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厦门医院哪家激光祛斑最好September 11 2001 is a date tattooed on the neurons of every person who watched television on the day of those attacks. 20011日被纹在了在恐怖袭击当天看了电视的每个人的神经元上。While that has not changed over the past 15 years, what has is the meaning of this mental tattoo. 尽管这一点在过去15年里没有变化,但这种精神纹身的含义已经发生了改变。What was then seen as a one-off event became the gateway to being part of an existing a worldwide problem. 9/11恐怖袭击曾被视为一次性事件,但自那以来这一事件已经成为通往一个世界性问题的门户。On September 11, Europe gazed in horror at what was going on across the ocean in the US. 欧洲曾在91日恐惧地凝视着大西洋对岸的美国发生的恐袭事件。But the past two years will be remembered as the years that changed Europe’s position from that of bystander to being the main victim.但历史将会铭记的是,欧洲的角色在过去两年里从旁观者转变为了主要受害者。I was 12 years old in 1994 when the first bus exploded in the centre of Tel Aviv, killing 22 people. 1994年的时候我12岁,当时在特拉维夫市中心发生了首起巴士爆炸事件,导致22人死亡。My mother gave me this advice, packed with my lunchbox, as I set off for school the next day: When you are in a public place, always make sure you know where the emergency exits are. 第二天我准备去上学的时候,我母亲在午餐盒上放了一个字条:在公共场所的时候,始终要确保你知道紧急出口在哪里。During an event in an open space, be certain to have a clear path in case you need to escape.参加室外活动的时候,确保有一条通路,在需要时可以逃生。I was not allowed to watch the news after the attack: This is not a sight for children but I did not have to. 在恐怖袭击活动之后,大人们不让我看新闻:这不是小孩们看的,但我不用看。Kids can smell fear: it has a strong scent, like the wet fur of a dog. 小孩们可以闻到恐惧:它具有强烈的气味,就像是打湿了的毛一样。Every bang! from a car engine made everyone jump.汽车发动机的每一声巨响都会让所有人吓一跳。In the shopping mall, in a restaurant, at a concert, suspicious looks were exchanged. 在购物中心、餐馆以及音乐会上,人们彼此猜疑地看着对方。It was as if, at any moment, the street you knew by heart might turn into a different planet, a burning jungle.你熟知的这条街道似乎随时可能变成一个不同的星球,一个燃烧的丛林。And now it is Europe that is burning and the smell of fear haunts the streets after each atrocity, long after the last camera is switched off.如今则是欧洲在燃烧,每一次恐怖袭击之后,街道上恐惧的气味在最后一台摄像机关闭很久之后还久久不散。Everyone is talking about terror. 每个人都在谈论恐惧。Everyone is asking how Europe should cope with terror. 每个人都在问,欧洲应该如何应对恐惧。From the European debt crisis in all the way back to the Black Death in the 14th century, terror is just the latest latest in a long line of threat to European society. 009年欧洲债务危机一直回溯至14世纪的黑死病,恐惧只是欧洲社会面临的一长串威胁中最新的一个。But when we say threat, what do we mean?但是当我们说威胁的时候,我们指的是什么?Terror is a psychological state, a subjective experience of intense fear. 恐惧是一种心理状态,是对极端畏惧的一种主观体验。It has, of course, political and economic implications but these are driven by the psychological experience.它当然具有政治和经济含义,但这是由心理上的体验推动的。Terror aims at our psyche: it threatens the minds of the crowd far more than it endangers them physically. 恐惧针对的是我们的心理:它对民众心理上的威胁远远超过它对他们人身安全的威胁。To live with terrorism is to fight for a clear, un-panicked mind. 与恐怖主义共存就是要争取维持清晰、冷静的头脑。To live with terrorism is to face the psychological threat, rather than enmeshbecome enmeshed in anxiety.与恐怖主义共存就是要直面心理上的威胁,而不是陷入焦虑之中。Psychologists distinguish between external threat and internal threat. 心理学家区分了外在威胁和内在威胁。External threats are there in reality: a lion, a clash with your boss. 外在威胁是现实存在的:一头狮子,与老板发生冲突。These are objective problems, based on objective data. 这些是基于客观数据的客观问题。In France in 1346, you had a 50 per cent chance of losing your life to the Black Death. 346年的法国,你0%的几率死于黑死病。This was not a subjective or psychological threat. 这不是主观或心理上的威胁。This was reality.这是现实。An internal threat is different: here, we focus on the psychological experience of danger, regardless of the objective facts. 内在威胁有所不同:这里我们专注于对危险的心理体验,无论客观事实如何。The objective threat to Europeans from global terror is relatively minor. 欧洲遭受全球恐怖活动的客观威胁相对较小。It is in the subjective threat where the terrorists really win.恐怖分子真正取胜的地方在于主观上的威胁。I am not implying that terror is not a threat. 我并不是说恐怖主义不是威胁。Terrorism has taken the lives of more than 265 innocent people in Europe since the beginning of 2015. 015年初以来,恐怖主义夺去了65条无辜的生命。But the smell of fear in European cities has a psychological source rather than stemming from an objective threat to everyday life.但欧洲城市中的恐惧气味来源于心理因素,而非日常生活中的客观威胁。The terroristsvictory is not through the actual conquering of European land (which is out of the question) or through the death tolls from their attacks but through the fear they manage to create.恐怖分子的胜利不是通过对欧洲土地的实际征(这完全不可能)或者袭击活动造成的死亡人数获得的,而是通过他们成功制造的畏惧获得。The real tragedy of terror is what it makes us do to each other. 恐惧的真正悲剧在于它改变了我们对彼此的态度。We start fearing people just because of how they look: the colour of their skin, the way they dress. 我们开始仅仅因为某些人的样子而畏惧他们:他们的肤色以及他们的穿着。The inner racist, usually forced to stay silent, suddenly opens its ugly mouth.内在的那个通常被迫保持沉默的种族主义者,忽然张开了丑陋的嘴。But could it be that we can learn to live with terror just as we live with traffic pollution? It is there, it stinks, it may kill us and yet we go out, drive and walk along the streets. 但有没有可能我们能够学会与恐惧共存,就像我们学会与交通污染共存一样?污染就在那里,发出刺鼻的气味,可能会要我们的命,但我们还是会出门,开车,行走在大街上。Living, working, loving. 我们活着、工作着、爱着。This is the real triumph over terror.这才是真正地战胜了恐惧。来 /201609/466025思明区光子嫩肤价格U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter isvisiting a U.S. warship in the South China Sea to emphasize the ed Statescommitment to security in that area, where territorial disputes have placeChina at odds with several of its neighbors.美国国防部长卡特将视察部署在南中国海的航空母舰,强调美国致力于维护该地区的安全。南中国海领土争端导致中国与几个邻国关系紧张。Carter announced the visit Friday in Manilaat the closing ceremonies of the U.S.-Philippines joint military exercises.星期五在马尼拉举行的美国和菲律宾联合军事演习结束仪式上,卡特宣布了这一决定。He said security in the region is likeoxygen -- if there is enough of it, it goes unnoticed. But, he added,;When you dont have enough, you can think of nothing else.;卡特说,南中国海地区的安全如同氧气,在氧气充足时,人们感觉不到它的存在,一旦氧气不足,人们就知道它的重要性无与伦比。Carter said activities like the jointmilitary exercises the ed States and Philippines just concluded areimportant to protecting security in the region. Carter said the first SouthChina Sea joint patrol was carried out in March. Defense officials say a secondjoint patrol was completed in early April.卡特说,美菲联合军演这类活动对维护该地区的安全意义重大。卡特说,美国和菲律宾今月首次在南中国海进行了联合巡航。国防部官员说,次联合巡月初完成。China protested Friday. Beijing said theed States is taking a ;lopsided approach; favoring Chinas rivalsfor territory in the South China Sea. China claims almost the entire SouthChina Sea, and has aggressively carried out island-building and patrols inwaters that are claimed by other countries.中国星期五提出抗议。北京表示,美国在南中国海争端问题上采取了偏向中国对手的立场。中国对南中国海几乎全部海域提出主权声索,并在其他国家声称主权的海域采取咄咄逼人的填海造岛及巡航行动。来 /201604/437670厦门去毛哪里比较好

龙岩激光脱腋毛多少钱厦门上眼皮下垂做手术需要多少钱Britain is to start building a wall in the northern French port of Calais to stop migrants jumping on trucks, under a deal agreed earlier this year, the interior ministry said Wednesday.英国内政部上周三表示,根据今年早前达成的协议,英国将在法国北部港口城市加莱修建一道墙,阻止难民跳上卡车非法入境。The four-metre high, one-kilometre long barrier will be built on a port approach road starting this month and should be completed by the end of this year, officials said.官方表示,本月将在一条通往港口的路上修建这道高4米、长1千米的墙,预计于年末完工。The wall, which will be funded by the British government under an agreement struck at a summit in March, will complement a security fence aly put up around the port and entrance to the Channel Tunnel.依据三月一次峰会上签署的协议,这道墙将由英国政府出资修建,对港口和英吉利海峡隧道入口附近已有的安全围栏起辅助作用;We are going to start building this big new wall very soon. Weve done the fence, now we are doing a wall,; junior minister Robert Goodwill told a parliamentary committee on Tuesday.主管移民事务的大臣罗伯特#8226;古德维尔上周二对国会委员会说:“我们将很快开始修建这道新的高墙。我们已经有了围栏,现在要建的是护墙。”Richard Burnett, chief executive of Britains Road Haulage Association also told the B the plan was a ;poor use of taxpayers money;.英国公路运输协会会长理查#8226;伯内特也向B表示,修墙计划是在“乱花纳税人的钱”。He said funding for a wall ;would be much better spent on increasing security along the approach roads;.他说修墙的资金“要是用于加强道路沿线的安保会更好”。The wall, which is expected to cost 2.7 million euros (.0 million), will be the latest barrier to go up around Europe as the continent struggles with its biggest migrant influx in decades.这道高墙预计花费270万欧元(300万美金)。欧洲正在数十年来最大的难民潮中苦苦挣扎,“加莱长城”将会是其最新建立的屏障。Hungary has built a reinforced fence on its frontier with Serbia and Austria has announced plans for a massive new fence along its border with Hungary in a bid to shut down the Balkan migrant route.匈牙利已经在与塞尔维亚的边境上建起了一道加固围墙,奥地利也宣布,计划在与匈牙利的边境一线大规模修建新围墙,阻断难民的巴尔干路线。Republican White House hopeful Donald Trump has said he plans to build a wall along the border with Mexico funded by the Mexican government if he is elected.美国共和党总统候选人唐纳#8226;特朗普曾表示,如果赢得大选,他要在美墨边境建一道墙且该墙由墨西哥政府出资。Many commentators on Twitter drew comparisons with Trumps proposal, with @fleetstreetfox saying: ;And now were the ed Kingdom of Trump;.推特上许多者将英国的修墙计划和特朗普的提议作比较。网友fleetstreetfox说:“现在我们是特朗普版联合王国。”The wall in Calais was agreed following tens of thousands of attempted Channel crossings last year by migrants sneaking onto lorries boarding ferries and the Eurotunnel.去年,难民曾无数次偷藏在搭乘渡轮和欧洲隧道列车的卡车里,试图跨越英吉利海峡进入英囀?因此,加莱的修墙计划才得以通过。Angry French truckers and farmers blocked the main routes in and out of Calais on Monday to call for the closure of the sprawling ;Jungle; migrant camp.上周一,愤怒的法国卡车司机和农民封锁了往返加莱的主干道,要求关闭不断扩张的难民营“丛林”。The Jungle, a squalid camp of tents and makeshift shelters, is home to some 7,000 migrants but charities say the number might be as high as 10,000 after an influx this summer.脏乱的“丛林”营地里有约7000难民。他们住在帐篷和临时收容所里。但慈善机构称,今夏的难民潮以后,人数可能达万人。Migrants from the camp sometimes use tree branches to create roadblocks to slow trucks heading for Britain, their destination of choice.营地里的难民有时会用树枝制造路障,迫使开往英国的卡车减速。英国是他们理想的目的地。When the trucks slow down, migrants try to clamber into the trailers to stow away aboard.当车速放缓,难民们会试图爬进车里,借此偷渡。Drivers say migrants and people trafficking gangs have attacked their vehicles with metal bars.司机们称难民和偷渡团伙用金属杆袭击过他们的车。The drivers say despite the deployment of 2,100 officers around the port, the police are overstretched and unable to secure the roads.司机表示,尽管港口周围调度了2100名警官,但警方还是不堪重负,难以保道路安全。French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve promised during a visit to the Jungle last week to close the camp down ;as quickly as possible; but said it would be done in stages. |法国内政部长伯纳#8226;卡泽纳夫上周考察“丛林”时承诺会“尽快”关闭这处难民营,但表示该工作将分阶段完成。来 /201609/466015Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the former secretary-general of the UN who clashed bitterly with the Clinton administration, has died at the age of 93.曾与克林Clinton)政府发生尖锐冲突的联合国(UN)前秘书长布特罗斯布特罗斯-加利(Boutros Boutros-Ghali,见头图右)逝世,享3岁。An Egyptian diplomat who became the first African and the first Arab to hold the post, Boutros-Ghali took charge of the UN in 1992 when the international organisation appeared to be coming into its own after four decades of Cold War gridlock.这位埃及外交官是担任联合国秘书长一职的首位非洲人和首位阿拉伯人。他992年开始执掌联合国。在经历0年的冷战僵局之后,这个国际组织当时似乎正在赢得它应有的地位。However, the UN was buffeted by crises in Somalia, Rwanda and Bosnia during his tenure and his relations with the US were so strained that Washington blocked his 1996 re-election, making Boutros-Ghali the only secretary-general to serve one term.然而,在布特罗加利任期内,联合国却连遭索马里、卢旺达和波黑危机的打击,他与美国的关系变得如此紧张,以至于美国政府996年堵死了他的连任之路,令他成为唯一一位任期只有一届的联合国秘书长。The campaign to unseat him, which was led by then secretary of state Madeleine Albright, demonstrated a level of influence at the UN that Washington might find difficult to repeat today. But it was also a reminder of a time when the UN seemed more central to global problems than it has in recent years.由时任美国国务卿的马德琳攠尔布赖Madeleine Albright)牵头的把布特罗斯-加利赶下台的运动,展示出了美国政府对联合国的影响力有多么的大,而今天美国政府可能很难再现这种影响力。不过,这件事也提醒人们,与近些年相比,当年联合国对解决全球问题似乎发挥着更核心的作用。Writing about the episode later, Boutros-Ghali said he had assumed a great power such as the US was steeped in the importance of diplomacy and international law. “But the Roman empire had no need of diplomacy. Neither does the ed States,he said.布特罗斯-加利后来在文章里回顾这段时光时表示,他原本以为美国这样的大国深知外交和国际法的重要性。“然而罗马帝国不需要外交,美国也不需要,”他表示。His relations with Washington became strained by the attack in 1993 on US troops supporting a UN mission in Somalia that left 18 American soldiers dead. Boutros-Ghali’s allies accused the Clinton administration of using him as a scapegoat amid the political recriminations that followed in Washington over the botched mission.他与美国政府的关系趋于紧张,是由993年美国军人在索马里遭遇的袭击。这些美国军人当时正在持一项联合国任务,那起袭击导8名美国士兵丧生。布特罗加利的盟友们谴责克林顿政府在后来华盛顿方面围绕这一失败任务爆发的政治对骂中把他当作替罪羊。That episode, in turn, cast its shadow over the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 that UN peacekeepers were unable to prevent. In a 2005 interview with the AP, Boutros-Ghali said this was “my worst failure at the ed Nationsbut he also blamed the US, France and Belgium for preventing a broader international intervention.这件事反过来又对1994年卢旺达种族屠杀产生了影响,联合国维和人员没能阻止那次屠杀的发生005年接受美联社(AP)采访时,布特罗斯-加利表示这是“我在联合国最严重的失败”。不过,他也将原因归结为美国、法国和比利时阻挠开展更大范围的国际干预。When the conflict in Bosnia intensified, Boutros-Ghali again sparred with Washington, with many US officials accusing him of being too sympathetic towards the Serbs. The massacre by Serbs in July 1995 of 8,000 Muslims in the UN “safe zoneof Srebrenica was another searing blow to the organisation’s credibility.在波斯尼亚冲突加剧之时,布特罗斯-加利再次与美国政府发生了争执,许多美国官员谴责他对塞尔维亚族太过同情995月塞族人在斯雷布雷尼察联合国“安全区”对8000名穆斯林展开大屠杀,令联合国的声誉又一次受到沉重打击。With conservatives in the US turning Boutros-Ghali into a political punchline, the Clinton administration feared he could become a factor in the 1996 presidential election. Although he enjoyed broad support at the UN, Ms Albright persuaded enough countries to withdraw backing for Boutros-Ghali’s re-election and the Ghanaian diplomat Kofi Annan emerged as an alternative candidate that could win strong African backing.鉴于美国保守派已把布特罗加利变为政治论战的焦点之一,克林顿政府担心他可能会影响1996年总统选举选情。尽管布特罗加利在联合国拥有广泛持,奥尔布莱特还是说了足够多的国家撤回对他连任的持,加纳外交官科菲褠坛(Kofi Annan,见头图左)成为了能赢得非洲国家强烈持的替代人选。In his farewell speech to the UN, Boutros-Ghali said he had hoped the UN could play a decisive international role after the end of the cold war.在致联合国的告别演说中,布特罗斯-加利表示,他原本希望冷战结束后联合国能扮演起决定性作用的国际角色。“But the middle years of this half decade were deeply troubled,he said. “Disillusion set in.”“但这五年当中的几年问题重重,”他说,“幻想开始破灭了。”来 /201602/427232厦门微整哪里好Chinas top oceanic agency announced that two more Coast Guard ships are patrolling the waters near the Diaoyu Islands.中国国家海洋局近日宣布,两艘加派的海警船正在巡视钓鱼岛附近海域。Analysts said the patrols are a routine measure to demonstrate Chinas sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, as ties between China and Japan have been further deteriorating in the past months due to Japans meddling in the South China Sea disputes.分析人士表示,在该海域巡逻是常规行为,目的是明中国对钓鱼岛拥有主权,因为在过去的几个月里由于日本方面干涉南海争端问题,中日两国关系已进一步恶化;Its normal for China to send Coast Guard vessels to the Diaoyu area to safeguard Chinas fishing boats, as the Diaoyu Islands are an inherent part of Chinese territory,; Lü Yaodong, director of the Institute of Japanese Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times.中国社科院日本研究所所长吕耀东接受《环球时报》采访时表示:“对于中国来说,派遣海警船到钓鱼岛海域附近保护中国渔船是一件非常正常的事,因为钓鱼岛是中国的固有领土。30 Chinese fishing boats and seven China Coast Guard vessels were spotted near the Diaoyu Islands, according to Kyodo News. Some of the vessels appeared to be equipped with guns, Kyodo News cited the Japan Coast Guard as saying.据日本共同社报道,在钓鱼岛海域附近已经发现了230艘中国渔船和7艘中国海警船。共同社援引日本海岸警卫队的话称,其中一些船只似乎装备有炮。China has sent Coast Guard vessels to patrol the disputed area at least 20 times this year, according to the State Oceanic Administrations website. But experts say its rare that hundreds of fishing boats would sail through the area at the same time.据国家海洋局网站上的信息显示,中国今年已经至0次派出海警船到该争议海域巡逻。但是有专家表示,数百艘渔船在同一时间驶过该海域的确很少见。Zhou Yongsheng, a professor at the Institute of International Relations of China Foreign Affairs University, said the act was meant to demonstrate Chinas sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands and adjacent waters.中国外交学院国际关系研究所教授周永生表示,这一行动的目的是为了明中国对钓鱼岛及其附近海域拥有主权。From Friday to Sunday, Japan lodged multiple protests to the Chinese Embassy in Japan as well as Chinas foreign ministry against the Chinese Coast Guard vessels ;intrusion,; urging them to leave the waters immediately, according to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.据日本外交部网站显示,从周五到周日,日本向中国驻日大使和中国外交部提出了多起抗议,抗议中国海警船的“入侵”,敦促他们立即离开该海域。Responding to Japans protests, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said in a statement that ;the Chinese side is working to properly manage the situation in the relevant waters.;为回应日本的抗议,中国外交部发言人华春莹在一份声明中指出:“中方正在妥善管理相关海域的情况”;We strongly hope that the Japanese side will honor its principled agreement with us, and deal with the current situation with a cool head instead of taking actions that may raise tensions or complicate things,; she said.华春莹表示:“我们强烈希望日方恪守和中国的原则协议,在处理目前局势的时候保持冷静的头脑,而不是采取有可能使得局势紧张和事件复杂化的行动。”来 /201608/460985厦门自体隆胸哪里好

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