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栏目简介:Video of a 26-year-old Chinese doctor treating an American tourist at a local public hospital has gone viral on the Internet. It has been viewed more than 2 million times over the past week. Reporter Song Wenjing talks to some local doctor about their experiences treating foreigners. Article/201701/487355This time, we#39;re in Chengdu,这一次 我们来到了成都it is one of the fastest growing cities in the world.成都是世界上发展最快的城市之一In the interior of the country,成都位于中国内陆it has always been an isolated place,一直都是个孤立的城市free from Western influence,不受西方影响and remains the most Chinese of China#39;s megacities.最大限度地保持着中国城市特色Nearly 1,000 miles from Beijing,它距北京一千英里deep in the heartland位于四川省的in Sichuan province,心脏地带Chengdu is known as one of the culinary capitals of China.被称作中国烹饪之都The food here is the hottest in China and increasingly famous这里的食物是全中国最辣的all over the world for its distinctive fiery flavours.而且因它独特的火辣味道日渐名扬海外A real variety.Yes.真是品种繁多啊We#39;ve come to Chengdu#39;s我们来到成都的香料市场spice market to explore the explosive tastes探索使四川美食如此独特的that make Sichuan food so unique.火爆滋味This place is like the core,这个地方像是the heart, the mother-ship of spicy Sichuan food.辛辣川菜的核心 心脏 母舰 Article/201507/385452

#39;After a couple of hours, we#39;re heading back to prepare dinner几个小时后,我们回程用采摘的茶叶#39;with the leaves we#39;ve picked.#39;准备晚餐I think the grandmother#39;s the culinary expert.我觉得祖母是一个烹饪专家She#39;s looking at me out of the corner of her eye!她用眼角里注视着我#39;Even though I#39;ve been cooking for years,即使我从事烹饪已数年#39;it#39;s always a little nerve-wracking entering another woman#39;s kitchen.#39;进入另一位主妇的厨房仍然让我有些头疼She was saying normally they cut the chicken into smaller pieces,她在说通常他们把鸡切成小块but I haven#39;t cut it small enough!我切得不够小#39;For dinner, I#39;m making chicken, infused with pu-erh tea leaves.为了晚餐,我将把鸡肉和普洱茶叶混合#39;First I#39;m adding freshly-picked leaves and chicken首先把新鲜的挑选过的茶叶和鸡#39;to the hot oil in the wok.#39;加入到锅里的热油中I love it, it#39;s really woody and smoky我喜欢这样,木香和熏烟味from the wood fire underneath.从下面木柴燃烧的火焰传出#39;After stir-frying for about four minutes, I add a cup of pu-erh tea,翻炒后四分钟,加入一杯普洱茶#39;made from sun-dried leaves.#39;是由晾晒风干的叶子制成的I#39;m just going to pour the tea in,我马上会把茶倒进去together with some of those leaves. Now I#39;m just going to和一些这种叶子混合在一起,现在我将要slowly let the chicken infuse with the flavours of the tea.慢慢地让鸡和茶味相融So a quick taste of the seasoning.所以稍稍尝一下味道You know that the infusion, that soup base,你知道因为浸入了茶味,汤底has now become really sort of bittersweet from the chicken.现在因为鸡肉真的变得有点苦甜参半It#39;s really delicious, actually.事实上真的很美味I quite like the idea of putting some of these pea aubergine in!我真的很喜欢把豌豆茄子放进去的点子Just a handful.只是少数And what I might do is just add another element of sweetness,我可能会做的就是加入另一些甜味因素and that is from the leaves of the local pumpkin plant here.这就是来自于这里的南瓜叶So I#39;m just going to toss that with the pumpkin leaves,所以我会拌上一些南瓜叶in this tea chicken broth, and then, yeah! We#39;re good to eat!加到这份茶叶鸡汤里面,然后就可以吃了#39;If you want to try this recipe at home,如果你想在家里尝试这个配方#39;you can use green tea leaves instead of pu-erh你可以用绿色的茶叶来代替普洱茶#39;and substitute the pea aubergines with diced purple aubergine.并用紫茄子切块来替换豌豆茄子#39;Now it just remains to be seen what Grandma makes of my efforts.#39;现在我的努力还有待祖母的观察She said, ;The flavour is good! Not bad!;她说:“味道很棒,不错 ” Article/201510/404476

The mountain is moving.山体在移动Avalanches can travel over 200 miles an hour,and this one is heading straight for our skier.雪崩时速可达二百英里 正雷霆万钧的直扑向我们的假人He#39;s hit hard and buried deep.他被撞惨了 深埋雪底Okay, so, rescue team in position there.Let#39;s get them going.好了 救援队正随时待命 让他们出发吧Nick, hello. It#39;s bear.Do you copy, over?Go ahead, Bear.尼克你好 我是贝尔 听到了吗 完毕 贝尔 请继续Okay, buddy, let#39;s execute the search.Execute the search, over.好的伙计 开始搜索 开始搜索 完毕Okay, that#39;s the clock ticking.Let#39;s see how long it takes them.好的 计时开始 看看需要多长时间Most avalanche victims die of suffocation.Time is your enemy.大多数的雪崩受害者死于窒息 时间就是你的敌人If nobody reaches you within 45 minutes,Your chances of survival are only 20%.如果四十五分钟内无人救援 你生还的机会仅有百分之二十After two hours, that drops to almost zero.而两小时后 基本就毫无希望了Using the transceiver to locate the buried skier,they follow the signal in, then start to probe.利用收发器 定位被埋没的滑雪者 他们追踪信号来源 开始探查After five minutes, the probe hits something.五分钟后 探测杆触碰到了实物Bear, we have a strike.Well done, buddy, well done.贝尔 我们找到了 干得好 伙计 干得漂亮These guys have pulled out real avalanche victims,both dead and alive.他们几位曾救助过不少雪崩的遇险者 有遇害的也有生还的They take it very seriously.他们对此非常认真Get the snow on him right here.Right there. I#39;ll get the front.把这的雪从他身上弄走 就这里 我负责前面的Digging a victim out is no easy task.把被困者挖出来可不是件简单的活Just buried three foot under,our skier is covered by over half a ton of snow.虽然只是在地下一米 滑雪者已被超过半吨的雪压着All right, there#39;s a strike.What do you see down there? What do you see?好 挖到了 下面是什么 看到什么了They dig for three minutes before they start to uncover him.他们用了三分钟 才挖掘到他We got the back of his head, Nick? Right on.We#39;ve got the face.挖到了后脑勺是吧 尼克 没错 脸露出来了 Article/201702/492466

栏目简介:Six competitors from across the world will show off their Shanghai dialect skills on a talent show next month. They say Shanghai dialect plays an important role in their lives here. Huang Yue has more... Article/201703/492628

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