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An ultra-realistic robot was unveiled last week by researchers from the University of Science and Technology in China (USTC).上周,由中国科技大学研究人员开发的高仿真机器人正式揭开面纱。Jia Jia, as the female robot has been named, is apparently capable of basic communication, interaction with nearby people, and natural facial expressions. Unfortunately, many of her pre-programmed interactions appear to be highly stereotypical.这一女性机器人被命名为佳佳,具备基本沟通能力,可以和周边的人交流互动,并且有很自然的面部表情。然而不幸地是,她很多的预编互动都似乎带有成见。For example, if Jia Jia detects that someone is taking a photo of her, she#39;ll warn the photographer to stand back or else the picture will make her face ;look fat.; Jia Jia can#39;t do much beyond that though. Essential human emotional responses like laughing and crying are not in the robot#39;s repertoire. Her hands have also been left lifeless. She does, however, speak super subserviently. The prompt, ;Hello,; elicits the reply, ;Yes my lord. What can I do for you?;比如,如果佳佳发现有人在给她拍照片,她会警告拍照者站远点儿拍,否则会让她的脸看起来很胖。不过,佳佳没办法做更多事情,像大笑以及哭泣这些反应她都还没有。她的双手也显得比较死板。不过,她可以非常恭顺地说话,如果你说,;你好;,她一定会回复,;在,主人,我能为你做什么呢?;We#39;ve seen a few other ultra-realistic female robots recently. A few weeks ago a 42-year-old product and graphic designer from Hong Kong revealed ;Mark 1,; a ,000 female robot. The project, which took a year and a half to complete, was supposedly the fulfillment of a childhood dream.最近,我们看到了多款仿真女机器人。几星期前,一名来自香港的42岁产品及平面设计师推出了一款名为;Mark 1;的价值5万美元的女性机器人。这个项目花了设计师一年半的时间,主要是为了完成其童年的梦想。Like Jia Jia, Mark 1 is capable of basic human-like interaction, command responses, and movement. Mark 1 actually outperforms Jia Jia in that the former can move its limbs, turn its head, bow, smirk, and wink.和佳佳类似,Mark 1也能做到基本的类人似交流,回应命令和动作。Mark 1比佳佳更棒的是,她可以活动四肢,转头,弯腰,微笑以及眨眼。And that#39;s just the most recent example. Last year researchers at the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University in Japan and Shanghai Shenqing Industry in China revealed Yangyang, a dynamic robot with an resemblance to Sarah Palin. Yangyang also seems to do more than Jia Jia with its abilities to hug and shake hands.这只是近期的例子,去年,上海申磬产业有限公司与大阪大学的研发人员合作,在中国推出了阳杨--一个很像萨拉·佩林的机器人,看起来也比佳佳更智能,她可以拥抱和握手。The USTC researchers spent three years developing Jia Jia, and they aren#39;t done yet. Team director Chen Xiaoping says he hopes to develop and refine their creation, equipping it with artificial intelligence through deep learning and the ability to recognize people#39;s facial expressions, according to Xinhua News. Chen hopes Jia Jia will become an intelligence ;robot goddess.; He added that the prototype was ;priceless; and would not yet consider mass production.中国科技大学的研究人员花费了3年时间开发佳佳,而且他们还没有完工。根据新华社报道,团队领导陈小平表示,希望能够发展和完善他的发明,并进一步搭载有深入学习以及辨认面部表情能力的人工智能。陈小平希望佳佳能变成智慧的;机器人女神;,他还补充说道,此原型是无价的,暂时不会量产。 /201604/439664

What if robots could evolve?如果机器人可以自主进化的话,那么这将会是一幅怎样的场景呢?It#39;s the question asked by a group of scientists in Amsterdam, whose radical new project aims to create smarter, more advanced robots through a process similar to sexual reproduction.这一问题由阿姆斯特丹的科学家们提出,他们创立一项不同凡响的新项目,旨在通过类似有性生殖的过程创造出更智能、更先进的机器人。While the idea may sound far-fetched, they#39;ve aly demonstrated a proof of concept – in February, two robot parents came together to #39;mate,#39; and the first #39;robot baby#39; was born.虽然这一想法听起来有些难以置信,但是他们却已明其确实可行:二月,一对机器人父母通过“交配”,生下了首个“机器人宝宝”。In the Robot Baby Project at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, scientists have developed a way for robots to have #39;sex#39; and pass on their DNA to offspring.在阿姆斯特丹自由大学的“机器人婴儿项目”中,科学家已经研发出一种使机器人通过“性交”而将DNA传递给后代的办法。Doing this can allow them to #39;develop their bodies through evolution,#39; making for successive generations that have more advanced physical and behavioural capabilities.这一做法可使机器人实现自我进化发展,从而使其后代能拥有更高级先进的身体机能和行为能力。As the process continues, the researchers say robots can become more suitable for use in unknown environments that could be hazardous to humans, like deep sea mines or even other planets.随着研究推进,研究人员认为这些机器人更适合用在对人类有害的未知领域中,比如深海矿井甚至是其它星球。#39;We have two robots that meet and mate, and just as in the animal kingdom, this results in a baby,#39; says Guszti Eiben, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at VU, in a explaining the concept.阿姆斯特丹自由大学的人工智能教授Guszti Eiben在一段视频中对这一概念解释道:“就像在动物界里一样,两个机器人相见交配,然后就有了宝宝。”The robots live, work, and reproduce in an #39;Arena,#39; where they are able to select a suitable mating partner.这些机器人在实验室的“人生舞台”上生活、工作和繁殖,在那里它们可以选择适合交配的另一半。When the two robots come together, they are then able to communicate and even mate.当两个机器人邂逅相遇,它们可以相互交流甚至交配。#39;When they evaluate each other favourably, they send their genomes through the Wi-Fi network,#39; says Milan Jelisavcic, a PhD student at the university.该大学的士生Milan Jelisavcic说:“当它们评估对方为积极良性时,会通过Wi-Fi发送各自的基因组。”#39;A sexual reproduction mechanism then creates the new genome. Code of this genome is sent to the 3D printer then, for printing new components.#39;“这种有性繁殖机制能创造出新的基因组,然后这一基因组代码会被发送至3D打印机上,进而打印出机器人宝宝的组成部件。”During a year-and-a-half development period, the researchers were able to achieve the implementation of a full life cycle.在一年半的研发进程中,研究人员实现了一个完整的生命周期测试。When the parent robots #39;reproduce,#39; their features are randomly recombined.当机器人父母“繁衍后代”时,他们的特征是随意组合的。This includes the brain – software – and the hardware.这其中包括大脑(软件)和硬件。#39;With evolutionary techniques, we evolve the neural networks of the robots,#39; explains Jacqueline Heinerman, PhD student at VU, in the .视频中,学校里的另一个士生杰奎琳#8226;海纳曼解释道:“随着技术发展,我们能够开发机器人的神经网络。”These neural networks are responsible for their behaviours.这些神经网络主控机器人的行为。The lab also contains a #39;Birth Clinic#39; and a #39;Nursery#39; for the robotic child, and once born, each must undergo a learning process.研究实验室中还为机器人宝宝设立了“产房”和“育儿室”,出生后,每个机器人宝宝都必须进行学习。If it is deemed satisfactory, the child then becomes an adult, and potentially, a parent.一旦它们符合条件要求,便可步入成人阶段,还有可能为生育下一代做准备。Researchers say this marks the start of a new era – the Industrial Evolution.研究人员认为,这标志着“工业进化”新时代的开始。In this state, machines could autonomously operate and reproduce.依此看来,机器人可以自主操作与繁殖。One day, they say, this new form of evolution could even play a critical role in the colonization of Mars.他们表示,终有一天,这一全新的进化方式将在殖民火星的过程中扮演举足轻重的作用。 /201606/448007

B News –Beijing#39;s Intellectual Property Office has ruled against Apple in a patent dispute brought by a Chinese handset maker.B新闻 – 北京的知识产权局在一起由中国手机制造商引发的专利纠纷案中,做出对苹果公司不利的裁决。The iPhone 6 and 6S models are similar to Shenzhen Baili#39;s little-known 100C phone, the authority ruled.当局裁定,iPhone 6 和 6S型号与深圳百利公司鲜为人知的100C手机相似。In theory, this could lead to iPhone sales being halted in Beijing but sales continue as Apple has appealed to a higher court. The tech giant said the handset is still available throughout China.理论上,这可导致叫停iPhone在北京的销售,但由于苹果公司上诉至上一级法院,销售还在继续。这家科技巨头说,苹果手机仍在中国各地有售。;iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as iPhone 6s, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE models are all available for sale today in China. We appealed an administrative order from a regional patent tribunal in Beijing last month and as a result the order has been stayed pending review by the Beijing IP Court,; the firm said.“iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus,以及iPhone 6s, iPhone 6S Plus和iPhone SE目前在中国均有售。我们上月向北京地区专利法院诉请行政命令,该命令在等待北京知识产权法院的进一步审核。”苹果公司说。Analyst Ben Wood, from CCS Insight said he was confident that Apple would resolve the situation.移动咨询公司CCS Insight的分析员本伍德说,他相信苹果会处理好这个局面。;Large companies will always be reluctant to settle if they feel they don#39;t have a case to answer, but the Chinese market is so strategic to Apple that if they have to settle, they will,; he told the B. ;This is a constant challenge for all large tech firms.;“大公司如果觉得没有官司要打,总是不愿意解决问题的,但中国市场对苹果公司极具战略意义,如果不得不解决,他们会解决的。”他对B说。“这是对所有科技大公司的持续挑战。”;Typically these sorts of legal spats are a game of brinkmanship.;“通常来说,这类法律纠纷就是一场边缘政策游戏。”China is Apple#39;s second-largest market, but the patent ruling just adds to the company#39;s problems: its iTunes Books and Movie apps were recently shut down by the authorities, and it just lost a lawsuit against a Chinese leather goods maker which stamps the name ;IPHONE; on its luggage.中国是苹果的第二大市场,但此次专利裁决实在是给公司雪上加霜:它的iTunes 图书电影应用程序最近被当局关闭,它还刚刚输掉了对一家中国皮具制造商发起的诉讼 – 这家皮具公司把;IPHONE;印在其皮箱上。Earlier this month, senior US officials warned American companies felt increasingly unwelcome in China, while the European Business Council noted its members were encountering a ;hostile environment; in the country.本月初,美国高层官员警告说,美国公司感到在中国越来越不受欢迎,而欧洲企业理事会指出,其成员在中国遭遇“敌对环境”。 /201606/449954

In response to the many consumers who have complained of automatic phone shut-offs, Apple has offered to replace the batteries of faulty phones free of charge.针对许多用户投诉iPhone自动关机一事,苹果公司已经于日前提出了为故障手机免费更换电池的措施。However, this compensation has left some consumers unhappy, triggering a new batch of complaints.但是,这一补偿措施却使得一些消费者大为不满,引发了新一轮的投诉。Apple confirmed the automatic shut-off issue on iPhone 6S units, but the company denies that it is a security issue.苹果之前承认iPhone 6S自动关机一事确有发生,但是该公司否认这是一个安全问题。Nevertheless, the problem has drawn the attention of the China Consumers#39; Association and the Shanghai Consumers Council. The two bodies announced on Nov. 17 that Apple promised to replace batteries in broken devices.尽管如此,这个问题已经引起了中国消费者协会和上海消费者委员会的注意。这两家机构在11月17日宣布,苹果公司承诺为故障手机更换电池。Later, Apple admitted that the problem was only present in iPhone 6S devices that were produced during September and October 2015. Users of these devices are entitled to free battery replacements.随后,苹果公司承认,自动关机的问题只出现在2015年9月到10月份生产的iPhone 6S手机上。使用这些手机的用户有权免费更换电池。However, users of other iPhones are not eligible for the complimentary service.但其他iPhone用户却无权获得这一免费务。Many iPhone users have expressed their dissatisfaction with Apple#39;s response - both failing to disclose the cause of the problem and also neglecting to extend Applecare insurance on affected phones.许多iPhone用户都表达了对苹果公司这一回复的不满--苹果方面既没有披露问题的原因,也忽略了要延长受影响手机的AppleCare保险期。Moreover, many iPhone users whose phones were produced outside the designated window now worry about the fate of their devices.此外,许多不是在那一窗口期内生产的iPhone手机的用户们,正在担心自己手机的命运。 /201612/481205

South-to-North Water Diversion Project南水北调China#39;s south-to-north water diversion project, to bring relief to China#39;s drought-ridden north by diverting water from the Yangtze River, is an-other mammoth water conservancy scheme larger even than the Three Gorges Project. The late chairman Mao Zedong first proposed the idea of the diversion project in 1952, intending the ambitious scheme to ease the growing water shortages in the cities of Beijing and Tianjin and the northern provinces of Hebei, Henan and Shandong. The south-to-north water diversion project, a result of 50 years of investigation and research, aims to divert water from the Yangtze River valley to the reaches of Yellow River, Huaihe River and Haihe River so as to ensure the water supply for farming, industry and life in northern China. The project will have three water diversion routes, namely the eastern route, middle route and western route.南水北调工程是我国优化配置水资源的重大举措,是解决华北、西北地区缺水的一项战略性基础设施工程。此工程的规模和难度都超过三峡工程。为解决北京、天津、河北、河南和山东日益严重的缺水状况,自1952年毛泽东主席提出南水北调工程设想以来,广大科技工作者持续进行了50年的勘测、规划、研究,分别在长江下游、中游和上游规划了三条调水线路,形成了南水北调东线、中线和西线调水的基本方案。通过三条调水线路与长江、黄河、淮河和海河四大江河的联系,为华北地区供应农业、工业生产用水及生活用水。The eastern route is expected to supply Shandong Province and the northern part of Jiangsu, linking Shandong with the Yangtze River and bringing water north to the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain via the Beijing-Hang-zhou Grand Canal. Diverted from a major branch of Yangtze River, near Yangzhou city, the water will travel along existing river channels to the Weishan mountains of Shandong, before crossing the Yellow River via a tunnel and flowing to Tianjin.东线工程的供水范围是黄淮海平原东部地区。东线调水工程从长江下游扬州附近抽引长江水,利用和扩建京杭大运河逐级提水北送,经洪泽湖、骆马湖、南四湖和东平湖,在位山附近穿过黄河后可自流,经运河到天津。The central route diverts water from the Danjiangkou reservoir on the Han River via new canals near the west edge of the Huanghuaihai Plain to flow through Henan and Hebei Provinces to Beijing-a diversion rout totalling some l,246km in length. The nearby city of Tianjin will also draw water from the trunk line near Xushui in Hebei Province.中线工程的供水范围是北京、天津、华北平原及沿线湖北、河南两省部分地区。中线调水工程从汉江丹江口水库引水,沿伏牛山和太行山山前平原,京广铁路西侧,自流输水到北京、天津,输水总干渠长1246千米。Construction of the western route-which involves working on the Qtinghai-Tibet Plateau-between 3 ,000m- 5 ,000m above sea level-will involve overcoming some major engineering and climatic challenges. Once completed in 2050, the project will bring water from three tributaries of the Yangtze- the Tongtian, Yalong and Dadu rivers-nearly 500km across the Bayankala Mountains and then on to north- west China.西线工程的供水范围包括青海、甘肃、宁夏、内蒙古、陕西和山西六省(区)。西线调水工程引水工程拟定从长江上游干流通天河、雅砻江、大渡河调水,克施工难、气候差的挑战,穿过500多千米的巴颜喀拉山进入位于黄河上游的西北地区。The project was formally launched in 2002. Once it is completed in 2050, about 38 billion t0 48 billion cubic meters of water will be transferred yearly to the areas with a population of 300 million.南水北调工程在2002年正式开工,预计在2050年全部完工后每年可解决3亿人口380亿到480亿立方米的用水问题。 /201603/430114

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