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每个高喊着减肥的姑娘,都有一张管不住的嘴。但最新研究表明,胖纸不只是吃出来的,更是;坐;出来的!想甩掉腰间的救生圈?赶紧站起来;抖抖手来抖抖脚;吧!New research gives many of us yet another reason to get up off our desk chairs and get moving.一项新的研究,让我们又多了一个离开桌椅站起来活动活动的理由。The findings, published in Cell Physiology, suggest that the pressure placed in the buttocks and hips from sitting down for too long can generate up to 50 percent more fat in those areas.这项被刊登在《细胞生理学》上的调查结果表明,持久静坐施加于臀部和胯部的压力,会使这些部位生成50%以上的脂肪。Researchers from Tel Aviv University looked at MRI images of muscle tissue in people who had been paralyzed by spinal cord injuries and found that major amounts of fat cells stretched to surround the areas around the muscles that endured pressure from lying or sitting. The researchers then manipulated a group of fat cells to stretch and stay sedentary for long periods of time, representing the time spent sitting or lying down. After two weeks, they found that stretched cells produced nearly 50 percent more liquid fat than regular fat cells.特拉维夫大学的研究人员,观察了一些因脊髓损伤而瘫痪的病人的肌肉组织MRI(核磁共振成像)图像,发现大多数的脂肪细胞都聚集在因为躺或者坐而承受压力的肌肉附近。;These findings indicate that we need to take our cells#39; mechanical environment into account as well as pay attention to calories consumed and burned,; Amit Gefen, one of the Tel Aviv researchers, told the U.K.#39;s Telegraph.;那些调查结果表明,我们不仅要注意消耗和燃烧的卡路里,更要考虑下细胞的机械环境。;一位名叫Amit Gefen的特拉维夫研究人员,这样告诉英国《每日电讯报》。Previous research found that those who were bound to wheelchairs or were bedridden developed abnormal muscle and fat growth in areas of the body where more pressure was placed. But Gefen said this research could also translate to the not so extreme sedentary lifestyle.先前的研究发现,那些受轮椅束缚或者卧病不起的人,会在身体受压更大的部位,出现肌肉发育不良的情况,并且增长脂肪。但Gefen说,即使没那么极端的久坐生活方式同样会造成研究得出的结果。Even those who eat well and exercise can suffer the consequences of a bigger butt and waistline if they stay seated for longer periods of time, according to this research. But forgo the exercise and become a couch potato and the results could be worse, Gefen told The Telegraph.研究表明,如果久坐不动,甚至那些吃得很营养也锻炼身体的人也会变成粗腰肥臀。不过,成天躺在沙发上看电视又不锻炼的话,一定会变得更糟糕,Gefen对《每日电讯报》如是说。 /201112/163690In class the teacher showed pictures of various birds. Then he asked one of the students, ;What kind of bird do you like best, Jack?;Jack thought a moment, then answered, ;Fried chicken, sir.;老师在课堂上向学生们展示了各种各样的鸟的照片。然后他问其中一名学生,“杰克,你最喜欢哪种鸟儿啊?”杰克想了想,回答,“炸鸡,老师。”Mrs Brown went to visit one of her friend and carried a small box with holes punched in the top.; What#39;s in your box?; asked the friend.;A cat,; answered Mrs Brown. ;You see I#39;ve been dreaming about mice at night and I#39;m so scared! This cat is to catch them.;;But the mice are only imaginary,; said the friend.;So is the cat,; whispered Mrs Brown.布朗夫人去拜访一位朋友,她拿着一个顶部扎满了小眼儿的盒子。“盒子里装的是什么?”朋友问道。“一只小猫,”布朗夫人回答说,“你知道我晚上睡觉总梦见老鼠,我非常害怕。这只猫可以抓住那些老鼠。”“可老鼠都是假想的呀。”朋友说。“小猫也是假想的。”布朗夫人小声说道。

They say you should never judge a book by its cover.人们说以貌取人是不对的。But when it comes to the opposite sex, it seems that#39;s exactly what women do.但是女人在评判异性的时候似乎偏偏就是这么做的。It takes a woman just three minutes to make up her mind about whether she likes a man or not, a study has revealed.一项调查显示,女人只需要三分钟就可断定是否喜欢一个男人。The average female spends the time sizing up looks, physique and dress-sense as well as taking in scent, accent and eloquence of a potential suitor.一般来说,女性会用这三分钟观察一个潜在追求者的长相、体格和穿衣品味,以及感知对方的体味、口音和口才。Women also quickly judge how he interacts with her friends and whether he is successful or ambitious.女人能很快判断他和她的朋友们是不是合得来,他是否成功,以及他是否有雄心壮志。It also emerged most women believe 180 seconds is long enough to gauge whether or not he is Mr Right, or Mr Wrong.调查还揭示,大多数女人们都认为,180秒的时间足以判断对方是否真命天子。The study also found women rarely change their mind about a man after their initial reaction — and believe they are ;always right; in their assumptions and judgments.此外,研究发现女人很少会改变她们对男人的第一印象,她们认为自己的推想和判断“总是正确的”。The report which was commissioned among 3,000 adults to mark the release of Instinct, a new book by Ben Kay.这次涵盖了3000名成年人的调查是为了配合本#8226;凯的新书《直觉》的出版而进行的。Kay said: ;I think a lot of people believe in trusting their instincts when dating. It makes it seem more magical, like it#39;s coming from somewhere deeper.;凯说:“我想很多人在约会的时候都会相信他们的直觉。这使得心动的感觉更奇妙,好像这种感觉来自内心深处某个地方。”;But it#39;s surprising how quickly women make a decision. That#39;s barely enough time to finish a drink together.;“但是令人惊讶的是,女人居然能在那么短的时间内做出决定,三分钟只勉强够两个人喝完一杯酒。”;It#39;s interesting that so many women trust their instincts and yet still give men the opportunity to change their minds.;“有趣的是,尽管很多女人相信直觉,但她们还是会给男人们扭转乾坤的机会。”;Some men might think this is leading them on but I would imagine most women just want to give every bloke a fair shot.;“一些男人可能会认为这是在给他们错误的暗示,但是我认为大多数女人只是想给每个男人一个公平的机会。”Researchers found women will quickly dismiss a man who they feel is ;too cocky; or ;too needy;.研究人员发现,女人们会很快拒绝她们觉得“太自大”或者“太穷”的男人。He will also be rejected if he isn#39;t nice to people, doesn#39;t appear to earn enough and if he has nothing in common with the woman.此外,对人不够友善、看起来赚得不多、没有共同语言也是男人被拒绝的原因。 /201204/179563

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