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台州治疗附睾炎需要多少钱台州市治疗不孕不育哪家强台州浙康医院做包茎 Apple’s design chief took a swipe at copycats as he explained some of the secretive group’s product development processes ahead of the launch of its Watch and latest iPads.苹果(Apple)首席设计师对模仿者作出了批评。在苹果即将推出Apple Watch和最新款iPad之前,乔纳森#8226;艾夫爵士(Sir Jonathan Ive)介绍了这家善于保密的集团的某些产品开发流程。In an interview at Vanity Fair magazine’s New Establishment Summit in San Francisco, Sir Jonathan Ive admitted that he sounded “a little bit harsh and perhaps a little bit bitter” in his response to a question about whether imitation by Asian rivals such as Xiaomi was “flattering”.在《名利场》(Vanity Fair)杂志于旧金山举办的New Establishment峰会上,乔纳森爵士接受了采访。他坦承,在被问到小米(Xiaomi)等亚洲竞争对手的模仿是否“令他感到荣幸”时,他的回答听上去“有点刺耳,或许还有点愤愤不平”。He said: “I think it’s really straightforward. It really is theft, and it’s lazy, and I don’t think it’s OK at all.”他说:“我认为,这件事确实很简单。这么做就是偷窃,是偷懒,我根本不认为这样做没问题。”Apple has fought many legal battles over patent infringement of the iPhone’s technology and designs, including winning an initial bn verdict against Samsung in 2012. While it has been some time since Apple initiated any new cases, Sir Jonathan’s sensitivity to copying comes ahead of the release of Watch.苹果因为iPhone技术和设计专利遭到侵权的问题打过多次官司,其中包括在2012年首次告赢三星(Samsung)并获赔10亿美元。苹果已有一段时间没有再提起新的诉讼,但乔纳森爵士在苹果将推出智能手表之际对抄袭的问题依然十分敏感。“When we started working on it, it seemed like a very natural, obvious place for technology to end up,” he said.他说:“当我们开始设计这款产品的时候,它看起来就像是技术的一个自然、显而易见的终点。”This iPhone accessory, which will cost upwards of 0, was conceived after Steve Jobs’ death, but Sir Jonathan said he was trying to maintain Apple’s founding ethos of making technology more personal and accessible. “I do see that the Watch is a move away from what is traditionally understood as consumer electronics,” Sir Jonathan said.这款iPhone配件售价将超过350美元,是在史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)过世之后构想出来的。不过乔纳森爵士表示,他试图保持苹果的创立宗旨:让科技变得更加个人化和易于使用。他说:“我确实认为,相对于传统上人们理解的消费电子产品,苹果手表有所不同。”Apple is courting the fashion and luxury market with the device, including a showcase during Paris Fashion Week held at the chic boutique store Colette.苹果正在以这款设备取时尚和奢侈品市场的好感,包括在巴黎时装周(Paris Fashion Week)期间特意在柯莱特时尚店(Colette)陈列该产品。Sir Jonathan’s appearance came in the same week that Vogue China featured a model wearing Apple Watch, the first fashion magazine to style the watch on its cover.就在乔纳森爵士现身的同一周,《Vogue China》还登出了一位戴着苹果手表的模特,这是第一家在封面展示这款手表的时尚杂志。Vogue’s praise for the Watch is a far cry from Sir Jonathan’s first attempt at designing a phone, in the UK in the late 1980s. He won a Royal College of Arts competition with a contraption that reimagined the telephone, rearranging the speaker, mouthpiece and handle.《Vogue》对苹果手表的赞许与乔纳森首次尝试设计一部电话之时已不可同日而语,那是上世纪80年代末他在英国的时候。他以一款重新设计的电话赢得了英国皇家艺术学院(Royal College of Art)的一次竞赛。这款电话的扬声器、话筒和手柄都经过重新设计。Shown a photo of the clunky device on stage by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, Sir Jonathan blushed. “Obviously it wasn’t a good idea,” he said.《名利场》杂志主编格莱登#8226;卡特(Graydon Carter)在台上展示了这款笨重电话机的照片,乔纳森爵士有点难为情,他说:“显然,这不是个好的创意。”But the bursary he received from winning helped him, in 1989, to make his first trip to Silicon Valley. “I was just blown away by the optimism and enthusiasm that provided such a fantastic environment to try and develop new ideas,” Sir Jonathan told Mr Carter.不过,在比赛中拿到奖金后,他在1989年首次造访了硅谷。他告诉卡特:“那里的乐观和热情为尝试和研究新创意营造了绝妙的环境,我被深深打动了。”“It’s very difficult to develop new ideas in the context of cynicism and sarcasm. It makes for good comedy but it’s a horrible way of trying to develop products.”“在愤世嫉俗和冷嘲热讽的氛围中,人们很难提出新的创意。这种氛围容易催生出好的喜剧,然而对于产品开发来说是十分糟糕的。”Describing Apple’s product development processes, Sir Jonathan said his team of 16 designers gathered three or four times a week around its studio’s table, which resembles those that display products in its retail stores.在讲述苹果的产品开发流程时,乔纳森爵士表示他的团队由16名设计师组成,每周会围着工作室的桌子开三四次会,这种桌子与苹果门店中展示产品的桌子相似。“We draw, we still draw,” he said. The team also creates plastic or metal models of its concepts. “When there is an object to touch, everything shifts.”他说:“我们会画出设计图样,我们仍然会采用绘画方式。”除此以外,该团队还会根据其设计理念,制作出塑料或金属的模型。“一旦有了可触摸的实物,就一切都不同了。” /201410/335026台州哪家医院割包皮过长

台州人民医院有做包皮手术的吗台州玉环市人民医院尿科 玉环市包皮手术哪家医院最好

台州浙康治疗疱疹预约From Georgia to New Jersey, states have attacked Tesla’s direct sales model, in some cases banning sales of the company’s electric vehicles entirely. Through it all, founder Elon Musk has stayed committed to the dogma that franchising would destroy its business model.从乔治亚州到新泽西州,美国的不少州都打击了特斯拉的直销模式,有些州甚至完全禁止特斯拉(Tesla)电动汽车的销售。但尽管如此,特斯拉的创始人埃隆#8226;马斯克仍然坚持认为,开放特许经营将损害特斯拉的业务模式。Soon, that may change.但是这种情况可能很快就会发生变化。In an interview with Autoline Daily last month, Musk implied that the company might be easing up on the anti-franchising policy. The industry publication es him saying, as the company grows, “we may need a hybrid system, with a combination of our own stores and some dealer franchises.”马斯克上个月在接受《汽车日报》(Autoline Daily)采访时暗示,特斯拉或许会放松其一贯反对特许经营的政策。该刊物引述马斯克的话称,随着公司的发展,“我们可能需要一个混合型体系,其中既有我们自己的门店,也有一些特许经营的经销商。”Coming from the CEO of the company that has referred to the direct sales model as “vital, ” this is a big deal. Tesla has faced off against auto dealers associations across the country who have argued that the company’s direct sales model violates state laws. Since every state has slightly different laws to deal with auto franchises, every time a new state takes up the cause, the issue can seem more convoluted.这番话出自于一位视直销为“命根子”的CEO之口,可谓是一件大事。之前全美各地的汽车经销商协会都指责特斯拉的直销模式违反了各州法律。由于美国各州有关汽车业特许经营权的法律稍有不同,每次有新的州参与进来,问题都会变得更复杂一些。In October, Michigan became the fifth sate to ban direct sales of Tesla vehicles, as all new-car dealers are required to provide a franchise agreement. Auto dealers in states including Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Missouri have argued that Tesla’s direct sales model undercuts the franchise model and threatens consumers’ ability to utilize dealers as advocates separate from manufacturers. As Tesla is forced to tangle with more and more state, it looks like Musk may have to temper his dedication to direct sales.今年10月,密歇根成为第5个禁止特斯拉电动汽车直销的州,理由是该州所有的新车经销商都要递交特许经营协议。乔治亚州、纽约州、宾西法尼亚州、俄亥俄州和密苏里州等地的汽车经销商也纷纷指责特斯拉的直销模式对特许经营模式造成了损害。随着特斯拉要应对的州越来越多,马斯克似乎也只得稍稍放松他对直销的执著。“I think eventually they will have to [franchise], ” says Lou Chronowski, a Chicago-based attorney with Dykema who has worked on automotive and franchise industry cases. “I think that the powers of the dealers and the dealer bodies are so strong, they can keep them at bay for a while, but eventually, they will need to have franchise dealers.”位于芝加哥的Dykema律师事务所的律师卢#8226;克鲁诺瓦斯基曾经接手过一些汽车业和特许经营行业的案例,他表示:“我认为最终他们必须走(特许经营)这条路。我觉得经销商的力量和经销商网络是很强大的,他们可以一时令他们没有办法,但最终他们还是需要特许经营经销商的。”Chronowski says that dealers are worried that Tesla and other potential entrants in the auto industry using a direct sales model could provide major competition, with the ability to sell cars at lower prices than the competition. Plus, some dealers would like the opportunity to own a Tesla franchise themselves.克鲁诺瓦斯基表示,广大经销商们担心,特斯拉和其他可能杀入汽车行业的“黑马”,会凭借直销模式造成极为激烈的竞争,因为直销模式下的汽车售价能够显著低于竞品。此外,有些经销商自己也乐于拥有一家特斯拉的经销门店。“I think that this has always been just a timing issue. I think the reality is that Tesla did it the way they had to do it, being in the startup mode, ” he says. “They really couldn’t start a dealer network and then start selling cars. There just isn’t enough money in the world to do that.”克鲁诺瓦斯基说:“我认为这就是个时间问题。我认为特斯拉以往的做法是因为他们不得不这样做,因为它一直处于创业模式。所以他们不可能一开始就通过建立一个经销商网络来卖车,因为他们没有足够的资金。”A Tesla spokesperson emphatically denies any franchising rumors (“There are no plans to franchise in any capacity”), but says the car maker may be open to a different, “hybrid” model.特斯拉公司的一位发言人坚决否认了任何有关特许经营的传闻(“目前没有任何特许经营计划”),不过同时他也表示,特斯拉可能会推行一种所谓的“混合型”模式。 /201411/343920 In China, if you#39;re not being regulated, you probably don#39;t matter.在中国,如果你没有受到监管,说明你或许无关紧要。So it#39;s no surprise that e-commerce and online transactions have been getting a good deal of attention from the government. A new law promulgated this week by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and set to go into effect in mid-March is the first of what are likely to be several regulating the industry.有鉴于此,电子商务和网络交易受到政府的极大关注就不足为奇了。中国国家工商行政管理总局本周颁布了一项新管理办法,将于3月中旬生效。它是针对这一行业的首个管理办法,之后可能陆续出台多项相关法规。The measure, which lawyers say mostly restates previous consumer-protection and data-privacy laws, nonetheless highlights the growing importance of the e-commerce industry in China and what the government sees as a growing need to regulate it. The country#39;s total online sales are expected to rise to 6.1 billion in 2016 from 9.4 billion last year, according to Forrester Research. U.S. online retail sales are forecast to reach 7 billion from 6 billion over the same period.尽管如此,该办法凸显出电子商务在中国日益重要的地位,以及政府认为越来越有必要对其进行监管。律师们说,该办法基本重申了以前的消费者保护和数据隐私保护法规。据Forrester Research说,预计2016年中国网络销售总额将从去年的1,694亿美元上升至3,561亿美元。预计同期美国的网络零售额将从2,260亿美元上升至3,270亿美元。In part the new e-commerce law calls for real-name registration for individuals selling on third-party marketplaces like Alibaba Group Holding Inc.#39;s Taobao e-commerce site. It also stipulates a mandatory seven-day return policy for most goods and says online-payment platforms must safeguard users#39; data privacy.这个新的电子商务管理办法要求,在阿里巴巴(Alibaba Group Holding Inc.)的淘宝网(Taobao)等第三方平台上销售商品的个人必须进行实名注册。它还规定,大部分商品必须实行七天退货政策,并且要求网络付平台必须保护用户的数据隐私。For most major e-commerce players, the law is unlikely to have a big impact. Alibaba itself aly has a seven-day return policy and uses real-name registration for its major e-commerce sites.对多数大型电子商务公司来说,该办法不太可能带来巨大影响。阿里巴巴对于其主要电子商务网站已经实行了七天退货政策和实名注册。#39;We welcome steps to continuously improve consumer-protection mechanisms as these will drive the sustained and healthy development of the online retail industry,#39; an Alibaba spokeswoman said.阿里巴巴发言人说,我们欢迎不断完善消费者保护机制的各种措施,因为这些措施将推动网络零售业的持续健康发展。But potentially more important than the impact of this law is the fact that e-commerce is in the government#39;s cross-hairs, meaning down the line it could face more tricky regulatory hiccups. For instance, last week, sources told The Wall Street Journal that China#39;s#39; central bank is leading a push to regulate new efforts by tech companies, several of which run e-commerce operations, to offer investment products to consumers.但相比该办法带来的影响,可能更重要的是电子商务已经进入政府的关注范围,意味着未来它可能面临更棘手的监管问题。举例来讲,上周多位消息人士向《华尔街日报》透露,中国央行正在牵头制定规章,以监管科技公司面向消费者推出的新投资产品。其中多家科技公司运营有电子商务业务。Meanwhile, in December, Beijing said it put together a drafting committee to create a #39;comprehensive e-commerce law#39; according to the state-run Xinhua News Agency.与此同时,据新华社报道,去年12月中国政府宣布成立电子商务法起草组,负责起草涵盖广泛的电子商务法。#39;It is in urgent need to tease out, replenish, revise and improve existing laws and regulations,#39;said Lyu Zushan, head of the drafting group, according to Xinhua. The drafting of the law is expected to be completed by June 2016.据新华社说,电子商务法起草组负责人吕祖善说,目前急需梳理、补充、修改和完善现行法律法规。预计该法的起草工作将于2016年6月前完成。While the government is likely to be careful in how it regulates an industry that has proven one of the country#39;s most dynamic, entrepreneurial and profitable, many an industry hasn#39;t fared well under the heat of the government spotlight. Most recently, the use of microblogs in China has been declining, in part due to a government crackdown designed to better control the flow of information on websites like Sina Corp.#39;s Weibo.尽管政府可能会慎重处理对这个已是中国最具活力、最具创业精神、最赚钱的行业之一的监管,但很多行业都在政府的严格监管下表现不佳。最新一个例子是,中国微的使用量一直在下滑,部分原因在于政府发起了一项清理行动,意在加强对新浪微等网站信息流的管制。 /201402/276583台州临海市看泌尿科怎么样台州不孕不育全威医生长




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