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龙田镇人民医院可以治疗妇科吗福清中山妇科医院怎么样?The killing of Qandeel Baloch, a social media star some called the Kim Kardashian of Pakistan, provoked an outcry on social media from Pakistani feminists and others who saw the 26-year-old as a symbol of women’s empowerment.被一些人称为巴基斯坦版金·卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)的社交媒体明星坎迪尔·俾路(Qandeel Baloch)遭到杀害的消息,在社交媒体上引发了巴基斯坦的女权主义者以及把这个26岁女人视为女权象征的一些人士的强烈抗议。Ms. Baloch had attracted a huge following, and no shortage of controversy, on social media with provocative photos and s. But on Friday night, she was drugged and strangled by her brother as she slept at her parents’ home in Muzaffarabad, a town on the outskirts of Multan in Punjab Province, the police said.俾路在社交媒体上发布挑逗性的照片和视频,赢得大量粉丝,也引来不少争议。警方称,周五晚上,她在旁遮普省木尔坦市郊区小镇穆扎法拉巴德父母家中睡觉时,被弟弟下药并勒死。After he was arrested on Saturday, the brother, Waseem Ahmed Azeem, said he had killed her because of the “shameful” pictures she had posted to Facebook.周六,她的弟弟瓦西姆·艾哈迈德·阿齐姆(Waseem Ahmed Azeem)在被捕后称,杀死是因为她在Facebook上发布“下流的”照片。Rafia Zakaria, a columnist for the newspaper Dawn and the author of “The Upstairs Wife,” a book about the place of women in Pakistani culture, said that in a young and increasingly urban society, Ms. Baloch had represented a generation of women who were increasingly independent and who used technology to express themselves.《黎明》报的专栏作家、写有讲述妇女在巴基斯坦文化中地位的《楼上的妻子》(The Upstairs Wife)一书的作者娅·扎卡里亚(Rafia Zakaria)说,在一个年轻的、日益城市化的社会里,俾路代表着新一代更加独立、会运用科技手段表达自己的女性。“This is a new weapon in the hands of Pakistani women,” she said in a phone interview on Monday.“这是巴基斯坦女性手中的新武器,”周一她在接受电话采访时说。Reem Wasay wrote of Ms. Baloch in Dawn: “She had questionable taste and she openly mocked our outrage, but she made a lot of us root for her because she was so unbelievable we almost thought she was invincible.”里姆·维西(Reem Wasay)在《黎明》报上谈论俾路时写道:“她的品味值得怀疑,她公开嘲笑我们的愤怒,不过她能让我们很多人持她,因为她太不可思议了,我们几乎认为她是不可战胜的。”As of Tuesday morning, more than 3,000 people had signed an online petition, posted by a feminist collective, that condemned Ms. Baloch’s death, called her “a rebel, an artist, and a gutsy feminist provocateur,” and mourned her, along with victims of domestic violence in the ed States and elsewhere.周二上午,一个女权主义团体在网上发布的请愿书获得3000多人签名持,表达对俾路之死的愤慨和哀悼,称她是“反抗者、艺术家、勇敢的女权主义挑战者”,同时也向美国等地的家暴受害者表示哀悼。But while many people lauded Ms. Baloch, others celebrated her death on social media.不过,虽然很多人称赞俾路,也有人在社交媒体上庆祝她的死亡。There are hundreds of “honor killings” in Pakistan each year, and the assailants often go free because a legal loophole in the country allows the authorities not to prosecute a murder case if the victim’s family forgives the killer.巴基斯坦每年发生数百起“荣誉处决”,袭击者往往都能逃脱惩罚,因为该国法律有个漏洞:如果受害者的家人原谅凶手,当局可以不予起诉。After a public outcry over Ms. Baloch’s death, however, officials announced on Monday that the Azeem family would be barred from pardoning her killer. Women’s rights advocates welcomed the move but said Pakistan should change the law to ban such pardons in all cases.不过,在公众对俾路之死表示强烈愤慨之后,巴基斯坦官员们周一宣布,将禁止阿齐姆的家人原谅凶手。女权倡导者欢迎这一举措,不过表示,巴基斯坦应该修改法律,在所有案件中禁止此类宽恕。The authorities also said they were investigating a high-ranking cleric, Mufti Abdul Qavi, who had appeared with Ms. Baloch in selfies taken in a hotel room last month. The photos prompted Mr. Qavi’s removal from a religious committee that determines when Ramadan starts and ends based on the moon’s sighting.当局还表示,他们正在调查高级神职人员穆夫提·阿卜杜勒·卡夫(Mufti Abdul Qavi)。上个月他和俾路在酒店房间里的自拍照曝光。这些照片导致卡夫从一个宗教委员会撤职——该委员会根据月相决定斋月的起止时间。In remarks to GeoTV, Ms. Baloch’s mother accused Mr. Qavi of provoking Mr. Azeem into killing her daughter. But Mr. Qavi said that he had met with her only to discuss the teachings of Islam and that it was ridiculous that he was included in the investigation after her brother’s public confession.在接受GeoTV电视台采访时,俾路的母亲指责卡夫挑唆阿齐姆杀害。不过卡夫称自己与俾路见面只是为了讨论伊斯兰教义,还表示,在她弟弟公开认罪之后,他被扯入调查是十分荒谬的。Born Fauzia Azeem into a poor family in a small town in Punjab Province, Ms. Baloch said she was forced into marriage at age 17. According to new reports, she had a child who lives with her former husband. Her first foray into the public eye was a disastrous audition on “Pakistan Idol.” She was escorted offstage by one of the hosts and ended the segment in tears.俾路原名福齐娅·阿齐姆(Fauzia Azeem),出生在旁遮普省某小镇的一个贫穷家庭。她说自己被迫在17岁时结婚。据新闻报道称,她有个孩子与前夫住在一起。她第一次突然进入公众视野是在《巴基斯坦偶像》(Pakistan Idol)的一次极为糟糕的试镜中。她在一名主持人的陪同下下台,在眼泪中结束了人生的那个片段。Her rejection from the mainstream entertainment industry spurred her to cultivate a following on social media with a mix of campy, sexy s and messages about female empowerment. Speaking mostly in Urdu, she discussed topics like her crush on Imran Khan, the cricket star turned politician.她遭到主流业拒绝,这激发她在社交媒体上通过矫揉造作、性感的视频和关于女性赋权的言论,培养了很多追随者。她大多数时候以乌尔都语发帖,谈论她对板球明星出身的政客伊姆兰·汗(Imran Khan)的爱慕等话题。She called herself a “one-woman army,” often recording herself alone in her bedroom or sometimes pulling stunts like promising to striptease if Pakistan won a cricket match. After her death, her father said she had been supporting her family — including the brother who killed her.她称自己是一“由一个女人组成的军队”,经常记录自己独自在卧室的情形,有时也会哗众取宠,比如发誓称,如果巴基斯坦赢了某场板球赛,她会表演脱衣舞。在她去世后,她父亲说,这家人靠她养活,包括杀害她的那个弟弟。“She’s so self-made,” said Ms. Zakaria. “She’s taking bits and pieces she’s seen in social media, in magazines. She’s very much like the internet phenomenon anywhere. And people found her entertaining and liked her.”“她完全是靠自己奋斗,”扎卡里亚说,“她模仿自己在社交媒体和杂志上看到的零零碎碎的东西。她和其他地方出现的网络现象很相似。人们觉得她很有趣,喜欢她。”“She was very titillating and the Pakistani men who found her titillating would not admit it,” she added. “And that’s the bluff that she was calling out: You think I’m so bad but you want me.”“她极具挑逗性,心里这么想的巴基斯坦男人们嘴上不会承认,”她补充说道。“她豪爽地宣称:你们觉得我很坏,但你们想要我。”That also made her a lightning rod for criticism in a conservative society.这也让她成为一个保守社会的批评焦点。“Everybody was talking about her,” said Malik Siraj Akbar, a Pakistani journalist now based in Washington, where he leads a think tank called the Balochistan Institute. He is Baloch, an ethnic minority in Pakistan. Ms. Baloch was, too, and that apparently inspired her stage name. But many Baloch people were upset because she was seen as bringing disrepute to the community, Mr. Akbar said by phone.“大家都在谈论她,”在华盛顿工作的巴基斯坦记者马利克·西拉杰·阿克巴尔(Malik Siraj Akbar)说。他是一个名叫俾路协会(the Balochistan Institute)的智囊团的领袖。他是巴基斯坦少数民族俾路人。俾路女士也是,她的艺名显然来源于此。不过,阿克巴尔在电话采访中说,很多俾路人对她感到不满,认为她玷污了该民族的声誉。“Men would condemn her, but I’m sure they were all secretly following her stuff on Instagram,” he added.“男人们谴责她,但我确信他们都在悄悄查看她在Instagram上发布的内容,”他补充说。Ms. Baloch did not talk about her family or personal life in public. She had no handlers and no notable show business gigs.俾路不公开谈论自己的家庭或个人生活。她没有经纪人,也没有做过什么值得注意的演艺工作。Nighat Dad, the Lahore-based executive director of the Digital Rights Foundation and a member of the feminist collective that posted the petition celebrating Ms. Baloch, said that after writing on Twitter about the case, she had received an unprecedented backlash. “I have never heard this kind of hate,” she said in an interview.拉合尔的数字权利基金会(Digital Rights Foundation)的执行总监妮格特·达德(Nighat Dad)是在网上发布称赞俾路的请愿书的女权主义团体成员。她说自己在Twitter上发表关于此案的帖子之后,遭到前所未有的强烈反对。“我从未遇到过这么强烈的仇恨,”她在接受采访时说。The petition rebuts the notion that Ms. Baloch was the country’s Kim Kardashian: “She was our Qandeel: a working-class woman, a Third World feminist, a disrupter and a firebrand who dared to do as she pleased, despite threats to her life.”这份请愿书反驳俾路是该国的金·卡戴珊的观点:“她是我们的坎迪尔:一个工薪阶层女性、一个第三世界的女权主义者、一个规则破坏者、一个敢于做自己喜欢的事的煽动者——尽管面临着生命威胁。”After the scandal over the photos with Mr. Qavi, Ms. Baloch had revealed that she was receiving threats, and she appealed to Pakistan’s Interior Ministry for protection.在与卡夫的自拍照丑闻曝光之后,俾路透露,她收到死亡威胁,并请求巴基斯坦内政部(Interior Ministry)保护自己。“They’ve silenced her in a very public way to function as a deterrent,” Ms. Zakaria said. “But when you consider the fact that there are millions of Qandeels out there sitting on their computers at night, in Karachi and Lahore and Multan, it’s only a matter of time before there’s going to be more and more of this.”“他们以非常公开的方式让她保持沉默,作为一种威慑,”扎卡里亚说,“但是当你考虑到这个事实——在卡拉奇、拉合尔和木尔坦,有数百万坎迪尔晚上坐在电脑前——你就该知道,迟早会有越来越多的女人表达自己的心声。” /201607/455641福建省妇幼保健院治疗妇科怎么样 江镜镇人民医院看病贵吗

福清哪里可以无痛人流Killings at a Tunisian museum and on a beach. The downing of a Russian aircraft flying home from Sharm el-Sheikh. And, last month, lethal attacks in Paris on people from many countries attending a concert and a football match, and eating and drinking in bars and restaurants.今年以来,突尼斯的一家物馆及一处海滩分别发生了恐怖杀戮。一架俄罗斯客机在从沙姆沙伊赫(Sharm el-Sheikh)飞往国内途中因炸弹破坏而坠毁。上月,在巴黎参加音乐会、观看足球比赛、在酒吧和餐馆享受美食佳酿的许多国家的平民遭到血腥袭击。It has been a dful year for the murder of tourists and of locals enjoying themselves.就享受生活的游客以及当地人遭到杀戮而言,这是令人恐怖的一年。These attacks are not new. There have been murderous assaults before, such as the 1997 Luxor killings, the 2002 Bali nightclub bombing and the 2008 attacks on hotels, a railway station and a Jewish centre in Mumbai.此类袭击并非最近才有。之前也发生过多起凶残的袭击,例如1997年的埃及卢克索屠杀、2002年巴厘岛夜总会爆炸案以及2008年孟买酒店、火车站及犹太人中心遭到的血腥袭击。For the bereaved and the injured, the memories are permanent. But holidaymakers forget and tourist numbers often pick up again.对遇难者亲属与伤者而言,这种痛苦的记忆会永远伴随他们。但度假者不久就会遗忘,游客数量往往会再度回升。How long that takes depends on visitors’ perceptions of how in control the local authorities are, how likely another attack is and how much general instability there is.实现回升需要多久?这取决于游客的观感(当地政府控制局势的程度、新的袭击发生的可能性以及该国总体不稳定程度)。After the 2005 London Underground bombings, foreign visitor numbers to the UK barely budged; they rose in 2006. The 2004 bombings of Madrid trains did not affect tourist inflows.2005年伦敦地铁爆炸案发生后,到访英国的外国游客数量几乎没有变化;2006年还出现了上升。2004年的马德里火车站爆炸案也未对游客流入量造成影响。By contrast, after initial hesitation, Russia suspended flights to Sharm el-Sheikh. Airlines such as British Airways and easyJet have stopped flights there until January, meaning the Egyptian resort will continue to suffer over the European holiday period.相比之下,经过最初的犹豫之后,俄罗斯暂停了飞往沙姆沙伊赫的航班。英国航空(British Airways)、EasyJet等航空公司也决定在明年1月之前停飞沙姆沙伊赫航班,这意味着这个埃及度假胜地将在欧洲人假日期间继续遭受损失。This is a serious blow to Egypt, whose tourism has declined since the Arab uprisings that started in 2010. Sharm el-Sheikh until now had been a rare exception. The Tunisia Live website last week ed officials saying that country’s tourist industry remained in crisis too.自2010年“阿拉伯之春”爆发以来,埃及的旅游业已经出现下滑,此次事件对埃及来说又是一次沉重打击。此前沙姆沙伊赫对埃及旅游业来说一直是难得的例外。“突尼斯生活”(Tunisia Live)网站上周援引官员的话称,该国旅游业同样仍处于危机中。There are differences between the various attacks. The London and Madrid bombings (and November’s Paris attacks) were aimed at the general population. The Sharm el-Sheikh and Tunisian assaults specifically targeted tourists.各地发生的这些袭击之间也有区别。伦敦、马德里的爆炸案(以及11月的巴黎恐怖袭击)针对的是普通民众。而俄罗斯客机坠毁以及突尼斯发生的袭击都是专门针对游客的。But the contrasting post-attack experiences prompt the question: do rich countries’ holiday industries find it easier to bounce back after terrorist killings than poorer ones?但袭击发生后的鲜明对比带来一个问题:在恐怖杀戮发生后,富裕国家的度假产业比穷国同行更容易复苏吗?The data seem to bear that out, says Yeganeh Morakabati, a Bournemouth university associate professor who has studied the relationship between tourism and terrorism. There is one exception, she says: the 9/11 attacks in the US in 2001.伯恩茅斯大学(Bournemouth university)研究旅游业与恐怖主义之间关联的副教授耶加内(Yeganeh Morakabati)表示,数据似乎实这一点。她说,有一个例外:2001年美国发生的9/11恐怖袭击。A working paper from the Department of Homeland Security says that, after 9/11, the fall in international visitors to the US was “immediate and precipitous”. It was not until 2007 that foreign tourist arrivals returned to near their pre-9/11 levels. There were other factors that damaged the US tourist industry, the paper says. In 2001 and 2002, the world economy went into a downturn and air travel dropped. The US also introduced a stricter visa policy which may have put visitors off.美国国土安全部(Department of Homeland Security)的一份工作报告称,9/11事件后,到访美国的外国游客数量出现了“立即、急剧”下降。直至2007年,外国游客数量才回升至接近9/11事件前的水平。该报告称,还有其他因素使美国旅游业受损。2001年和2002年,世界经济陷入衰退,航空旅行的人数减少。美国还实行了有可能让游客却步的更严格的签政策。Ms Morakabati says that the spectacular nature of the 9/11 attacks may have contributed to the US being an exception to wealthy countries’ tourism being less affected.Morakabati说,9/11恐怖袭击的惨烈程度可能使美国成了富裕国家旅游业较少受恐怖袭击影响的一个例外。Even then, the US found ways to compensate for the drop in foreign visitors — pointing to another difference between rich and poorer countries: wealthy ones have more domestic tourists. If foreign visitors stop coming, locals take their place. The US working paper says American visitors spurred Hawaii’s tourist industry to full recovery by 2003.即便如此,美国找到了弥补外国游客数量下降的各种方法,这也突显了富裕国家与较贫穷国家之间的又一个不同:富裕国家拥有更多的国内游客。如果外国游客不来,当地人可以取而代之。该报告称,在美国游客的推动下,夏威夷的旅游业到2003年就实现了全面复苏。Poorer countries also suffer, after a terror attack, because they have less diversified economies, Ms Morakabati adds. It is harder for displaced hotel and bar workers to find jobs elsewhere. A drop in tourism badly affects related sectors such as agriculture as hotels and restaurants stop buying food.Morakabati补充说,恐怖袭击对较贫穷国家的危害更为严重,因为他们的经济不够多元化。失业的酒店、酒吧员工更难在别的行业找到工作。旅游业下滑还会严重影响农业等相关行业,因为酒店和餐厅不再采购食品。Above all, poorer countries suffer from being seen as more dangerous. They can also suffer by association. Last month, a Moroccan hotelier told the Financial Times that she had struggled to fill her rooms since the Tunisian beach attack — even though the two countries do not share a border. What can poorer countries do to mitigate the damage to their tourist industries after a terrorist attack?最重要的是,较贫穷国家还要承受被人们视为更加危险而带来的损失。他们还可能受到连带影响。上月,一位洛哥酒店老板对英国《金融时报》说,自突尼斯海滩袭击案发生以来,她一直在为酒店的入住率发愁——尽管洛哥与突尼斯根本不相邻。较贫穷国家能做什么来减少恐怖袭击对本国旅游行业造成的损害呢?They can increase security and hope nothing similar happens for a long time. But countries with a history of civil disorder — or countries in a region of civil disorder — have a bigger battle to win back travellers’ confidence than wealthier, stable ones.他们可以加强安保,期望很长时期内不发生类似的事情。但是,相比较富裕、稳定的国家,有过内乱历史的国家——或处于战乱地区的国家——需要做出更大努力才能赢回游客信心。Their tourist industries are particularly vulnerable. Tourism also represents openness and pleasure, which is why terrorists target it.这些国家的旅游业尤其脆弱。旅游业还代表着开放与快乐,而这正是恐怖分子选择旅游业为目标的原因。 /201512/415112福清地区市医院有四维彩超吗 福清收费比较便宜的做人流医院

福清市妇幼保健医院做人流可以吗I was preparing to really do the poor, starving artist thing in Songzhuang, a well-established artist village about a half-hour away, said Li Tianqi, 24, another founder of On Space. 本来我是打算在宋庄做一个贫穷的、吃不饱饭的艺术家,On Space的另一位创始人、24岁的李天琦说。宋庄是距离这里约半小时车程的一个著名的艺术家村。But why rent a tiny shack in Songzhuang when you can have a nice studio in Yanjiao?如果你能在燕郊拥有一个很好的工作室,那你为什么要在宋庄租一个小棚子呢?No one knows how many young artists now call Yanjiao home, though the On Space founders estimate that at least several hundred have space here. 没有人知道燕郊现在究竟住着多少年轻艺术家,不过On Space的创始人们估计,至少有几百名艺术家在这里设立了工作室。Last year, the gallerists tried an informal census of the city’s artists, but ran out of time after conducting interviews with about 60 people.去年,画廊老板们尝试对该市的艺术家进行一个非正式人口普查,但是在采访了约60人后,就没时间继续进行了。Yanjiao has also caught the eye of established artists. 燕郊也吸引了一些著名艺术家,其中最出名的是高氏兄弟。Its most famous tenants are the Gao Brothers, a pair of multimedia artists internationally known for their irreverent sculptures. 这对多媒体艺术家在国际上以不敬的雕塑闻名。In 2013, they bought a former factory building and turned it into an airy studio complex they call Blessgo, which they use for making larger works.2013年,他们买下一间厂房,改造成宽敞的工作室,称之为Blessgo,用来创作大型作品。Referring to the quickly gentrifying 798 Art District in Beijing, Gao Zhen, the older brother, said in an interview, In 798, we still won’t be allowed to exhibit certain works of art, and you just can’t completely let go of your worries because even renting studios in 798 isn’t completely stable, with demolitions and relocations.哥哥高真在采访中提到快速中产阶层化的北京798艺术区时说:在798,他们还是不允许我们展览某些作品,而且你没法完全放心,因为在798租工作室都不稳定,有拆迁问题等等。The siblings still maintain a studio in the 798 district, but plan to eventually relocate entirely to Yanjiao.兄弟俩在798艺术区依然拥有一间工作室,不过打算最终彻底搬到燕郊。Most artists in Yanjiao work in more humble circumstances. 燕郊的大部分艺术家在更简朴的环境中工作。Much of the city’s surplus of residential space takes the form of cheap, unfinished apartments called maopifang. 这座城市多余的住宅空间很多都是没有装修的廉价毛坯房,基本上就只有混凝土主体,Little more than concrete shells, they are perfect for artists looking to create studios on a shoestring.非常适合那些想以极低成本设立工作室的艺术家们。Because of the dominance of residential space in Yanjiao, its atmosphere differs markedly from the gritty industrial hipness of Caochangdi or the more touristic 798, where cafes, boutiques and galleries have sprung up alongside artists’ studios. 由于燕郊以住宅为主,所以它的气氛与草场地粗犷的工业时髦气息或798更像景点的氛围迥然不同——798的艺术工作室周围涌现出很多咖啡馆、时装精品店和画廊。In Yanjiao, virtually nothing comparable has appeared.在燕郊,基本上没有此类事物。But many of the Yanjiao artists have embraced its decidedly suburban aesthetic.不过,燕郊的很多艺术家很喜欢这种纯粹的郊区美感。Zhang Zhanzhan, a painter, has completely transformed his maopifang over the years, covering the concrete floors with whitewashed pine slats and the empty doorways with colored fabric. 这些年,画家张占占将自己的毛坯房进行了彻底改造,用粉刷成白色的松木板覆盖混凝土地板,用五斑斓的织物覆盖空空的门廊。Pictures of his chic studio have been viewed by thousands of users on WeChat, a Chinese social media app.他那时髦工作室的照片在中国社交媒体应用程序微信上得到了成千上万用户的浏览。I once went to drop off some paintings at a Beijing gallery, and the person there asked me if I was the artist with the ‘Tokyo-style studio,’ he recalled.有一次,我去北京送几幅画,有人问我,你是那个‘东京风格工作室’的艺术家吗?他回忆说。Yanjiao’s days as an affordable outpost may be numbered. 燕郊作为负担得起的艺术家聚居点的日子可能也不多了。Rents have more than tripled since the first artists moved in, mainly because of property speculation, and the number of unfinished maopifangs has dwindled.从第一批艺术家入住到现在,租金已经涨了3倍多,主要是因为地产投机,也因为毛坯房的数量在逐渐减少。Moreover, despite the city’s now solid reputation as an offshoot artistic community, Beijing’s big-city allure remains.此外,尽管现在这座城市作为分艺术社区的名声已经确立,但北京的大城市诱惑依然存在。While a fresh wave of graduates from the capital’s art academies move into Yanjiao each summer, many older artists have aly left.尽管每年夏天都有新一批北京艺术院校的毕业生搬到燕郊,但是很多年长的艺术家已经离开。Last year, On Space decided not to renew its lease, because most of its events are now held in collaboration with organizations in Beijing. 去年,On Space决定不再续签租约,因为现在它的大部分活动是和北京的一些组织联合举办的。Zhang Yongji is going back to the capital to pursue a master’s degree.张永基打算回首都攻读硕士学位。This is a very temporary place, he said. 燕郊还是一个暂时停留的地方,他说,We’re all here still hoping to someday make it in Beijing.我们都还是想什么时候能在北京功成名就。 /201611/475343 ;Zhang Jianfeng, I want to marry you, do you dare to marry me?; This love message and a group of pictures posted by a girl in Zhoushan, a small city in Southeast China, became an internet sensation recently.“张剑峰我想嫁给你,我敢嫁你敢娶吗?”这条由一位舟山女子发布的表白信息和照片最近在网络上走红。On March 16, a girl spent over 10,000 yuan (US50) to advertise on more than 900 taxis between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. in Zhoushan, to propose to her boyfriend.3月16日,一位女子花了一万元(折合1450美元),令全城900多辆出租车为其在下午5点到7点这段时间内打广告,以此来向男友求婚。Mr. Yuan is the manager of an advertising company which runs the advertisements on the top lights of taxis in Zhoushan. According to him, the girl works in Ningbo and her boyfriend works in Zhoushan. They met each other in Zhuhai.袁先生是此次发布车灯广告的舟山某文化传媒公司的负责人。据他透露,这位女子在浙江宁波工作,其男友在舟山工作,两人在广东珠海相识。They then came to the park near the sea and lit dozens of candles. ;I am y, will you marry me?; said the girl.随后这对情侣来到了海边公园,并点燃了一圈蜡烛。女子问道:“我已经准备好了,你愿意娶我吗?”;I want to marry you. Please marry me!; replied her boyfriend. Friends from both sides witnessed the romantic moment.她的男朋友回答道:“我愿意娶你,你嫁给我吧!”双方朋友都在场共同见了这一浪漫时刻。This is not the first time that taxi top lights have been used to send love messages in the city.近年来,男女之间为求爱打发布车灯广告的例子在各个城市屡有上演。On June 25 last year, a man posted a love message to his girlfriend on taxi top lights. The message : ;I will remember you when it is rainy, Fang Xiaojie, be with me please!; The love message shined on the taxi top light for ten days.去年的6月25日,一位男子同样发布车灯广告,向女朋友示爱。广告内容是:“每当天空下雨,我就容易惦记你,方小洁,我们在一起吧!”据悉,该条求爱广告在当时在车灯上持续播放了10天之久。Nowadays, young lovers are bold and open in China. A growing number of young lovers use modern media to express their feelings and even to propose to their lovers.现如今,年轻情侣都非常大胆奔放。越来越多的年轻人都采用现代媒体的方式来表达自我,甚至是公开示爱。 /201703/500923福清做个无痛人流多少钱福清中山医院体检收费标准



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