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栏目简介:《造物小百科How it#39;s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201509/392030Between them they covered the religious spectrum from hard-line Protestant to fanatical Catholic.他们信奉的宗教大不相同 一方恪奉新教 而另一方则是狂热的天主教徒And the road the country took after Henry,亨利死后国家的道路back to a Catholic past or forwards into a Protestant future,是重回天主教 还是迈向新教would depend, like never before,on the lottery of births, deaths and marriages.将前所未有地取决于 王储们生育 死亡及婚姻的弈When Henry died in 1547,he left 600 pounds to pay for two priests to say prayers for his soul forever.1547年亨利驾崩 他留给两位神父六百英镑 让他们永远为其灵魂祈祷You have to wonder how he apparently failed to notice that Edward had been educated by fervent Protestants你也许会想 他明显忽略了 爱德华从小接受狂热的新教徒的教导who obviously had no time for such superstitious nonsense.他显然不在乎异教徒无意义的迷信Led by Thomas Cranmer,they saw the nine-year-old boy king as a new Josiah,在托马斯·克兰麦的辅佐下 新登基的九岁小国王在人们心目中 俨若约西亚转世the Biblical king who had taken it as his mission to destroy idolatry.约西亚是《圣经》中将打破盲目崇拜 作为使命的君王Now this would be the real reformation.这将是场真正的变革For just look what happened in the six years of Edward#39;s reign.纵观爱德华统治的 这六年可以看出All the customs and ceremonies of the old Church,所有旧教堂的习俗和庆典the blessing of candles at Candlemas and palms on Palm Sunday were banned.圣烛节用的祈祷蜡烛 以及棕榈主日的棕枝尽皆被禁Away went the religious guilds and fraternities.宗教协会和修会也消失无踪了The Cults of Saints that had survived Cromwell#39;s attacks,在克伦威尔的攻势下 幸存的圣人崇拜along with their relics and their pilgrimages,were forbidden.连同举行的场所及朝圣之路 全部被禁And images, statues, stained-glass, paintings,were attacked with chisels and limewash.相关图案 雕刻 绘玻璃以及画作都毁于凿击和石灰浆 /201701/488267In addition to its functions to enhance flavor,除了增味provide fermentable sugars and extend shelf-life,提供可发酵糖和延长贮藏时间high fructose corn syrup also can be usedHFCS还可以to protect the firm texture of fruit in canned维持罐装水果的质地密实fruit products. High fructose corn syrup reducesHFCS能够减少freezer burn in frozen fruit products due to冷冻水果产品的冻斑having a lower freezing point than sucrose因为它比蔗糖有更低的冰点which serves a nice purpose in providing这一性质能够提供frozen beverage concentrates that are pourable冷冻饮料浓缩液straight from the freezer. Finally high fructose可以直接从冷冻库中取出使用corn syrup also provides a greater stability than在用于碳酸饮料时sucrose when used in acidic carbonated sodas.HFCS还能提供比蔗糖更好的稳定性Now that you#39;ve learned the functions of你已经知道了HFCS的作用high fructose corn syrup here#39;s a list of food products以下是一些常见的含有HFCS的食物产品that commonly contain this ingredient; baked goods,烘焙食品,酸奶,意大利西面酱汁yogurt, spaghetti sauce, ketchup and condiments,番茄酱,调味品,色拉酱,饮料salad dressing,beverages, granola, breakfast格兰诺拉麦片卷,早餐和谷物棒and cereal bars, canned and frozen fruit products罐装和冷冻水果产品and frozen beverage concentrates.以及冷冻饮料浓缩液High fructose corn syrup is processed in your bodyHFCS在体内的运作方式just the same as table sugar. Your body cannot与蔗糖相同tell the difference between these two ingredients身体是无法区分这两者的区别的due to the fact that they have similar compositions因为他们有着相同的成分and are made from the very same components.和相似的成分组合Remember back to the beginning of this presentation?让我们回想本课程的开始部分Table sugar is 50% glucose and 50% fructose蔗糖含有50%葡萄糖和50%果糖which high fructose corn syrup is madeHFCS则含有55%果糖of either 55% fructose and 45% glucose和45%葡萄糖or 42% fructose and 58% glucose. Table sugar and或者42%果糖和58%葡萄糖high fructose corn syrup have the same number蔗糖和HFCS都是of calories which is 4 per gram每克带来4卡路里and they use the same metabolic pathways它们以相同的代谢方式and processes to break it down in your body.分解,然后为人体吸收Moving on from functions of high fructose corn syrup介绍了HFCSin food products we will now turn our focus to taking对于食品的作用之后a look at some common misconceptions about我们来看看关于它的一些误区this food ingredient. Within the next three slides接下来的3张幻灯片5 misconceptions about high fructose corn syrup will be列举了关于HFCS的5个误区listed with the truth of the misconception explained below.下面介绍了真实情况 Article/201509/399547To be a person that cannot be a part of the everyday life of this world,一个没有办法参与正常生活的人it could really be devastating on the mind.在精神上承受着很大的压力You can#39;t get it all for free.一切都是有代价的And that#39;s what happened with Michael,对迈克尔来说就是如此he had to give up so much that he lost his ability他失去的太多 多到丧失了to just walk amongst evetyday people.在人群中行走的能力This was the first artist that l#39;d been associated with,他是我碰过第一个and the only artist that l#39;d been associated with,也是唯一的一个艺人that you could not walk down the street with.让你没有办法跟他在大街上走路look at my life. lt#39;s somewhat normal. It#39;s not normal, but it#39;s a little normal.我的人生还算正常 大致上还算正常But judging my life to his, his was nowhere close.但跟他相比 他的真的太不正常了He just couldn#39;t be anonymous.lmpossible.他没有办法消声匿迹 绝不可能Michael Jackson is proclaimed the King of Pop.迈克尔·杰克逊就是流行乐之王lt#39;s kind of hard being a king.You can get out of sorts.要称王可不是件易事 很容易脱离常轨 Article/201511/409333Luxury brands lower outlook A luxury brand analyst predicts Asia will remain an engine for growth for many luxury brands.Mulberry in particular, was a very specific case-in-point people are keen to point out because of the M-tint profit warning for this firm, but when you start seeing companies like Burberry sayingthings are slowing down, then people get really worried.Yes, they do. But also like you said, but Mulberry itself was a very specific case, whereas Burberry they actually posted an almost 8% growth the first half of this year. They are saying thatpotentially going forward there are worries. But we have seen this year that market sentiment itself is, you know, affected by a number of things, including the Ukraine-Russia crisis, crisis in theMiddle East and also what’s going on in Hong Kong as the moment. So people are slightly fearful of the Chinese market. However we are confident that although double digit growth us probably athing of the past, Asia is still very much an engine for growth for many luxury brands.But just growth that’s quite a bit flattened than expected, right?Yes I think so.Are those companies getting used to that trend though because investors seem to have been expecting the luxury goods sector to just keep on outpacing all of the sectors, it’s even showing thedownbeat days of a recession. We kept hearing that firms like Burberry were still posting rises in their profits.Well, I think the sector itself is still positive, I think potentially some of the big name brands like you’re seeing such as Louis Vuitton, many of caring’s brands Gucci are sufferingpotentially, but they’re in the press all the time. So any potential downfall will be front-page news. However if you look at some of their other brands which is slightly smaller but take of amatter, they are doing very well. And they are growing, so potentially it’s these more niche brands we are seeing a greater sophistication of the luxury consumer and they are being more particularabout which brands they choose.We’ve seen firms like Jimmy Choo going public on a week like this. They’ve gotta be brave, because actually the luxury goods sector seems to be turning as you said as investors assess exactly howmuch dividend growth and profit growth these companies can achieve, right?I think Jimmy Choo is quite a particular case, it really sits in very much the sweet spot of the luxury sector with regard to its category, and luxury shoe growth has reported one of the strongestgrowth rates this year compared to the rest of the sector. It’s also an iconic brand, it takes off all the luxury go-to points such as having brand heritage and made in cachet, its products aremade in Italy, exquisite craftsmanship. So you know, it’s still a very popular brand and also its popularity in Japan and Chinese market will help the brand.So accessories, particularly shoes are doing well, the trench coats and main designers are having a more difficult time. /201410/337928

As the air cools, it condenses to form a cloud当空气冷却下来的时候凝结成云that rolls inland at 25 miles an hour,然后在陆地上以每小时40公里的速度翻滚visible evidence of the ocean of air above us.我们头顶上的海洋气团就是显著的据And just like any fluid, the atmosphere has a weight.像任何一种流体一样大气层也有重量It presses down on each of our bodies加压在我们身体的每一个部位with a force of over 14 pounds per square inch.压力达到每平方英寸14磅The only reason that we don#39;t collapse in a heap我们没有被压毁的唯一原因是is because the air inside our bodies balances the pressure outside.我们身体里的空气的压力和外界的压力达到了平衡We#39;re like lobsters walking on the sea bed,我们像在海底行走的龙虾oblivious to the weight of the fluid above us对上面液体的重量可以毫不在意because we#39;re so adjusted to it.因为我们已经适应了And if you#39;re still in any doubt about the fluid nature of the atmosphere,如果你仍让怀疑大气层有液体的性质some people can even surf on it.有些人甚至可以在上面冲浪Admittedly, it#39;s a little trickier than traditional surfing,无可否认,这与传统意义上的冲浪相比,有点挑战性which is why it#39;s best left to an expert like Troy Hartman.这就是为什么让像特洛伊.哈特曼这样的专家来尝试的原因Troy isn#39;t just falling vertically through the air,特洛伊不只是在大气中垂直地下降he can move horizontally, too.他也可以水平地移动The sky is Troy#39;s ocean.天空是特洛伊的海洋Whoa!哇! Article/201509/398343

We, thejuty, in the above entitlled case, find the defendant not guilty of conspiracy,陪审团在此案中 对被告共谋控诉as charged in count one of the indictment.裁定无罪The verdict was and it was, #39;Not guilty. Not guilty. Not guilty. Not guilty.裁决出来时全是无罪 无罪 无罪 无罪All the way down the line, all counts, #39;Not guilty. #39;一致下来都是无罪And l remember, vety specifically, Michael seeming to not understand.我记得当时迈克尔好像有点恍惚And l remember Tom sneddon looking at Michael for a reaction也记得汤姆·史奈顿 一直想看迈克尔的反应and not really getting one.但没看到什么And l also remember Tom Mesereau, his lawyer,我还记得汤姆·马瑟劳 他的律师leaning in and mouthing to Michael Jackson, #39;You#39;re a free man. #39;靠向迈克尔·杰克逊并跟他说 你自由了l could his lips, #39;cause l was so close.我可以读到他的唇形 因为我坐得很近And Michael still didn#39;t get it.迈克尔好像还是不明白You felt like it was a triumphant moment那应该是胜利的一刻but then when you looked at him, you realised that he wasn#39;t there for it.但望向他却发现 他的心神完全不在There was nothing you could do.而你一点办法都没有He was so devastated that it had happened他受了太大的打击that you couldn#39;t even find a place to be happy that it ended the way it did连最后结果如此 都没有半点开心的感觉because it was so devastating that it had occurred at all.因为整个事件的发生 就已经太令人心寒 Article/201511/408804

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