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长兴县人民医院整形科湖州曙光医院减肥手术多少钱Any gambler who has spent time in the casinos of Macau knows more or less exactly what is going on with the wild volatility in the Chinese stock markets, which has wiped out millions of dollars worth of shares in a few weeks.任何一名在玩过的赌客,或多或少都了解中国股市的大涨大跌到底是怎么回事。几周之内,中国股市就蒸发掉了数万亿美元的市值。The sudden panic reminded me of the way a table of baccarat players at the city’s Lisboa casino will — with irrational violence of mood — suddenly abandon a table and rush towards another, where the i ching or “winds of fortune” have mysteriously alighted according to supernatural laws that no one understands or wants to understand.这波突如其来的恐慌让我想起了,场(Lisboa Casino)里的一桌(baccarat)玩家是怎样带着强烈的非理性情绪,突然离开一桌、奔向另一桌——因为“运气”已依据某些无人明白、也无人想明白的超自然法则神秘地降临在另一桌上。I know that feeling well. In darker days, I used to hole up at the old Lisboa (Macau’s most venerable old-style casino, owned by Stanley Ho, the redoubtable property developer and champion ballroom dancer) and while away my nights descending through the vertically stacked casinos, one by one, with ever-diminishing handfuls of chips. When I embarked on these self-defeating ventures (as any casino executive will tell you, the punter always loses to the house), I had no idea how the Chinese approached matters of luck, fortune and sudden wealth gained not by hard work or cunning but by the act of throwing yourself into the flow of the i ching. For the favourite Chinese game at the tables is baccarat punto blanco, virtually the only card game played in commercial casinos that involves no skill or intelligence whatsoever.我非常了解那种感觉。在比较阴郁的日子里,我曾躲进老场(最令人仰慕的老式,所有者是令人敬畏的地产开发商兼交谊舞高手何鸿燊(Stanley Ho)),在那里消磨夜间时光,逛完这一层的再逛下一层,手里的筹码不断减少。当我展开这些自我挫败性质的冒险时(任何一位高管都会告诉你,赌客总是会输给),我真不知道中国人是如何对待运气、机会的,也不知道他们如何对待不是通过勤奋或动脑子、而是通过听任运气摆布而获得的意外之财。赌桌上最受中国人欢迎的游戏是北美(Punto Banco),它几乎是商业里唯一一种不需丝毫技巧或智慧的纸牌游戏。To play this form of baccarat requires nothing but passivity and resignation. The punter — less a player than a participant in forces outside his or her control — is handed a trio of cards and turns them willy-nilly. There is a strange pleasure in accepting this way of relating to money. Win or lose, it is not your fault but the fault of cosmic “winds.”玩这种游戏,玩家只需要做到被动和顺从。赌客——与其说是玩家,不如说是参与了自身无法控制的力量的人——会收到三张牌,然后不管愿意不愿意都要把这三张牌翻开。接受这种与钱建立联系的方式,让人有一种奇怪的喜悦感。不管输赢,都不是你个人的责任,而是宇宙之“势”的责任。This superstition is cemented into the casino’s physical structure — both in the gigantic jade statues of the goddess of luck and in the vertical boards of numbers by each baccarat table, which show every player the direction in which each “wind” is blowing at that moment. Winning or losing trends for that table are tabulated as lines of numbers thought to show where the momentum lies.这种迷信被牢牢嵌入了的物理结构中,比如巨大的玉质幸运女神雕像,以及每张赌桌旁边的数字立板。立板向每名玩家展示,此时此刻每种“气”正吹向哪个方向。赌桌的输赢趋势被标记为成行的数字,这些数字据信展示了运势所在。Around the tables there is a mood of collective hysteria and suspension of disbelief. The gamblers seem at times to go into trances, mesmerised by what they think is the movement of luck swinging in their direction (or indeed away from it). When a table’s numbers shift, the players hare off to a more propitious one. Yet they have no control whatsoever over their outcomes at any table. It is mystifying but, when you are a participant, exhilarating precisely because you have surrendered control.赌桌周围,赌客们全都陷入了歇斯底里,弥漫着怀疑情绪。他们似乎时不时地进入恍惚状态,痴迷地关注着那些他们认为代表运气正朝自己摆过来(或摆离自己)的变化。当桌旁的数字发生变化时,玩家们就朝着一个更幸运的赌桌飞奔过去。但他们其实控制不了自己在任何一桌的结局。这令人困惑不解,但当你参与其中时,反而恰恰会因为交出了控制权而兴奋不已。Investing on the Shanghai stock exchange, though, is surely different. There, one would think, skill, shrewdness and prudence would pay better dividends than trusting to the impersonal forces of luck. Yet the Chinese refer to playing the stock markets as chao gupiao — “stir frying” stocks. They do not see it as long-term investing but as a kind of gambling in order to grow rich as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Like a fling at the baccarat table, a stir fry is fast and tasty; it needs little thought. The “player” is entering a collective state of hope and superstition.不过,在上海交所投资股票肯定是不同的。人们会认为,在那里,相对于听凭客观运势摆布,技巧、机智和审慎能给你带来更大的红利。然而,中国人却把投资股市叫作“炒股”。他们不把这当作长期投资,而是当作一种,目标是尽可能快、尽可能不费力地致富。正如在赌桌上恣意行乐一样,“炒”又快又好玩,基本不需要思考。“玩家”正在进入一种集体的希冀和迷信状态。Most Chinese investors are private citizens of relatively modest means, many of whom have borrowed to make their purchases. They have not necessarily devoted painstaking analysis to their trades, and when the market tumbles they stampede. The stock market problem is mainly one of confidence.大多数中国投资者是财富相对不多的散户,其中许多人借钱买股票。他们未必潜心分析了他们的交易,当股市大跌时,他们会竞相出逃。股市的问题主要是信心问题。But confidence is what a casino runs on, and what a gambler in that casino also runs on. An American executive who runs a big Macau casino once told me that, although the house could finely calculate the mathematical odds for or against the player at any given game, it could never calculate how the Chinese would react to good or bad luck. “That,” he said wearily, “is pure psychology.”但信心是运行的基础,也是中赌客下注的基础。一名在经营一家大型的美国高管曾告诉我,尽管能精确计算出某一给定游戏中玩家输赢的数学概率,但说到中国人对好运气或坏运气会作何反应,却永远也算不出来。“那个,”他疲倦地说,“纯粹是个心理问题。” /201507/387358湖州曙光医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱 Exposure to air pollution may hasten brain aging, a new study has found.一项新研究发现,暴露在空气污染中可能会加速大脑衰老。Researchers studied 1,403 women without dementia who were initially enrolled in a large health study from 1996 to 1998. They measured their brain volume with magnetic resonance imaging scans in 2005 and 2006, when the women were 71 to 89.这项研究的对象为1403名未患痴呆症的女性,她们曾在1996年至1998年间参与过另一项大型健康研究。在2005年和2006年,研究人员用磁共振成像扫描的方式,测量了这些年纪在71岁至89岁之间的女性的脑容量。Using residential histories and air pollution data, they estimated their exposure to air pollution from 1999 to 2006. They used data recorded at monitoring sites on exposure to PM 2.5 — tiny particulate matter that easily penetrates the lungs.研究人员利用居住记录和空气污染数据,对她们从1999年到2006年暴露在空气污染中的情况进行了估算。他们使用了监测PM 2.5的站点记录的数据。PM 2.5是一种容易进入肺中的微粒物。Each increase of 3.49 micrograms per cubic centimeter cumulative exposure to pollutants was associated with a 6.23 cubic centimeter decrease in white matter, the equivalent of one to two years of brain aging. The association remained after adjusting for many variables.每立方厘米中累积污染物每增加3.49微克,脑白质就会减少6.23立方厘米,相当于大脑衰老一到两年。根据多个变量进行了调整后,这种相关性依然存在。Previous studies have shown that air pollution can cause inflammation and damage to the vascular system, but this study, in The Annals of Neurology, showed damage to the brain itself.之前的研究表明,空气污染可能会导致血管系统发炎受损,而发表在《神经学年报》(The Annals of Neurology)上的这项研究表明,空气污染会导致大脑受损。“This tells us that the damage air pollution can impart goes beyond the circulatory system,” said the lead author, Dr. Jiu-Chiuan Chen, an associate professor of preventive medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. “Particles in the ambient air are an environmental neurotoxin to the aging brain.”“这告诉我们,空气污染带来的危害不仅限于循环系统,”文章的第一作者、南加州大学凯克医学院(Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California)预防医学副教授陈居泉(Jiu-Chiuan Chen)士说。“对日渐衰老的大脑来说,周围空气中的颗粒物是自然环境中的神经毒素。” /201506/382770湖州做双眼皮哪里最好

湖州医院哪家激光祛斑最好The ordinary chicken egg is one the world#39;s most perfect foods. Eggs are a cheap, abundant, delicious source of protein. They#39;re also extremely flexible, capable of performing as many as 22 different culinary functions in a wide array of foods.貌不惊人的鸡蛋是世界上最完美的食品之一。鸡蛋不仅是便宜、丰富且美味的蛋白质来源,而且可以变化多端,能够在大量的食品中发挥多达22种不同的烹饪功能。In cakes, eggs trap gasses in the batter, creating a light, airy texture. In mayonnaise, egg yolks stabilize an emulsion of oil and an acid. In a meatloaf, they bind disparate ingredients together. In a custard, they thicken liquids to form a gel.在制作蛋糕时,鸡蛋能锁住面糊中的空气,制造出轻盈而蓬松的质地。在做蛋黄酱时,蛋黄能稳定油酸乳状液。在做肉饼时,鸡蛋将不同的原料黏合在一起。在制作奶黄时,鸡蛋能使液体凝固成胶状。There#39;s only one problem with eggs. #39;They are fantastically inefficient, #39; said Josh Tetrick, the founder of a San Francisco food-technology startup called Hampton Creek Foods, only he uses an F-word other than #39;fantastically.#39;鸡蛋只有一个缺点。旧金山食品科技初创企业Hampton Creek Foods的创始人蒂特里克(Josh Tetrick)说,它们的效率极为低下。Egg production is the fastest-growing segment of intensive agriculture as demand skyrockets in emerging economies. Mr. Tetrick points out that 1.8 trillion eggs are laid globally each year, and chicken feed--much of it soy and corn, which require vast amounts of land, water, and fossil fuels to grow--accounts for 70% of the cost of an egg.随着新兴经济体鸡蛋需求的飙升,生产鸡蛋成了集约农业中增长最快的领域。蒂特里克指出,全球每年生产的鸡蛋为1.8万亿个,而其中鸡饲料就占到鸡蛋成本的70%。鸡饲料大多为大豆和玉米,生长过程中需要大量土地、水和矿物燃料。Mr. Tetrick thinks he can do better. He has secured financing from some of the tech industry#39;s largest venture backers to do what most egg-loving foodies, myself included, consider both sacrilegious and impossible: He wants to replace the chicken egg with plant-based protein sources.蒂特里克认为他能制造出比鸡蛋更好的食品。他已从科技行业规模最大的几家风投公司那里获得了融资,打算将这些资金用来做一件在大多数爱好鸡蛋的美食家(包括我自己在内)看来是亵渎神明也是不可能的事情,那就是用来自植物的蛋白质取代鸡蛋。Actually, that#39;s underselling the goal: Hampton Creek wants to #39;surpass#39; the egg, to make eggless foods that taste better, are free of cholesterol, last longer on the shelf, are more ecologically sustainable and humane, and are far cheaper than their eggy counterparts.实际上,说取代还是低估了Hampton Creek的目标。该公司希望“超越”鸡蛋,不用鸡蛋做出口感更好、没有胆固醇、保存时间更长、从生态方面更加可持续和更人道的食品,而且这些食品的价格要比用鸡蛋做出来的食品便宜得多。This is a gargantuan goal, and Mr. Tetrick concedes that the company isn#39;t close to achieving it. But Hampton Creek is far enough along to illustrate the power of what you might call #39;food engineering.#39;这是一个宏伟的目标,蒂特里克也承认,他的公司还没有接近实现这一目标。不过,Hampton Creek已经做足了功课,充分展示了你可以称之为“食品工程”的力量。To create its eggless products, the company#39;s battalion of biochemists, food scientists, and software engineers are modeling their efforts on processes first used in drug companies and the tech industry. If their plan works--and my taste buds suggest it might--Hampton Creek may show how the software and biotech industries#39; innovation techniques might alter sectors far beyond.为了制造出不含鸡蛋的产品,该公司由生物化学家、食品科学家和软件工程师组成的团队正在模仿最初用于制药公司和科技行业的研发程序。如果他们的计划能成功(我的味蕾暗示他们或许会成功),Hampton Creek或许将向世人展示软件和生物科技行业的创新科技将如何改变众多其他行业。Take Hampton Creek#39;s cookie dough, which will go on sale in February. In a blind test, I was able to tell the difference between Mr. Tetrick#39;s cookies and those containing eggs.说说Hampton Creek将在2月份推向市场的曲奇饼吧。我在一次盲试中能够尝出蒂特里克做的曲奇和用鸡蛋做的曲奇之间的不同之处。The eggy ones were slightly browner. Yet I preferred the eggless cookie#39;s taste and texture. They weren#39;t too sweet, were slightly salty, and achieved just the right balance between crunchy and chewy.加入了鸡蛋的曲奇略为粗糙一些。不过,我更喜欢不加鸡蛋的曲奇的味道和质感。这些曲奇不是太甜,略带咸味,而且咀嚼起来的脆软程度正好合适。And the cookies are almost a side-benefit of the dough. Because the dough has no eggs, you don#39;t even have to bother baking it. Indeed, Hampton Creek#39;s product is called Eat the Dough. It comes in a carton with a spoon set in the lid, like something you#39;d buy from the ice-cream man.而且曲奇可以说是面团的附带产品。由于面团中不含鸡蛋,你甚至都没必要去烘焙面团。实际上,Hampton Creek的产品叫做“吃面团”( Eat the Dough)。这种产品装在纸盒中,盒盖上附有勺子,和你从冰淇淋店买的冰淇淋类似。Mr. Tetrick grew up in Birmingham, Ala., on a diet of #39;chicken wings and gristle.#39; He#39;s now a vegan and, while animal welfare was part of his motivation for founding Hampton Creek, he has been careful to play down that goal for his company . #39;That#39;s a losing proposition in the marketplace,#39; he said.蒂特里克在亚拉巴马州伯明翰长大,经常吃“鸡翅和脆骨”。他现在是素食主义者。虽然动物福利是他创办Hampton Creek的动力之一,但他为了公司谨慎地淡化这一目标。他说,动物福利在市场上是个日薄西山的主题。For Mr. Tetrick there are many more hard-nosed reasons for creating a better egg substitute. To borrow a favorite tech-industry slight, eggs can#39;t scale.对于蒂特里克来说,创造更好的鸡蛋替代品还有众多实际的理由。借用科技行业常说的一句话,鸡蛋无法规模化。He argues that they require too many resources for their production to grow indefinitely. And he has persuaded several tech luminaries to join his mission. Hampton Creek#39;s investors include Khosla Ventures, Bill Gates, and Peter Thiel#39;s Founders Fund.他说,鸡蛋的生产需要太多的资源才能无限增长。他已经说了几位科技行业明星加入他的使命。Hampton Creek的投资者包括科斯拉创投(Khosla Ventures)、比尔?盖茨(Bill Gates)和彼得?蒂尔(Peter Thiel)的创达基金(Founders Fund)。Altogether, Hampton Creek has raised million, with which Mr. Tetrick believes it can eventually render eggs #39;obsolete#39; across every dimension, including price. At the moment, Hampton Creek#39;s egg replacement costs about 39 cents a pound, about half the price of a pound of liquid eggs.Hampton Creek总计已经筹资600万美元,蒂特里克相信其最终能凭借这笔资金在各方面淘汰鸡蛋,包括价格。目前,Hampton Creek的鸡蛋替代品价格约为每磅39美分,约为一磅去壳蛋价格的一半。#39;We want to drive the price through the floor so radically that it would be silly to consider anything else,#39; he said.他说,我们希望将价格压到极低,以至考虑其他任何产品都是愚蠢的。How can Hampton Creek do that? Josh Klein, its director of biochemistry Ramp;D, likens the company#39;s egg-replacing strategy to the process a drug company might use to fight disease. Every day, the lab screens dozens of new plant species in search of applications that might be similar to those of eggs. Armed with the database, they mix and match plants to create new, eggless foods. Then, they prototype, taste, and repeat.Hampton Creek怎样才能实现这一点?该公司生化研发主任约什?克莱恩(Josh Klein)将其取代鸡蛋的策略比作药品公司可能用于对抗疾病的过程。实验室每天筛选数十种新的植物种类,寻找可能与鸡蛋相似的用途。他们利用数据库,将不同植物混合配对,创造新的不含鸡蛋的食品。然后他们制造出原型、品尝并重复这个过程。In a way, Hampton Creek is treating food like software, borrowing various bits of code from different kinds of plants.在某种程度上,Hampton Creek是将食品当成了软件,从不同种类的植物那里借用了不同的代码。It#39;s a novel, mathematical way to think about food--one that confounds the sensibilities of those who reject #39;processed foods#39; but may ultimately realize the dream of providing sustainable, tasty, healthy and affordable food for the entire planet.这是一种思考食物的新奇数学方式――它令那些拒绝“加工食品”的人感到挫败,但或许最终会实现为地球上的所有人提供可持续、美味、健康、负担得起的食品的梦想。So far the results are quite good. Hampton Creek discovered a specific kind of yellow pea that has fantastic powers of emulsion, leading to a mayonnaise that the firm claims beats leading brands in taste tests.到目前为止,实验结果很不错。Hampton Creek发现了一种特殊的具有极强乳化效力的黄色豆子,该公司声称,用这种豆子制造的蛋黄酱在品尝测试中打败了领先品牌的产品。I found the texture exquisitely creamy and, compared with eggy store-bought mayo, Hampton Creek#39;s mayo had a cleaner, less aggressive flavor profile.我发现这种酱的口感极为柔滑,而且比起带有蛋腥味的市售蛋黄酱,Hampton Creek制造的蛋黄酱的口味较为清淡,不那么冲。Mr. Tetrick says that, in large quantities, he can make eggless mayo 10% cheaper than conventional egg mayo. Driven by price, many Whole Foods stores across the country have switched to Hampton Creek#39;s mayo in their store-prepared foods (like the potato salad). But at retail, Hampton Creek#39;s mayo isn#39;t very cheap: It sells for .50 or .49 a jar at most Whole Foods stores. That#39;s about the same price as egg-based mayo, but Mr. Tetrick says that Hampton Creek has room to cut its prices substantially.蒂特里克说,如果大批生产的话,不含蛋的蛋黄酱可以比传统蛋黄酱便宜10%。在价格驱动下,美国各地很多Whole Foods门店都在自制食品(比如土豆沙拉)中改用了Hampton Creek的蛋黄酱。但Hampton Creek的蛋黄酱零售价格不算便宜:在大多数Whole Foods门店的售价为每罐3.5或4.49美元。这与用鸡蛋制作的蛋黄酱差不多,但蒂特里克说,Hampton Creek还有大幅降价的空间。The company#39;s next goal is to make an eggless liquid that, when fried, turns into scrambled eggs. Right now, the product is in the prototype stage. One of Hampton Creek#39;s scientists cooked up a plate for me, and I found the fake scramble slightly rubbery and grainy, more like a spongy crepe than an egg.该公司的下一个目标是制造一种可以做成炒鸡蛋的不含蛋液体。目前,这一产品尚处于原型阶段。Hampton Creek的一位科学家为我炒了一盘,我觉得这种仿制的炒鸡蛋有点韧性,吃起来疙疙瘩瘩的,更像是蓬松的可丽饼,而不像鸡蛋。But Mr. Tetrick says he believes that it won#39;t be long till the company creates the perfect eggless scramble. #39;The chicken is great, but it isn#39;t getting any better,#39; he said. In other words, it#39;s a sitting duck.但蒂特里克说,他认为公司用不了多久就能创造出完美的无蛋炒鸡蛋。他说,鸡蛋很不错,但已经没有改进余地。换句话说,要胜过它是轻而易举的。 /201311/266178长兴县做鼻尖整形多少钱 湖州哪家医院祛疤比较好

湖州曙光医疗美容门诊部口腔美容中心By 2050, India will take pole position with 1.6 billion people with China in second place at 1.3 billion.到2050年,印度的人口将达到顶峰也就是16亿人,同时中国以13亿人口排在第二名。The world#39;s population will rise to 9.7 billion in 2050 from the current level of 7.1 billion and India will overtake China as the world#39;s most populous nation, a French study said on Wednesday.一项法国研究在星期三表示,2050年世界人口将从现在的71亿上升至97亿,印度将赶上中国并成为世界上人口最多的国家。A bi-annual report by the French Institute of Demographic Studies (Ined) projected there would be 10 to 11 billion people on the planet by the end of the century。根据法国人口研究机构的一年两次的报告预计在本世纪末地球的人口将有100亿到110亿。The projections ran parallel to forecasts by the ed Nations, the World Bank and other prominent national institutes.此次预测的结论与联合国、世界等其他国家著名的研究机构所得出的结论一致。A UN study in June said the global population would swell to 9.6 billion in 2050 and the number of people aged 60 and above would catapult from 841 million now to two billion in 2050 and nearly three billion in 2100.联合国一项研究称全球人口在2050年将膨胀至96亿人,超过60岁的人口将从现在的8.41亿人激增至20亿,到2100年将接近30亿。Ined said Africa would be home to a quarter of the world#39;s population in 2050 with 2.5 billion people, more than double the current level of 1.1 billion.非洲的人口达到25亿并占全球人口的四分之一,是现在人口11亿的两倍。Gilles Pison, the author of the report, said the prevailing fertility rate in Africa was around 4.8 children per woman — far higher than the global average of 2.5.该报告的作者称,当时非洲生育率大约是每名妇女4.8个孩子,远高于全球平均水平的2.5个孩子。The Americas will breach the one-billion mark in 2050 with 1.2 billion inhabitants against 958 million at present.美洲的人口在2050年将突破10亿将达到12亿,并与现在的居民人口9.58亿形成鲜明的对比。And Asia#39;s population will increase from 4.3 billion to 5.2 billion in 2050, Ined forecast预测亚洲的人口在2050年将从现在的43亿增加到52亿。The world#39;s most populous nations are currently China with 1.3 billion people; followed by India (1.2 billion); the ed States (316.2 million); Indonesia (248.5 million) and Brazil (195.5 million)世界上人口最多的国家,目前中国有13亿人;印度以12亿人紧随其后;美国3.162亿人;印度尼西亚2.485亿人和巴西1.955亿人。But in 2050, India will take pole position with 1.6 billion people with China in second place at 1.3 billion但是到2050年,印度的人口将达到顶峰也就是16亿人,同时中国以13亿人口排在第二名。Nigeria, Africa#39;s most populous country, will outstrip the ed States with a population of 444 million against a projected 400 million Americans in the middle of the century.在本世纪中叶,尼日利亚的人口为4.44亿,超过美国的4亿人口并成为非洲地区人口最多的国家。 /201402/277321 湖州唇部脱毛的价格湖州治疗疤痕疙瘩



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