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古诗词汉译英:《论语中英文版 第十四章 宪问篇(9) -- :9:1 来源:   子貢方人子曰:“賜也賢乎哉?夫我則不暇”   Zi Gong was in the habit of comparing men together. The Master said, "Ci must have reached a high pitch of excellence! Now, I have not leisure this."    子贡方人①子曰:“赐也贤乎哉②?夫我则不暇③”    子贡讥评别人孔子说:“端木赐,你就那么好吗?我可没有这闲功夫议论别人”    ①方:同“谤”指责说别人的坏处  ②赐:端木赐,即子贡贤:好  ③不暇:没有空闲    子贡平日无事时,好议论张长李短,言人之过恶缺失他曾议论管仲不仁,比较子张与子夏谁强孔子以为,这不是一种好习气因为孔子是主张加强自我修养,先求诸已而后求诸人,不要先驰心于外,议论别人因为议论的目的是为了弄清是非,进一步提高自身的修养其次,议论要慎重,要尽量恰如其分,讥评不当会招祸孔子对学生的批评,一般是既温和又严厉,有时往往还把自己摆进去,给人以善意亲切感,这种做法很值得后人体味

职场“面霸”教你如何正确提问面试官(双语) --1 :3:18 来源:   The interviewer asks you, "Do you have any questions me?"  面试官问你,"你有什么问题要问我吗?"  You say ... "Yes!"  你回答说......"有!"  This is the easiest interview question out there. Always say yes  这是最简单的面试问题,总要说有的  Asking questions shows that you're interested in the job. It also gives you a chance to show how knowledgeable you are about the position and the industry. Most important, it lets you highlight why you're the perfect candidate  能提出问题表示你对这份工作很有兴趣这还给了你一个机会展示一下你对这个职位以及这个行业的熟悉程度,最重要的是,这给你机会来强调为什么你是最佳求职者  You have to choose your questions carefully, though, depending on who's doing the interviewing. An excellent question a recruiter might be inappropriate an executive. And you don't want to ask your potential boss something that's best suited a future coworker  不过你应该根据来面试你的人仔细的选择你的问题一个问招聘人员最合适的问题却不一定合适问高级主管你也不想用最应该问将来同事的问题向未来老板提问吧  Also, there are certain questions you should never ask early in the interview process -- no matter whom you're meeting. Don't ask about salary, vacation, 01(k) or anything else that might make you seem more interested in the compensation than the company  还有,有些问题是你永远都不应该在面试环节提问的--不管谁面试你不要提问关于薪水、假期、退休金或者其他可能让你看上去更关心薪金而不是公司的问题  This shares questions appropriate every type of interviewer  这篇文章为你提供一些适合问各种面试官的问题  The Recruiter: The 'Big Picture' Person  招聘人员:统观大局的人  It's the recruiter's job to identify strong candidates and guide them through the hiring process. Think of the recruiter as the "big picture" person. They can give you an overview of the company and the department as a whole. (Save very specific questions about the job the hiring manager) The recruiter is also the best person to answer questions about the hiring process  招聘人员的工作就是识别那些强有力的求职者,通过招聘程序给他们一些引导把这些人当作统观大局的人他们可以给你一个对全公司和整个部门的总的看法(把那些具体的问题留给招聘经历吧)招聘人员还是回答招聘程序的最佳人选  Some questions to ask the recruiter:  一些适合问招聘人员的问题:  1、How would you describe the company culture?  、What type of employees tend to excel at this company?  3、Can you tell me more about the interview process?  1、你怎样形容这家公司的企业文化?  、什么类型的员工能在这家公司有比较好的发展?  3、能给我多讲讲招聘程序吗?

古诗词汉译英:《论语中英文版 第十四章 宪问篇() -- :55:00 来源: 子路問事君子曰:“勿欺也,而犯之”  Zi Lu asked how a ruler should be served. The Master said, "Do not impose on him, and, moreover, withstand him to his face."     子路问事君,子曰:“勿欺也,而犯之①”    子路询问怎样事奉君主,孔子说:“不要欺骗他,而要犯颜直谏规劝他”    ①犯:冒犯,触犯这里引申为对君主犯颜诤谏    孔子认为,臣事君应该‘忠’,但此“忠”不是顺从于君主个人,不是惟君主个人意志是从孔子回答子路的话“勿欺”,就是臣对君讲真话、讲真实情况,不要口是非,阳奉阴违;“犯之”就是对君主有意见可以当面提出,认为君主言行有不合仁、义、礼之处,可以批评,讲道理,辨别是心非这样的“犯”正是“事君以忠”,是群臣彼此在仁、义、礼原则面前的平等,是彼此遵循正直、公正原则的表现质言之,孔子之所以主张对君勿欺、可犯,是因为他认为君主不是绝对权威,君和臣一样都应有君子人格,反对专制主义在君主身上人格化,,毕竟在君主之上还有道,还有国家、天下“民为邦本”,即还有众人君与臣都应一律以道为准则,以国家兴亡为准则

八大法则教你先树立自信(双语) --1 :39: 来源: Walk with your head high. Look confident and be proud of who you are  走路要抬头,透出自信,为自己自豪  Accept your failure and move on  接受失败然后继续前进  Good self-esteem is necessary good relationships  自尊才会有好人缘  It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, pleasing other people won't make you happy  别人怎么想真的不重要,取悦别人是不会让自己快乐的  What the best things in life yourself and find out how to get them  希望得到生活最好的馈赠,然后找出获得它们的办法  Don't let other people walk all over you  不要让他人利用你  Don't listen to what other say about you, lead you own life  不要听别人怎么说你,走自己的路  Don't let it get you down if somebody doesn't like you, it is natural, everybody can't be firends  不要因为有人不喜欢你而沮丧!这是很正常的,不是人人都能做朋友

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