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unit 43商谈邀请dialogue英语情景对话A:Hello?A:您好。B:Hello, is that Miss Smith?B:您好,请问您是史密斯吗?A:Yes.A:是的。B:This is Mr.Gao. How are you?B:我是高先生,你好吗?A:Not too bad, thanks. And you?A:还不错.谢谢,你呢?B:Fine. Listen. Are you free on Wednesday night? Id like to invite you to dinner.B:很好。你星期三晚上有空吗?我想邀请你吃晚餐。A:Im terribly sorry, but Ive aly made arrangements for Wednesday.A:真对不起,我星期三已经有安排了。B:Thats a pity. How about Thursday?B:真遗憾,那星期四怎么样?A:That would be fine.A:好吧。B:Great. What time would you like to meet?B:太好了!你认为几点见面好呢?A:Whenever is suitable for you. I have no plans for that day.A:你看什么时间合适,我几点都可以。我那天没什么安排。B:OK, lets say 6:30 p.m.B:好吧,那就晚上6点半吧!A:And where would you like to meet?A:那么我们在哪儿见面呢?B:I can pick you up at the gate of your company. Also, what type of food do you like?B:我可以在你的公司门口接你。还有,你喜欢吃什么菜?A:lm not very familiar with Chinese cuisine. What can you recommend?A:我对中国菜不太了解,你推荐点什么呢?B:Well, have you heard of Peking Duck? its a local specialty.B:哦,你听说过北京烤鸭吗?那是地方特产。A:Of course! Peking Duck is world-famous. I would love to try it.A:当然!北京烤鸭世界闻名。我很想试试。B:OK, lets have that then.B:那样的话我们就吃北京烤鸭吧。A:All right. Well, Ill see you later.A:好吧,到时候见吧!B:See you later, goodbye.B:到时见,再见。A:Bye.A:再见。 /201504/371739

I got a hangover.I drank too much. 我宿醉还没醒,我喝多了。I have a bad/terrible hangover例句:I got a hangover,some hair of the dog would probably make me feel better.我喝多了,一些解宿醉的酒可能会让我舒点。I got a hangover,I went to the bar yesterday to watch the football game.我喝多了,昨天我去了酒吧看足球比赛。A:Wake up,are you alright?醒醒,你还好吗?B:I got a hangover.我喝多了。背景音乐:Lisa Mitchell-Neopolitan Dreams更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201609/465272

Todd: So Shuan, you mentioned your family, do you have a big family?托德:肖恩,你提到过你的家人,你家里人多吗?Shuan: No, I have a fairly small family, actually, Ive only got, including me theres only four people in my family.肖恩:不多,我家里人很少,包括我在内,我们家一共是四口人。Todd: So its your mother, your father, you...托德:那就是你妈妈、你爸爸,还有你的……Shuan: And my sister.肖恩:我。Todd: Oh, and your sister. OK, is your sister younger or older than you?托德:哦。你。你说的是还是?Shuan: Shes younger. She just started university actually.肖恩:。她刚上大学。Todd: Ah, so youre the big brother.托德:哦,所以你是哥哥。Shuan: I am, yeah.肖恩:对,我是。Todd: OK, thats nice. So where does your family live right now?托德:好,不错。你家人现在住在哪里?Shuan: Ah, my mother and my father live in Victoria in Canada and my sister is on the other side of Canada in Montreal in Quebec.肖恩:我爸爸妈妈住在加拿大维多利亚市,我住在加拿大的另一边,她住在魁北克省蒙特利尔市。Todd: Well, tell me about your father. Whats your father like?托德:跟我说说你的父亲吧。你父亲是个怎样的人?Shuan: My father is pretty much the most interesting person I think I know. He all different kinds of stories about his childhood, and his growing up.肖恩:我觉得我父亲是我认识的最有意思的人。他有很多他童年时期和他成长过程中的故事。Todd: Did you grow up in Canada?托德:他是在加拿大长大的吗?Shuan: No, he grew up in Liverpool, in England.肖恩:不是,他是在英国利物浦长大的。Todd: OK, nice, and what does your father do?托德:哦,好,那你父亲的职业是什么?Shuan: Ah, he was a pilot until five years ago, five years ago, it was kind of tragic, but he had a heart attack and he wasnt allowed to fly anymore.肖恩:直到五年前,他一直是名飞行员,这有点悲伤,五年前他心脏病发作,所以他就不能再飞行了。Todd: Oh, Im sorry.托德:哦,我很抱歉。Shuan: Its fine. He makes, hes pretty much happier now I guess.肖恩:没关系。我觉得他现在要开心得多。Todd: OK, so he was OK after the heart attack.托德:心脏病发作后他还好吗?Shuan: Hes fine, yeah.肖恩:他很好。Todd: OK, what about your mother? Does she work?托德:好,你母亲呢?她工作吗?Shuan: My mother, no, she doesnt. She used to work. In fact my mother and my father met at work. They both worked for Cathay Pacific, which is an airline based in Hong Kong. My mother was a stewardess and my father was a pilot, so they met that way in Osaka actually.肖恩:不,我妈妈不工作。以前她有工作。实际上我妈妈和我爸爸是在工作中认识的。他们都曾在国泰航空公司工作,那是一家香港航空公司。我妈妈是空,我爸爸是飞行员,他们是在大阪相识的。Todd: Oh, what a story. OK and what about your sister? You said that shes a student.托德:哦,真美好。好,那你的呢?你刚说她是学生。Shuan: Shes a student. Shes actually in her first year in McGill. shes actually in her first year in McGill unversity which is in Quebec. I havent spoken to her lately so I dont know how shes doing.肖恩:她是学生。她是麦吉尔大学的大一新生。她是魁北克省麦吉尔大学的大一学生。最近我没有跟她联系,所以我不清楚她在忙什么。Todd: OK, do you know what she studies?托德:好,你知道她学什么专业吗?Shuan: I believe its arts and humanities.肖恩:我想是艺术与人文。Todd: So you and your sister, are you similar or quite different?托德:你和你性格像吗?还是说你们有很多不同点?Shuan: Oh, we are definely quite different.肖恩:哦,我们非常不同。Todd: How so?托德:怎么讲?Shuan: I was the rebelious type. I pretty much laid the foundation for my sister to get all the freedoms that she has, and she doesnt appreciate any of the things Ive done so,.. another way that were different is that shes really into arts and drawing and painting and making music where as Im more into the technical side of things, like Im into computer making, fixing cars.肖恩:我是那种叛逆的类型。我为我获得的所有自由奠定了基础,她不喜欢我做的所有事,所以……我们还有一点不同,她非常喜欢艺术、绘画和创作音乐,而我更喜欢与技术有关的事情,我对电脑制作和修车感兴趣。Todd: So it sounds like your quite different. Well, maybe shell listen to this and shell appreciate you more.托德:听起来你们非常不同。也许她会听到这期节目,她会更欣赏你的。Shuan: I hope so.肖恩:希望如此。 译文属 /201504/370980

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