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抚顺激光包茎手术多少钱抚顺淋性尿道炎A 12-year-old in Taiwan lived out many museum-goers#39; nightmare (and many parents#39;) when he tripped and caught his balance by punching a hole in an oil painting that is over 300 years old and valued at .5 million.许多物馆迷(和家长)们的噩梦真切地发生了。一个来自台湾的12岁男孩在看展时脚下一绊,为了保持平衡,他在一幅油画上捅了个拳头大小的窟窿。这幅油画有300年历史,估值150万美元。The of the mishap is mostly uneventful. The boy, carrying something that looks like a canned drink, is taking a casual stroll through the exhibition when he stumbles and falls into the painting.从监控拍到的视频来看,意外发生时并没有引起人们的注意。当时男孩手里拿着罐装饮料状的东西,本在悠闲地踱步看展,突然间失去平衡跌向了那幅画作。Then he catches his balance and quickly looks behind him to see if anyone saw him fall.重新站稳后,他迅速瞄了眼身后,观察周围有没有人注意到他。He left a fist-size hole in the right bottom corner of the canvas, Sun Chi-hsuan, a representative from the company that co-sponsored the exhibition, told reporters. He also said that the exhibition#39;s curator had asked that the boy not be punished for damaging the painting.展览赞助商代表之一的孙齐轩告诉记者,男孩在画布右下角留下了一个拳头大小的窟窿,但策展人希望他不会因此受罚。The work, ;Flowers,; is by the Italian artist Paolo Porpora, who specialized in Baroque-style paintings of still-lifes. According to an art database, it is the only one of the artist#39;s works that is signed.这幅名为《花》的画作为意大利艺术家保罗·波尔波拉所绘,波尔波拉擅长巴洛克风格的静物描绘。一个艺术品数据库的资料显示,它是艺术家签过名的唯一一幅作品。The boy, who by the mercy of the Internet gods has not yet been identified, joins an elite group of art patrons who have damaged expensive works. The most famous is probably the billionaire Steve Wynn, who once put his elbow through Picasso#39;s ;Le Reve.; In the end, it was repaired and sold to another billionaire for 5 million.网友们手下留情,肇事的男孩目前还没有被;人肉;出来,他也不是唯一一个损坏了昂贵画作的马大哈。在这个名画杀手俱乐部里,最有名的要数亿万富翁史蒂夫·韦恩,他的手肘捅破了毕加索的画作《梦》。画作被修复后以1.55亿美元的价格卖给了另一个亿万富翁。Perhaps ;Flowers; will have a similar happy ending: A restoration specialist is aly at work on repairing the painting, according to The Guardian.也许《花》也将得以善终:据英国《卫报》消息,专家已经着手进行修复。 /201510/402580抚顺妇幼保健院人民医院地址 If your future mother-in-law thinks you#39;re not suitable for her darling son or daughter, don#39;t shower her with gifts and compliments – stand up to her instead.如果你的未来岳母或婆婆认为,你不适合她的宝贝女儿或儿子,别给她献一堆礼物和恭维之辞,而要与她对抗。Scientists have found that the best way to win over future in-laws is to take an assertive approach and directly persuade them you will make your intended spouse happy.如今科学家发现,赢得未来岳母或婆婆信任的最佳方式是,表现出自信,直接说他们,你会让你的意中人过得幸福。It may seem counter-intuitive, but this tactic – dubbed the #39;I am right for your child#39; approach – helped win over doubting fathers and mothers, a study found.这看起来似乎与直觉相悖,但研究发现,这一被称为“我最适合你的孩子”的策略,帮助许多人赢得了持疑父母的信任。The worst strategy was to avoid dealing with the in-laws yourself and instead to ask your sweetheart to lobby on your behalf.最差的策略是,避免与岳父母或公婆交谈,而让你的伴侣代表你去游说。The researchers dubbed this tactic the #39;tell them I#39;m good#39; method.研究者称这种策略为“告诉他们我很优秀”策略。And despite the traditional view of the judgmental mother-in-law, the study found that it may actually be easier to win over mothers than fathers.与认为岳母和婆婆很挑剔的传统观念不同,研究发现,实际上赢得岳母/婆婆的信任比赢得岳父/公公的信任容易。In his research paper, Professor Menelaos Apostolou said that children frequently choose mates who do not appeal to their parents.在此研究报告中,迈内劳斯·阿珀斯特鲁教授称,孩子们时常选择不受家长喜欢的对象。For instance, they may fall for individuals who are physically attractive, while their parents are more concerned with social standing and family background.例如,他们会爱上一些外貌较好的人,但家长更关心社会地位和家庭背景。The study of 738 Greek-Cypriots identified approaches that were most likely to be used to win over in-laws, which Professor Apostolou grouped into seven tactics.对738位希腊裔塞浦路斯人进行的研究,确定了最常用于说岳父母/公婆的方法,阿珀斯特鲁教授将其归为七种策略。First was the #39;I am right for your child#39; tactic, in which suitors demonstrate to the prospective parents-in-law how good they are as mates for their children.首先是“我最适合你的孩子”策略。追求者向未来岳父母/公婆展示,自己是多么适合做他们孩子的伴侣。Following this came the #39;I do not deserve this!#39; strategy, in which they demonstrate to their mate#39;s parents that they do not warrant their rejection.接下来是“我不接受!”策略。追求者会向伴侣父母表现出,自己不接受他们的反对。Third most common was the #39;Why don#39;t you like me?#39; approach, in which suitors try to determine why the parents disapprove and try to change their minds.最常见的第三种是“你为什么不喜欢我?”策略。追求者试图判断家长为什么反对,并试图改变他们的想法。Other tactics include #39;No confrontation#39; and #39;You have to accept the situation!#39; in which they can threaten the parents by suggesting they risk never seeing their grandchildren.其他策略包括“不准反对”和“你得接受现实!”。追求者可威胁对方父母,暗示他们有可能见不到他们的孙儿。There was also the #39;Approach#39; strategy, in which lovers try to grow closer to the in-laws by inviting them for dinner and buying gifts.还有“接近”策略。追求者通过邀请岳父母/公婆共进晚餐和给他们送礼物,试图拉近与他们的距离。Finally there is the #39;Tell them I am good#39; tactic in which the partner is drafted in to persuade their own parents of their lover#39;s virtues.最后是“告诉他们我很优秀”策略。此种方法中,伴侣被拉进来游说自己的父母,告诉他们自己对象的优秀品质。The #39;I am right for your child#39; and #39;No confrontation#39; tactics were the favourites whereas #39;approach#39; and #39;Tell them I am good!#39; were least likely to be successful.“我最适合你的孩子”和“不准反对”策略是最推荐的,而“接近”和“告诉他们我很优秀!”成功率最低。 /201510/404355抚顺康复医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱

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抚顺新抚区人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱Sleep on Brushwood and Taste Gall卧薪尝胆During the Spring and Autumn periodt the State of Wu launched an attack against the State of Yue.春秋时期,吴国和越国之间进行了一场战争,The King of Wu was seriously wounded and soon died.吴王不幸受了重伤,不久就死了。His son Fu Chai became the new King.他的儿子夫差作了吴国的新国王,Fu was determined to revenge.他发誓要替父亲报仇。He drilled his army rigidly until it was a perfect fighting force.于是,他严格的操练他的士兵,把他们训练成了一非常厉害的军队。Three years later, he led his army against the State of Yue and caught its king Gou Jian.三年以后,他对越国发动了战争,抓住了越王勾践,Fu took him to the State of Wu.把他带回了吴国。In order to avenge his father’s death, Fu let him to live in a shabby stone house by his fathers tomb and ordered him to raise horses for him.为了复仇,夫差让勾践住在他父亲墓旁的破石屋里天天看墓、喂马。Gou pretended to be loyal to Fu but he never forgot his humiliation.勾践表面上从,心里面却想着复仇。Many years later, he was set free.几年以后,勾践被放回越国。Gou secretly accumulated a military force after he went back to his own state.他立刻开始秘密聚集一军队。In order to make himself tougher he slept on firewood and tasted a gall-bladder before having dinner and going to bed.为了提醒自己不要忘了报仇,他睡在柴堆上,还每天在吃饭睡觉前尝一尝苦胆。At the same time he administered his state carefully, developing agriculture and educating the people.同时,他专心治理国家,大力发展农业,加强民众教育。After a few years,his country became strong.几年后,越国又变得强大起来,Then Gou seized a favorable opportunity to wipe off the State of Wu.然后, 勾践抓住一个适当的机会消灭了吴国。Later, people use it to describe one who endures self-imposed hardships to strengthen one’s resolve to realize one’s ambition.后来,人们用“卧薪尝胆”来形容人刻苦自励以实现自己定下的目标。 /201509/395370 5.Set Goals5.设目标We all work hard, but sometimes we forget about our end goals. So you have a decent job with decent pay and a daily routine… for what? It#39;s important to set long-term goals for yourself (and it#39;s ok if they change). Working toward something helps keep you from going crazy at your 9-5, knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Think: a big trip, nicer car, promotion, whatever would make you happy! We work to live, not live to work.我们总是兢兢业业,有时却忘了我们的终极目标。你有一份体面的工作、可观的收入和一成不变的日程等等。但是,你做这些都是为了什么?因此,为自己设立一个远期目标是很有必要的(即使它改变了也无所谓)。为一个既定的目标奋斗可以让你不被朝九晚五的无聊工作逼疯,因为你能看到终点绽放着胜利的曙光。试想一下:旅行、名车、升职加薪,不管是什么,只要能让你欢天喜地的都可以是你的目标,因为我们是为生活而工作,不是为工作而生活。4.Make To-Do Lists4.制计划表This is a big one. The way the work force is nowadays, it#39;s no wonder why we#39;re all going insane! One of the best ways to deal with this is keeping a serious to-do list. Prioritize what#39;s important, cross off what gets done and circle what doesn#39;t. Be strategic and smart with your time, it can be your saving grace when you start to become overwhelmed.当今社会工作压力巨大,也难怪我们都快要崩溃了。对此,其中一个有效的解决方法就是严格执行计划表的事项。优先去做重要的事情,删掉已经做过的,圈出还没做的。充分合理地利用你的时间,这也许会在你不知所措时成为你的强心剂。3.Keep Positive Relationships Close3.保持积极而亲密的人际关系It#39;s important to keep your [positive] relationships with your family and friends close. As much meditation and exercise you do, you#39;re still going to need to vent about your problems. We all do, and it#39;s nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes we just need to burst into tears and start screaming, embrace your shadow. But, do this with someone who won#39;t judge or criticize you, just simply be there.和家人、朋友保持积极密切的关系也是非常重要的。即使你做再多的冥想和运动,你仍然需要发泄内心的情感。当然,我们都需要,这并不是什么羞耻的事情。有时候,我们仅仅想要大哭一场、放声尖叫或是静静地在角落里舔舐伤口。也许,找个人陪你一起做这些事情会更好,因为他们不会随意你、批判你,而且,只要他们在你身边,你便会觉得安心。2.Take Vacation2.休假Everyone knows that proverb, ;All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.; It#39;s thought that a 10-day vacation can help you come back a better spouse, parent, employee and person in general. It#39;s important to go somewhere and clear your head from all of the insanity, then start fresh, new and motivated. Working everyday for months on end can really dull you down and frankly, you become uninspired. Inspiration and motivation are what keeps us going; sometimes you just need to hit the refresh button with your toes in the sand on a tropical island, am I right?有句家喻户晓的俗语说得好,;只会学习不会玩,聪明的小孩也变傻。;人们认为,休10天假就能让你变回一位好伴侣、好家长、好员工。你可以到处走走,从狂乱的思绪中抽离出来,然后积极开启新生活。坦白说,灵感是我们前进的动力,而长年累月的工作真的会让你钝化,丧失灵感。有时候,你需要做的只是按下刷新按钮,去热带岛屿的沙滩上印下你的足迹,我说的对吗?1.Make Time For Yourself1.为自己腾出时间YOU time is the BEST time. Yes, exercise and meditation is you time, but I#39;m talking more… at-home spa, ing, getting a massage, taking a walk. Feel pampered! Feel good! Do something that will make you happy and relaxed, practice self-love.专属自己的时间才是最美好的时光。没错,无论是运动还是冥想,都是你的时间。但是,我想介绍的不只是这些,还有:泡家庭式温泉、阅读、、散步等。做些让自己开心的事,学会爱自己,这种感觉真的很满足、很美好!翻译:Humen 审校:阿饭 来源:前十网 /201601/420848抚顺市顺城治疗早泄哪家医院最好抚顺妇保医院怎么样



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