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When he got to Smithfield, the king could see the rebels camped on the west side of the field and the royal party on the east.当他到达史密斯菲尔德时 见到叛军 扎营于西侧 国王军队扎营于东侧 Wat Tyler rode over to Richard, got off his little horse,knelt very briefly, not very convincingly,瓦特·泰勒骑马走向理查 俯身下马 象征性地跪了下but then shakes his hand and calls him brother.然后握着他的手 称呼他兄弟;Why will you not go home?; Asked the king, plaintively,to which Tyler responded with a loud curse and a set of demands.国王悲叹道 为何不回家? 泰勒骂骂咧咧起来 并提出了一系列要求The most important was for a new Magna Carta,this time for the ordinary people.最重要的是 要为平民 签署新的大宪章It would abolish serfdom,it would liquidate the property of the Church,废除农奴制 清算教会财产it would offer a general pardon to all outlaws,and if all this wasn#39;t radical enough,大赦起义者 以及最彻底的主张it would make every man equal below the level of the king.国王以下 人人平等Now, to all this, Richard answered, ;Yes.;对所有要求 理查都同意了 perhaps crossing his fingers behind his back,and maybe Wat Tyler was so amazed by the concession,也许瓦特·泰勒在暗自庆幸 也许对于国王的让步感到吃惊he didn#39;t quite know what to do next.不知下一步该如何是好So an eerie silence settles over everybody on the field,broken only by Tyler asking for a flagon of ale.谈判会场一片寂静 泰勒打破了沉寂 要了壶麦酒He gets it, he downs it, he gets back onto his mount,a big man on a little horse and at that moment, history changed.喝完后放下 又骑上马背 高大的男人骑着匹小马 这一刻 历史在此改变There was someone on the king#39;s side who had not been ing the script,国王身边的某个人 不知国王已经与其达成协议or perhaps was just unable to take the humiliation any longer.或是再也无法忍受这等羞辱 /201611/480747。

  • Here there were strange fossils called stramatolites.这里有一种奇怪的化石,叫做叠层石At the beginning of the mid-Jurassic we have these kind of structures here that represent stramatolites.中侏罗世初期出现了这种表现为叠层石的结构Stramatolites, like this, were form in this particular case像这样的叠层石是在特殊情况下in lake that occupied most of the central part of Patagonia during the early mid-Jurassic.于中侏罗世早期形成于占据大部分巴塔哥尼亚中心地区的湖泊中Stramatolites are formed by a kind of algae.叠层石由一种藻类建造They thrive in extreme environments which are both wet and very hot, like the mega-monsoon.它们的兴盛依靠既湿润又干旱的极端环境,例如超级季风气候。It was exactly what would have been expected这与预料的情形一样because this was before the super-continent had split up.因为它发生在超大陆分裂之前I think that the initial conditions of the mid-Jurassic我认为中侏罗世的初始情况are in accordance with this idea of dominant mega-monsoonal climatic conditions和统治级的超级季风气候环境是一样的dominating, you know, the entire super-continent.“统治”意味着整个超大陆And then suddenly everything seemed to change. These are fossilised seed cones.突然,一切都开始改变,这些是球果化石。 Article/201705/511653。
  • I have to sing, I have to play!我想唱歌,我想弹吉他The music, it#39;s not just in me... it is me!音乐就像深植我心,深植我心When life gets me down, I play my guitar.现实带给我绝望时,我会弹吉他The rest of the world may follow the rules but I must follow my heart!当你穷的只能随波逐流,我仍跟随我的心You know that feeling like there#39;s a song in the air and it#39;s playing just for you?你也懂的,就像音乐无所不在,跟随你的节奏A feeling so close you could reach out and touch it.一段感情的距离,你能靠近甚至触摸它I never knew I could want something so much but it#39;s true.我从不相信能得到如此地多,却又假不了Never underestimate the power of music.千万别低估音乐的影响力No one was going to hand me my future.没人可以掌控你的命运It was up to me to reach for my dream.决定在于你想不想追求梦想Grab it tight and make it come true.活在当下,就能美梦成真Alright, who#39;s in there? I#39;m sorry!投降吧,谁在那里?对不起What#39;s going on? I#39;m just dreaming.发生了什么事?我在作梦Dante, wait up! Dante? Dante!丹特,等一下!丹特!You gotta stay with me, boy. We don#39;t know where we... are.乖,不要乱跑。我们不清楚...这里是何处?This isn#39;t a dream, then. You#39;re all really out there.这不是在作梦。我们真的跑进来了。 Article/201705/509379。
  • Two men were found dead on UCLA#39;s campus Wednesday morning in what police now believe was a murder-suicide. 周三上午,在加州大学洛杉矶分校发现两名男子死亡,现在警方认为是一起谋杀性自杀事件。The campus was locked down after a shooting was reported at a UCLA engineering building, and both local and federal authorities arrived on campus to search for a possible active shooter. 加州大学洛杉矶分校工程大楼报道发生杀后校园被封锁,地方和联邦当局赶往校园寻找可能的活跃手。UCLA students, who are still in school through June 10, were asked to go to a secure location until authorities lifted the lockdown shortly after noon local time.加州大学洛杉矶分校的学生到6月10日仍在学校,他们被要求前往安全地点,直到当局在当地时间正午过后不久解除封锁。Although Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck told KN a note was discovered near the two men found dead, a motive has not been reported to the media. 虽然洛杉矶警察局长查利·贝克告诉KN,在两人死亡地方的附近发现一张便条,但动机还没向媒体报道。The victims have not yet been identified. 尚未确定受害者的身份。译文属。 Article/201606/447372。
  • The sea was rough and half the passengers were seasick.海面波涛汹涌,半数旅客晕船。上句中的rough不是指粗糙的,而是形容海面波涛汹涌的。seasick只晕船的; carsick指晕车的; airsick指晕机的。It was a bumpy ride, many passengers got carsick.那车程很颠簸,许多乘客都晕车了。 /200803/28412。
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