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China to Host International Meeting on Iran中国主办下轮伊朗核问题国际会谈  The Chinese government says it hopes the Iranian nuclear issue can be resolved through peaceful dialogue. China also announced it is hosting the next round of international talks on Iran.  中国表示希望能够通过和平对话的方式解决伊朗核问题,并宣布主办下一轮有关伊朗问题的国际谈判。 The next high-level international meeting on Iran will be held April 16 in Shanghai. 下一轮有关伊朗问题的高级别国际会议4月16号将在上海举行。Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu announced the meeting at a regular briefing in Beijing. 中国外交部发言人姜瑜在北京举行的例行新闻发布会上宣布了这一消息。She says the main purpose of the meeting will be to discuss strategies to persuade Iran to resume nuclear talks at an early date. She called for all parties concerned to display "creativity and flexibility" in seeking a "comprehensive, long-term and proper" solution. 她说:“当前形势下,有关各方应充分发挥创造性,显示灵活,积极寻求有利于全面、长期解决伊核问题的妥善办法。”Participants will include the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council - the ed States, Britain, China, France and Russia - as well as representatives from Germany and the European Union. 参加这次国际谈判的国家包括美国、英国、中国、法国和俄罗斯等5个联合国安理会常任理事国以及德国和欧洲联盟的代表。China has been a host for the six-party talks on the North Korean nuclear issue. Jiang says China is also y to play a more active role in the Iran process. 中国一直是北韩核问题六方会谈的东道主。中国外交部发言人姜瑜表示,中国也愿意在伊朗问题上发挥更加积极的作用。Jiang says she hopes the Shanghai meeting will have positive results. 她说:“中方希望,在各方共同努力下,上海会议能够取得积极成果。”China and Russia have opposed harsh Security Council sanctions against Iran and have worked to water down efforts to impose harsh penalties on Tehran for its nuclear defiance. The first set of U.N. sanctions against Iran for its nuclear program were passed in late 2006. 中国和俄罗斯反对安理会对伊朗采取严厉制裁措施,并一直寻求削弱对伊朗在核问题上的不妥协立场施加严厉制裁的努力。联合国就伊朗核项目问题对伊朗实施的制裁在2006年年底获得通过。On a related issue, Jiang last week dismissed media reports ing unnamed senior diplomats, who accused China of providing intelligence about Iran's alleged nuclear arms program to the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Chinese spokeswoman called the reports "totally groundless, and out of ulterior motives."  在另外一个相关问题上,一些新闻报导援引一些没有透露姓名的资深外交官的话说,中国向国际原子能机构提供了有关伊朗核武器项目的情报。中国外交部发言人姜瑜上个星期表示,这些报导“毫无根据,是出于不可告人的目的”。 200804/34009

jink ------ 急转弯(不及物动词)英文释义(intransitive verb) To change direction suddenly when avoiding someone or something.例句The hunter watched as the rabbit jinked quickly right and left as his dog chased it across the field.猎人放在田野中追逐兔子,兔子忽左忽右地急转。 /201611/471218

We have reasons to suspect, based on recent high resolution photography of the surface, that there may be a subsurface ocean there. And where we find water and where we find the right mix of organics, there is the possibility for life. So we have to entertain the idea then that Europa could provide in this subsurface ocean environment, a habitat that would be clement for life and where life could have originated. "I don't know whether we'll find life beyond single cell. And when I talk about life, I want to be very, very clear. Single cell life would be an unbelievable find. And any higher level, I just don't know, I just don't know. But I doubt that we'll find a human species. " When our spacecraft eventually penetrated Europa's icy sheets, they might find scenes like this, an undersea world where life prospers without sunlight or oxygen like our own deep ocean thermal beds. And beyond our own solar system, there is always the seductive possibility that an intelligent group of beings like ourselves exists somewhere. After all, our sun is one of billions of stars that shine in the universe, a universe that contains all the elements found in life on Earth. A distant star could be the sun of another civilization. Could aliens have paid us a visit aly ? Maybe eons ago? "It's always possible that there is something we haven't recognized that has been left here maybe a long time ago by alien visitation. But in the absence of presenting me with that evidence, I see no reason to, to believe this. I really think it's such an expensive exercise to physically travel from one star system to another. I can't imagine the motivation of any alien species that would do it. " Humankind has explored the solar system, but we lack the technology to send men or robotic missions to another planetary system. But we've certainly left evidence of our own existance. The trail of debris from our space missions like Hansel and Gretel's bcrumbs in the forest may one day mark the way for an alien group looking for us. "Life probably does exist elsewhere in the universe, probably not sufficiently, frequently in the universe for us ever to be likely to meet it. So that would be my guess is that life is present elsewhere in the universe, but is probably so spaced-out that we may never know about it. " Out there, way out there, in other galaxies, what is the likelihood? The president of the SETI Institute has developed a complicated equation to actually figure the odds. It's called the Drake Equation. It's based upon things we do know about the universe, and other things we can make educated guesses about, things like how often new stars form, how many stars have planets, how many planets have life, the chance of that life developing intelligence, the chances that intelligence will lead to technology.words in this passageclement:describes weather which is pleasant or not severe:温和的,温暖的(气候等)例:It's very clement for the time of year.Hansel and Gretel:a fairy tale, for more information, Drake Equation: 200808/46529

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