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Beijing: The first batch of the 100 Indian Railway officials, who are to receive training in heavy-haul technology in China, has begun their 12-day coaching at the Jiaotong University.北京:首批即将在中国接受重载技术培训的印度铁路官员(总共100名)已经在交通大学开始他们为2天的培训。The inauguration ceremony for training inthe heavy-haul technology for the 22 officers from the Indian Railway was heldat Beijing Jiaotong University yesterday, an Indian Embassy press release issued here today said.昨天在北京交通大学里为这22名来自印度铁路部门的印度官员举办了开幕仪式,印度大使馆在一则新闻通稿中说。The 12-day training programme, which is being conducted by Beijing Jiaotong University under the supervision of National Railway Administration of China, is the first step in the cooperation envisaged by India and China in the MoU and Implementation Plan onCooperation in Railways.这个为期12天的培训项目,由北京交通大学举办,受中国国家铁路局监督,这是两国有关《铁路合作谅解备忘录和实施计划》的第一步。The training involving 100 Indian officers will lay emphasis on onsite training covering operational and maintenance facilities, monitoring systems and traffic controls.培训内容将重点围绕现场培训,包括操作设备和维护设施,控制系统以及交通管制。Four more batches from Indian railway officials will be trained at the Beijing Jiatong University in heavy-haul technology in the next two years, the press release said.新闻通稿中说,在接下来的两年时间里还会有另外四组印度铁路官员来交通大学接受重载技术方面的培训。The training was part of the MoU signed during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to India in September this year.这是今年9月份Xi访问印度时双方签订的谅解备忘录的一部分内容。Under the MoU, China will do a free feasibility study for a high-speed train corridor. India has chosen the Delhi-Chennai route for this study.在这个谅解备忘录下,中国将进行高铁走廊的可行性研究。印度为这个研究选择了德金奈路线。India currently is considering two corridors for high-speed trains.印度目前考虑建造两条高铁走廊。While Japan is conducting feasibility study for the Bullet train project in Mumbai-Ahemdabad corridor, China will do the same for the Delhi-Chennai route which is expected to begin by early next year.日本正在孟买-艾哈迈达巴德路线上进行子弹头列车项目的可行性研究,预计中国将在明年早些时候为德里-金奈路线进行高铁的可行性研究。If materialised, the Indian bullet train project is a major gain for China which is making an aggressive pitch to market its high speed train technology outside the country.如果可行的话,印度将成为中国所开拓的又一片海外市场,中国正致力于将自己的高铁技术推向国外市场。Besides the high-speed train, India and China have agreed to cooperate to identify the technical inputs required to increase speed on the existing railway line from Chennai to Mysore via Bangalore.除了高铁,中印也同意就如何提高金奈到迈索尔的现有线路的速度进行合作,该线路经由班加罗尔。Under the September agreement, China will also cooperate in setting up a Railway University in India.在九月份的协议下,中国将与印度合作在印度设立一个铁路大学。来 /201412/349429

Fifty years ago, Malaysia expelled Singapore from the federation and the two entities went their separate ways. So distraught was Lee Kuan Yew, then Singapore’s chief minister, that he shed tears in public for the first and last time in his long and extraordinary career. Half a century later, it should be Malaysians who are crying.50年前,马来西亚将新加坡驱逐出马来西亚联邦,两个实体从此分道扬镳。时任新加坡首席部长的李光耀(Lee Kuan Yew)当时如此悲痛,以至于他首次——也是漫长而非凡的政治生涯中最后一次——在公开场合落泪。半个世纪后,流泪的应该是马来西亚人。Undoubtedly, Singapore has its problems. Its brand of authoritarian guided development has delivered prosperity and produced the world’s slickest city state. But many Singaporeans feel something is missing in their controlled society, a hole that cannot be filled by economic growth. Yet whatever difficulties Singapore faces, these pale in comparison with those of Malaysia. Not only is Malaysia going through its worst political crisis in years after hundreds of millions of dollars found their way into the bank account of Najib Razak, the prime minister. More critically, Malaysia has been undergoing a long-term meltdown in which the political, religious and ethnic compact that has underpinned the country since independence groans under its own rotten contradictions.新加坡无疑有它的问题。其特有的威权指引发展模式带来了繁荣,缔造了世界上最高效的城市国家。但许多新加坡人觉得,他们身处的受控社会是有缺失的,而这种缺失是经济增长填补不了的。然而,无论新加坡面对什么困难,这些困难与马来西亚相比实在算不了什么。马来西亚正在经历多年来最严峻的政治危机,起因是该国总理纳吉布拉扎克(Najib Razak)的账户不知怎么多出了数亿美元。更严重的是,马来西亚正走在长期的下坡路上,自独立以来撑着该国的政治、宗教和民族“契约”在自己造成的严重矛盾下岌岌可危。For all the doubts that nag at Singapore, from democracy to demography, the city has been an incredible success. Its per capita gross domestic product, ,000 in nominal terms, is more than five times that of Malaysia’s ,000.尽管有各种疑虑困扰着新加坡(从民主体制到人口结构),这个城市国家仍是一个令人难以置信的成功故事。其5.6万美元的名义人均国内生产总GDP),是马来西亚1.1万美元的五倍多。True, in the post-Lee era, Singapore’s People’s Action party, which has held power since independence, has lost its aura of infallibility. Nearly 40 per cent of Singaporeans voted against it in the last elections. Yet, the PAP is still widely regarded as honest and competent. The same cannot be said for the ed Malays National Organisation, which has clung on to power for nearly six decades. Its leader is now embroiled in a scandal linked to state investment fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad, which has racked up bn in debt. The country’s anti-corruption agency has denied media allegations that 5m in Mr Razak’s account came from 1MDB it says the money came from an unnamed Middle East donor. Mr Razak denies any wrongdoing. But whatever the truth in that case, UMNO has long fronted a thoroughly corrupt political system. Malaysia’s public senses this. In the 2013 election, UMNO lost the popular vote but scraped into power thanks to an electoral system stacked in its favour. Since then, the state, too often synonymous with UMNO, has turned its guns on the opposition, jailing its leader Anwar Ibrahim, on charges of sodomy.没错,在后李光耀时代,自新加坡独立以来一直执政的人民行动PAP)失去了绝对正确的光环。在近期的选举中,0%的新加坡人投票反对该党。然而,人民行动党仍被普遍认为是诚实和能干的。这样的评价不适用于在马来西亚抱住权位0年不放的马来民族统一机构(UMNO,中文简称:巫统)。其领导人现在卷入了涉及政府投资基金——背10亿美元债务的MDB1Malaysia Development Berhad)的丑闻。该国反腐败机构否认了有关纳吉布账户上的6.75亿美元来MDB的媒体指控;该机构称这笔钱来自一中东捐赠者,但未披露姓名。纳吉布否认自己有任何不当行为。但是,无论该案的是非曲直如何,巫统都长期领导着一个彻底腐败的政治体制。马来西亚公众意识到这一点。在2013年的选举中,巫统在票数上失利,但借助一套对其有利的选举制度勉强继续掌权。自那以来,往往已成为巫统同义词的马来西亚政府对反对党开刀,以罪名监禁反对党领导人安瓦尔易卜拉Anwar Ibrahim)。In one sense comparing the two countries is unfair. Singapore, with a population of only 5m, is a city. Malaysia, with 450 times the land area and a population of 30m, is harder to govern. Lee, Singapore’s founding father who died in March, held Singapore tightly in his mostly benevolent grip. It is hard to see how such micromanagement could have worked in a much bigger country.在某种意义上,对比这两个国家是不公平的。人口仅500万的新加坡是一个城市。陆地面积是新加50倍、人000万的马来西亚显然更难治理月去世的新加坡开国总理李光耀以总体上仁慈的手腕牢牢掌管着国家。很难看出这样的微观管理能在一个大得多的国家奏效。Still, both countries have potentially combustible ethnic mixes. Singapore has done better at forging a sense of fairness and national unity, through language, meritocracy and incorruptibility. Malaysia, in the name of protecting Malays through positive discrimination, has by contrast created a crony capitalist state. It should learn from Singapore. It should show zero tolerance for corruption, starting with Mr Najib, who must clear his name or step down. Preferential treatment for Malays should be phased out and the government should forge policies of national unity, not ones of division based on religion or Malay ethnicity. Singapore has created a strong foundation from which it can move forward. Malaysia must stop the rot, or slip disastrously backwards.话虽如此,这两个国家都存在容易产生冲突的多民族问题。新加坡借助语言、任人唯贤和廉洁制度,在营造公平和民族团结意识方面做得更好。马来西亚则以保护马来人为名明确实行歧视政策,搞成了一个裙带资本主义国家。马来西亚应该学习新加坡的经验。它应该表现出对腐败的零容忍,从纳吉布开始,他必须要么明自己清白,要么下台。优待马来人的政策应该被取消,政府应该出台民族团结政策,而不是基于宗教或马来族裔的分裂政策。新加坡夯实了一个让国家能够向前迈进的坚实基础。马来西亚必须刮骨疗毒,否则就可能灾难性地向后倒退。来 /201508/391733




  Saudi Arabias foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir announced on Sunday to cut diplomatic ties with Iran and asked all Iranian diplomats to leave within 48 hours.沙特阿拉伯外交大臣朱拜尔当地时间3日宣布,沙特与伊朗断绝外交关系,并要求伊朗外交人8小时内离境。The two countries have long been at odds, but Saudi Arabias execution of Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr Saturday kicked off a new round of sparring between them that analysts say could mark a dangerous shift in an aly volatile region.两国长期以来存在分歧,直到周六,沙特方面处决了什叶派教士尼米尔引发了两国新一轮的风波,分析专家表示,这一事件将会在早已动荡不安的区域引发更危险的局势。Adel al-Jubeir said he had informed the UN Security Council of an attack on the Saudi diplomatic mission in Iran late Saturday, adding that those Saudi diplomats had reached Dubai, safely.朱拜尔称已告知联合国安理日晚沙特驻伊朗使领馆遭冲击事件,并称沙特驻伊朗的外交人员已安全撤离到迪拜。Later that night, Iranian protesters stormed the Saudi diplomat mission against the Saudi execution of 47 individuals over terrorism charges, including a Saudi Shiite cleric, Namir Al Namir. Molotov cocktails smashed into the Saudi embassy. Protesters shouted as it caught fire. Some went inside and ransacked offices.当晚,伊朗示威者冲击沙特驻伊朗大使馆,抗议沙特处决47名犯有恐怖主义罪行的囚犯,被处决者中包括知名沙特什叶派教士尼姆尔。此外,示威者向沙特大使馆投掷燃烧弹,致使使馆起火,在闯入使馆后,多个使馆办公室也遭到洗劫。Severing ties was a last resort, a source familiar with Saudi Arabias decision said, because Saudi Arabia views Irans behavior as unacceptable. ;This was the Saudis saying, Enough. Weve had it, ; the source said.据熟知沙特决定的可靠消息来源表示,断绝关系是最后的诉诸途径,因为沙特不能接受伊朗的行为。该消息来源称,“沙特人表示够了,我们已经受够了”。来 /201601/420293

  The leaders of South Korea, China and Japan held their first three-way summit since 2012 as they attempt to put aside lingering disputes and resentments dating back decades.韩国、中国和日本领导人举012年以来的首次首脑会谈,以努力摆脱几十年来残存的争议和怨恨。South Korean President Park Guen-hye hosted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Seoul Sunday for a daylong meeting that is expected to focus on negotiations over a proposed trilateral free trade agreement.韩国总统朴槿惠星期天做东招待日本首相安倍晋三和中国总理李克强。三位领导人将举行一天的会议,并预计集中讨论拟议中的三方自由贸易协定。The three leaders are also expected to discuss reviving the long-dormant North Korean nuclear disarmament talks.三位领导人还预计讨论重启停顿已久的朝鲜解除和武装的谈判。President Park had refused to meet with Abe since first taking office in 2013, believing he has not properly atoned for his countrys brutal occupation of the Korean peninsula in the first half of the 20th century, especially the sexual enslavement of Korean women by Japanese forces.朴槿惠总统013年上任时拒绝会晤安倍晋三首相,因为她认为安倍没有为日本0世纪上半叶以残暴的方式占领朝鲜半岛、尤其是没有为日本军队强迫朝鲜妇女做慰安妇而做出恰当的道歉。Another factor complicating relations is a heated territorial dispute between Tokyo and Beijing over a group of islands in the East China Sea.使三国关系复杂化的另一个因素是东京和北京对东中国海一组岛屿的主权归属有强烈的争议。President Park will hold a one-on-one session with Abe on Monday.星期一朴槿惠总统将与安倍举行单独会谈。来 /201511/407137

  WASHINGTON (AP) Fears of war between Taiwan and China have eased in recent years, but the growing gap in their military capabilities has prompted a U.S. think tank to lay out a radical new approach in how Taiwan could defend itself if China invaded, relying less on conventional forces and more on guerrilla-style tactics and cyberwarfare.华盛顿(美联社)- 近些年来台湾与中国之间的战争担忧在逐渐减少,然而他们间的军事实力的鸿沟促使美国智库设计了一套全新的防御中国入侵的方案,更少的依赖传统军力,更多的使用游击式战术和网络战。The nongovernment Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments is wading into delicate territory. Relations have between democratic Taiwan and communist-governed China have improved as they have forged economic agreements —a development welcomed by the ed States.非政府智库“战略暨预算评估中心”涉入的是一个微妙的领域。皿煮的台湾与共产主义管治的中国之间的关系正在得到改善,双方在缔结各种经济协议,美国对这些进展是欢迎的。Washington, however, remains obligated by U.S. law to provide Taiwan the means to defend itself. U.S. lawmakers have accused the Obama administration of refusing to sell Taiwan new fighter jets and submarines for fear of angering Beijing, which claims sovereignty over the self-governing island.不过华盛顿有义务根据美国法律向台湾提供自卫的手段。美国国会指责奥巴马政府因担心惹恼声称拥有这个自治岛屿主权的北京而拒绝向台湾出售新战机和潜艇。Congress last week approved the possible sale of four U.S. frigates to Taiwan, drawing Chinese criticism, but Taiwan shows growing willingness to develop its own hardware. On Tuesday, it launched a stealthy, missile-launching corvette, the first of ship of its kind produced by Taiwan.国会上周批准可以向台湾销售四艘驱逐舰,引来了中国的批评,而台湾则有意向更多的自行开发本土军事硬件。在本周二,台湾推出了一款隐身导弹快船,这是同类舰船的第一艘台湾制造。But Chinas rapid military modernization has exposed a widening gulf between its forces and those on Taiwan, which spent .8 billion on its defense in 2013. According to a U.S. Defense Department estimate, Chinas military spending that year was 5 billion.然而与随着中国飞快的军事现代化,与台湾间的军力鸿沟已经愈拉愈大。台013年的防卫开是108亿美元,而据美国国防部估计,中国同年度的军事开为1450亿美元;With the resource gap approaching fourteen-to-one, even if Taiwan were to massively increase its defense budget, it would not reverse the cumulative advantages the PRC has accrued over the past two decades,; said the centers report, released this week. PRC stands for the communist-governed Peoples Republic of China.“当资金差额达到14时,无论台湾如何大幅增加防卫预算,都无力反转PRC在过去的几十年里累积的优势,”该中心本周发布的报告称。PRC是共产管治的中华人民共和国的缩写。A U.S. congressional advisory panel reported last month that China has about 2,100 combat aircraft and 280 naval ships available for a Taiwan conflict, and more 1,100 short-range ballistic missiles that could incapacitate Taiwans air force in the early hours of a conflict. Taiwan has about 410 combat aircraft and 90 naval combat ships.美国国会的一个顾问小组上月的一份报告称中国在台海冲突中可投100架战机80艘海军舰艇,超过1100枚短程弹道导弹可以在冲突开始的几个小时内瘫痪台湾空军。台湾有大约410架战机和90艘海军舰艇。The center advocates an ;asymmetric approach,; with Taiwan using lighter forces to counter rather than match Chinas strengths. While Taiwan increasingly emphasizes such tactics, its military modernization plan still calls for big, conventional acquisitions, the report says.该中心建议使用“非对称手段”,台湾应使用轻巧的军力去反击而非试图与中国比肩抗衡。报告称虽然台湾越来越重视这种战术,其军事现代化计划仍然偏向采购大型常规武备。For a fraction of the cost of building eight large diesel submarines that Taiwan is also planning, it could produce a fleet of 42 ;midget submarines; similar in size to craft that North Korea and Iran have, the report says. These submarines could provide warning and targeting data for anti-ship cruise missiles deployed on mobile launchers resembling trucks hauling shipping containers.报告称台湾计划以比建艘大型柴油潜艇少的多的费用建造一2艘“迷你潜艇”组成的编队,其大小与朝鲜和伊朗的类似。这些潜艇可以向布置在卡车集装箱上的移动式巡航导弹提供预警和目标数据。To combat Chinese fighter planes, the report proposes ;guerrilla; air defense, using hundreds of surface-to-air missiles a tactic it says proved effective for North Vietnam against the ed States during the Vietnam War. And if Chinese forces make it on land, guerrilla tactics to harass the occupying forces would slow their advance toward Taipei. It says cyberwar against Chinese battle networks would also be one of Taiwans viable deterrents and ;cost-imposing strategies.;至于对抗中国战机,报告则建议采用“游击式”防空,使用数以百计的地对空导弹,这是在越战中北越对抗美国的、被明是有效的战术。当中国军队登陆后,游击袭扰战术可以延滞登岛部队向台北推进。报告称对中国的战区网络实施网络战也是一项可行的杀手锏和“代价倍增战略“。The reports authors say asymmetric approaches toward defense would reduce Taiwanese dependence on U.S. armaments, and should also appeal to other neighbors concerned over Chinas military buildup.报告的作者称,使用非对称手段进行防御可以降低台湾对美国军备的依赖,对其他担忧中国军事实力的邻国也具有吸引力。Nations like Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia ;have territorial disputes with China and face many of the same challenges responding to the rapid Chinese military modernization looming over Taiwan,; the report says.报告称像越南、菲律宾和印尼等国”与中国有领土纠纷,而且同样面对中国快速现代化的军事压力。来 /201412/350789



  WASHINGTON A flurry of last-minute deal-making on the Senate floor Thursday rescued President Barack Obamas ambitious trade agenda from defeat, breaking a filibuster to advance legislation that would empower the president to complete a sweeping, 12-nation Pacific trade accord.华盛顿——周四,参议院在最后时刻进行了一系列交易,打破了阻止法案推进的冗长演说拖延战术,使得贝拉克·奥巴马总统雄心勃勃的贸易议程免于失败。该法案将授权总统完成一个覆盖太平洋地区12国的一揽子贸易协定。For the second time this month, Democratic opponents nearly brought down a carefully brokered deal to give the president authority to complete a trade accord spanning the Pacific and encompassing 40 percent of the worlds economy on products ranging from airplanes to running shoes.这是民主党内的反对者本月第二次差点推翻精心安排的交易。这样的交易将授权总统完成一项跨越太平洋并涵0%的世界经济产出的贸易协定,其中涉及的产品大至飞机,小至跑鞋。But with the legislation seemingly headed to defeat, Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., the majority leader, began deal-making, primarily to persuade enough Democrats to support the measure. He agreed to bring an extension of the Export-Import Bank to a vote before its authorization lapses June 30, and he promised Ohios senators a vote on an amendment to aid the embattled steel industry.然而,在该法案看似即将走向失败之际,参议院多数党领袖米奇·麦康奈Mitch McConnell)开始做交易,主要是为了说足够的民主党人予以持。他同意在美国进出口(Export-Import Bank)的许可于60日到期之前进行延期问题的投票,并向来自俄亥俄州的参议员承诺,会让旨在扶持陷入困境的钢铁行业的一项修正案得以表决。Those deals brought along 62 senators, just above the 60-vote threshold to keep the trade bill from falling to a filibuster.这些交易争取到了62名参议员的持,刚刚超过让该贸易法案避免拖延战术所需0票门槛。“I want to thank the bipartisan group of senators who took a big step forward this morning on a trade agenda that is consistent with strong labor standards, strong environmental standards, and access to markets that too often are closed even as these other countries are selling goods in the ed States,Obama told reporters at the White House.“我想感谢这些来自两党的参议员。他们今天上午在贸易议程上向前迈了一大步。这一议程符合严格的劳工和环境标准。此外,有些国家正在向美国销售商品,与此同时它们的市场却往往是关闭的。这一议程将能让我们进入这些市场,”奥巴马在白宫对记者说。The fate of the trade promotion bill remains in doubt. The Senate must still vote on a series of amendments some highly contentious before a final vote on the trade legislation, probably on Friday. If, as is now likely, it passes the Senate, it faces strong, bipartisan opposition in the House.然而,这项贸易促进权法案依然前途未卜。在对该法案进行最终表决之前,参议院必须对一系列修正案进行投票,其中一些极具争议,而投票时间大概就在周五。目前看来,法案很可能会在参议院获得通过。即便如此,它也将在众议院面临来自两党的强烈反对。“We understand weve got work to do,said Rep. Ron Kind, D-Wis., who is leading efforts to round up Democratic votes for trade promotion authority in the House.“我们明白还需要做工作,”来自威斯康星州的民主党众议员罗恩·金Ron Kind)说。他正牵头进行努力,意在争取众议院的民主党人持赋予总统贸易促进权。Still, Thursdays vote was a high and difficult hurdle. It clearly established trade negotiating authority has the votes it needs in the Senate, and it vindicated the strategy of McConnell, who strictly limited the number of amendments to the trade bill.不过,周四的表决结果依然跨越了高难度的障碍。它清楚地实了贸易谈判授权在参议院拥有所需的持票数,也明了麦康奈尔的战略是正确的——他此前严格限制了该贸易法案的修正案数量。来 /201505/376859


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