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U.S. makers of small aircraft increasingly are teaming up with Chinese companies, deciding that the need to ply the growing market outweighs the risk that their partners will become rivals.越来越多的美国小型飞机制造商准备与中国企业联手以求打入中国市场。他们认为,共同开发中国这个高增长市场的必要性超过了中国合作伙伴可能成为其竞争对手的风险。In the last few months, business-plane makers Cessna Aircraft Co. and Hawker Beechcraft Corp. have discussed joint ventures in the country. Industry supplier Honeywell International Inc. signed several initial agreements last year. Non-U.S. companies are moving in, too: Brazil#39;s Embraer SA last month said it would consider transforming a Chinese joint-venture plant for small commercial jets to turn out executive planes.过去几个月,商务飞机制造商塞斯纳飞行器公司(Cessna Aircraft Co.)和豪客比奇公司(Hawker Beechcraft Corp.)一直在探讨在中国筹建合资企业一事。行业供应商霍尼韦尔(Honeywell International Inc.)去年也签署了几份草签协议。非美资企业也有所动作:巴西航空工业公司(Embraer SA)上个月说,将考虑把中国一家生产小型商务飞机的合资工厂改造为一家制造公务机的企业。China has grown more attractive as the industry otherwise has shrunk. Honeywell in October estimated that 600 to 650 new business jets would be delivered industrywide last year, down from 732 in 2010 because of global economic weakness. Cessna, a unit of Textron Inc., expects China to become the world#39;s No. 2 business-aircraft market, after the U.S., within roughly 15 years.由于这一产业在其它市场已经萎缩,中国市场因此变得更具吸引力。去年10月,霍尼韦尔估计,去年整个行业交付的新商务机数量在600至650架之间,低于2010年的732架,这主要是全球经济疲软造成的。美国德事隆有限公司(Textron Inc.)旗下企业塞斯纳预计,大约15年之内中国将成为仅次于美国的全球第二大商务机市场。;Everyone#39;s jockeying for position now, trying to figure out . . . Who do I partner with? How do I get the right access?; says Briand Greer, Asian-Pacific president of Honeywell Aerospace.霍尼韦尔亚太区总裁高安(Briand Greer)说,大家都在抢占中国市场,努力想弄明白该与谁合作以及如何找到合适的途径等问题。Cessna last month signed an agreement with a unit of state-controlled Aviation Industry Corp. of China to establish a joint venture in the western city of Chengdu, where Cessna plans to build midsize business jets and co-develop a larger jet. The Wichita, Kan., company also reached an agreement with AVIC, as the Chinese company is known, for broader cooperation on general aviation, a category that excludes military and commercial aircraft.塞斯纳上个月与国有控股的中国航空工业集团公司(Aviation Industry Corp. of China,简称:中航工业)旗下一家子公司签署了一项协议,准备在中国西部城市成都建立合资企业。塞斯纳打算利用这个合资企业生产中型商务机,并与合作伙伴一道开发一种大型喷气机。总部位于美国堪萨斯州威奇托(Wichita)的塞斯纳与中航工业还达成了一项在通用机领域展开更广阔合作的协议。通用机不包括军用和商用飞机。;If you have the ability to produce local content in the market, it gives you the ability to understand your customers better, to react quicker,; says Cessna Chief Executive Scott Ernest.坐飞机怎样远离感冒?塞斯纳的首席执行长厄内斯特(Scott Ernest)说,如果能在中国进行本地化生产,就能更好地了解客户,并且更快地做出反应。Shawn Vick, an executive vice president at Wichita-based Hawker Beechcraft, said at a recent news briefing in Shanghai that his company had ;entertained discussions with four separate entities for joint-venture activities inside China.;总部位于威奇托的豪客比奇的执行副总裁维克(Shawn Vick)前不久在上海举行新闻发布会时说,该公司已与四家企业开会讨论了关于在华成立合资企业一事。Labor costs also are part of China#39;s lure. ;Our competitors in Brazil or in Switzerland can charge lower labor rates than we can in the U.S. and labor is a big component of building the airplane,; says Sean McGeough, Hawker Beechcraft#39;s president for Europe, the Mideast, Africa and Asia-Pacific.劳动力成本也是中国市场的吸引力之一。豪客比奇负责欧洲、中东、非洲和亚太市场的总裁麦古(Sean McGeough)说,我们在巴西或瑞士的竞争对手付的劳务费用比我们在美国付的要低,劳动力成本占飞机制造成本的很大一部分。 /201204/178296。

  • CHINA#39;S online community is agog with discussion after a survey suggested a salary threshold of around 9,000 yuan (US,439) per month to enjoy a comfortable life in first-tier cities like Shanghai and Beijing.在调查结果表明上海、北京等一线城市享受舒适的生活每月工资要达到约9,000元(1,439美元)之后,中国网络社区对此进行了兴奋地讨论。Many netizens, who are paid less, were quick to point out that they could hardly make ends meet with their current salaries.许多收入少的网民很快就指出他们目前的工资很难使得收平衡。The survey, released by Xinhua news agency yesterday, showed that a person#39;s salary should reach at least 9,250 yuan if one wants a decent life in Shanghai, ranking first among all Chinese cities.新华社昨天发布的调查结果表明,如果一个人想体面地在上海生活,中国所有城市中排名第一,工资至少要达到9250元的。The figure is more than twice the average monthly income of Shanghai employees last year, which is 4,331 yuan, and six times the minimum salary in Shanghai, at 1,450 yuan.这一数字是上海员工月收入平均水平的两倍还多,去年为4,331元,且是上海最低工资1450元的6倍以上。The survey naturally raised the frustration levels among many less-paid locals, who not only feel the pain of the high cost of living but also the pressure to buy a house. ;If earning 9,000 yuan a month is a benchmark for feeling comfortable, don#39;t I live in panic every day?; a netizen named ;Gege#39;s cat; wrote on her microblog.本次调查自然在许多低收入的当地人之中引发了挫败感,他们不仅感受着高成本生活的痛苦,而且还有买房的压力。 “如果每月收入9000元才是感到舒的基准的话,我是不是每天都生活在恐慌中?”一位叫“格格的猫”的网民在她的微中写道。For those living in second and third-tier cities, such as Hangzhou and Suzhou and Chengdu, the survey indicated a salary of at least 5,000 yuan for a comfortable living.对于那些生活在二三线城市的人,如杭州、苏州、成都,调查显示舒适生活的工资至少需要5000元。Jennifer Feng, a senior human resource analyst with 51job.com, a Nasdaq-listed headhunting firm, said the internet buzz over the survey is a reflection of the pressure on people living in big cities and the uncertainty about their future.珍妮弗.冯,这位在纳斯达克上市的猎头公司51job网的资深人力资源分析师表示,在互联网上的关于调查的嘈杂争论声是生活在大城市的人们生活压力以及对他们的未来不确定的反应。;Put the 9,000 yuan aside. The uneasiness that most people living in big cities feel comes from two worries resulting from a weak global economy.“把9000元放在一边。大多数在大城市生活的人感觉到的忧虑来自于导致全球经济疲软的两大担忧。;The first is whether one can keep their income stable under the current gloomy financial environment. The other is whether their income is enough to support their life in case of sudden changes,; Feng said, adding that generally speaking, a person with a monthly income of 9,000 yuan has five years#39; work experience and is at a turning point in life, for example, getting married, having a baby or job promotion.“首先是在目前黯淡的金融环境下一个人是否能保持其收入的稳定,另一个是他们的收入是否足以养活他们在发生突发事件的情况下,”冯在大概谈论之后补充说,一个每月薪为9000元的人,有5年的工作经验,以及正处在人生的某个转折点,例如将要结婚、生孩子或者职位晋升。;The living cost goes up when changes happen, which can affect life quality,; Feng explained.“发生变化时生活成本会上升,这可能会影响生活质量,”冯解释说。But most local people seemed to believe that living happily is more a matter of attitude rather than money, even in cities with a higher consumption level.但大多数当地人似乎认为幸福地生活比对金钱的态度更重要,即使在具有较高消费水平的城市里。;I think it is the survey that is causing panic among people. Many of my friends earn less than 9,000 yuan a month and live a happy life in Shanghai. Being comfortable or not depends very much on one#39;s lifestyle,; said Vanessa Qi, an employee of a local real estate company.“我认为它就是在人群中造成恐慌的调查。我的很多朋友在上海月薪都不到9000元,仍过着幸福的生活。舒适与否主要取决于一个人的生活方式,”一个当地房地产公司的雇员瓦妮莎.齐说。Qi cited one of her friends, surnamed Xia, as an example. Xia, 23, earns about 5,000 yuan a month. She spends 1,500 yuan on rents and sends 1,000 yuan home to her parents. She has almost no savings but enjoys working and hanging out with her friends.齐举了一个姓夏的朋友作为例子。夏,23岁,收入约5000元一个月。她花1500元用于房租和寄1000元给她的父母。她几乎没有积蓄,但喜欢工作以及和朋友们一起玩。 /201210/205199。
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