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Simple as you like.And then into the actual netting weave.就是这么简单 接下来就是;织网;步骤了just gonna lay some of these palms.砍些这种棕榈叶It#39;s still gonna have a few holes in it,But that#39;s gonna be okay.最后还是会漏出些洞 但这没什么关系My sail needs to be controllable in these trade winds and the sudden storms that blow up here.船帆须在信风及海上突发风暴的情况下 不失去掌控力Okay.Now, you see it#39;s aly catching the wind nicely.好了 瞧 它现在已经能兜住风了Almost y to set sail.马上就能扬帆起航了But for a crossing like this,you want provisions in case you stray off course.但对于这样一次航行 你必须准备好供给 以防迷失了方向Beach almonds are good, portable energy,And coconut water will keep me hydrated.海岸边的杏仁是不错的便携食品 椰子汁能补充我需要的水分Time to launch,The tide is high but just starting to go out,so it should help me on my way.该下水了 潮水很大 但正是退潮时分 所以它应该能助我出海My raft is keeping me afloat and out of the water,and my improvised sail is doing its job.我的筏子保持我漂浮在水面上 我临时赶制的船帆也能正常工作Actually, you really feel the wind filling this,pulling against me.你能真切感受到充斥的海风 扑面而来This is something I#39;ve never done before,this improvised little windsurfer,but it#39;s working.这还是我第一次经历这种场景 这个临时拼凑的小帆板 还挺管用But outside the reef,things are about to get a lot tougher.但出了礁域 困难接踵而至I#39;m struggling now.Come on.我撑不住了 加油啊 Article/201704/502783疯狂英语900句 01-9相关专题: /200704/12448原味人文风情:Hi, everyone! Welcome to another mmmEnglish . I am here in London, and I have just run into another lovely English teacher, YouTube English teacher—it#39;s Lucy!嗨,大家! 欢迎收看另一部 mmmEnglish 频道的影片。我人在伦敦,然后我刚遇到另一位迷人的英文老师,YouTube 上的英文老师--Lucy!Hello, I#39;m Lucy from English with Lucy, and I also have an English channel.哈喽,我是 English with Lucy 的 Lucy,我也有一个英文教学频道。I#39;m sure that a lot of my viewers also actually subscribe to you, so I#39;m sure they#39;ll be very excited to see us together.我确定有很多我的观众其实也有订阅你的频道,所以我敢说他们看到我们合体会很兴奋。Yeah! Surprise!对啊!大惊喜!So, some of you might have aly seen the that we made together on Lucy#39;s channel that was all about British slang words. And Lucy tested me to see how good my knowledge was of British slang. It was okay. But—那么,你们有些人可能已经看过我们在 Lucy 的频道上合作的那部影片,内容全在讲英国俚语。然后 Lucy 测验了我对英国俚语有多熟悉。表现得还算可以。但是--You did pretty good, actually.其实你表现得还满好的耶。Really?真的吗?Yeah!对啊!Well, right now in this , I#39;m going to be testing your knowledge of Australian slang, which is where I#39;m from. I#39;m holidaying in London, and Lucy#39;s from London, but I#39;m originally from Australia.嗯,现在在这部影片中,我会来考考你对澳洲俚语的认识,澳洲是我的家乡。我现在在伦敦渡假,而 Lucy 是伦敦人,不过我本来是从澳洲来的。I#39;m looking forward to it. Let#39;s get started.我很期待。我们开始吧。Okay, let#39;s get going. I#39;ve got my list here. So, the first one that I#39;m going to ask you about is ;arvo.;好,开始吧。我的清单在这。那么,我要问你的第一个字是「arvo」。Arvo...Arvo...Arvo.Arvo。Arvo... Huh! Is it, like, avocado?Arvo... 哈!这个字是酪梨吗?No, that#39;s ;avo.;不,酪梨是「avo」。Oh...喔...What if I gave you an example? ;I#39;ll see you this arvo.;如果我举个例子给你听呢?「我们今天『arvo』见。」Afternoon!下午!Yes! It#39;s really common. ;I#39;ll see you this arvo.;答对了!这很常用。「我们今天下午见。」This arvo? God! I would have no idea if someone said that to me.今天「arvo」?天啊!如果有人那样对我说我真的会搞不懂耶。Okay, let#39;s go another one. Let#39;s talk about a ;servo.; And in the same way, we have a slang word that#39;s called ;bottle-o.; Just add an ;o; to everything in Australia.好,进到下一个。我们来讲讲一个「servo」。然后同样的,我们有一个叫作「bottle-o」的日常用字。在澳洲什么都加个「o」就对了。Servo...bottle-o... Okay. Is a ;bottle-o; a bottle? Of wine?Servo...bottle-o... 好。一个「bottle-o」是一个瓶子吗?酒瓶?It#39;s a bottle shop. So, if you#39;re going to go to the bottle-o, you would get wine.是酒类贩售店。所以,如果你去到一间「bottle-o」,你会买到酒。Okay. So a ;bottle-o; is the bottle shop...好。所以一间「bottle-o」是一间酒类贩售店...Yeah. You guys call it an ;off-licence,; don#39;t you?嗯。你们称酒类贩售店「off-licence」,对吧?;Off-licence,; yes. Um, so ;servo,; is that just like a normal shop?「Off-licence」,没错。呃,那么「servo」,那是不是就是间普通的商店?No, it#39;s a service station.不,这是指一间「service station(澳式:加油站)」。Oh...喔...Like a petrol station. Yes.就像一间「petrol station(英式:加油站)」。没错。My lord...我的天...Add an ;o; to everything.所有东西都加个「o」。Okay, ;servo;...service station. Yeah, it makes sense! It makes sense!好,「servo」...加油站。嗯,有道理!有道理耶!What#39;s next? We have... Oh, I think you#39;ll know this one. This one#39;s easy: a ;mate.;下一个是什么?我们有... 噢,我觉得你会知道这一个。这一个很简单:一个「mate」。Oh, it#39;s a friend! We actually use that the same. And we also like to imitate Australians by saying ;G#39;day, mate.; G#39;day, mate!喔,就一个朋友啊!我们其实用法一样。然后我们还很喜欢说「你好啊,老兄」来模仿澳洲人。你好啊,老兄!If you#39;re gonna imitate an Australian, you#39;d be like, ;mate.;如果你要模仿澳洲人,你应该像这样说「mate」。Mate.Mate。That#39;s perfect! Okay! What if I said, uh, ;barbie;?很厉害耶!好!如果我说「barbie」呢?Barbecue!烤肉!Okay, good.嗯,很好。Next one is...what if I said I was ;going bush;?下一个是...如果我说我要「going bush」了呢?Are you going out? To the countryside?你要出去吗?到乡间野外去?Ah...啊...To the bush!去乡下!See how the English people say, ;We#39;re going to the countryside.; And Australian people say, ;We#39;re going bush.;听听英国人的说法,「我们要到乡间野外去了。」然后澳洲人就说:「我们要去乡下啦。」There#39;s no preposition or anything. Just ;going bush.;没有介系词或什么的。就只有「going bush」。Um, I think you probably know this one. It#39;s quite commonly known that we call these ;thongs.;嗯,我觉得你搞不好知道这一个。满多人都知道我们叫这些「thong」。Flip-flops.人字拖。Yeah.没错。Because thongs is a very skimpy women#39;s underwear.因为「thong(英式:丁字裤)」是很单薄的女性内裤。Yes.嗯。So what do you call ;thongs,; the underwear ones?那么你们叫丁字裤什么,内裤那种?Um...G-strings.嗯...「G-string」。Oh, yeah. G-strings... I remember I had to change my G string...on my violin.喔,嗯。「G-string」啊... 我记得我以前得换我的「G string(G弦)」...小提琴上的。What if I said I was going to have a ;durry;?如果我说我要来个「durry」呢?Is that a delicious curry?是好吃的咖哩吗?Ooh! No.噢!不是。Not just a curry, a ;durry.; I#39;m gonna have a ;durry;... Is it a poo?不只是咖哩喔,是「durry」。我要来个「durry」... 那是便便吗?No. But it sounds like it should be.不是。不过它听起来很像应该要是便便耶。No idea!不知道!Uh, it#39;s also—it could be a ;dart.;呃,它也是--它也可以是「dart」。A rush?很匆忙?No, these are all words for, like, a cigarette, slang word for a cigarette.不是,这些字全是香菸的意思,称呼香菸的口语用字。You#39;d call a cigarette a ;durry;? We#39;d call it a ;fag,; a ;ciggy.;你们会叫香菸「durry」?我们会叫香菸「fag」、「ciggy」。A ;ciggy,; a ;dart,; a ;durry,; or the ones that you roll—;rollie.;一根「ciggy」、一根「dart」、一根「durry」,或卷起来的那种菸--「rollie」。A ;rollie;? Of course the ;e.;一根「rollie」?当然有个「e」啦。So, basically to speak Australian, you have to end everything in either ;o; or ;e.;所以基本上要讲澳洲英文,不是得用「o」就是得用「e」作结尾。Yeah. Or ;a.; Any vowel. Just let it drift off.对啊。或是用「a」。任何元音。让它慢慢飘走就对了。You just have to leave your mouth open.就是得让嘴巴开开的。A ;sanga.;一个「sanga」。A ;sanga;? Sanga? I don#39;t know!一个「sanga」? Sanga?我不知道耶!If I said ;I#39;m going to grab a sanga;...如果我说「我要去买个『sanga』」...Sandwich!三明治!Yes! Sandwich is just ;sanga.;对!三明治就是「sanga」。I didn#39;t do too badly, did I?我没有表现得很差,对吧?No, no. Oh, you actually did better than I expected. So, well done!没有、没有。喔,你其实表现得比我预期好。干得好!Thank you.谢谢。So, that was Australian slang. Thank you, Lucy, for helping me out with that one.那么,那就是澳洲俚语。谢谢你,Lucy,帮忙我拍影片。Thank you for testing me.谢谢你考我。Yeah. Well, you did okay. If you are interested to learn a bit more about British slang, you can check out the on Lucy#39;s channel that we made together where she tested me on my skills with British slang.嗯。这个嘛,你表现不错。如果你有兴趣再多学点英国俚语,你可以看看 Lucy 频道上我们一起合作的影片,她考了我对英国俚语的理解能力。She was pretty good. Not perfect, though.她还满不赖的。不过不是一百分啦。But the link to Lucy#39;s channel is just underneath this in the description.Lucy 频道的连结网址就在这个影片下面的信息栏中。 Article/201706/513268She still has jet lag.她仍然有(坐飞机后因时差产生的)疲劳烦躁感。jet指喷气式飞机,lag有时间滞后的意思,jet lag指坐飞机后因时差引起的不舒适感觉。jet lag 是不可数名词。 /200802/27248That#39;s the important thing, never to be owned.I know they don#39;t own you. I know they don#39;t own you.这一点很重要,不要被哪一个杂志社管着。我知道,我知道你不归他们管。Money#39;s the cheapest thing.钱是最没用的东西。Liberty and freedom is the most expensive.自由和自在才是最重要的。No, you know what I mean, Richard.你明白我的意思Richard.So you asked me...about not falling into the traps of the rich.你问过我…为什么我拍了这么多照片还没有进入有钱人的行列。I would think it was my first, uh, partner in my fashion business.我总会想起我在时尚界的第一个合作伙伴…A woman by the name of Rebekah Harkness, a very affluent New York family, and she was looking to invest in my hat shop and she did.一个叫做Rebekah Harkness的女人,她家是一个非常富有的纽约家庭,她计划着并最终给我的帽子店投了资。But then the army came along...this is 1951...I was drafted.但是1951年的时候开始征兵了,我应征入伍。Well, they were appalled that I would go, and their investment would be on hold.他们没想到我会去参军,对店里的投资就搁置了。Who knows what would happen?谁知道会发生什么事呢?I was appalled at them.我也没想到他们会这样。I thought, ;You#39;re drafted. This is the country where you live, who you are. You go. ;我觉得,国家来征兵了。这是你的国家,你作为一个公民,就该去。Well, they couldn#39;t understand that at all.他们并不是很理解我的做法。Course I went in the army. I wouldn#39;t think otherwise.后来我去参军了,没什么别的想法。They badgered me and they badgered my family, and finally...my aunt and uncle, whom I lived with here in the city,他们劝我别去,还去找我的家人我的叔叔和婶婶,当时我和他们住在一起,I think they returned the money she had invested which...God...Maybe it was a thousand dollars?我觉得把她的投资还给她就好了大概是…一千美元?Which was a lot of money then.对他们来说是一大笔投资吧。To the Harkness family, I don#39;t think a thousand dollars was a lot of money.对Harkness家族来说,我觉得一千美元不算什么钱。Oh, they tried to have it...I know what it was...deducted from my army salary, which would have taken about ten years,哦,我知道他们想要回那笔钱,如果用我当兵的钱一点点去还大概得十年,#39;cause I don#39;t know what you made...You got paid maybe a month or something like that.Some stupidity.那时大概每个月拿90美元。反正是些挺愚蠢的事。So my family paid it off, and then when I got out of the army, I paid my family back.我家里人帮我还清了这笔钱,当我退伍之后,我又赚了钱还给我家里。 Article/201608/459386

I#39;m in British Columbia with two new freshman survivalists.我正与两名探险新手在不列颠哥伦比亚省I#39;m probably the first Puerto Rican to ever rappel off a mountain in Canada.我可能会成为在加拿大雪山索降的 波多黎各第一人We#39;re on a 48-hour survival mission,and my recruits are aly finding it tough going.我们正在完成一个四十八小时的生存任务 而我的新队员已经开始感到任务的艰巨了You know, I played a lot of sports playoffs, all kinds of different things, championships.我参加很多体育运动 季后赛 各种不同的赛事 锦标赛 But being out here in this environment with Bear,但是与贝尔在这里learning from him and experiencing this,it#39;s life-changing.从他那里取经 经历这些 这能改变我的一生With our camp sorted,it#39;s time to start preparing dinner.收拾好营地之后 该准备晚餐了And that.That#39;s nice.is gonna be supper.这个 真不错 就是晚餐The first nation people hunted mountain hares for food and used their pelts for clothing.原住居民捕猎山里的野兔来吃 用它们的毛皮做衣I#39;m allergic to bunnies.You#39;re allergic to bunnies. Great.Well, that#39;s one each for us, Sean.我对兔子肉过敏 你对兔子肉过敏 很好那就我们两人享用吧 肖恩To cook these critters, we need a fire,and I#39;m gonna get the boys to spark it up.我们需要生火烤肉 我要让他们来取火Yeah, look, come and check this out, Joe.What#39;s he got planned, man?乔 来看看这个 他打算干什么 伙计Okay, look. We#39;re gonna make the fire in here.好了 看着 我们要在这里生火We got loads of kindling here.I#39;ll go and get some more bigger stuff.这里有很多引火柴 我去找点大树枝来That really nice crackles,it#39;s gonna burn.听见这清脆的响声了吧 这是助燃极品The guy can do it all.I mean, he knows how to navigate by moonlight.那家伙会做所有事 我是说 他知道如何利用月光导航He can rub his feet together and make a fire.他擦自己的双脚便可以生出火来When you#39;re around greatness like that,it#39;s bound to rub off.当你处在那种环境下时 确实身不由己We do it?Over to you. You#39;re good to go.All right.我们来吗 交给你了 你能行 好吧You got a match?I got a lighter over,is he gone?你有火柴吗 我更希望有个打火机 他走了吗So we#39;ve got the materials, but can Sean release the magic?材料准备好了 但肖恩能成功吗I#39;m having difficulties here.I#39;m not Bear Grylls.我感觉很棘手 我不是贝尔·格里尔斯 Article/201705/511995

To survive in the wild, you need energy,and that means food.为了能在荒野得以生存 你需要能量 那就意味着食物You can#39;t be screaming it.You gotta learn to leave your fears hehind.你无法提出抗议 你要学着把恐惧抛之脑后Well, that, at least,is gonna make a good dinner for tonight.至少 今晚能有顿丰富的晚餐了Cut tail a little bit.Here, hold that.Eating sort of bugs, spiders, snakes,先切掉它的尾巴 拿着这个 吃各种的昆虫 蜘蛛 蛇anything that looks pretty hideous is always preserved bit of small on all our faces, I think.还有各种丑陋的动物 我们总会有点幸灾乐祸It#39;s like...Something has got you a stake.就好像 加了料的牛排Rabbit or dog feces.And popped it in your mouth.涂了兔子屎或屎 在嘴里爆开We found this massive bug in a tree in Zambia.He pulls it out of the tree.我们在赞比亚的树里发现了只巨大的虫子 他把它从树里面拉了出来And he#39;s about to eat that one,then he stops, and he spots one just around the back of the tree.他正要吃那条虫子 他停下来 就在树后面他发现了另一只He pulls out of that.Oh, my goodness.It#39;s clearly...clearly a mother or something.他把那条扯了出来 我的天啊 很明显 是虫子妈妈之类的It#39;s about that big.He thinks I#39;ll eat that one, why eat the little one.大约得有那么大 他想不如就吃这个大的 干吗吃小的So he bites into it, and it just exploded all over the land.他一口咬下去 它体内的液体喷了一地I mean, he flicks a switch in its head to make it okay to eat that.他把虫的头一扭 以便于吃下去and that is something I could never do.我知道那是我绝不会干的事Bear#39;s shown you how to do in a dynamic survival situation.贝尔向你展示 如何应对一个动态的求生处境Okay. I-I have no option.I can#39;t build a fire, #39;cause I#39;m on the move constantly.我别无选择 我无法生火 因为我要不断前进I just have to eat this in raw.This is called insect lunch.God.我必须要生吞了这个 这叫做昆虫午餐 天呐 Article/201606/447853

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