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攀枝花半永久定妆培训南充专业绣眉培训学校哪家好;I was sure that I was to be killed. I became terribly nervous. I fumbled in my pockets to see if ther were any cigarettes, which had escaped their search. I found one and because of my shaking hands, I could barely get it to my lips. But I had no matches, they had taken those. ;I looked through the bars at my jailer.He did not make eye contact with me. I called out to him ‘Have you got a light?‘ He looked at me,shrugged [3]and came over to light my cigarette. ;As he came close and lit the match, his eyes inadvertently locked with mine. At that moment, I smiled. I don‘t know why I did that. Perhaps it was nervousness, perhapsit was because, when you get very close, one to another, it is very hard not to smile. In any case,I smiled. In that instant, it was as though a spark jumped across the gap between our two hearts, our two human souls. I know he didn‘t want to, but my smile leaped through the bars and generated a smile on his lips, too.He lit my cigarette but stayed near, looking at me directly in the eyes and continuing to smile.;I kept smiling at him, now aware of him as a person and not just a jailer. And his looking at me seemed to have a new dimension too. ‘Do you have kids?‘ he asked. ; ‘Yes, here, here.‘ I took out my wallet and nervously fumbled the pictures of my family. He, too, took out the pictures of his family and began to talk about his plans and hopes them. My eyes filled with tears. I said that I feared that I‘d never see my family again, never have the chance to see them grow up. Tears came to his eyes, too. ;Suddenly, without another word, he unlocked my cell and silently led me out. Out of the jail, quietly and by back routes, out of the town. There, at the edge of town, he released me. And without another word, he turned back toward the town.;My life was saved by a smile.; Yes, the smileDthe unaffected, unplanned, natural connection between people.I really believe that if that part of you and that part of me could recognize each other, we wouldn‘tbeenemies. We couldn‘t have hate or envy or fear.  60乐山专业纹绣学校 节目寄语每日床头啃一段语篇,您的生活质量更加高特别声明该文章中的讲解为可可签约编辑根据改编的名著所编写的参考资料啃嚼语段Finally, the Dodger bumped into him accidentally from behind,最后,神偷偶然地从后面撞了他一下,and at that moment both boys took from him,very quickly, his watch, guard-chain,handkerchief,and notebook.就在这个节骨眼上,他身上的手表、表链、手帕、记事本都到了两个男孩手里If the old man felt a hand in any of his pockets he cried out, and then the game began again.如果老头感到有手伸进兜里,他就叫一声接着游戏又重新开始Later, the boys went out again to do some more work.之后,孩子们又出去做更多的工作了When They had gone,Fagin turned to Oliver.他们走后,费金转向奥利弗;Take my advice, my dear,;he said.;Make the m your models. Especially the Dodger.“听我的话,亲爱的,”他说,“照着他们的榜样去做,特别是神偷,他自己将来会成为一个了不起的人,He;ll be a great man himself, and will make you one too, if you copy him.假如你跟他学,你也会成为一个了不起的人的Is my handkerchief hanging out of my pocket, my dear? ;我的手帕是不是从兜里耷拉到外面了,亲爱的?”语段精讲1. Finally, the Dodger bumped into him accidentally from behind, and at that moment both boys took from him,very quickly, his watch, guard-chain,handkerchief,and notebook.短语精讲:bump into是一个固定短语,意思是“偶然遇到,碰到”例如:I tried to avoid her, but it was just my luck to bump into her. 我不想见她, 偏撞上她了I dont bump into you much these days. 我最近老是没碰见你 from behind的意思是“从后面”,behind在这里做名词用例如:The ship sailed with the wind blowing from behind. 轮船顺风航行He held out his hand to the cars pressing on him from behind. 他伸出手向后面顶着他的车辆示意 语法点拨:“...both boys took from him,very quickly, his watch, guard-chain,handkerchief,and notebook”这个句子动词(take)后的宾语(his watch, guard-chain,handkerchief,and notebook)由于很长,于是进行后置,放于句尾,为平衡句子结构. If the old man felt a hand in any of his pockets he cried out, and then the game began again.短语精讲:cry out的意思是“大喊,大声疾呼”例如:The wounded man could not bear to cry out. 受伤的人忍不住哭起来He felt an irresistible impulse to cry out at the sight. 他看到那景象,情不自禁想要大声叫喊 3. Later, the boys went out again to do some more work.写作语库:do some work:做事,工作. When They had gone, Fagin turned to Oliver;Take my advice, my dear,;he said.;Make them your models. Especially the Dodger.”写作语库:turn to sb.:转向某人 take one’s advice:接纳某人的建议,同某人的话 语法点拨:make them you models这个结构是make+名词(代词)+名词(代词),意思是“使某人成为什么样的人” 30阿坝州纹绣培训学校哪家好

成都唯美化妆美甲培训学校纹绣绣眉培训好吗I arrived at my friend Karin’s wedding a little late and the ceremony had aly begun. I’ve been to a lot of civil ceremonies, but it had been a while since I’d attended a religious one. They had asked a minister to officiate. When I arrived, Karin and her fiancé, Jan, were standing in front of the church. Minister: We are gathered here today to join Jan and Karin in holy matrimony. If there is anyone here who knows of a reason why these two should not be joined in marriage, speak now or ever hold your peace. tunately, no one said anything. Minister: Jan and Karin, please face each other and join hands. Minister: [To Jan] Do you, Jan Casanova, take Karin Valentine, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, better and worse, richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, ‘till death do you part. Jan said, “I do,” and the minister asked Karin the same question, and she said, “I do,” as well. Minister: May I have the rings? [To Jan] Please place this ring, a symbol of your love, on Karin’s hand and say, “With this ring, I thee wed”. Jan put the ring on the fourth finger of Karin’s left hand. Karin said the same thing and put a ring on Jan’s finger. Minister: I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride. Jan and Karin kissed and we all applauded. Minister: Ladies and gentleman, it is my great honor to present to you the very first time the happy couple, Jan and Karin.广安纹绣工作室 ;A few years ago my middle son who was around seven years old at the time, had cycled away from home without telling anyone.“几年前,七岁左右的儿子一声不吭地骑车离开了家It was a mild summer evening and there were many children playing in their gardens.那是一个夏季的傍晚,天气怡人,许多孩子在院子里玩耍Our new house was in a family friendly estate and despite trying to keep calm the 0 minutes that we couldnt find him,我们所处的小区氛围友好,每家每户都其乐融融在寻找儿子下落的0分钟里我还能故作镇定,I felt as if my life had stopped. There seemed to be no past and no future just a desperate present filled with every possible what if.可当没找着他时,我感觉我的生命停止了没有过去,也没有未来,只有充满着各种可能的绝望的当下He came back cheerfully on his bike having made some new friends and completely oblivious to the desperate panic at home.结交了几个新朋友后,儿子欢天喜地的骑着车回到家,完全没有察觉家中绝望恐慌的气氛0 minutes may have seemed like a lifetime to me but I was lucky because some people really do spend a lifetime living with the disappearance of their child.这0分钟对我而言像一生一般漫长,但我还算幸运,因为有些人真的一生都生活在失去孩子的痛苦中Winnie Johnson, the mother of Keith Bennett who was murdered by Ian Brady in 196 died this weekend. She died at the age of 78,维妮·约翰逊于本周末逝世,享年78岁她的孩子基思·班尼特在196年被伊恩·布拉迪杀害,and 7 of those years had been spent looking her son body, the remains of which may still be somewhere on Saddleworth Moor.7年里,维妮·约翰逊一直在寻找孩子的遗体遗体被藏匿在沙德伍兹沼泽一带,至今下落不明I grew up in West Yorkshire and would often pass the sign Saddleworth as we drove along the motorway.我在西约克郡长大,驾车时总会在高速公路上经过指向沙德伍兹的路标They are bleak and rolling moors but like many I came to associate this place only with the tragic murders of innocent young lives.荒凉的沼泽地势崎岖,但和许多人一样,我只能由它想起几个无辜的年轻人被人谋杀的悲剧Most of us cant even begin to imagine Winnie Johnson torment. The letters she wrote to Ian Brady with her pleas that perhaps he might in a moment of remorse tell her where Keith body lay,多数人都无法想像维妮·约翰逊所遭受的痛苦她给伊恩·布拉迪写信,恳求他能因刹那的悔恨告诉她基思遗体的下落her desperation to give Keith a Christian burial, bee she died herself when she became ill.她那时已身染疾病,不顾一切地想给伊恩一个基督教式的葬礼But it is her relentless hope as a mother which makes this story even more poignant.然而,就是这位母亲的无尽的愿望使整个故事更加让人痛心Her hope that in finding Keith remains she would have done all in her power as a mother and finally made peace with herself.她希望尽一个母亲的全部力量来找到基思的遗体,从而与自己讲和But holding onto such hope must have been a kind of torment itself always demanding courage and patience.不过坚持这种希望一定是种折磨,需要靠勇气和耐心来撑Maybe Winnie Johnson Christian faith gave her some solace in her darkest hours but I think that keeping faith in the face of despair is God biggest challenge to us.也许维妮·约翰逊的基督教信仰在黑暗的时光里给予她安慰,但我想,在绝望中坚持信仰是上帝给我们设下的最大挑战Her son was the victim of Brady murder but she became the victim of his silence.她的儿子成为布拉迪谋杀行为的受害者,而她则成为布拉迪沉默态度的受害者And although her family will continue this search they too may never find out.尽管她的家人们将继续寻找,但他们可能依旧一无所获In trying to keep her son memory alive she took flowers and toys to the moors.为了使人们记住自己的孩子,维妮在沼泽地里布置了鲜花和玩具And perhaps in years to come it is this tender image which will gradually eclipse the dark secrets of these moors and the infamous faces of the murderer,也许若干年后,这温馨的景象会渐渐冲淡这片沼泽地的秘密,渐渐模糊凶手穷凶极恶的面容an image in which lies the haunting hope of a mother love.;,而这温馨的景象背后,是一位母亲满怀爱意的心愿 553四川省纹绣 学校

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