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福建福清妇女医院门诊怎么样福清无痛人流价格是Part . They are the champion.A. Keywords. adventurer, round-the-world journey, human power, circumnavigate, globe, Moksha, transport, route.Vocabulary. circumnavigate, do sth under one own steam, Greenwich Meridian Line, custom-designed, pedal-power boat,epic, kayak, in-line-skate, limb, amputate, spy, charity, hang up one boots, rolling, cozy, take the mickey, Colorado.A1. Listen to a passage about Jason Lewis, the circumnavigator.While listening, pay special attention to numbers and dates, write down in the blanks what those numbers or dates refer to.After years and 6,000 miles, a British adventurer has completed a round-the-world journey, using human power alone.Jason Lewis, 0, crossed 5 continents, oceans and 1 sea to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe under his own steam.He finally returned to the UK on Saturday, crossing the GreenWich Meridian Line, in his custom-designed 6 feet pedal-powered boat, Moksha.It was the same point where his journey began on ,July 199, when he was just 6 years old.Jason used a variety of modes of transport his epic journey, including cycling, swimming, kayaking and in-line skating.His route took him west from Britain to the USA, and then on to Australia, Asia and Africa, bee returning to Europe from the East.The journey was not without dangers.In Colorado, Jason was run over by a drunk driver while in-line skating at the side of the road.His spent 6 weeks in hospital and nearly had a limb amputated.As well as surviving the car accident, Jason was robbed and beaten several times on his journey, chased by a giant crocodile in Australia, and arrested by the Egyptian Military as a suspected spy.But on the way, he has raised money children charities around the world, as well as developing an education program school children based on his travels.What now the world traveller?Jason is happy to be back and may hang up his boots a while.;Ive seen enough deserts, Ive missed green rolling hills and cozy pubs, sitting by the fire drinking a pint of warm bear;, said Jason.;I do miss British humor, it nice to be with people who take the mickey out of each other.;A. Now listen again, after that, youre going to hear 5 statements.Decide whether they are true or false.Statements.1. Jason Lewis sailed around the world in a sailing boat.. He used only his own body to power a variety of vehicles.3. He returned to the same place where his journey began.. Doctors removed one of his legs after a traffic accident.5. He has generated funds charitable organizations.B. Keywords. ace, racing driver, mula 1, world champion.Vocabulary. ace, phenomenal, secure, consecutive, lap, reputed, spa, Ferrari.Listen to a passage about Michael Schumacher. Complete the fast facts about him.German ace Michael Schumacher is widely recognized as being the world best ever racing driver.In 1995, Michael became the youngest double mula 1 world champion (199 and 1995 seasons) ever.He is also the 00, 01 , and world champion.These phenomenal records speaks itself.In , he beat Juan Manuel Fangio five championships from the 1950, by taking his sixth.He has now retired from F1, at the end of season.The championship was secured by Michael bee its conclusion, making it title number 7.He did it by finishing second at Spa in Belgium, in Ferrari 700th race, to accumulate enough points to seal the deal.Michael also holds the F1 records : most career wins (91), most wins in a season ( in ),most career pole positions (66), most points during a season (8 in ),most consecutive world championships (5 from 00 to ), most consecutive race wins (7 in ),most laps leading (69), most fastest laps (76), plus several others.Michael is the highest paid racing driver in the world and second highest earning sportsman in the world,earning a reputed US 80 million dollars in (0 million dollars of which was his salary from Ferrari). 353585福清阳光妇产医院早孕检查多少钱 Carlos要求Gabrielle给腹中的胎儿做亲子鉴定以确定是自己的孩子,Gabrielle耍了点手腕,做了份亲子鉴定来安慰丈夫,下面的对话是他们两人在监狱的探望室互相责怪,最后两个人都意识到自己都不是什么良善之辈,不过值得欣慰的是:他们至少还很有钱 1福清做无痛人流哪个医院便宜

福清哪家医院治疗尿道炎效果好Oma:Good morning, young lady. You can call me Oma. Do you see anything you like?Wei:Yes. Many things! I especially love this beautiful quilt.Oma:That quilt was passed down to me from my oma in Holland.Wei:It sounds like a special quilt. Why do you want to sell it?Oma:Well, this home is too big me now, so Im moving to an apartment that is much smaller. Theree, I need to part with a few things.Wei:Oh, I see. Umm, how much do you want the quilt?Oma:Is fifteen dollars OK?参考译文:阿嬷:早安,小姑娘妳可以叫我阿嬷有看到你喜欢的吗?小薇:有好多喔!我特别喜欢这床漂亮的被子阿嬷:那床被子是从我荷兰的阿嬷那一代传下来给我的小薇:听起来是床特别的被子你为什么要卖掉?阿嬷:嗯,这房子现在对我来说太大了我要搬进一间小很多的公寓所以我得跟某些东西说再见小薇:喔,我了解嗯,这床被子你要卖多少?阿嬷:十五元可以吗重点词汇:oma (n.)(德语)奶奶,阿妈People with Dutch heritage call their grandma, ;oma.;有荷兰传统的人都称他们祖母为Omaquilt (n.)被子A: This quilt is made of al natural materials.这件羽毛被全由天然原料制作B: It must be very comtable.一定很舒pass down遗留下来My grandmother passed down this necklace to me.我祖母留下这条项链给我Holland (n.)荷兰Dutch (a.) 荷兰的People in Holland tend to be very tall.荷兰人都很高theree (adv.)I lost my job, theree, I cant buy a new scooter.我丢了工作,我不能买机车了part with...和…离别A: Would you be willing to part with your wedding ring?你愿意跟你的结婚戒指分开吗?B: Not a million dollars.一百万都不干 367753龙山街道中医医院做四维彩超检查 大家对名人感兴趣吗?我想大家在提及自己的偶像时一定会滔滔不绝,你们想听听你们的偶像是如何用英语表述自己的吗?那么,还等什么?快快随我一起来倾听他们的声音吧!~ 3南岭镇妇女儿童医院咨询专线

港头镇人民医院治疗妇科怎么样 1.controversial adj. 有争议的;有争论的如:I know this is controversial. 我知道这是有争议的STEM cells have a controversial reputation, but in truth they are what makes human life possible. 干细胞向来的名声备受争议,但事实是他们让人类生命成为可能.unmarried adj. 未婚的;单身的;独身的如:But most people think that I am elder unmarried youth. 但是大多数的人都认为我是大龄未婚青年3.stagger vt. 蹒跚;使交错;使犹豫如:The baby dog staggered to me. 小娃蹒跚着朝我走来.manhood n. 成年;男子;男子气概如:Free me from your spells, and give me back the manhood to offer you my free heart. 解脱我自你爱之符咒,奉还我英雄气度,我必供奉你以重获自由之心灵5.outrageous adj. 粗暴的;可恶的;令人吃惊的Design a costume that is purely outrageous! 装设计,这是纯属岂有此理!福清妇幼保健医院在周日有上班吗福清阳光妇科医院做人流多少钱



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