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U.S. President Barack Obama used his third State of the Union address Tuesday to outline a new economic blueprint that he says will work for everyone, not just the wealthy. The presidents speech on the nations progress Tuesday came as he faces a contentious re-election bid this year. Mr. Obama told a joint session of the U.S. Congress and millions of television viewers that his plans are for ;an economy thats built to last,; one built on manufacturing, energy, skills for American workers and what he described as ;a renewal of American values.; He said the U.S. can either ;settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well; while a growing number ;barely get by,; or it can ;restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same set of rules.; He warned Republican lawmakers that he will fight any effort to return to an economy that he says was ;weakened by outsourcing, bad debt and phony financial profits.;星期二,美国总统奥巴马在他的第三次国情咨文讲话中概述了一个新的经济蓝图,他表示这个经济蓝图将适用于所有人,而不仅仅是富人。奥巴马星期二在国情咨文讲话中阐述国家所取得的进步之际,正面临着今年争取连任的激烈竞争。奥巴马对美国国会参众两院联席会议和众多电视观众说,他的计划是为了持续发展经济,其基石是制造业、能源、美国工人的技术以及他所说的;美国价值观的恢;。奥巴马说,美国要么满足于是个生活过得非常好的人越来越少、同时越来越多的人仅仅能够维持生计的国家;,要么恢复一种经济模式,使每个人都得到公正的机会,每个人都做适当的工作,每个人都遵守同样的规则。奥巴马警告共和党国会议员说,他将阻止任何试图回到某种经济模式的努力,这种经济模式由于就业机会外流、不良债务和虚假金融利润而受到削弱。In his speech, which lasted more than an hour, President Obama pledged action on job creation, education, immigration, innovation and energy. He also called for the elimination of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, and said he will not back down from government regulations to prevent irresponsible behavior. Mr. Obama also asked Congress to use the money saved from ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to pay down the national debt and repair crumbling infrastructure. He touted the nations achievements in those wars, saying the U.S. has delivered ;decisive blows; against its enemies. He said the al-Qaida operatives that remain are ;scrambling,; knowing they cannot escape the reach of the U.S. The president highlighted other examples of U.S. leadership around the world, including efforts to deal with Irans nuclear program. He said anyone who says Americas influence has waned does not know what they are talking about. He said the world is changing, but that America remains ;the one indispensable nation in world affairs.;奥巴马的讲话持续了一个多小时。他在讲话中承诺在创造就业机会、教育、移民、创新和能源等领域采取行动。他还呼吁取消对最富有的美国人的减税,并说他不会在有关防止不负责任行为的政府规章方面做出让步。此外,奥巴马还要求国会利用从结束伊拉克和阿富汗战争节省下来的钱偿付国债和维修正在垮掉的基础设施。他称赞美国在伊拉克和阿富汗战争中取得的成就,表示美国给予敌人以;决定性的打击;。奥巴马说,残存的基地组织活动分子正在溃散,他们知道自己逃不过美国的打击。奥巴马强调了美国在世界各地发挥领导作用的其他例子,包括应对伊朗核项目的努力。他说,声称美国的影响力已经削弱的任何人都是不知自己在说些什么。奥巴马表示,世界正在改变,但美国依然是;世界事务所不可或缺的国;。来 /201201/169272

Serious rainstorms have left 16 people dead and 19 missing since Sunday in China, said the Ministry of Civil Affairs here on Wednesday.本周三民政部最新消息:自上周日起,中国大部分地区的暴雨天气已造成16人死亡,19人受伤。The disasters have affected 1.67 million people in 15 provincial divisions in China as of 9 am on Wednesday, according to a ministry statement.民政部在声明中称,截止至本周三上午九点为止,中国5个省市自治区受到洪灾影响,受灾人数已67万人。Heavy rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms and hail has triggered serious floods and landslides in these areas, the statement said.声明中还说,在这些区域,强降雨天气伴随雷电和冰雹,触发了严重洪水和泥石流等自然灾害。The central government has sent out expert teams to supervise rescue and relief work in the worst-hit provinces such as Southwest Chinas Sichuan while relief material has been rushed to the affected areas.中央政府已派专家小组前往西南部四川省等受灾严重地区,监督指导抢险救灾工作;并迅速向灾区发放救援物资。来 /201307/247640

Notes注意事项Using that editor on one of the organization machines causes the virus to sp from the editor to one of the progarams stored on the organization machine,perhaps to a spsheet program.在机构中的任一台计算机上对编辑程序的使用,都会导致病毒从编辑程序传播到该机构计算机内所存储的某个程序上,也许是传播到了一个电子表格程序上When an employee uses that spsheet subsequently, the virus can be sp to another progarm.后来,当某个雇员使用这个电子表格程序时,病毒就又可能传播到另一个程序上perhaps to a directory listing progam that the employee keeps on the same floppy disk as the spsheet data files.也许是传播到了另一个由该雇员保存的与电子表格程序存储在同一个软盘上的目录列表程序上The listing program is then infected.于是这个列表程序也就染上了病毒,and the infection can be sp to other computers to which this floppy disk is taken.而且这种感染又可以传播到使用过这张软盘的其它一些计算机上If the employee computer is connected to the organization network.如果雇员的个人计算机与该机构的网络相连,the employee may send the listing program to another user over the network.那么,雇员就可以把这个列表程序传送给网络上的另一位用户In either case, the virus can sp to more users, and more machines, via floppy disks or networks.不管是哪一种情况,通过软盘或网络,病毒就会传播给更多的用户和更多的计算机上Each copy of the virus can make multiple copies of itself and can infect any program to which it has access.病毒的每一次复制,就会导致病毒本身的多次复制,并且使它曾访问过的任一程序受到感染As a result , the virus may be able to sp throughout the organization in a relatively short time.结果,在一个相当短的时间内,病毒就能在该机构之内到处肆虐Each of the infected programs in each of the infected machines can execute whatever other instructions the virus author intended.在每台受到感染计算机内的每个受到感染的程序,就可能执行病毒作者原想要执行的任何指令If these instructions are harmful or disruptive ,the pervasivences of the virus may cause widesp harm如果这些指令是有害的,有破坏性的,那么病毒的蔓延就可能引起广泛的破坏Traditional security measures have attempted to limit the number of security incidents to an acceptable level.传统的安全措施,曾试图限制安全性事件发生的数目到一个可接受的水平A single incident of lost files in a year may be acceptable loss, instance.例如,在一年中只发生一次文件丢失,这样的损失可能是可接受的While this is important it only addresses partial,because single virus is able to sp throughout an organization.虽然这是个重要问题,这只是表明了病毒的部分问题,因为单个病毒可能传遍整个机构the damage that it could cause may be much greater than what could be caused by any individual computer user.所以它引起的破坏就会比任何单个计算机用户引起的破坏大的多Limiting the number of initial vital infections of an organization is important,but it is often not feasible to prevent them entirely.限制某机构初始严重感染病毒的数目,是至关重要的,但对它们的完全杜绝又常常不大可能As a result ,it is important to be able to deal with them when they occur ,and to take actions to erase them.,重要的是,当它们一旦发生时,有能力对付它们并能采取措施消除它们 36777

A: Good afternoon. Can I be of service?下午好我如何为您效劳呢?B: I dont know. Can I purchase Treasury Certificates here at this counter?我不知道我可以在此柜台购买国库券吗?A: Yes, of course. We have Treasury Notes with two, three- and five-year terms available.当然可以我们出售两年期、三年期和五年期的国库券B: Two years is fine, with a value of 1,000 RMB.两年期的就行,我要买00元A: OK, could I take a look at some ID please, like a passport?好的,我能看一下您的身份件吗,比如护照,行吗?B: Here you go. By the way, is it possible to cash them bee the maturity comes up?给你顺便问一下,我是否有可能在它们到期之前兑现呢?A: No, Im afraid that isnt possible. You must wait until maturity bee you cash them.不行,恐怕是不可能的您必须得等到期之后才能兑现 6Looking Around随便看看Are you boing served.sir?有人招呼您了吗,先生?l am just looking,thank you…Excuse me.can you tell me where I can buy a pair of shoes?我只是看看,谢谢请问,你能告诉我在哪里能买双鞋子lt on the tourth floor.在四楼Thank you.谢谢你 3967

1. What department did you study in?你上大学时是哪个系的?. Which school did you choose in university?大学期间你是哪个学院的?3. Which department were you in?你大学时在哪个学院就读?. I was in the Department of Computer Science and Technology.我在计算机科技学院5. I went to the Department of Economics.我读的是经济学院6. I chose the Institute of eign Language.我选择了外语学院7. I was admitted to Peking University and I studied years in the Environmental Science CoUege.我被北大录取后,在环境科学学院学习了年8. I was in the Law School in Harvard University.我读的是哈佛大学法学院9. I graduated from Hongkong City University with a bachelor degree in Studies of eign Linguistics.我从香港城市学院毕业时获得了外国语言学的学士学位. I would choose the Department of Philosophy.我会选择哲学系Dialogue 1对话 1A: What department did you study in?A: 你上大学时是哪个系的?B: 1 was in the Law School in Harvard University.B: 我读的是哈佛大学法学院A: Why do you choose the Law School?A: 为什么要选择法学院呢?B: I want to be a lawyer in the future and the Law School was one of the best schools in Harvard.B: 因为我将来想当律师,而法学院是哈佛最好的学院之一dialogue 对话 A: Which institute did you choose in university?A: 大学期间你选的是哪所学校?B: I chose the Institute of eign Language.B: 我是外语学院的A: There were a number of them, such as Department of Literation, Department of Journalism and Communication, Department of Art Design, etc.A: 很多,比如文学系,新闻传播系,艺术设计系等等 81what is the insurance premium?保险费是多少?The premium is to be calculated in this way.保险费是这样计算的The total premium is 800 U.S. dollars.保险费总共是800美圆The cover paid will vary according to the type of goods and the circumstances.保险费用照货物类别的具体情况会有所不同The rates ed by us are very moderate. Of course, the premium varies with the range of insurance.我们所收取的费率是很有限的,当然,保险费用要根据投保范围的大小而有所不同According to co-insurance clauses, the insured person must pay usually percent of the total expenses covered.根据共同保险条款,保险人通常必须付全部费用的百分之二十The insurance rate such kink of risk will vary according to the kind.这类险别的保险费率将根据货物种类而定Insurance brokers will e rates all types of cargo and risks.保险经纪人会开出承保各类货物的各种险别的费用Can you give me an insurance rate?您能给我一份保险率表吗?Could you find out the premium rate porcelain?您能查一下瓷器的保险费率吗?You should study not only the benefits but also the terms and limitations of an insurance agreement that appears best suited to your needs.你不仅要研究各种保险所标明的给予保险人的赔偿费用,还要研究它的条件与限制,然后选出最适合你需要的一种Words and Phrases外贸口语词汇insurance expense保险费premium rate保险费率premium保险费insurance rate保险费率表insurance proceeds保险金(保险收入) 368718

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