced across the country in 2014, 3.9 percent higher than in the previous year.2014年我国共有超过360万对夫妇选择离婚,这一数字要比前一年高出3.9%。 /201603/433510

Researchers with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have successfully developed the country#39;s first space 3D printer.根据日前消息,中科院科研人员成功研制出了我国首台空间3D打印机。Scientists with both CAS#39;s Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology and the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization were behind the two-year-long project.中科院重庆绿色智能技术研究院和空间应用工程与技术中心的科学家们,经过努力终于携手完成了这一耗时两年的项目。Duan Xuanming, head of 3D printing research center under CAS#39;s Chongqing Institute, said the printer has finished 93 zero gravity flying tests in France. The printer can produce bigger space parts than the one sent to the International Space Station by NASA late last month.据中科院重庆研究院3D打印技术研究中心主任段宣明介绍,该打印机已经在法国完成了93次失重测试。据悉,该打印机可打印的太空零部件尺寸超过NASA上月底运至国际空间站的3D打印机。The device could help China build a space station in 2020 and facilitate its operation and maintenance thereafter, said Duan.段宣明表示,该设备将为我国2020年完成空间站建造及后期运营维护提供帮助。In-orbit 3D printing is effective in helping with space station repair and maintenance and is essential for future deep space exploration.在轨3D打印制造是解决空间站维修的有效方法,对未来进行的深空探索极为重要。It can cut the operation cost of space stations and reduce their dependence on ground supplies, he added.此外,段宣明还补充说道,该技术能减少空间站运营成本,同时降低其对地面补给的依赖性。 /201604/439572

For some, going to the gym can be a hassle, a nightmare and even an embarrassment. However, there are plenty of easy ways to burn calories through simple, everyday activities without committing time and effort to the fitness center. Check them out below.对许多人来说,去健身房是一件麻烦事,一个噩梦,甚至是种尴尬。然而,有许多简易的办法来燃烧卡路里,人们可以仅通过每日简单的活动来实现这个目标,并不需要安排额外的时间去健身房苦练。向下翻阅以查看详情。5. SNACK5.零食You heard that right; eating actually helps to burn calories. By eating every 2-3 hours you keep your metabolism running throughout the day. Just make sure your snacks are healthy. Ditch the potato chips for nutrient dense foods like nuts and fruit.对,你没有听错,吃东西确实可以帮助人们来燃烧卡路里。通过每2-3个小时吃一次零食,你可以维持一整天的新陈代谢。但是记住一点:要确保你所食用的是健康零食。为了保食物的营养,放弃薯片去选择坚果和水果才是明智之选。4. DRINK ICE COLD WATER4、喝冰水The key here is ice cold. The cold water needs to be heated up by your body, which in turn burns calories. Sure, this isn#39;t going to create 6-pack abs, but every calorie counts. Water will also help you feel full, which will decrease cravings for unhealthy treats.最关键的是要保水足够冰。冰水需要在人体内加热,这个加热过程将会燃烧人体内的卡路里。虽然这并不会帮你练就六块腹肌,但是每一个燃烧的卡路里都会有它的效果。通过增加饱腹感,喝水也可以减少人们对于不健康食物的渴望。3. PARK FAR3.把车停远Seems obvious, right? Instead of driving through the parking garage lane-by-lane to find the spot closest to the office, why not park far away and get a morning walk in? You#39;ll burn a few calories and save some time cruising through the lot.结果是显而易见的,不是吗?不要再一圈又一圈地在停车场内绕来绕去--只为找到一个离办公场所近的车位了,为什么不停远一点再晨走呢?这是既健康又省时间的最佳选择。2. EAT BREAKFAST2.吃早饭After fasting all night, your metabolism has essentially stopped. Eating first thing in the morning will kick-start that metabolism for the day. Skipping breakfast will leave your body in starvation mode, which essentially halts your metabolism. Make breakfast healthy with a bowl of oatmeal, fruit, or for those on-the-go, a healthy meal replacement shake.在一整夜未进食之后,人体的新陈代谢功能已经几乎处于停滞状态。在早上吃的第一个东西会触发一整天新陈代谢机能的运转。选择不吃早饭将使你的身体处于饥饿状态,并再次中断新陈代谢。做一份含有燕麦,水果的健康早餐吧!或是对于那些上班族来说,一杯代餐奶昔也是一个不错的选择。1. TAKE THE STAIRS1.爬楼梯You know how annoying it is when someone takes the elevator to the second or third floor. If you#39;re able-bodied, taking the stairs is a simple and effective way to burn calories without throwing a wrench in your day. Plus, you avoid awkward elevator conversation.当有人乘电梯上到二层或者三楼时,你将会知道这是多么令人生厌。如果你的身体条件允许的话,爬楼梯将会是一种简便有效的燃烧卡路里的方式,并且这样还不会对你一天的工作造成影响。此外,你还可以避免尴尬的电梯对话。译文属 /201607/456609

Conditions Required in a Feudal Marriage封建婚姻的条件In feudal society,a marriage would be decided not by a young couple#39;s love, but by their parents#39; desires. Only after o matchmaker#39;s introduction and when parents considered the two family conditions were similar and could be matched,would the marriage procedures go forward. Conditions that should be taken into consideration included wealth and social status. If a boy’s family was well-off or an official family,his parents would never permit him to marry a girl from a poor family. Essential to the marriage process were the commonly recognized ;three Letters and six etiquettes;. The three letters were the betrothal letter,the gift letter with a gifts list and the wedding letter used on the day the bridegroom met his bride at her home. Six etiquettes then led to the final wedding ceremony.在封建社会,婚姻不是由年轻夫妇的恋爱决定的,而是由他们的父母的愿望决定的。只有在媒人的介绍下,当父母认为两人家庭条件相似,并且可以匹配,结婚才会继续办理。应考虑的条件包括财富和社会地位。如果男方的家境殷实或是官员家庭,他的父母绝不会允许他娶一个家贫的女孩。婚姻过程中的普遍认可的必不可少的是“三书六礼”。三书是订婚信、礼单和新郎去他的新娘家迎娶那一天用的婚书。六礼仪则是通向最后的婚礼仪式。 /201605/442134

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