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宝安区红蓝光去痘费用“在线社交网”热潮席卷全球Online social networking websites saw their ranks swell and values soar this year as everyone from moody teenagers and mellow music lovers to mate-seeking seniors joined online communities.Google's freshly released "Zeitgeist 2007" reveals that seven out of the 10 hottest topics which triggered Internet queries during the year involved social networking.A Top Ten list compiled by the world's most-used search engine includes British website Badoo, Spanish-language Hi5, and US-based Facebook.Video-sharing websites YouTube and Dailymotion are on the list, along with the Club Penguin online role playing game where children pretending to be the flightless birds "waddle about and play" together.Virtual world Second Life, where people represented by animated proxies interact in digitized fantasy settings, is the final social networking property in the Zeitgeist Top Ten.The world has only seen "the tip of the iceberg" when it comes to online social networking, says MySpace vice president of business development Amit Kapur."It is a natural step in the evolution of the Web," Kapur said."The Web is getting more personal. I think you are going to see much more of that happen on every website across the Web."MySpace aspires to become people's homes on the Internet, with profile pages serving as online addresses as well as springboards to online music, , news and other contents conducive to their tastes and interests.Industry statistics show Facebook membership more than doubled in the past year to about 55 million, while MySpace grew 30 percent to top 110 million.One in every four US residents uses MySpace, while in Britain it is as common to have a profile page on the website as it is to own a dog. “在线社交网站”今年人气大涨、“身价倍增”,因为在这一年中,从情绪多变的青少年到舒缓音乐的爱好者,再到觅偶人士,都加入了在线社交网站。全球用户最多的搜索引擎Google近日公布了“2007年度十大热门搜索排行榜”。该榜显示,其中七大热门搜索都与社交网络有关。“十大热门搜索”包括英国的Badoo社交网站、Hi5西班牙语社交网站以及美国的Facebook网站。Youtube视频分享网、Dailymotion网站以及(面向儿童的)“企鹅俱乐部”角色扮演游戏社区也榜上有名,孩子们在“企鹅俱乐部”中都扮成小企鹅,它们“摇摇晃晃地走来走去,一起玩耍”。“第二人生”虚拟社区名列“十大热门搜索排行”第十位,“第二人生”社区是一个数字化的虚拟世界,社区用户都有一个动漫化身。MySpace业务拓展部副经理阿米特#8226;卡珀说,这些还只是社交网络的“冰山一角”。他说,“这是网络发展的必然结果”。“随着网络的日趋个性化,这一热潮将席卷各个网站。”MySpace致力于成为人们的网上家园,社区内用户的个人主页既是在线联系地址,也是分享在线音乐、视频、新闻和人们感兴趣的内容的平台。据业内统计数据显示,今年Facebook网站的注册用户增长了一倍以上,达到约5500万,而MySpace的用户数量则增长了30%,已超过1.1亿。美国有四分之一的居民是MySpace的用户,而在英国,拥有网上个人空间就像拥有宠物那么普遍。 /200803/32070深圳膨体隆鼻哪家医院好 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:要说形象工程,要说面子问题,谁也没有我们中国人有发言权!就怕丢脸,就怕掉价,人家买苹果四代,我也得买四袋苹果!!译者:koogle /201306/243036深圳妇儿医院激光去斑多少钱

港大医院做隆鼻手术多少钱Chaucer was over seventy , but he was not convinced of his age. At a time he boasted: “My physical strength is as strong as that I was young.” The opposite person asked: “ What do you rely on? ” Chaucer said : “ There is a big stone roller in my compound. I couldn’t heave it when was young, neither can I now.”乔叟年过六旬,仍不老。一次,他对人夸耀说:“我和年轻时力气一样大。”对方问:“何以见得?”乔叟说:“我家大院里有个石头,年轻时我举不起来,现在我还是举不起来。” /201303/228894 The image of a veiled bride walking down the aisle on her father#39;s arm could become a thing of the past as a growing trend for #39;feminist weddings#39; has been detected among modern brides to be.头披白纱的新娘挽着父亲的手缓缓走进教堂....这样的婚礼场面也许即将成为过去时。现在也来越多的女性在自己的婚礼上,用特别的、反传统的方式宣扬着“女权主义”。Doing away with the engagement ring, choosing not to be #39;given away like property#39; and wearing a colour other than white are key themes gaining traction in the feminist wedding trend.不需要订婚戒指、不愿意像私有财产一样“被交付于谁”、不选择白色的婚纱作为婚礼。婚礼上的反传统让女权主义的现代女性们乐此不疲。The findings, revealed in a survey of 200 brides to be, revealed that almost a quarter of women planned on keeping their maiden name after marriage, while one in 10 were planning to wear a colour other than white on their wedding day.根据对200个新娘的调查报告,有四分之一的女性计划婚后不随夫姓,另外,10个新娘中有一个不愿意穿白纱。Traditions such as the wearing of an engagement ring are also increasingly being rejected by brides who feel it is anti-feminist - with such an obvious token to be worn on the finger marking the woman in question as #39;taken#39;.传统形式的带订婚戒指也被越来越多的女性不能接受,她们认为这种形式是反女权主义的表现,因为带订婚戒意味着打上了“附属于谁”的标签。The tradition of wearing a veil is being similarly rejected, as some women believe it plays into the idea that a woman is #39;revealed#39; to her husband as the virgin bride (though actually the use of a veil is steeped in history and has very different significance across multiple cultures).给新娘披上白头纱也被很多女性拒绝,因为很多现代女性觉得这个仪式象征着男人要求自己的女人是处女。(尽管新娘披头纱在不同文化里有很多种意思)However, while there is undoubtedly a stirring among young brides to be, parents can take comfort in the fact that while some women are beginning to push back against the patriarchy, the majority are still keen to uphold certain traditions, with 76 per cent of brides saying they really would like their father to walk them down the aisle.然而,尽管这种趋势在年轻女性中越来越流行,甚至有女性在自己婚礼上身穿黑纱来抗议父权,然而让父母们安心的信息是,大多数女性表示,希望在自己的婚礼上,手挽着父亲走向自己的新郎。Elki Parmar of Wedding Days.co.uk, who conducted the survey, said: ‘Some of the brides we have spoken to are doing things that they feel make their wedding more #39;feminist#39;.做这份调查的制作人Elki Parmar讲:“一些新娘认为在自己的婚礼上这样做更能体现“男女平等”的观念。”#39;That could be reflected by deciding not be given away, the idea being that one of the connotations of this tradition is that the woman is property to be given away.“传统的结婚形式对女人来讲更像私有财产交易一样这样,女人从此附属于她的丈夫,所以,现代女性在自己的婚礼上这样做,目的是告知大家自己不是附属于谁的。” ‘Other brides are choosing not to wear white on their wedding day as a woman’s white wedding dress traditionally carries connotations of virginal innocence whereas what the groom wears on his wedding day is not perceived to be symbolic, creating somewhat of an imbalance from some feminist perspectives.#39;“一些新娘在自己的婚礼上选择不穿白色婚纱,因为白色婚纱在传统意义上来讲蕴含着新娘纯洁无瑕的意思,而新郎的装饰上并没有任何特别含义。现代女性认为,这在某种意义上说是女女不平等的表现。”Elki said: ‘Many of the women we spoke to thought that changing their last name after marriage to their husband#39;s conformed to a patriarchal ideology and didn’t want to feel they were giving up their own identity for their husbandsElki讲:“婚后改随夫姓也是很男权的表现,她们不希望嫁了人就失去了自我”#39;While some were planning to not change their names at all, others were going to incorporate their husband#39;s name into their own.“一些女性婚后不愿意改随夫姓,而另一些女性选择将丈夫的姓氏加到自己的姓名里面。”#39;However, many women also echoed the sentiment that a couple sharing the same last name is something that binds their family together.“然而,还是有很多女性认为婚后将姓氏该随夫姓是结合成一家人的意思。”Kelly Doncaster, Wedding Manager said: “#39;It is true that couples like to make their wedding their own and often do away with certain traditions.婚庆经理Kelly Doncaster讲“现在很多夫妻喜欢自己的婚礼个性化,不按照传统形式举行。”‘For many, traditions are still part of the ceremony but not because of reasons which may be perceived as anti-feminist.“对于很夫妻,传统的仪式任然是婚礼上的一部分,但和“反女权主义”无关。#39;For example the bride will often want her father to ‘give’ her away, not because of anti-feminist reasons but because she loves her father and wants to display that love on her wedding day.“比如说,很多新娘任然愿意父亲在自己的婚礼上挽着自己走向新郎,将自己的手交到丈夫手里。她们这样做不代表她们反对女权,只是因为她们自己的父亲,想在这个特别的场合表达对父亲的爱而已。” /201307/249760盐田区中心人民医院祛除腋臭多少钱深圳宝安区人民医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱



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