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Britain#39;s exports fell sharply in the second quarter, highlighting the difficulty the UK economy faces as it tries to recover amid slowing global growth. 第二季度英国出口大幅下滑,突显全球经济增长放缓背景下英国经济复苏所面临的困境。 Goods exports fell 3.1 per cent in volume terms as the UK recorded its biggest trade deficit in at least 15 years. David Tinsley, economist at BNP Paribas, described the data as ;spectacularly bad;. 商品出口额大幅下降3.1%,英国出现至少15年来最大的贸易赤字。法国巴黎(BNP Paribas)经济学家戴维#8226;廷斯利(David Tinsley)认为英国出口数据;极其糟糕;。 The crisis in the eurozone, the destination of about 40 per cent of the UK#39;s exports, has been compounded by slowing growth in the US and emerging markets such as China. 陷入危机的欧元区占英国出口的40%,而美国以及中国等新兴市场的增长放缓则让形势更加严峻。 Exports to all of the UK#39;s 10 biggest export markets fell between the first and second quarters of the year, according to John Zhu, an economist at HS. 汇丰(HS)经济学家John Zhu指出,第一季度至第二季度,英国对其最大十个出口市场的出口均出现下降。 ;The big picture is this is still very much a slog,; said Darren Winder, an economist at Oriel Securities. ;One of the government#39;s objectives has long been to try to rebalance the economy [but] if you#39;ve got weak external demand conditions, which we have, then it becomes very difficult.; Oriel Securities经济学家达伦#8226;温德尔(Darren Winder)说:;整体形势依然非常艰难。一直以来,政府的目标之一就是恢复经济平衡,但如果外部需求疲软,正如英国目前所面临的,那么就非常困难了。; The trade data follow a gloomy assessment of the UK#39;s prospects from the Bank of England, which has abandoned its long-held belief that the economy would spring back to normal growth rates within two years. The economy has not grown since mid-2010 and is now in a double-dip recession. 这些贸易数据发布之前,英国央行(Bank of England)曾对英国经济前景做出悲观的预测,英国央行已经放弃长久以来的观点,即英国经济将在两年之内恢复到正常增长率。2010年年中以来英国经济一直没有增长,目前正处于双底衰退中。 Exports to countries outside Europe fell 8.6 per cent between May and June, exacerbated by lower car exports to China, which outstripped the 6 per cent fall in exports to Europe. 5月至6月,英国对欧洲以外国家的出口下降8.6%,更为糟糕的是,对中国汽车出口下降幅度超过了对欧洲出口6%的降幅。 The Office for National Statistics warned that the monthly data, which are volatile and often revised, were probably affected by the extra bank holiday in June for the Queen#39;s diamond jubilee. 英国国家统计局(Office for National Statistics)警示,月度数据浮动较大也经常修改,可能受到了6月份女王登基60周年庆典额外假期的影响。 Jens Larsen, an economist at the Royal Bank of Canada, said there were some positive signals. ;Imports have been pretty steady, perhaps suggesting that the domestic economy is not doing so badly. If imports were crashing too, I#39;d be worried.; 加拿大皇家(R)经济学家延斯#8226;拉森(Jens Larsen)认为,也有一些积极的信号。;进口非常稳定,这或许明国内经济并不是很糟糕。如果进口也大幅下降,就非常值得担忧了。; Conflicting signals about the health of the domestic economy continue to puzzle economists. Employment is rising despite falling output and housing industry data on Wednesday showed home repossessions were falling slightly and mortgage arrears were stable. 有关国内经济状况的矛盾信号一直让经济学家摸不着头脑。尽管产出降低,就业却在增加。本周三的房地产数据则显示,房屋收回率略有下降,抵押贷款欠款保持稳定。 Nonetheless, pressure is building on the coalition government to do more to stimulate growth. Chuka Umunna, shadow business secretary, called on the government to adopt wholesale ;active industrial strategies;. 然而,联合政府面临的压力日益增大,要求其采取更多措施以刺激增长。;影子;商务大臣丘卡#8226;乌穆纳(Chuka Umunna)呼吁政府落实全面的;积极工业战略;。 Labour strategists say the coalition is increasingly vulnerable to criticism of its economic policies. Senior Labour figures are working on plans for a ;national investment bank; to deliver funds to small businesses and infrastructure in a move that will put pressure on the coalition to follow suit. 工党策略师表示,联合政府的经济政策正在遭到越来越多的批评。工党资深人士正在拟定;国家投资;计划,为小企业和基础设施建设提供资金,这将迫使联合政府拿出类似的措施。 /201208/194735

  In a tight job market, building and maintaining an online presence is critical to networking and job hunting. Done wrong, it can easily take you out of the running for most positions.在就业紧缩的大势之下,在网上发布个人信息并进行定期更新是拓展人脉、寻找心仪工作的重要方法。如果利用不得当,没准你就会同多数工作机会失之交臂。 Here are five mistakes online job hunters make. 以下是网上求职者常犯的五个错误。1. Overkill. 随意散布个人简介。Blanketing social media networks with half-done profiles accomplishes nothing except to annoy the exact people you want to impress: prospective employees trying to find out more about on you.在各种社交网络上广为散布不完整的个人简介只会让你的目标受众备感困扰:你的潜在雇主还得费劲巴拉地去了解更多有关你的信息。One online profile done well is far more effective than several unpolished and incomplete ones. There is just not enough time. Pick two or three, then cultivate a presence there.比起到处乱投未经润色、不够完整的网上简历,只在一家网站投递一份完备的网上简历要有效得多。你的时间是很有限的。选两三家网站,好好地经营自己吧。Many people make the mistake of joining LinkedIn and other social media sites and then just letting their profiles sit publicly unfinished. Just signing up for an account simply isn't enough. At a bare minimum, make sure you're connected to at least 35 people and make sure your profile is 100 percent complete. Members with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.很多人犯的一个错就是,加入LinkedIn及其他社交网站后,自己的介绍没有弄完整就向所有人公开了。仅仅去注册一个账户是远远不够的。至少得确保自己同35个人建起了关联,确保自己的个人介绍是百分之百完整的。对于LinkedIn会员来说,填写完整的个人介绍能让你得到工作机会的可能性提高40倍。” /201008/110917

  Pope Hilarius461 - St. Hilarius becomes Pope. 教皇希拉瑞斯461年的今天,圣·希拉瑞斯成为教皇。Columbus named the island of Puerto Rico1493 - Christopher Columbus goes ashore on an island he first saw the day before. He names it San Juan Bautista (later renamed Puerto Rico). 哥伦布命名波多黎各 1493年的今天,克利斯托弗·哥伦布登上了他前一天看到的那个岛,并将此岛改名为圣胡安包蒂斯塔(后来再次重命名为波多黎各)。Warsaw Uni established1816 - Warsaw University is established.华沙大学成立 1816年的今天,华沙大学成立。3 countries join the UN1946 - Afghanistan, Iceland and Sweden join the ed Nations. 三国入联合国 1946年的今天,阿富汗、冰岛和瑞典加入了联合国。mpeachment of the President1998 - Lewinsky scandal: The ed States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee begins impeachment hearings against US President Bill Clinton. 弹劾美国总统 I1998年的今天,莱温斯基性丑闻案:美国众议院司法委员会开始了对美国总统比尔·克林顿的弹劾案听讼。China launches its 1st Shenzhou spacecraft1999 - Shenzhou 1: The People's Republic of China launches its first Shenzhou spacecraft. 中国发射神州一号飞船1999年的今天,中华人民共和国发射其首艘神州号飞船:神州一号宇宙飞船。 /201011/118663。

  We all have the odd photographic skeleton in our closets - those embarrassing childhood pictures that we hope never see the light of day.我们每人都有几张古怪的相片,像藏在壁橱里的骷髅一样不可见人。我们希望这些令人尴尬的童年照永远封存不见天日。But it seems that users of the Chinese equivalent to Twitter are more than happy to air their most cringeworthy snaps of bygone days.但貌似中国推特——微的用户更愿意把他们曾经的旧照摆到网上供人膜拜。Weibo users have been taking to the website in their droves to post hundreds of hilariously awkward pictures to amuse their friends using a hashtag that translates as #39;showing off some embarrassing photos of our childhood#39;.一大拨微用户将成百上千张既搞笑又尴尬的童年照发在网上相互,还加上了“不堪回首的童年照”标签。Some seem to have been taken for festivals or special occasions - the red dots on the children#39;s heads are for beauty or good luck.可能有些照片拍摄于节日或特殊场合——孩子们头上的红点代表美丽或好运气。The photos, many of which appear to date back to the eighties and early nineties, show the youngsters in a range of bizarre outfits and wearing far too much make up.许多照片都拍摄于80年代和90年代初,上面的小孩子穿着各种各样的奇装异,脸上还涂着过于浓重的艳妆。Many of the photos appear to have been shot in a studio - with children giving grown up props such as cigarettes that one can only assume are fake.许多照片都是在摄影棚里照的,孩子们还拿着大人才有的道具摆拍——希望那不是真的香烟。While some parents have gone for the sophisticated look while dressing their little angels, others have just gone for the downright bizarre.有些父母把他们的小天使打扮得精致深邃,但有些却选了不折不扣的诡异风格。Some parents dressed their kids in outfits reminiscent of Chinese classics like Journey to the West and Legend of the White Snake.有些家长让小孩穿上奇怪的装束,使人想起《西游记》或《白蛇传》等中国古典文学里的人物。 /201309/255519

  一条有关爱马仕手袋的微引起了网友的激烈讨论与转发,原来是前上海首富周正毅女友毛玉萍在微发布的一爱马仕为其定制五星红旗Birkin包,引众千网友吐槽。她在微中称这款包是爱马仕全球艺术总监Pascale Mussard为其定制。李开复领衔网友的恶搞浪潮,网友褒贬不一。除了这款包包有违爱马仕一向的简约风外,后来爆出的笑点还在于毛玉萍连爱马仕艺术总监“Pascale Mussard先生”究竟是男是女都分不清楚。微的话题可以时时变化,这炫富的背后,我们还是应该窥探一下In a sentence, China is at the “show-off” stage of its luxury evolution, and displays of wealth have become a trend with staying power.一句话,中国正处于奢侈品进化的炫耀期,张显财富成为一种潮流。According to HS: The urge to splurge, China at the ‘show-off’ stage根据HS报道:摆阔的冲动,中国处于炫耀期In Chinese and Russian communist societies, individual property was not allowed and private wealth was traditionally suspicious. With the liberalization of the economy, a new class system was created where your place on the ladder may depend on how much money one earns, and owning luxury goods can help display the level of one’s wealth.中国和俄罗斯社会主义社会,历史上个人不得拥有财产,私人财富是令人怀疑的。在经济解放后,新的阶层体系被确立,即收入决定个人在社会中的位置,拥有奢侈品能够帮助显示个人财富水平。The report cites a book that details the five stages of luxury evolution in Asian countries from “subjugation” to “way of life,” and China is smack dab in the middle at “show-off.” (In comparison, India is still moving out of “subjugation,” where people are deprived and start to build a desire for luxury brands. Japan has totally evolved to “way of life.”)这份报告引用了一本书,该书详述亚洲国家中从压抑到生活方式的五个阶段,中国在炫耀中期。(相比之下,印度正在从压抑期中摆脱,在那里人们人性被压抑,正在开始建立对奢侈品派的渴望。日本则已经完全进入“生活方式”的时代。)The “show off” stage is when consumers start “tripping over each other trying to acquire symbols of wealth and displaying them in a conspicuous manner,” according to HS.根据HS的分析,”炫耀”的时代是消费者开始“互相绊倒来获得财富的标志并且以非常瞩目的方式展示他们”。So that explains the saga of the 20-year-old Chinese blogger who enveloped the country’s Red Cross in scandal when she posted photos of her luxury cars, handbags and villas online.这就解释了一个20岁中国主,她在网站上展示了自己奢华的汽车,手袋和别墅,从而把中国红十字引入到了流言蜚语中的现象。The report concludes that as long as people in China continue to care about showing off their money, the market for luxury goods will continue to stay strong.这份报告作出了结论:只要中国人一直关心炫耀自己的钱,奢侈品的市场就会持续牛市。We conclude that as long as China stays in the “show off” stage, we’ll continue to hear interesting stories about spending and wealth from that corner of the world.我们认为只要一直处于“炫耀”期,我们就会一直听到关于在世界的某个角落挥霍财富的有趣故事。 /201210/205386For summer vacation, the flight is booked, the hotel is reserved, the bags are packed, but what about the professional photographer to take snapshots and make you look supernaturally gorgeous? 暑假的机票买好了,酒店订好了,行李打包了,但你有没有请一位专业摄影师为你拍照,留下光照人的形象呢? A growing number of hotels and resorts are offering sessions with photographers to chronicle guests#39; vacations. Travelers want to record memorable moments without ruining them stressing about focus and flash. They want more sophisticated shots to share on social media. And vacationers realize that an iPhone may not catch that perfect surfing or skiing triumph. 越来越多的酒店和度假胜地开始提供摄影师务,为游客记录假日影像。游客们希望留下难忘的瞬间,同时又不用因为担心焦距和闪光灯而破坏心情。他们想要更专业的照片在社交媒体上分享。游客们意识到,iPhone可能无法抓拍到冲浪或滑雪成功的完美瞬间。 In May, Jumby Bay, a Rosewood Resort in Antigua in the Caribbean began offering a #39;Together Package#39; for couples that includes a two-hour shoot with a professional photographer. Earlier this year, the Sanderling Resort amp; Spa in Duck, N.C., launched an #39;Everlasting Memories#39; package with a family photo shoot and a YouTube of the session (a disc of images is guaranteed within a week). 今年5月,加勒比海安提瓜岛(Antigua)上罗斯伍德集团(Rosewood)旗下的Jumby Bay度假村开始为度假情侣提供“共度套餐”,包括一位专业摄影师提供的两小时拍摄务。今年年初,北卡罗来纳州达克市(Duck)的Sanderling Resort amp; Spa水疗度假村推出了“永恒回忆”务,包括一张全家福和一部YouTube视频(一周内可拿到影像光碟)。 The Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora is planning to unveil a #39;Romance#39; room-service in August that will feature a couples#39; photo session. Walt Disney World in 2010 started selling a 0 one-hour #39;Enhanced Portrait Session.#39; It includes retouching and flourishes such as black-and-white and sepia shots and a customized photo book (prints cost extra). A perk: Getting to wander around the Epcot theme park before it opens to other guests. 波拉波拉岛四季度假村(The Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora)计划于今年8月推出“浪漫”客房务菜单,包括为情侣提供拍照务。2010年,迪士尼乐园(Walt Disney World)开始推出一小时“高级肖像照”务,价格为350美元。该务包括对照片进行润饰和美化,例如黑白效果、怀旧效果和定制相簿(印刷需另交费),还有额外优惠:可在Epcot主题公园向其他游客开放前进入游览。 A host of independent freelance wedding and adventure photographers are also starting to offer vacation travel shots, seeing them as a lucrative side business. 许多独立的自由婚纱摄影师与冒险摄影师也开始提供假日旅游摄影,他们将其视为一项有利可图的副业。 Jumby Bay said it came up with the #39;Together Package#39; because its employees were getting so many requests from guests to take their pictures. The surge in multigenerational trips-often the only time an extended family is in the same place and, hopefully, relatively relaxed-is also boosting the popularity of professional shoots. Jumby Bay称推出“共度套餐”是因为许多客户都向员工提出了拍照要求。举家出游的热潮──这通常是一个大家庭聚在一起、相对放松的唯一时光──也让专业摄影大受欢迎。 When family vacation photos were relegated to dusty albums and slide shows, getting quality pictures perhaps wasn#39;t that critical. That#39;s not so when you#39;re sharing your shots with hundreds-or thousands-of Facebook fans and Twitter followers. 当家庭度假照片被放进积满灰尘的相册和做成幻灯片时,对照片的质量要求或许不那么高。而当你与成百上千──或者成千上万──的Facebook好友和Twitter粉丝分享照片时,情况就不同了。 Then there is the perennial vacation photography problem: the missing family member. Shira and Chuck Badger, 35-year-old chiropractors from Henderson, Nev., say they have few vacation pictures that show both of them. They try the extended-arm self-portrait trick but #39;we always end up with double chins in those photos,#39; says Mr. Badger. #39;And we#39;re both in good shape.#39; When the Badgers planned their wedding and honeymoon trip to the Four Seasons Bora Bora this week, they booked a photographer not only for their sunset ceremony, but also paid for a photographer and grapher (equipped with an underwater camera) to accompany them on a snorkeling trip to see manta rays. 此外还有一个长期困扰人们的关于拍假日照的问题:照相时总会少一个家庭成员。希拉#12539;巴杰(Shira Badger)和查克#12539;巴杰(Chuck Badger)来自内华达州亨德森(Henderson),两人都是35岁,都是师,他们说,他们几乎没有两人同时出现的假日照。他们尝试了伸出手臂自拍的方法,但查克说,“在这些照片中我们总是有双下巴。而我们两人其实体型都很好。”当巴杰夫妇筹划本周去波拉波拉岛四季度假村举行婚礼并度蜜月时,他们预订了一位摄影师,这位摄影师不仅负责拍摄他们的婚礼,还负责在他们浮潜看蝠口时跟随拍摄照片和录像(使用水下相机)。 Chad and Katya Bradford of Arlington, Va., booked Jumby Bay#39;s Together Package for their honeymoon. The couple had photos taken of them on bicycles, lounging in a hammock and on a dock at sunset. The couple appreciated #39;having one less thing to worry about on our vacation,#39; says Mr. Bradford, a 32-year-old consultant for the federal government. (The price tag for the Together Package starts at ,500 for seven nights. It also includes meals, a couples#39; massage and other services.) 弗吉尼亚州阿灵顿(Arlington)的查德#12539;布拉德福德(Chad Bradford)和卡佳#12539;布拉德福德(Katya Bradford)为他们的蜜月预订了Jumby Bay的“共度套餐”。摄影师为这对夫妻拍摄了他们骑自行车、躺在吊床上和夕阳下在码头上的照片。这对夫妻很高兴,32岁的美国联邦政府顾问查德#12539;布拉德福德说,“我们在假期中要担心的事少了一件。”(“共度套餐”起价为10,500美元,含七晚住宿。它还包括餐饮、为夫妻提供的和其他务。) Natalie Davis has been vacationing on the North Carolina coast since she was 8 years old and bought a vacation house there last year. #39;We usually just ask anyone lying in the sun, #39;Can you take a picture of all four of us?#39; #39; says Ms. Davis, who is from Vienna, Va. This week, she hired husband-and-wife team Mike and Allie Hawkins to shoot her, her husband and two sons on the beach in Duck. 来自弗吉尼亚州维也纳(Vienna)的纳塔莉#12539;戴维斯(Natalie Davis)从八岁起就到北卡罗来纳州的海滨度假,去年她在那里买了一栋度假别墅。戴维斯说,“我们经常问躺着晒阳光的人:‘你能给我们四个人拍张照吗?’”本周,她雇了迈克#12539;霍金斯(Mike Hawkins)和阿莉#12539;霍金斯(Allie Hawkins)这对夫妻为她、她丈夫和两个儿子在达克的海滩上拍照。 Grant Myrdal, a photographer from Bend, Ore., offers shoots with skiers and snowboarders on the slopes of Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort. #39;When someone is going 40 miles an hour down the hill, an iPhone doesn#39;t do it,#39; says Mr. Myrdal, a former photographer for surfing magazines. #39;I#39;ll snowboard alongside [clients] with my camera firing away and get a sequence of shots of them doing big turns and the spray flying off of the powder,#39; he says. 来自俄勒冈州班德(Bend)的摄影师格兰特#12539;米达尔(Grant Myrdal)为胡德山草地滑雪度假村(Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort)雪坡上的滑雪者们照相。曾担任滑雪杂志摄影师的米达尔说,“当某人以40英里的时速从山上滑下时,iPhone可就不管用了。”他说,“我会跟着[客户]一边滑雪一边不停拍照,拍下一系列他们做出大回转,雪尘飞溅的照片。” Prices for vacation photo sessions can range from about 0 an hour to much more. The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Hawaii, for example, charges 0 for an hour. A half-day shoot is ,200. 假日摄影的价格从每小时100美元左右到很高的价格不等。例如,夏威夷的哈尔尔莱四季度假村(Four Seasons Resort Hualalai)收费每小时800美元,半日摄影为3,200美元。 Abercrombie amp; Kent, the luxury-travel outfitter, occasionally has clients who hire photographers for their entire vacations. #39;They just want to enjoy the destination without anyone [in the family] being responsible and having to worry about missing a shot or a memorable experience,#39; says Rob Veden, manager of private travel at Aamp;K. Mr. Veden says many clients hire a photographer for hours or a day. 奢华旅游务公司Abercrombie amp; Kent偶尔会有客户雇用摄影师为他们提供全程假日摄影。Aamp;K的私人旅游经理罗布#12539;韦登(Rob Veden)说,“他们只是想享受旅程,而不用[家里]某人负责照相,担心错过某张照片或某个难忘瞬间。”韦登说,许多客户都定购了数小时或一天的摄影师务。 Most pros offer some retouching to digitally erase blemishes and wayward hairs and brighten eyes and teeth. Tara Leigh, a photographer in Nevis in the Caribbean, has had some more involved requests. For a recent maternity shoot with a pregnant vacationer, the client said, #39;I don#39;t want my thighs to be that big,#39; Ms. Leigh recalls. Ms. Leigh, who had worked as a fashion photographer in Toronto, was used to digitally shrinking models. Afterward, the client was thrilled. #39;She said, #39;I look like a supermodel pregnant lady,#39; #39; Ms. Leigh says.多数专业摄影师都会对照片进行某些润饰,用电脑去除暗斑和楞的头发,提亮眼睛和牙齿的颜色。加勒比海地区尼维斯(Nevis)的摄影师塔拉#12539;利(Tara Leigh)的客户则提出了一些更高难度的要求。利回忆说,最近在为一位怀游客拍摄照片时,这位客户说,“我希望我的大腿看上去别那么粗。”在多伦多当过时尚摄影师的利曾用数字技术为模特瘦身。后来,这位客户十分激动。利回忆说,“她说:‘我看上去就像一位怀的超模’。” Some city photographers are starting to get requests. Anna Azarov, a part-time photographer in New York, recently was hired to spend three hours with a vacationing couple from St. Petersburg, Russia. (She got the gig through the couple#39;s travel agency.) Ms. Azarov shot them in Grand Central Terminal, Times Square, Bryant Park and #39;we took a little cab ride so they could get their photos taken inside a New York cab,#39; Ms. Azarov says. They also wanted shots of themselves in McDonald#39;s and Starbucks. 有些城市摄影师的客户也开始提出一些特殊要求。纽约的兼职摄影师安娜#12539;阿扎尔诺夫(Anna Azarov)最近受雇为一对从俄罗斯圣彼得堡来度假的夫妇提供三小时拍摄务。(她通过为这对夫妇安排行程的旅行社得到了这笔生意。)阿扎尔诺夫在纽约中央车站(Grand Central Terminal)、时代广场(Times Square)和布莱恩公园(Bryant Park)为他们拍照。阿扎尔诺夫说,“我们搭了一小段出租车,这样他们就可以在纽约的出租车里拍照了。”他们还希望在麦当劳(McDonald#39;s)和星巴克(Starbucks)里拍照。 Last August, Cathy Bork from Egg Harbor Township, N.J., visited Disney World for the 18th time. Her family had not had a professional family portrait taken since their youngest child, Samantha, now 8, was born. They booked a one-hour photo shoot with Disney Fine Art Photography. They were photographed in the Morocco, Japan and France areas of Epcot before it opened for other guests. (Families can#39;t book shots in the Magic Kingdom with its castle: That is reserved for #39;Disney Fairytale Wedding#39; couples.) 去年8月,来自新泽西州蛋港镇(Egg Harbor Township)的凯茜#12539;克(Cathy Bork)第18次游览迪士尼乐园。从她最小的孩子、今年八岁的萨曼莎(Samantha)出生后,他们家就没有拍过专业的全家福。他们预订了迪士尼艺术照(Disney Fine Art Photograph)的一小时拍照务。他们在Epcot主题公园向其他游客开放前,在洛哥区、日本区和法国区拍了照。(家庭不能预定在有城堡的“魔法王国”中拍照:那是专门留给预定“迪士尼童话婚礼”(Disney Fairytale Wedding)的夫妇的。) #39;We wanted to get a family portrait and vacationing and Disney World is what we love to do,#39; says Ms. Bork. Enlarged photos from the shoot are now hanging in their home. Seven of the photos were featured in the family#39;s Christmas card last year. 克说,“我们想要一张全家福,我们喜欢度假和迪士尼乐园。”放大后的照片现在就挂在他们家中。另有七张照片被印在了他们家去年的圣诞卡上。 /201207/191366

  A bus company is warning drivers to not call passengers ;babe; in a bid to avoid lawsuits from offended women.英国一家公交公司提醒司机,不要称呼乘客;亲;,以防认为受辱的女性起诉。Brighton amp; Hove Buses posted warnings to drivers in its head offices after a complaint from a woman who said she felt insulted by being called ;babe; when she boarded a bus.布赖顿和霍夫公交公司总部近日贴出了这则警告通知。事情的起因是公司接到一名女乘客投诉,称某次上车时,司机称呼她;亲;,她当时感觉受到了侮辱。The company also warned drivers they could face the sack if they call passengers ;love; or ;darling;.该公司还警告司机,如果对女乘客使用;亲;这类词汇,司机将面临被炒鱿鱼的风险。One employee, who did not want to be named, said: ;It#39;s just the height of political correctness. The drivers know how to best speak to customers.;一名不愿意透露姓名的司机说:;这样做实在是lsquo;过头了rsquo;。司机们知道该怎么称呼乘客最好。;;People don#39;t want their drivers to be robots. What is the world coming to when you can#39;t have a bit of friendly banter with passengers?;;人们不会希望司机都像机器人一样。如果和乘客之间不能说笑,世界将会变得多么冷冰冰啊。;The sign s: ;Please can drivers be aware that some of our customers may take offence at having terms such as ;love;, ;darling; and ;babe; directed towards them.;通知写道:;请司机注意,有些乘客认为被直呼lsquo;亲爱的rsquo;、lsquo;宝贝rsquo;、lsquo;亲rsquo;是受到了侮辱。;;This can be seen by some as being a sexist comment, as a recent complaint has highlighted.;;这对有些人来说有性意味,就像最近的一起投诉提到的那样。;Managing director Roger French said: ;A lady complained to us that she thought the language used by a driver was demeaning to her.;总经理罗杰bull;弗兰齐说:;有位女士向我们投诉,她认为司机使用这样的语言对她是种侮辱。;;We take a lot of customer feedback so we thought we would pass this on. The drivers will understand and take it in good spirit.;;我们接到了很多顾客反馈,所以我们觉得应该这样做。司机们会理解,并且愉快地接受。; /201202/170192

  The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), also sometimes known as the American War of Independence, began as a war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen united former British colonies in North America, and concluded in a global war between several European great powers. The war was the culmination of the political American Revolution, whereby the colonists rejected the right of the Parliament of Great Britain to govern them without representation, claiming that this violated the Rights of Englishmen. In 1775, revolutionaries gained control of each of the thirteen colonial governments, set up the Second Continental Congress, and formed a Continental Army. Petitions to the king to intervene with the parliament for them resulted in Congress being declared traitors and the states in rebellion the following year. The Americans responded by formally declaring in 1776 their independence as a new nation, the ed States of America, claiming sovereignty and rejecting any allegiance to the British monarchy. Although France had been providing supplies, ammunition and weapons to the rebels beginning in 1776, the Continentals' capture of a British army in 1777 led France to formally enter the war on the side of the ed States in early 1778, which evened the military strength with Britain. Spain and the Dutch Republic – French allies – also went to war with Britain over the next two years.Throughout the war, the British were able to use their naval superiority to capture and occupy coastal cities, but control of the countryside (where 90% of the population lived) largely eluded them because of the relatively small size of their land army. French involvement proved decisive, with a French naval victory in the Chesapeake leading at Yorktown in 1781 to the surrender of a second British army. In 1783, the Treaty of Paris ended the war and recognized the sovereignty of the ed States over the territory bounded by what is now Canada to the north, Florida to the south, and the Mississippi River to the west.1781年美国独立战争结束(10.19)美国革命战争(1775至1783年),有时也成为美国独立战争,最初只是大不列颠王国和13个位于北美的英属殖民地之间的战争地,而后发展成欧洲几大国之间的全球战争。战争是美国政治革命的顶峰,即殖民者拒绝了英国议会对他们的统治权,称这违反了英国人的权利。在1775年,革命者最终获得了13个殖民地政府的控制权,建立了第二大陆议会,并形成了大陆军。向国王请愿对英国国会的统治干预,导致大陆国会被视为叛国者。美国人的反应是在1776年正式宣布作为成立一个新国家——美利坚合众国,要求拥有自己的主权并拒绝效忠于英国的君主制。尽管法国自1776年开始一直提供物资,弹药和武器给叛乱分子,而英国军队在1777年在大陆的掠夺导致法国1778年年初正式宣战,帮助美国拉平了与英国的军事实力。而后两年历,西班牙和荷兰共和国-——法国的盟友——也到陆续参与到战争中。整个战争期间,英国利用他们的海军优势,占领了沿海城市,但对农村的控制权(其中90%的人口居住)一直未能掌控,因为他们的陆军规模较小。法国的参与对战争起了决定性的作用,1781年法国海军在切萨皮克的胜利致使约克镇的第二英国军投降。在1783年,巴黎条约结束了战争,并承认了美国的独立主权和领土,北至现在的加拿大,南至现在的佛罗里达州,西至现在的密西西比河。 /200910/87025

  Chinese Medicine中药With a history of 2000 to 3000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has formed a unique system to diagnose and cure illness.中医在二千至三千年的历史中,已经形成了一整套独特的诊断和治疗体系。The TCM approach is fundamentally different from that of Western medicine.中医从根本上与西医不同。The theory of TCM is based on jing, qi, shen, yin-yang, five elements principle etc. 中医的理论基本上是以精、气、神、阴 阳、五行学说等来说明为何人会生病,to diagnose illness and to cure it according to the well-known Bencaogangmu (Compendium of Materia Medica) written by Li Shizhen.而对疾病的治疗,主要依据世人所熟知的李时珍所总结而著的《本草纲目》开具处方。 /201508/394009。


  ONE American in three aged 65 or older uses social networks, says a new report by the Pew Research Centre, a think-tank. But it is the small surfers, not the silver ones, who are currently making waves. Facebook is examining ways to allow children under the age of 13 to use its service, with some form of parental supervision. If this happens—and Facebook stresses that it has not yet decided whether to go ahead—it would be a venture into uncharted territory.美国智库皮尤研究中心在一份新报告中指出,美国有三分之一65岁及其以上的老年人使用社交网络。但出现状况的却是年纪轻轻的冲浪者,而非满头白发的人。脸谱网将对13岁以下的儿童使用其务的方式进行检查,它还要求有一定程度的父母监管。如果脸谱网的确将其付诸行动—脸谱网强调它并未决定是否采取进一步的措施—它将在一片未知领域中展开冒险。Critics howl that young children lack the maturity to cope with social networks. They also worry that Facebook will find devious ways to make money from naive children or, more likely, their parents. ;We would be giving the keys to the chicken coop to the fox,; says Doug Fodeman of ChildrenOnline.org, a pressure group.者们怒斥道,儿童还没有成熟到足以应对社交网络。他们也担心脸谱网会从天真无知的孩子们,或者更有可能是其父母身上赚取不义之财。任职于一家压力集团—儿童网络务组织—的Doug Fodeman说:;我们也许会教孩子们如何应对圈套。;There is also the thorny question of how Facebook could comply with the Children#39;s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in America, which was designed to protect children under 13 as they use the internet. The law stipulates that online services with youngsters among their customers must obtain the consent of the children#39;s parents before collecting data from them. Parents also need to be able to review their children#39;s data and have these deleted if they so wish. The onerous nature of these and other COPPA provisions explains why social networks have tended to shun the young. Facebook insists that you have to be 13 to use its service.另一个棘手的问题便是脸谱网会如何遵守《儿童网络隐私权法案》(COPPA),该法案旨在对13岁以下使用因特网的儿童进行保护。法案规定,客户中有年轻客户的网络务在收集这些年轻客户的资料前须征得其父母同意。父母也同样需要有权审查孩子的资料,并且能按其意愿删掉孩子的资料。COPPA的上述规定及其它条款繁琐复杂,这就使得社交网络都刻意避开年轻客户。脸谱网则坚决要求其用户必须年满13岁。The snag is that children fib about their age. A study by Consumer Reports found that 5.6m children under 13 were using Facebook in America alone. Another survey of American parents found that adults often knew that their children were less than 13 when they joined Facebook. In many cases, the parents helped them to set up their accounts.不过有个小问题:孩子们会谎报年龄。消费者报告的一份研究发现,单在美国就有560万13岁以下的儿童玩脸谱网。另一份针对美国父母的调查表明,父母通常都知道其孩子加入脸谱网时还未满13岁。而且在很多情况下,父母们都会帮助他们开通账户。Regulators have noticed. Facebook#39;s current musings may reflect the fear that the firm will run into trouble if it does nothing. It aly has slightly more robust privacy settings for children between the ages of 13 and 17. But it would need a far tighter regime for younger children, says Sarah Downey of Abine, an online consumer-privacy company.网络监管者们已注意到了这点。脸谱网当前的考量是它害怕如果无任何作为,公司便会被麻烦缠身。它已为13至17岁的用户建立了稍加坚固的隐私设置。不过,来自网络客户隐私保护公司亿邦公司的Sarah Downey说,脸谱网也许需要为13岁以下的儿童设立更为严格的监管机制。In spite of its plummeting share price, Facebook has oodles of cash from its recent stockmarket flotation. So it could easily hire the extra staff needed to support parents and their youngsters, as well as to ensure compliance with COPPA. Mark Zuckerberg, the social network#39;s boss, has said he believes children#39;s education should start early. Now he has a chance to prove that he means it.尽管脸谱网股价暴跌,但近期股市的波动使得它有大笔现金入帐。因此,除了确保能够遵守COPPA,雇佣额外所需员工为父母及其孩子提供务对脸谱网而言也许并非难事。该社交网站的老板Mark Zuckerberg说,对儿童的教育应尽早开始。如今便有一个机会摆在他面前,让他明自己不是说说而已。 /201206/187113


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