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邛崃市唇部纹绣培训学校哪家好四川省pcd纹绣培训学校成都/素秀半永久纹绣机构做眉毛的画法多少钱 Barcelona in late February is a hunting ground for pickpockets, for it is there that members of the telecoms industry annually convene to show off their latest wares, some of which still have yet to be announced.2月底的巴塞罗那是小偷的猎场,因为电信行业人士在这里召开年度会议,展示它们的最新产品,其中一些迄今仍未对外宣布。About 100,000 people will attend Mobile World Congress this year. Delegates will come from all sectors of the industry, including makers of the base stations that transmit phone signals, producers of the mobile devices that receive them and developers who make the apps that phones depend on.今年的世界移动通信大会(Mobile World Congress)预计将有10万人参加。代表们来自通信行业的各个领域,包括手机信号基站的建造商、移动设备的制造商以及手机应用程序的开发商。High on the industry agenda is 5G, a network technology that aims to make data communication speeds significantly faster than its predecessor, 4G. Mats Granryd, director-general of the industry body GSMA, which organises the conference, says: “We will move away from being vague on the prospects of 5G this year to concrete proposals.”行业议程上的一个重要议题是5G,这是一种旨在让数据通讯速度远超4G的网络技术。主办此次大会的行业组织——全球移动通信系统协会(GSMA)的总干事马茨?格兰吕德(Mats Granryd)表示:“今年我们将不再对5G前景模糊不清,而是会有具体的建议。”There could be up to 200 launches of so-called 5G-lite by carriers this year as they prepare for its arrival in 2019.今年运营商可能发布多达200个所谓的准5G产品,为2019年5G的最终来临做准备。The coming of a faster network has been hailed as a possible boost for the telecoms sector, with Asian, US and European governments vying to take a lead in the new technology.更快速网络的来临被认为有望提振电信行业,目前亚洲、美国和欧洲各国政府都想在这种新技术上占据领先地位。A survey from UK telecoms company O2 predicts national 5G coverage would directly contribute an additional £7bn a year to Britain’s economy by 2026 and that the economic impact will be felt almost twice as quickly as that of fibre broadband, first tested by BT in 2009.英国电信公司O2在一项调查报告中预测,到2026年,全国性的5G网络覆盖每年将会直接让英国经济规模额外增加70亿英镑,而且5G技术产生经济影响的速度将几乎是光纤宽带的两倍——英国电信(BT)在2009年首次试验了光纤宽带。Network equipment makers at Mobile World Congress will try to deliver on the promise of a fully digital and constantly connected society. But the utopian vision of 5G has led some to question whether it will deliver all the services and economic benefits being promised, particularly as squeezed telecoms companies are as yet unwilling to stump up the projected funds to build the networks. These could cost Euro56bn in Europe alone.出席世界移动通信大会的网络设备制造商们将努力兑现“打造完全数字化、时时互联的社会”的承诺。但5G的乌托邦色使得一些人质疑它能否带来承诺的所有务和经济利益,何况陷入困境的电信公司迄今仍不愿拨出预估的资金来建造网络。仅在欧洲,建造这些网络的成本就高达560亿欧元。One analyst quipped in the conference run-up that no network technology has been so talked about so early in the cycle. “That might be because there isn’t much else to talk about,” he says.一位分析师在大会前夕讽刺地说道,没有哪种网络技术在这么早的阶段受到如此热议。他说:“这可能是因为别的没有什么可说的。”Nokia will get in on the 5G act as the network equipment maker vies with Ericsson and Huawei to win orders for the new technology. However, the Nokia brand will also return to the consumer smartphone market for the first time in three and the half years since Microsoft bought its handset business.诺基亚(Nokia)将寻求在5G领域分一杯羹,这家网络设备制造商与爱立信(Ericsson)和华为(Huawei)展开竞争,争夺新技术的订单。然而,诺基亚品牌也将重回消费者智能手机市场,这将是自3年半前微软(Microsoft)收购其手机业务以来的首次。Some are confident the new Android-based range — made by Finnish company HMD — will become a force to reckon with. New BlackBerry devices, made under licence by third parties, will also come to market, despite the Canadian company signalling it would exit the sector last year. Others think Samsung’s woes with its exploding Galaxy Note 7 last year could let them in. Hopefuls include second-tier makers LG with its G6, and Huawei with its P10.一些人确信,诺基亚基于安卓操作系统的新产品——由芬兰公司HMD制造——将不容小觑。授权第三方制造的新黑莓(BlackBerry)设备也将投放市场,尽管这家加拿大公司去年暗示将退出这一领域。其他人认为,三星(Samsung)去年旗下产品Galaxy Note 7频繁爆炸问题可能给了它们机会。有希望取得成功的公司包括推出G6的二线制造商LG以及推出P10的华为。Such products could attract hungry buyers. Professional services group Accenture, which surveyed 26,000 consumers worldwide, found 54 per cent planned to buy a new smartphone this year, with especially high numbers of possible customers in India and China.这些产品可能吸引饥渴的买家。专业务集团埃森哲(Accenture)对全世界的2.6万名消费者进行了调查,发现54%的消费者今年计划购买新的智能手机,印度和中国的潜在消费者尤其多。That is welcome news for a market in which growth in 2016 slowed to 5 per cent from the 14 per cent posted a year before, according to research company Gartner. It also puts pressure on device makers to swim against the tide of what CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood calls the “sea of sameness”. As the Android software operating system underpins 82 per cent of smartphones sold, differentiation is difficult.这在市场增长放缓之际是个可喜的好消息——高德纳(Gartner)的数据显示,智能手机市场2016年增长率从前一年的14%放缓至5%。这也给设备制造商们带来压力,它们要在CCS Insight分析师本?伍德(Ben Wood)所称的“雷同之海”中逆流前进。由于市面上销售的83%智能手机是安卓操作系统持的,实现差异化非常困难。David Sovie, global managing director for Accenture’s electronics and high-tech business unit, says features such as voice control should help sales. “Growing acceptance of services powered by artificial intelligence, such as voice assistants, is also fuelling this market upswing,” he says.埃森哲(Accenture)电子和高科技业务部全球总经理大卫?苏维(David Sovie)表示,语音控制等功能应有助于销售。他说:“语音助理等采用人工智能技术的务越来越获认可,也让这个市场更加兴旺。”The coming of 5G is likely to be the dominant conference talking point, even though the reality for many people around the world is that such a debate masks a daily struggle to get any sort of connection at all. Telecoms companies have started to discuss solutions, such as flying drones, or helikites, being deployed in remote areas of developed countries to deliver mobile broadband to spots land-based masts cannot reach.5G的来临可能成为此次大会热点话题,不过实际上对于世界上的许多人来说,这种讨论掩盖了他们日常难以获得任何一种连接的问题。电信公司已经开始讨论解决方案,例如在发达国家偏远地区部署无人机或氦风筝(helikites),将移动宽带传送到无法修建陆地信号塔的地方。It is yet to be seen whether those people who object to brutalist mobile phone masts spoiling the countryside will welcome War of the Worlds-style drones, or if the promise of blanket coverage will be enough to keep complainers quiet.有些人反对修建手机信号塔,认为这种粗野建筑会破坏乡村面貌,这些人是否会欢迎《世界大战》(War of the Worlds)式的无人机,或者地毯式覆盖的承诺是否足以让那些抱怨的人闭嘴,还都有待观察。The problem is more acute in the developing world, where connecting the unconnected remains a perennial difficulty. Facebook’s plans to deliver broadband across Africa suffered a setback last year when the SpaceX rocket carrying its 0m satellite exploded on the launch pad. The failure showed that delivering the latest in telecoms infrastructure is both expensive and tricky.这个问题在发展中国家更严峻,在这些地区,“让无法连接上网的人都能连接上网”仍是长期难题。去年SpaceX一枚载着价值2亿美元卫星的火箭在发射台爆炸,令Facebook向整个非洲提供宽带的计划遇挫。这一失败表明,发展最新的电信基础设施是一件成本高昂且棘手的工作。Paul Lee, head of technology, media and telecommunications research at professional services provider Deloitte, says: “The world is getting more connected, but there are still billions to connect. Mobile connections are approaching the 5bn mark. So there are still over 2bn to go. There are also varying degrees of quality of connectivity. There are some 200 carriers yet to launch 4G services, but we are likely to see some operators launch 5G services this year.”德勤(Deloitte)的技术、媒体与电信研究主管保罗?李(Paul Lee)说:“世界正变得更加互连,但仍有数十亿人还无法连接。移动连接已接近50亿大关,因此还有20多亿人仍未实现连接。而且连接质量存在差异。目前大约还有200家运营商尚未推出4G务,可我们今年就会看到一些运营商推出5G务。”This is not just a problem in remote places. More than 1m UK homes and businesses have what are deemed to be slow broadband access speeds, while 4G coverage is patchy even in cities. According to data from OpenSignal, a wireless company, the UK, once a pioneer in the mobile industry, now ranks 54th in global rankings of 4G coverage. “There is massive variation in mobile speed,” says Deloitte’s Mr Lee.这不仅是偏远地区才会有的问题。超过100万英国家庭和企业的宽带接入速度被认为是缓慢的,而4G覆盖即使在城市也分布不均。根据无线公司OpenSignal的数据,作为移动行业曾经的先驱,英国如今在全球4G覆盖排名中名列第54位。保罗?李说:“移动上网速度有着巨大差异。”The GSMA’s Mr Granryd argues that pushing mobile data to more places is the “nuclear reactor” for improving people’s lives. The demand for portable “electronic money” so people can use phones to withdraw or transfer funds, for instance, has strongly taken hold in emerging markets where many have not had access to traditional banks. These have caught up with contactless wave-and-pay technologies available to bank card and phone users in countries such as the US and UK. There are about 500m mobile money users across 93 countries, mostly in Africa and Asia.格兰吕德认为,将移动数据推广到更多地方是改善人们生活的“核反应堆”。例如,对便携式“电子货币”的需求在新兴市场已经根深蒂固,人们用手机就能取钱或转账,而在新兴市场许多人不使用传统的务。这些付技术已经赶上了美英等国卡或手机用户所使用的非接触式感应付(wave-and-pay)技术。全球大约有5亿名移动货币(mobile money)用户,分布在93个国家,主要是非洲和亚洲的国家。Christophe Uzureau, vice-president of banking and investment services at Gartner, says mobile finance has evolved rapidly. Different models have emerged but the most advanced, such as Alibaba’s Alipay in China, have added benefits, like assisting Chinese tourists with the processing of international payments. This evolution goes hand-in-hand with improved connectivity.高德纳和投资务副总裁克里斯托夫?乌聚罗(Christophe Uzureau)表示,移动金融发展迅速。如今已经出现了多种不同的模式,而最先进的模式带来了诸多好处——例如中国阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的付宝(Alipay)——比如协助中国游客处理国际付。这种进步与连接性的提高紧密相连。The advent of 5G could accelerate development of digital services. But the GSMA says the industry also has to focus on the provision of more relevant local content if mobile is to blossom. As Mr Granryd points out, only 0.1 per cent of India’s web pages are in Hindi while more than 400m people speak the language. Hauling up masts alone will not be enough to make 5G a global success.5G问世将可加快数字化务的发展。但GSMA表示要使移动技术兴旺发展,该行业还必须致力于提供更接地气的本地内容。正如格兰吕德指出的,印度只有0.1%的网页使用印地语,而当地超过4亿人讲这种语言。只建信号塔不足以让5G在全球取得成功。 /201703/495468成都/市绣眉学习班

四川哪里学半永久化妆好Samsung’s ambitions to rival Apple in the smartphone market suffered a deep setback after a series of fires in its flagship Galaxy Note 7 forced the South Korean giant to abandon the model in one of the most ignominious chapters in consumer electronics.三星(Samsung)在智能手机市场叫板苹果(Apple)的雄心遭到一个严重挫折,其旗舰手机Galaxy Note 7发生的一系列起火事故迫使这家韩国巨擘放弃这一型号,这件事已成为消费电子产品史上最不光的篇章之一。More than bn was wiped off the company’s market value amid growing fears that the safety issues around the Note 7 could damage the group’s reputation and have an impact on the group’s other consumer products.该公司的市值已蒸发了逾190亿美元,市场越来越担心,围绕Note 7的安全问题可能损害该集团的声誉,并对该集团的其他消费产品产生冲击。There have aly been some signs of contagion, with a slowdown in S7 sales this week, according to one network, which cautioned that it was too early to tell if there had been sustained damage to the Samsung brand.已经有一些蔓延迹象。一家网络运营商称,本周S7销售放缓,它告诫称,现在要判断三星品牌是否已受到持久损害还为时过早。“Samsung’s credibility is on the line,” said Bryan Ma, analyst at IDC. “Samsung needs to make sure that consumers can trust its brand or else other products [and future products] are at risk.”“三星的可信度岌岌可危,”IDC分析师Bryan Ma表示。“三星需要确保消费者能够信任其品牌,否则其他产品乃至未来产品将面临风险。”The decision to scrap the line, once viewed as an “iPhone killer”, came after the company was forced to make a second recall of the smartphone as photos of the devices ablaze shot across social media worldwide.决定放弃这款一度被视为“iPhone杀手”的手机之前,该公司被迫对其进行第二次召回,因为这款手机起火燃烧的照片在世界各地社交媒体上热传。Samsung thought it had solved the battery fire problems last month after US regulators ordered the first recall following 92 reports of batteries overheating. But the incidents continued, putting intense pressure on the group. After initially scaling back production earlier this week, it finally took the unprecedented step to kill it off.三星上月以为它已经解决了电池起火问题,此前美国监管机构在接到92份电池过热报告后下令其进行第一次召回。但起火事件仍接二连三发生,给该集团带来巨大压力。本周早些时候宣布缩减生产后,它终于采取了前所未有的淘汰举措。According to one person who has spoken to Samsung executives, problems with the phone appeared to have arisen from tweaks to the processor to speed up the rate at which the phone could be charged. That would suggest it was not an issue with the battery itself, as Samsung initially speculated, or the design of the phone, but with the underlying technology.曾与三星高管交谈的一名人士称,这款手机的问题似乎源自对处理器进行的调整,其目的是加快手机充电速度。如果是这样的话,问题就不是像三星最初推测的那样在于电池,也不是手机的设计,而是在于基础技术。“If you try to charge the battery too quickly it can make it more volatile. If you push an engine too hard, it will explode. Something had to give. These devices are miracles of technology — how much we can get out of that tiny piece of lithium-ion,” the person told the Financial Times.“如果您尝试对电池太快充电,可能会使其更加不稳定。如果你把一台发动机用过头,它会爆炸。有得就会有失。这些装置是技术奇迹——我们能够从这么一点点锂离子获得这么大电量,”上述人士对英国《金融时报》表示。Samsung was not available for comment, but insiders had previously said it would not comment before a thorough investigation had been conducted.记者联系不上三星请其置评,但内部人士曾表示,该公司在进行彻底调查之前不会表态。Shares in the South Korean company fell 8 per cent — their biggest percentage decline since October 2008 — as analysts warned that damage from the recall fiasco was likely to hit Samsung’s reputation as well as sales in coming months. That could be a boon to rivals such as Apple and Google, just as their new devices hit the market ahead of the crucial holiday sales season.这家韩国公司股价下跌8%,这是自2008年10月以来的最大百分比跌幅。分析师们警告称,召回失败的损害很可能会打击三星的声誉以及未来几个月的销售。这对苹果和谷歌(Google)等竞争对手可能是一个利好,因为他们的新款产品在关键的假日销售季之前进入市场。 /201610/471035纹绣培训价格 成都素绣半永久国际纹绣学校电话地址

成都/化妆美甲美容学校学纹绣整形平眉眉型价格The crossbow triggers and parts found in EmperorQin#39;s mausoleum.在秦始皇陵中发现的弩的扳机和部件。One of the most astounding archaeologicaldiscoveries of the 20th century is arguably the life-size terra-cotta armyburied alongside China#39;sfirst emperor. Now, scientists have figured out how the bronze triggers for thecrossbows of the 8,000 terra-cotta warriors were manufactured.埋藏在中国首位帝王身边真人大小的兵马俑是二十世纪最惊人的发现之一。现在,科学家已经发现了8000位人佣所持铜弩的扳机是如何被制造出来的了。Teams of craftspeople workedin small groups to produce the bronze pieces in batches for the tomb of ancientEmperor Qin Shi Huang, according to a new study detailed in the March issue ofthe journal Antiquity.一个工匠团队分成小组工作,为秦始皇的陵墓来批量制作铜件。刊登在《古物》杂志三月刊上的一项新的研究对此进行了详细的叙述。Prepared for theafterlife为了来世作准备Historical documents suggest that soon afterEmperor Qin Shi Huang ascended to the throne in 246 B.C., he began work on histomb near Xi#39;an, China. When the tomb was firstunearthed in the 1970s,it revealed thousands of lifelike terra-cotta statues ofartisans, musicians, officials, horses and soldiers. The epic effortconscripted 700,000 laborers, many of whom were convicts or people who were indebt to the empire, said study co-author Xiuzhen Janice Li, an archaeologistwho was at the University College London at the time of the new work and is nowat the Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s MausoleumSite Museumin China.历史文件表明,在秦始皇于公元前246年登上帝位的不长时间之后,他就开始着手在中国的西安建造自己的陵墓。当他的陵墓于上世纪70年代第一次出土时,发掘出了上千个活灵活现的人佣,有工匠,音乐家,官员,马匹和士兵。这项研究的共同作者Xiuzhen Janice Li说当时有70万名劳工被招来进行这项史诗般的工程,其中大部分是囚犯或欠朝廷债的人。Xiuzhen Janice Li曾经是伦敦大学的考古专家,现在工作于中国的秦始皇帝陵物馆。The massive undertaking had an important goal:ensuring the emperor#39;s military power and resources in the afterlife.这项宏伟工程有一个重要的目标:确保皇帝的军事力量和资源跟随他到来世。As part of the huge project, craftspeoplesculpted about 8,000 colorful warriors — likely using real human beings asinspiration — and those warriors wore stone armor and ;wielded;lances, swords and crossbows.作为这项巨大工程的一部分,工匠们塑刻了大约8000个色鲜艳的勇士——他们很可能是以真正的人作为灵感,这些战士们身披石盔,手持长矛,短剑和弩。But it wasn#39;t clear exactly how these ancientweapons were made. The crossbows were made of wood or bamboo that rotted longago, and only the tips and triggers for the bows remained, Li told LiveScience.但是目前还不清楚这些古老的武器究竟是如何被制造出来的。Li告诉《生动科学》(Live Science)说,那时候制造的木制或竹制弩身肯定在很久以前就腐烂了,只留下了这些小物件和扳机。Small workshops小作坊To learn more about how the massive trove wasbuilt, Li and her colleagues visually inspected and measured about 216 of thefive-part crossbow triggers from the mausoleum. The lack of wear on the metal pieces suggeststhe weapons were never used in actual battle, but were instead built solely forthe tomb, the researchers said.为了更加了解这座巨大的宝库,Li和她的同事们观察测量了200多个弩扳机的组件,他们研究发现这些扳机几乎没有磨损,说明它们从没有在战场上被使用过,而是专门为秦始皇陵而制造的。In addition, the team analyzed the spots wheretriggers were found in the tomb, as well as the variation in the size and shapeof the pieces.此外,研究小组分析了发现这些扳机的那个地点,对比了其中碎块的大小样式。The pieces were mostly uniform, suggesting theinterlocking trigger parts were made in the same or nearly-identical molds andproduced in small batches. Each batch of the trigger pieces was likely thenassembled in small cells, or workshops, perhaps headed by anoverseer. That model contrasts with the ;assembly line;hypothesis that some archaeologists thought might have been used.这些零碎的部件几乎是相同的,这表明那些连锁扳机结构的组件是用同一种或几乎相同的模子批量生产出来,他们很可能也在这些小作坊里进行装配,也许由监工负责。考古学家猜测某种类似于“装配线”的模式已经在那个时候被运用了。Mirror of society社会的倒影The organization into small workshops wassimilar to the structure the emperor imposed on the rest of society in ancient China,said study co-author Marcos Martinón-Torres, an archaeologist at the UniversityCollege London.该研究共同撰写人,伦敦大学考古专家Marcos Martinón-Torres提到,在古代中国,这种小作坊的组织结构与皇帝在其他社会领域中推行的很相似。;He abolished any privileges inherited byblood, and the population was divided in small groups that were collectivelyresponsible for their adherence to imperial laws,; Martinón-Torres wrotein an email to Live Science. ;For example, if someone in one of thesegroups committed a crime, all of them were held responsible, unless they reportedthe culprit and allowed them to be punished.;“他废除了宗法制,在法律上对民众实行连坐制度” Martinón-Torres在他写给《生动科学》的电子邮件中说到:“举个例子,如果一组人中一个人犯了罪,其余所有人都要为此承担责任,除非他们举报责任人并让他接受惩罚。”The manufacturing technique used in the workshopalso may have been used by weapon makers for the Emperor of Qin#39;s real armies,though that#39;s just speculation, Martinón-Torres said.Martinón-Torres还提到,这种工作间里的制造技术很有可能被工匠用来为皇帝制造真正的武器,但这只是一个假设。;The cellular workshop model we postulatefor the weapons manufacture in the mausoleum would have also offered usefulflexibility for armies on the move,; he said.这种蜂窝式的工作间模式很可能为行动中的军队带来更高的灵活性,他说。 /201606/451980 绵阳职业技能培训学校学习半永久化妆PCD纹绣多少钱南充拾月化妆美甲纹绣学校学习韩式定妆水晶唇秀眉多少钱




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