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Several years ago, I was standing at a bus stop when suddenly a couple emerged from a nearby alley, arguing loudly. More or less in unison, we at the bus stop all turned and looked them.几年前,我站在公交车站,突然有一对情侣从附近的巷子冒出来大声争吵。在公交车站的人全都不约而同地转头看他们。Then the man grabbed the woman by the shoulders and, yelling, began to shake her till she was about to fall to the ground.之后男子抓住女子的肩膀大声咆哮,并开始摇晃她,直到她几乎要跌倒在地。I walked quickly to the couple and called out, ;Please, sir, please stop doing that. Youre hurting her.;我迅速走向那对情侣,并大声说:“先生,请你住手。你伤到她了。”The man did stop. His mouth agape, he stared me down and let go of the woman. Two things then occurred. The group of strangers at the bus stop turned and looked away as if nothing had happened. And, a moment later, the man and woman sauntered arm in arm back into the alley.那男子停手了。他目瞪口呆,用目光盯着我使我不敢与他对视,然后他放开了那个女人。之后发生了两件事情。公交站旁的人群转过脸去,看向别处,仿佛什么事情也没发生一样。过了一会儿,男子和女子手挽着手悠闲地走回了那条巷子。It is not easy to discern when to hold back and when to get involved in a potentially sticky situation. When should we say ;Enough is enough,; and stick our noses into something that is not ours? I can understand a person being afraid to get involved in someone elses problem because they fear first, physical danger, secondly, financial damage, and thirdly, general inconvenience.面对一个可能很棘手的情况,要辨别何时该忍,何时又该介入并不容易。我们该何时说出“够了”,然后介入到与自己无关的事情中去?我理解人们之所以害怕介入别人的事原因有三:第一,害怕身体上的危险;第二,担心财物损失;第三,怕惹麻烦。I still feel I did the right thing that day. Would I do it again today? I hope so.我仍然觉得那天自己做了该做的事。要是在今天我还会这样做吗?我想是的。原文译文属!201209/198097。

W. Carlos M. used to be in a wheelchair. After two years of stem cell therapy that he believes reversed his condition, Costa Rican authorities are closing down the center where he received treatment. The center has a permit to store adult stem cells, but not to perform the treatment M. received.W. Carlos M.曾经一度坐在轮椅上。据他回忆,经过两年干细胞疗法的治疗,他的病情得到了好转。然而,哥斯达黎加当局却关闭了他接受治疗的治疗中心。原因是该中心虽然拥有储存成人干细胞的资格许可,但却没有进行治疗的资格许可。And now we dont know what will happen, what reaction will have. All the people I know, every single patient has had positive reactions to the treatment. Cases with three year inability, paraplegia, and they are starting to feel their legs. We now feel truly abandoned and disappointed by the decision that was taken.现在我们不知道将来会发生什么。我认识的人,每一个在这里治疗的人都对治疗效果青睐有加。曾经有3年瘫痪的人经过治疗,逐渐能感觉到自己的腿了。现在,我们对政府的决定感到很无助,很失落。The Costa Rican Health Ministry says the Institute of Cellular Medicine is not following standard procedures in medical clinical trials. Such trials use a control group, giving a fake therapy to rule out the placebo effect.哥斯达黎加的卫生部表示,该治疗中心并没有遵从医学临床试验的标准程序。标准的医学临床试验会设置对照组,对比出干细胞疗法的副作用,并检测出它是否会引发安慰剂效果。Health Minister Maria Luisa Avila, ;The people in charge of the center should have developed protocols, investigation protocols which are viewed by bioethics committees who have an external consultant review things that are doing well, because mother-cell treatments are not approved for routine usage in any serious country. This is still a therapy which is still being investigated.;卫生部长玛丽亚·路易莎·阿维拉表示,“中心负责人已经签署了停止营业的协议,该协议由生物伦理委员会起草。该协会的外部顾问审查工作一直进行得很好。干细胞疗法在很多国家没有受到认可,它仍是一项正在研发中的治疗手段。The center was using master cells found throughout the body that give rise to many different tissues and blood cells. That had become standard treatment for certain genetic diseases. The clinics owner told Reuters he closed the clinic and admitted that some of his treatments had not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.该中心是利用从身体中提炼出的干细胞经过培育再植入到身体不同器官和血细胞中的疗法对患者进行治疗。这种治疗方法已经成为了一些遗传疾病的专门疗法。该治疗中心的所有者告诉路透社记者,他已经关闭了诊所,并承认他的一些治疗是美国食品和药物尚未批准的。Andrew B, Reuters.安德鲁·B,路透社消息。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201206/188362。

Business商业Physical attractiveness and careers美貌与职场Dont hate me because Im beautiful漂亮有罪吗?Attractive women should not include a photo with a job application长得漂亮的女性不应该在投递简历时附上照片AT WORK, as in life, attractive women get a lot of the breaks.就跟在日常生活中一样,在工作中,漂亮的女性总会得到很多眷顾。Studies have shown that they are more likely to be promoted than their plain-Jane colleagues.有研究表明,比起长相平平的同事,这些美女晋升的机会更大。Because people tend to project positive traits onto them, such as sensitivity and poise, they may also be at an advantage in job interviews.由于人们倾向于把她们跟一些积极向上的性格特征对号入座,比如说反应敏捷和处变不惊。美女也可能在求职面试中占有优势。The only downside to hotness is having to fend off ghastly male colleagues; or so many people think.唯一不利的是,她们得避开那些心术不正的异性骚扰;很多人大概都会有这种想法。But research by two Israelis suggests otherwise.然而,两名以色列人的研究却显示了迥然不同的结果。Bradley Ruffle at Ben-Gurion University and Zeev Shtudiner at Ariel University Centre looked at what happens when job hunters include photos with their curricula vitae, as is the norm in much of Europe and Asia.在很多欧洲和亚洲国家,求职者都会在简历中附上照片。来自班古里昂大学(Ben-Gurion University)的Bradley Ruffle和来自Ariel 大学中心的Zeev Shtudiner对附上照片后的情况进行了调查。The pair sent fictional applications to over 2,500 real-life vacancies.两人针对现实中2500多个空缺职位投出了虚构的简历。For each job, they sent two very similar résumés, one with a photo, one without. Subjects had previously been graded for their attractiveness.他们给每个职位都投了两份非常相似的简历,一份有照片,一份没有。他们提前根据相片的美貌程度划分了等级。For men, the results were as expected.在男性方面,调查结果在意料之中。Hunks were more likely to be called for an interview if they included a photo.帅气的男士如果在简历上附上照片,通常会得到面试通知。Ugly men were better off not including one.所以,长得抱歉的男性投简历时还是不要附上照片为好。However, for women this was reversed.然而,女性的情况则恰恰相反。Attractive females were less likely to be offered an interview if they included a mugshot.在简历中附有照片的美女通常不那么轻易得到面试通知。When applying directly to a company (rather than through an agency) an attractive woman would need to send out 11 CVs on average before getting an interview; an equally qualified plain one just seven.在直接向公司提交工作申请(即不通过中介)时,美女平均要投出11份简历才能得到一次面试机会;而相貌一般的女性平均只需投出七份即可。At first, Mr Ruffle considered what he calls the ;dumb-blonde hypothesis;-that people assume beautiful women to be stupid.一开始,Ruffle认为这是因为他称之为;漂亮的女人没大脑;的这一假说,即人们通常会认为长得漂亮的女性会比较笨。However, the photos had also been rated on how intelligent people thought each subject looked; there was no correlation between perceived intellect and pulchritude.两人同时也对照片上看起来的聪明程度做了评级,但结果显示看上去聪不聪明和貌美程度并没有联系。。So the cause of the discrimination must lie elsewhere.所以,引起这种区别对待必有其它原因。Human resources departments tend to be staffed mostly by women. Indeed, in the Israeli study, 93% of those tasked with selecting whom to invite for an interview were female.在人事部工作的多数是女性,而在这次调查中,负责筛选简历并确定面试名单的确实有93%都是女性。The researchers unavoidable-and unpalatable-conclusion is that old-fashioned jealousy led the women to discriminate against pretty candidates.所以调查者最终不免要得出的一个令人不快的结论——正是亘古不变的妒忌心使得漂亮的求职者受歧视。So should attractive women simply attach photos that make them look dowdy?那么,美女就应该附上一张看起来邋遢的照片在简历上吗?No. Better, says Mr Ruffle, to discourage the practice of including a photo altogether.不,Ruffle说,最好是不要附上照片。Companies might even consider the anonymous model used in the Belgian public sector, where CVs do not even include the candidates name.公司甚至会考虑采用比利时公共部门招聘时运用的匿名模式,在这种模式下,连求职者的姓名(更别说照片了)都不予显示。 /201210/203876。