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Poets are sensitive, ethereal creatures, ineffectual dreamers obsessed with metaphors and finding the right rhythms and rhymes. They#39;re generally harmless, right? Not always. On this list, there are killers, crooks, plotters, rakes, a blackmailer, several revolutionaries, heartbreakers, duelists, drunkards, an opium fiend, a serious oddball, and even one fascist. To borrow the words of Lady Caroline Lamb, who played mistress to one of them, these men were mad, bad, and dangerous to know.人们印象中诗人是机智敏感,超凡脱俗,痴迷修辞和韵律的梦想家。他们通常应该不会惹什么麻烦,对不对?但事实并非如此。以下列出的十位诗人简直无恶不作,他们不是杀人放火,欺诈勒索就是决斗厮杀,策划阴谋,他们还造反,负心,酗酒,吸食鸦片,放荡不羁,行为古怪甚至还有一个法西斯主义者。借其中一人的情妇卡洛琳·兰姆的话来说这真是一群疯狂,恶劣又危险的人。10. Fran漀椀猀 Villon10. 弗朗索瓦·维庸Villon by name and villain by nature, he was a murderer, thief, and an all-round low-life. He was also the finest lyric poet in France in the 15th century. Born in either 1431 or 1432, he was brought up by a professor of canon law in Paris. After leaving university in 1452, his life descended into a series of brawls, imprisonments, and exiles. His only appearances within the historical record come from prison data.维庸可以说是干尽坏事,他不仅是小偷还是杀人犯。但也是十五世纪法国最优秀的抒情诗人。维庸1431年或1432年出生于巴黎,被一名教士收养。1452年离开大学之后,他的生活一落千丈,打架闹事,锒铛入狱,多次被驱逐流放。历史上对他的记载基本都与他入狱相关。Villon by name and villain by nature, he was a murderer, thief, and an all-round low-life. He was also the finest lyric poet in France in the 15th century. Born in either 1431 or 1432, he was brought up by a professor of canon law in Paris. After leaving university in 1452, his life descended into a series of brawls, imprisonments, and exiles. His only appearances within the historical record come from prison data.1455年,维庸在巴黎醉酒后,与人争执中捅死了一名律师。他本应被逐出巴黎,却得到了王室的赦免。1456年,他又带领着一帮强盗从纳瓦拉学院里偷了500顶金冠。因此再次遭到驱逐。1457年,他在布洛瓦刑,1461年,在穆兰刑。维庸最后出现在巴黎的记录是1462年的盗窃罪。刑满释放后,他又参与了一场打架,被判处死刑,后改为流放。1463年之后,他就彻底消失了。Despite his lifestyle, Villon was a master of the intricate poetic forms of the ballade, the rondeau, and the chanson. His longer works touch on cosmology, satire, and religious symbolism. His work is rife with themes of failed love, melancholia, human suffering, lost time, and the ubiquity of death, featuring a cast of princes and prostitutes mired in Parisian brothels and drinking dens. Rimbaud revived his work in the 19th century, while Rossetti translated it into English, giving us the magnificent line “Where are the snows of yesteryear?”虽然行径不端,但是维庸在叙事诗,回旋诗和香颂上造诣颇高。他的长诗涉及到宇宙学,讽刺和宗教象征等方面。作品中充满了对爱情失意,痛苦忧郁,时光逝去以及死亡不可避免的诉说,多以各种王子和沉溺在妓院和酒馆为主题。19世纪,兰波重整他的作品并由罗塞蒂译成英语,才使我们领略到了“Where are the snows of yesteryear”这样精的诗句。 /201505/372855。

A man was wandering around in a field ,有名男子在田野里徘徊thinking about how good his wife had been to him and how fortunate he was to have her,心里想着他的老婆对他有多么好,他多么幸运拥有她。He asked God,;Why did you make her so kind hearted?;他问上帝:“你为什么要把她造得这么心地善良?”The Lord responded,;So you could love her ,my son.;主响应说:“我儿 呀,这样你就会爱她呀。”;Why did you make her so good looking?;“你为什么要把她造得这么貌美呢?”;So you could love her,my son .;“我儿呀,这样你就会爱她呀。”;Why did you make her such a good cook?;“你为什么要把她造成一个很会做饭菜的人呢?”;So you could love her,my son.;“我儿呀,这样你就会爱她呀。”The man thought about this.这名男子想了一下这件事。Then he said ,; I don#39;t mean to seem ungrateful or anything,but,why did you make her so stupid? ;然后他说:“我并不是有意好像我不知好歹,或是什么的,可是,你为什么把她造得这么笨?”;So she could love you,my son.;“ 我儿呀,这样她就会爱你呀。” /201503/361468。

The movie Big Hero 6 has delighted audiences of all ages and the biggest reason for itssuccess is the film`s highly-squeezable hero, Baymax. The soft-spoken robot begins the story as a personal healthcare assistant and ends it fully weaponized, morphing into a rocket-fueled superhero thanks to his newest buddy, Hiro Hamada. These are the top 10 coolest things about him:令男女老少都喜笑颜开的《超能陆战队》可谓大获成功,而影片中超大号充气机器人“大白”正是其最大卖点。言语温柔的大白最开始只是个私人医疗伴侣,不过在好朋友小宏的改造下,大白 “全副武装”,成为了“一飞冲天”的超级英雄。下面就一起来看看大白最酷的十件事吧!10. He Comes With His Own Docking Station自带“压缩包”Baymax can be stored compactly and out of the way as he deflates into his own personal docking station about the size of a toolbox. He`s a practically-built piece of artificial intelligence.在放气之后,大白可以被压缩进一个工具箱大小的“压缩包”中,方便携带。而实际上,他却是一个智能机器人。9. He Can Diagnose Any Health Problem诊断一切疾病Baymax was designed by Hiro`s older brother, Tadashi, to “heal the sick and injured” as a personal healthcare assistant robot. So his diagnosis capabilities are seemingly endless. He`s equipped with a happy face diagnostic scale, defibrillators in his hands, and an admirable bedside manner. He`ll tell you, “There, there, it will be alright” if you are his “patient” and he won`t leave you alone until you`re well again.大白出自影片主人公的哥哥泰迪之手,是一个私人医疗辅助机器人,能够“治愈疾病和伤痛”。他拥有无比强大的诊断能力。他的“胸口”装有表情诊断等级、双手可做除颤器,还有可敬的医护态度。如果你是他的病人,他会对你说“乖,一切都会好哒”,而且一直陪伴你左右,直到你痊愈。8. He Loves Animals热爱动物Baymax is a protector of all life forms and that includes Mochi, Aunt Cass` Calico housecat. He likes cuddling up with the little furball and ensuring his safety.大白守护着一切生命,就连卡斯阿姨家的花猫Mochi也“不放过”。他喜欢抱着这只小猫,给它安全感。7. His Soothing Robot Voice and Face治愈系的语气和面庞Not only does Baymax heal the sick, he does it with a relaxing voice that patients of all ages would find comforting. Voiced by Scott Adsit, Baymax will follow instructions, but he`s not immune to the occasional robot misunderstanding. He`s also simply designed so he`s incredibly easy to love, like Hello Kitty.大白不仅能治病,还拥有令所有病人都听着舒的治愈系嗓音。大白由斯科特#8226;埃德希特配音。他能听从指令,不过偶尔也会产生机器人普遍都有的误解。他拥有极简的外形设计,像Hello Kitty一样讨喜。6. Baymax Gets “Drunk” When His Battery is Low电量不足时就会“醉”One of the funniest scenes in Big Hero 6 is when Hiro has to sneak Baymax back into Aunt Cass` house. The robot`s battery is low and Hiro gets a taste of Baymax the drunkard as the big guy deflates and has trouble walking and talking.《超能陆战队》中最有趣的场景之一莫过于小宏和大白偷偷溜回卡斯阿姨家中,电量不足变瘪的大白就像喝醉了一样,走路摇摇摆摆、说话也断断续续。5. He Can Repair Himself自我修复只需透明胶带As a robot, Baymax feels no pain, obviously, so he carries some of the same qualities as his other movie robot ancestors. Like The Terminator, Baymax can fix himself if need be. All he needs is some Scotch Tape.身为机器人的大白自然感觉不到疼痛,他和其他电影中的机器人“前辈”一样拥有各种奇异的功能,比如像“终结者”那样自我修复。而大白修复时只需要透明胶带就够了。4. He`s Not Fast行动缓慢The most hilarious thing about Baymax may be his dainty little footsteps. Equipped with a fat body and tiny legs, the inflatable hero ily admits, “I am not fast.” But that doesn`t stop him from heading out into the world.大白最搞笑的地方莫过于他“小巧”的步伐。胖胖的身体搭配一双小短腿,就连这只充气机器人自己也得承认 “行动缓慢”。不过,这步伐丝毫不妨碍他席卷全球的速度。3. He`s Highly Huggable看着就想抱抱Baymax`s “non-threatening huggable design” makes you want to squeeze the ever-living life out of him. He`s the Pillsbury Dough Boy, the Michelin Man, and a giant teddy bear all rolled into one. Fred even compares him to a “warm marshmallow.”大白的“无威胁可拥抱”设计,让人忍不住就想紧紧拥抱他庞大的身体和那颗萌萌的心。他就像是“面团宝宝”(美国贝氏堡食品公司的经典广告形象),米其林先生以及大号泰迪熊的综合体。影片中,弗雷德甚至将他比作一团“暖暖的棉花糖”。2. He Makes a Pretty Sweet Superhero软萌的超级英雄After he gets “upgrades” compliments of Hiro, Baymax becomes a rocket-fueled fightingmachine who can soar above the city of San Fransokyo and take out any enemy. Hiro gives Baymax a carbon fiber suit of armor to protect his soft underbelly and creates an Iron Man-like power fist for him that can be launched at evil targets.小宏为大白添加了一系列“升级”组件,让大白变成了一个会飞的战斗机器人,他能在旧京山上空飞翔、战无不胜。为了保护大白柔软的腹部,小宏为他制作了碳纤维铠甲,还为他创造了像钢铁侠一样的火箭拳套,能有效地攻击坏人。1. Baymax is Tadashi哥哥泰迪的化身Hiro realizes halfway through Big Hero 6 that his brother, Tadashi, never intended Baymax to be used as a weapon of vengeance. Tadashi wanted to help a lot of people and Baymax was how he would do it. The robot carries Tadashi`s selfless personality andcalming demeanor and through him, Hiro can still keep a little piece of his brother always.影片中,小宏一度想要把大白改造成复仇的武器,而这与哥哥泰迪创造大白的初衷相去甚远。泰迪希望能帮助很多人,而大白正是他的化身。在大白身上,我们可以看到泰迪无私、冷静的身影。而他也是小宏对哥哥的一丝念想。 /201503/362439。

Lijiang Cured Pork Chop丽江腊排骨At night, the old town of Lijiang could not be more beautiful. It was calm and quiet, in which one could only hear water babbling and cicada chirping. Xiao Qi, a beautiful young lady who had just finished a heart-breaking relationship came here in hope of a fresh start. She was wondering in the street, droopy and dejected. A kind-hearted local approached to her and suggested the Cured Pork Chop would be good for her heath since it could help her get rid of worries and find a beloved one. Suspicious, she found the restaurant indicated by the local. Entering the restaurant, she was shocked by the fact that everyone was enjoying the same dish. “Is there anything I can do for you?” A man around 30 years ago came along and asked her gently.“What is it? I mean the dish that everyone ordered.” She responded with pure curiosity. “It is Lijiang Cured Pork Chop. Do you want to have a try?” “Certainly.”While waiting, she saw the man making the dish on his own. Conscientious, he was absorbed in his work. He first chopped the ribs quickly and dexterously, and then put them in a large pot with tomatoes, bean sprouts and other vegetables. For her, a man who was an adept for cooking was somehow alluring. She even started to picture her future in which she could have a nice meal made by his husband. “Enjoy it!” The chimera was interrupted by two simple words. She said thanks to him and began to taste the dish. It was amazing. She could assure that it was the most delectable dish she had ever had. “I must learn how to make it.” She murmured. After thinking for a while, she came to the man and simply asked whether she could learn how to make the dish. “It is not easy. Are you sure about it? ” The man asked her carefully. She answered with nods. In the next few days, she was learning from the man. When making mistakes, she laughed with him and could tell that he would never scorn her for it. Being with him was felicitous and fabulous. However, after acquiring the skills, she had to leave. To tell the truth, she did not want to leave this splendid town and most importantly, the man she met. However, she could not offer a plausible reason to stay. Heavyhearted, she sat in the corner of the restaurant, with her luggage on the ground. “I will miss the town and everything.” She muttered with a sigh. “Then stay.” The man sat next to her, sipping tea. “Since you’ve learned how to make the dish, would you like running the restaurant with me?”“I’d love to.”丽江腊排骨有一个美丽的传说,就是一位漂亮的女子去云南旅游的故事。传说这个女子因为感情受到伤害独自去旅行,然后就来到了云南。当地人告诉她应该去吃一下丽江腊排骨,吃丽江腊排骨会对这位女子有好处!她不解,便问为什么?当地人说:“吃丽江腊排骨会帮你去除烦恼,女孩子会遇到心仪的对象。”自然,当地人是看出女孩子的失意,是劝她保重身体,但巧合的是,女孩子因为喜欢上了丽江腊排骨的味道而多次去品尝丽江腊排骨,而由此便结识了英俊帅气的男子,就此他们展开了一段浪漫的恋情。这个美丽的恋爱故事就这样流传开来。 /201505/375883。

The image of a police officer is spray-painted on a wall at Sohofama, a Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong that sticks to its blue-collar roots with home-style dishes served on outdoor wooden tables and benches. The picture pays homage to both a founder’s father, a local officer, and the establishment’s location at PMQ, a 1950s “Police Married Quarters” that once housed hundreds of families and is now home to dozens of restaurants, studios and boutiques run by local artisans and designers, including Vivienne Tam.“料理农务”(Sohofama)是一家香港家常菜中餐馆,露天的木头桌椅保持了蓝领作风,其中一面墙上喷绘着一个警察的肖像,这是为了纪念一位创始人的父亲,他也是一位当地的官员,此外也是为了纪念“元创方”(PMQ)的原址。20世纪50年代,这里曾是“已婚警察宿舍”,住有几百个警察家庭,如今这里开着数十个餐馆、工作室和精品店,由本地艺术家与设计师们经营,其中还包括谭燕玉(Vivieene Tam)。The revitalized PMQ complex — two midrise buildings set around a large central courtyard — takes up a whole city block on the western edge of Soho, a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood where art galleries and French bistros are next to working-class shops and apartments. The postwar complex sat vacant for decades but reopened last April as a center for art and culture after a renovation of 400 million Hong Kong dollars (more than million). Its 100-plus units have been snapped up by tenants who have quickly made PMQ one of the most popular scenes in town.重生的“元创方”是围绕着一个大中心广场的两栋中等高度的建筑,它位于Soho区西部边缘,占据了一整片街区,这是一个品味迅速提升的地方,画廊和法餐厅混杂在工薪阶层的公寓及店铺之间。这里修建于“二战”之后,闲置了几十年,去年四月经重修后作为艺术与文化中心重新开放,修缮费约为4亿港币(合5千万多美元)。楼中的100多个单元被抢租一空,租户们很快令“元创方”成为香港最受欢迎的一景。The original structures, including their large balconies, were retained, said William To, the center’s creative director.元创方的设计师陶威廉(William To)说,许多当初的建筑特征都得以保留,比如巨大的阳台。“At that time, people had outdoor kitchens and communal areas where families ate together,” he said. “It was a close community.”“当时这里有户外厨房和公共区域,几家人可以在一起吃饭,”他说,“这是一个关系亲密的社区。”The new PMQ preserves that feeling of openness through the generous use of shared and alfresco spaces. The courtyard has been covered in a glass canopy so that it can be used for large-scale art installations, fairs, festivals and popular weekend food nights with plenty of beer and street snacks.新的“元创方”采用大量共享与户外空间,保持了这种开放性。院子用玻璃顶棚遮蔽,因此可以用来陈设大规模艺术装置,举办艺术展、艺术节,以及受欢迎的周末美食之夜,售卖啤酒和路边摊食品。Since the heritage site’s reopening, these establishments — from cozy bakeries to high-end restaurants — have joined a buzzing dining scene in Hong Kong, a city with nearly 14,000 food outlets, 88 Michelin stars sparkling among 64 restaurants, high rents and some of the world’s pickiest eaters.这里的餐饮业从舒适的面包房到高级餐厅应有尽有,自“元创方”重开以来,它们也迅速融入了香港繁荣的美食景观。这座城市有近14000家饭馆,88颗米其林之星在64个高档饭馆门前闪耀,不时有世界上最挑剔的食客大驾光临。Sohofama focuses on organic and — as far as is possible in this concrete jungle — local ingredients. While the restaurant makes a few forays into fusion cuisine — chorizo fried rice and black truffle “xiao long bao,” soup dumplings — it mostly serves simple, homey dishes. Lunch is about 114 Hong Kong dollars a person, or at 7.60 Hong Kong dollars to the U.S. dollar; dinner is about 190 dollars. Most diners order small dishes to share: chilled cucumber slices, vegetable rice, fried fish with corn sauce, sweet and sour pork, scallion pancakes, buns stuffed with minced meat and a whole crab in a clay pot. At night, a mix of artsy residents and visitors sip cocktails infused with sour plums, orange peel and hibiscus flowers.在这座钢筋水泥丛林里,“料理农务”还是尽量使用有机食品与本地原料。餐厅尝试了若干融合菜肴,诸如西班牙辣香肠炒饭和黑松露小笼包、馄饨,但主要还是提供简单的家常菜。午饭每人约需114港元(按7.60港元兑换1美元,约合15美元);晚饭每人约需190港元。大部分食客都会点些小菜来分食,比如黄瓜片、蔬菜饭、玉米酱炸鱼、叉烧肉、葱饼、肉夹馍和砂锅蟹。晚间常常会有颇具艺术气质的本地居民与游客特来品尝掺加了酸梅、橙皮与芙蓉花的鸡尾酒。Hong Kong’s British colonial heritage permeates Aberdeen Street Social, a two-story bar and restaurant that is one of several collaborations around town between Jason Atherton, a Michelin-starred British chef, and Yenn Wong, a Singaporean heiress and hotelier. Their cocktails include the most appalling British puns: Just Beet-Root to Me, Bitters amp; Twisted, Pretty Fly for a Mai Tai and Pot Pouring Ketel Black.Aberdeen Street Social这样的地方颇具香港英殖民时期的遗风,这是一个两层的酒吧兼餐厅,是英国米其林星级厨师杰森·阿瑟顿(Jason Atherton)与新加坡女继承人兼酒店经营者Yenn Wong合作的结晶,两人在香港其他地点还有若干合作餐厅。这里的鸡尾酒名字里包含了最吓人的英国双关语:“Just Beet-Root to Me”(意为“对我粗鲁”与“甜菜根”谐音——译注)、“Bitters amp; Twisted”(必打士与变态),“Pretty Fly for a Mai Tai”(Mai Tai酒里的漂亮苍蝇)和“Pot Pouring Ketel Black”(波特浇黑坎特)。The terrace has a casual vibe, serving upscale gastro-pub grub: truffle popcorn, flatbs, savory pies and a salad made with Peking duck. But the upstairs restaurant is a full-on dining experience — with French-speaking staff and fine wines — that impressed even my picky husband, a chef. In one standout dish, a duck breast (266 dollars) swam in a blood-red beetroot sauce thickened with honey and spice. A bite into what looked innocuously like a glazed cherry turned out to be a duck heart on a spear, a happy surprise.楼下充满休闲气息,提供高档酒吧美食:松露爆米花、小面包干、风味派和北京烤鸭沙拉。但楼上的餐厅就完全是正餐的天下——侍者说法语、供应高档红酒——我丈夫是一位颇为挑剔的大厨,见此也颇为触动。一道鸭胸肉(266港元)格外美味,鸭肉浸在浓稠血红、混有蜂蜜与香料的甜菜根酱汁中。旁边配有看似完全无害,宛如玻璃樱桃的装饰,吃一口才知道是鸭心,堪称意外惊喜。Visitors should be warned that any request for a hot caffeinated beverage on a weekday morning will be met with a bleary-eyed barista just getting to work. B n Butter, a crepe place inside a pink-festooned women’s boutique, manages to get going by 11 a.m. By noon, you can have coffee from fresh-roasted beans at Café Life, pastries at the hippie-ish Alice Wild Luscious and homemade b at Levain Bakery.游客要注意的是,在工作日的上午点任何含咖啡因的热饮都有可能遭到刚来上班的侍者白眼。“面包与黄油”(B n Butter)是一家精致的小店,隐藏在一家专售点缀粉红花边的女装店之内,上午11点就开张了。到中午时分,你可以在“咖啡生活”(Café Life)享受新鲜的现磨咖啡,在嬉皮风格的“Alice Wild Luscious”享受糕点,在“Levain Bakery”享受家制面包。PMQ gets livelier later in the day, especially on the weekends. On a recent weekday afternoon Isono, a 4,000-square-foot tapas restaurant, was filled with creative types tapping away on laptops. From noon to midnight, customers snack on sharing platters of Ibérico ham, pheasant terrine, duck rillettes and, for visiting Americans, passable sliders. Serious epicures head upstairs to the adjoining fine dining restaurant, Vasco.下午时分,元创方才会变得更有活力,特别是在周末。最近的一个下午,占地4000平方英尺的小吃店Isono里挤满了敲笔记本的创意人士。从下午到午夜,他们用公用的大盘子吃着伊比利克火腿、砂锅野鸡、鸭肉酱以及对于美国游客而言味道尚可的迷你汉堡。认真的老饕们会上楼,到高档的Vasco餐厅享用大餐。Mr. To demurred when asked which restaurant was his favorite. But he said even the pricier ones are doing well.被问到自己最喜欢哪家餐厅,陶先生表示无法回答。但他说,就算最便宜的餐馆也很棒。“They are constantly full and now it’s difficult to get a table on the weekends, even for us,” he said.“那些地方经常满座,现在到了周末,就连我们也很难订到位子,”他说。 /201504/368579。