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新东方最新英语口语学习词典Y部分暂无文本 /200707/15353美国习惯用语-第92讲:crocodile tearssob story 今天我们要给大家介绍两个和眼泪有关的俗语。大家知道,眼泪的英文字就是tears。 英文里有一个说法,叫做:crocodile tears。Crocodile就是鳄鱼。Crocodile tears和中国人常说的“猫哭老鼠假慈悲”是一样的意思。Crocodile tears这个俗语来自一个古老的神话,说是鳄鱼往往发出一种哭的声音来引诱那些它们要吃的动物,然后一面吃一面流眼泪。这当然不是事实,但是这个说法已经成常用语。下面我们来举个例子: 例句-1: "The truth is that Pete never liked his rich Uncle John. But you should have seen his crocodile tears when the old man died and left him a million dollars!" 这句话是说:“皮特从来都不喜欢他那有钱的叔叔约翰,这是事实。可是那老人去世的时候给他留了一百万美元,你可真该看看皮特当时那假流泪的样子。” 下面这个例子说的是一位政客: 例句-2: "In his speeches the mayor always puts on a big show of crocodile tears for poor and homeless people. But I don't see him doing anything to help them." 这是说:“这位市长在讲话时总是装得好像他对穷人和无家可归的人非常同情。但是,我并没有见到他做些什么来帮助他们。” 我们要讲的另一个和“哭”有关的俗语是:sob story。Sob是哭泣的意思,story就是故事。Sob story的意思就是某人编造一个令人伤心的故事来赢得别人的同情,甚至于让人给钱来帮助他。下面是一位女士在描述她怎么听了一个sob story以后受骗的: 例句-3: "Usually I don't give money to beggars. But this nice young man told me a sob story about needing money for a bus ticket to see his dying mother, so I gave him two dollars." 这位女士说:“一般我是不给乞丐钱的。但是,这个看上去挺不错的年轻人告诉我他需要钱坐公共汽车去看他那快要死的妈妈。他说得这么悲惨,我就给了他两块钱。” 世界上好心人是不少的,下面这个例子又是一个人上了sob story的当: 例句-4: "On my way to work this man stopped me and said he hadn't eaten in three days so I gave him a dollar. On my way home I saw him get into a new car and drive off and I know now he had given me a sob story." 这个好心人说:“在我去上班的路上那个人挡住了我,对我说,他已经三天没吃东西了。所以我给了他一块钱。可是,我在回家的路上看见他跨进了一辆新的汽车后就开走了。我这才知道他说的事全是假的。” 我们今天讲的两个习惯用语都是和眼泪有关的。它们是:crocodile tears和sob story。Crocodile tears从字面上来翻译就是:鳄鱼的眼泪,实际上也就是“猫哭老鼠假慈悲”。Sob story是编造悲惨的故事来赢得人们的同情。 /200601/3047082 the seasons Words Spring summer autumn/fall winter hot warm cold mild freezing temperature rain snow winter sports water sports outdoor indoor summer holiday weather windy cool boiling changeable constant fair Phrase Enjoy summer weather Do winter sports Prefer to be outdoors Wear winter clothes Have freezing weather Take a summer holiday Beginner A: what do you do in summer? B: I love going out into the countryside for walks or bike ride. I love being out in the fresh summer air. How about you? A: I don’t often go for walks, but I either play sports outside-you know, tennis or badminton-or just sit in the sunshine and a good book. B; what do you do in winter? A; well, I play sports indoors quite often. If I’m feeling lazy, I just watch a film at home. I prefer summer to winter. B; I think most people do. I like wearing nice, colorful clothes in summer-you know, a nice dress or skirt. It’s too cold for those kinds of clothes in winter. A; yes. I like wearing shorts in summer. My legs would freeze! B: do you think we’ll have a nice summer this year? A; thanks to global warming, it could be hotter than ever! Intermediate A: what are the seasons like in your city? B: summers is hot and usually lasts a long time. Winters are short, but cold, wet, and windy. I love the summers in my city, but I hate the wintertime. A: does it ever rain in summer? B: we usually get a big thunderstorm every two weeks, but apart from that, summers are dry. Thunderstorms make the air fresh again, so most people don’t mind then. A: what are spring and autumn like? B; I like spring because flowers bloom and trees grow leaves again. In spring, the weather is very changeable-sometimes cold, sometimes warm. It’s usually windy with some rain. Autumn is usually sunny and dry, but it’s gradually gets colder as winter arrives. What are the seasons like in you city? A; well, I live in the southern hemisphere, so our summertime is your wintertime, and vice versa. We get some rain in every season, but most is in winter. In winter, it sometimes gets cold, but our winters are usually quite mild. Summers are warm, but not hot. Spring and autumn are both very short-sometimes just a few weeks each. The weather is very changeable then-just like spring in your city. B; do you usually go on a summer holiday? A; no, I don’t. I go on a winter holiday instead. I go somewhere warm. B: I usually go on holiday during the spring or the autumn. I try to go somewhere where the weather is more reliable than in my city. /200705/13762

【中文这样说】我想去海边。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style I want to go to the sea.American Style I want to go to the beach. /200604/6379

President Obama still has eight months left in office before his second term is up.奥巴马总统的在位时间还剩八个月,然后他的第二个任期就要结束。Naturally, this is a time to look back on all hes accomplished over the past eight years.当然,现在很适合回顾他过去8年的成就。You know, I was going to make a joke about this, but I...I dont think it needs a joke.我本来想拿这个话题开个玩笑,但是我觉得它不需要笑话。I think it needs to be slow jammed.它需要的是以柔缓即兴伴奏的形式呈现。You know what Im talking about, Tariq?你知道我在说什么,塔里克?Yeah, Jimmy. I think youre saying youd like to slow jam this news.是啊,吉米。你想以柔情即兴伴奏的形式呈现这条新闻。Thats right. I wanna slow jam the news. And Im not the only one.没错。我想以柔情即兴伴奏的形式呈现这条新闻,而我不是唯一有这个想法的人。Hello. Im President Barack Obama, and I, too, would like to slow jam this news.你好。我是奥巴马总统,我也想以柔情即兴伴奏的形式呈现这条新闻。Hit me eight times!给我八拍!Its been an honor and a privilege to serve as your president over the past eight years.在过去的8年中,我能做你们的总统是我莫大的荣幸。When I first took office, our nation was facing one of the worst recessions in its history.当我第一次上台,我们的国家正面临着历史上最严重的衰退之一。Since then, weve added more than 14 million new jobs and lowered the unemployment rate to under 5%.从那时起,我促使让美国有了1400多万个新工作,并且让失业率降到低于5%。Through the actions of my administration, we were able to stimulate the economy and get our country back on track.通过我的行政人员的努力,我们刺激了经济,让我们的国家回归正轨。Aww, yeah. President Obama stimulated long-term growth.噢,好棒。总统奥巴马刺激了长期经济增长。In both the public and the private sector.无论是国营还是私营行业。In 2008, the country wasnt feeling in the mood.在2008年,我们的国家状态不好。201607/454188

VOA流行美语 104: out of whack / goofy今天李华和Larry 在图书馆看书。Larry 注意到 Li Hua 和平时有点儿不一样。Li Hua会学到两个常用语:out of whack和goofy。(Library SFX)LL: Hey, Li Hua, what's wrong? You're acting a little out of whack.LH: 我什么事也没有啊!你说我怎么了 - acting a little out of whack? 那是什么意思啊?LL: Out of Whack - means to be different from usual or abnormal. You're acting different from usual, so you seem a little out of whack.LH: 噢,原来out of whack意思就是“和平时不太一样”。你觉得我有点儿反常啊?你还真说对了,我明天晚上有个约会,是我第一次要和这个人见面。心里有点儿紧张,我连穿什么衣都还没想好呢!LL: You have a date and you didn't tell me? That's out of whack! But, at least now I understand why you're acting out of whack. First dates make everyone nervous.LH: 就是啊,第一次约会总是让人紧张的。就是,我平常的活动你都知道,这次约会我没告诉你,确实是不寻常,难怪你会说out of whack。 这么说,Larry,out of whack, 可以指人,也可以指事情,是吗?LL: That's right. For instance, I think it's really out of whack that my best friend has a date tomorrow and she didn't tell me about it.LH: 对不起,Larry. 我其实本来想告诉你的,大概就是因为我太紧张了,心里没准,所以我就给忘了。LL: Okay, well, I suppose that I can forgive you. Hey, you know what makes me feel all out of whack?LH: 有什么东西会让你反常啊?我不知道,赶快赶快,告诉我啊!LL: The fact that I haven't slept more than three hours every night this week. I've been so busy.LH: 什么?你这个星期每天睡眠还不到三个小时啊?再忙也不至于这样吧!******(Campus SFX)LL: Li Hua, how was your date last night? Did it go well or was the guy really goofy?LH: 哎呀,别提了!昨晚的约会简直糟透了。那家伙也不知怎么搞的,第一次见面就忘了带钱包,结果还是我付的帐呢。哎,Larry, 你刚才说was the guy really goofy - "goofy" 是什么意思啊?LL: Goofy means several things. It can mean silly, funny, crazy or stupid. Or a little bit of all of those things combined. It sounds like your date was goofy.LH: 要是你说goofy是指“愚蠢、可笑、怪怪的、傻傻的”,或者是这些因素都有点儿的话,我那个 date 可真是goofy。他真的是傻到让人觉得可笑了呢,要不是那顿晚餐花了我那么多钱,我真的说不定会笑出来呢!LL: Yeah, he sounds pretty goofy to me. Was he goofy-looking, too?LH: Goofy-looking? 你是问他长的样子是不是也怪怪的、傻傻的啊?LL: Yep, goofy-looking means silly looking, like a clown.LH: 噢,他长得倒不错,看上去一点也不傻,更不像个小丑。哎,Larry, 你也不想想,我哪能找个样子傻傻的人去约会呢?得了得了,先别说我那个goofy date了。Goofy这个词我还可以怎么用呢?LL: When kids act silly for attention, you can say that they are acting goofy.LH: 对呀,小孩子为了让别人注意他,有的时候会干些傻事。这么说,goofy这个词也不见得都是指不好的事。LL: Generally, it's not very negative.You can call a person "goofy," too. For instance, I would call you goofy if you went on another date with that guy.LH: 原来goofy这个词并不一定都是贬意。幸亏你告诉我,不然要是我听见你说我goofy, 我说不定会生你的气呢!再说了,Larry, 和那个家伙出去一次已经够了。我才不会再和他约第二次呢 - I wouldn't do something that out of whack!今天李华从Larry那儿学到了两个常用语。一个是out of whack, 意思是“反常、和平时不一样”。李华学到的另一个常用语是goofy, 意思是“愚蠢可笑,傻傻的”。 /200602/3324

【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. Of course not you. He wants the job done right the first time.2. The royal banquet? But sire, she wonrsquo;t know anything about planning a royal banquet.3. Your Majesty, I can take care of the preparations as I always do. /200605/7332


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