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厦门鼻尖整形在厦门韩式漂唇哪家医院好Cartoon Characters Get Local Makeovers In AsiaBIG ROUND HEADS and tiny bodies make the Powerpuff Girls instantly identifiable to their fans in America. The preteen karate superheroes star in one of the top-rated shows on cable's Cartoon Network.圆圆的脑袋、豆芽菜般的娇小身材──美国动画剧《飞天小女警》(Powerpuff Girls)中三个小主角的这般形像,“粉丝”们一眼就能认出来。这三个十岁左右却会操空手道的小丫头是卡通电视网(Cartoon Network)热播节目中的明星。Last year, though, the 'Powerpuff Girls' showed up in Japan with a whole new look. On 'Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z,' the heroines have grown up, sprouted long legs and wear skirts well above their knees. In the original American story line, the girls were created of sugar, spice and everything nice; their Japanese counterparts are normal girls who acquire super powers from a chemical reaction initiated by a rice cake.去年《飞天小女警》在日本播出时,她们的形像却发生了翻天覆地的变化。在名为《飞天小女警Z》(Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z)的新版动画中,三个小女孩不但长大了,腿变长了,还穿上了超短裙。在美国版的故事中,三个女孩是用糖、香料等好东西创造出来的。而在日本版中,女孩们却是因食用年糕产生的化学作用而拥有了超能力。Once, American entertainment companies exporting characters just dubbed them into other languages. But in recent years, Asia has become the testing ground for character reinvention, a process called 'transcreation.'border0过去,美国业在对外输出卡通角色时仅仅是配上外语。但近年来,亚洲成为他们重新包装设计形像、进行“翻创”(transcreation)的试验田。The idea is to help characters designed with one audience in mind to really resonate in another culture. 'Japanese kids can more easily identify with characters they can relate to,' says Yoshiya Ayugai, a producer for Time Warner Inc.'s Cartoon Network Productions Japan, who helped re-create the Powerpuff Girls.此举是为了让原来针对某一观众群设计的角色形像能在其他文化环境下产生共鸣。时代华纳公司(Time Warner Inc.)旗下卡通电视网亚洲制作部的制作人Yoshiya Ayugai表示,日本的小孩更易于认同与自己有关联的角色。Yoshiya Ayugai曾参与重新设计《飞天小女警》的角色形像。Marvel Entertainment Inc. and Gotham Entertainment introduced a transcreated 'Spider-Man' to the Indian market in 2004, although the original had been familiar there for a long time. There, Spidey's alter ego, Peter Parker, is known as Pavitr Prabhakar. Spidey gains his powers from a mysterious yogi rather than a radioactive spider. When fighting crime, he sports a traditional loincloth.Marvel Entertainment Inc.和Gotham Entertainment曾在2004年针对印度市场对《蜘蛛侠》(Spider-Man)形像进行翻创,尽管原形像已深入人心。在印度版《蜘蛛侠》中,主人翁的名字由彼得#8226;帕克(Peter Parker)改成了帕维特#8226;普拉哈卡(Pavitr Prabhakar)。而他超人力量的源泉,也从放射性的蜘蛛变成了神秘的瑜珈。并且其变身蜘蛛侠与邪恶势力战斗的造型中还穿上了印度的传统装“斗提裤”。Spidey also inspired one of the region's first transcreations. In 1978, the Japanese media company Toei Co. turned Peter Parker into a racing champion named Yamashiro Takuya, who wears a bracelet that gives him the powers of a spider. His alter ego, 'Supaidah Man,' controls a giant transforming robot to battle an enemy named Professor Monster.蜘蛛侠也是亚洲地区最早一宗翻创案例的主角。1978年,日本东映公司(Toei Co.)曾将彼得#8226;帕克改变成拥有蜘蛛超能力的赛车冠军西谷拓也(Yamashiro Takuya)。而东映版蜘蛛侠的超能来自一只手镯,故事中他操纵着一部能变形的机器人与怪兽教授(Professor Monster)率领的邪恶势力作战。Sesame Street didn't arrive in India until the summer of 2006, as 'Gali Gali Sim Sim,' and introduced Boombah, an aristocratic lion fond of bhangra, a style of dancing seen in Bollywood films. Walt Disney Co. has had a hit in China with its 'Cuties' line of Mickey Mouse and friends featuring tiny eyes, button noses and the almost-not-there mouths of Japan's Hello Kitty. Sometimes the cutie Minnie even carries a cellphone. Disney came up with the design six years ago in Japan, and now it is a top seller among preteens in China who didn't grow up with the original Mickey.《芝麻街》(Sesame Street)2006年夏季才登陆印度,名字变为《加利加利西姆西姆》(Gali Gali Sim Sim),并新加入了一只喜欢跳邦拉舞的狮子布恩巴(Boombah)。邦拉舞是印度宝莱坞电影中常见的一种舞蹈。华特-迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)在中国推出了米老鼠系列卡通人物的“Cutie”版造型,带有与日本Kitty猫造型相似的小眼睛、纽扣鼻和小得几乎见不到的嘴巴。有时候 Cutie版的米妮(Minnie)造型甚至拿着部手机。此系列造型是6年前在日本设计的,如今已经成为中国最畅销的少儿用品系列。Adults like Sarah Chen, a 23-year-old graduate student in Shanghai, like them, too. 'They are so cute and sweet, just like a little baby,' says Ms. Chen, who first discovered the Disney cuties online and eventually purchased a sweater with the modified Mickey Mouse on it.就连成年人也喜欢Cutie版的米老鼠,比如在上海念研究生的Sarah Chen。今年23岁的她第一次在网上发现迪士尼的cutie造型时惊叹道:“这些造型这么可爱,就像小宝宝一样”。最后还买下一件带有Cutie版米老鼠造型的运动衫。Most media companies acknowledge the need to localize their fare. While there is still a global audience for 'Tom and Jerry' reruns and Hollywood blockbusters, American imports don't top the TV ratings in most non-English-speaking markets. Transcreation nods to that need for local relevance.大多数媒体公司都认为,有必要对产品进行本土化设计。虽然重播的《猫和老鼠》(Tom and Jerry)及好莱坞其他畅销动画片在国际上仍有市场,但美国卡通在大多数非英语市场的电视节目中都拿不到最好的成绩。适当的本土化改造仍有必要。'There are very few things that work everywhere,' says Orion Ross, a vice president of creative at Time Warner's Turner Networks in Asia. 'Places with strong national identities, like Japan and India, need adaptation and change,' he says.时代华纳旗下特纳电视网(Turner Networks)亚洲副总裁奥里恩#8226;罗斯(Orion Ross)表示,放之四海而皆准的东西是很少见的。在如日本和印度之类有强烈国家认同感的地区,就有必要进行改编和调整。For some time-tested characters, change doesn't come easily. Disney tweaked Mickey into 'Cutie' form but still insists that only Western women can play Cinderella and Snow White at Tokyo and Hong Kong Disneylands. A Disney spokeswoman says, 'These performers bring the animated roles to life and are therefore cast to most closely resemble the on-screen characters. . . . It's about remaining true to the original animated feature.'对于一些已深入人心的角色造型,想改变它并不容易。虽然迪士尼让米老鼠Cutie化,但仍然坚持香港迪士尼乐园中灰姑娘和白雪公主角色必须由西方女性扮演。该公司某位发言人对此解释称,这些角色的扮演者赋予了动画形像以生命,因此必须与屏幕上的形像最为接近......这涉及到忠实于原造型的问题。The family of 'Peanuts' creator Charles M. Schulz, who died in 2000, forbids any changes to his comic strip. 'There is no adapting Peanuts,' says a spokeswoman for ed Media, the New York company that distributes the feature to newspapers around the world.像2000 年逝世的《花生》(Peanuts)漫画作者查尔斯#8226;M#8226;舒兹(Charles M. Schulz)就禁止对他笔下的角色(著名卡通形像史奴比(Snoopy)就是《花生》漫画的主角之一)作任何改动。拥有《花生》漫画造型版权的 ed Media Ltd.发言人表示,不会有改版的《花生》出现Sometimes, though, changes slip in under the radar. The Times of India printed the Peanuts strip with the dog Snoopy painted brown. After The Wall Street Journal asked about that, a ed Media spokeswoman said it was a 'coloring error' that would be corrected. Now, Snoopy is white in the Indian newspaper.有时候,改动是不易察觉的。在《印度时报》(Times of India)上刊登的《花生》漫画中,史奴比就曾经是灰色的。当《华尔街日报》记者就此事询问ed Media发言人时,他称此乃“配色错误”,应该会纠正过来。现在这份印度报纸上的史奴比已恢复成了白色。 /200803/30009厦门打瘦脸针后注意事项 Spider-hunting nudist ends with burnsA funnel-web spider rears up on its hind legs at the Australian Reptile Park at Gosford in a 2001 file photo.An Australian nudist who tried to set fire to what he thought was a deadly funnel web spider's nest ended up with badly burned buttocks, emergency officials said Monday.The 56-year-old man was at a nudist colony near Bowral, about 60 miles southwest of Sydney, Sunday when he spotted what he believed to be a funnel web spider hole.Ambulance workers, including a helicopter crew, were called to the scene after the man poured petrol down the hole and then lit a match in an attempt to kill the offending arachnid."The exploding gasoline fumes left the man with burns to 18 percent of his body, on the upper leg and buttocks ," the NRMA Careflight helicopter rescue service said in a statement.It said the man's lack of clothing probably contributed to the extent of his burns."The fate of the bunkered spider was unknown, although other guests at the resort thought it was probably a harmless trapdoor spider and not a deadly funnel web," the statement said.NRMA Careflight said it was called to a property in the same area in January when another man kicked a spider that was crawling up the wall of a friend's cabin. The man broke his leg in two places. 本周一,据澳大利亚处理突发事件的官员介绍,一位裸体主义者试图放火烧一只致命漏斗网蜘蛛的窝,结果自己的臀部被严重烧伤。周日,这名56岁的男子在位于悉尼西南60英里Bowral小镇附近的一个裸体主义者居住区内发现了一个蜘蛛洞,他认为那是一只漏斗网蜘蛛的洞。他将汽油浇到洞里,然后点了根火柴,试图将这只不怀好意的蜘蛛烧死。之后,救护人员被召集到出事现场,其中包括一直升机救护队。NRMA Careflight直升机救护队在事故报告中提到:“汽油燃烧产生的气体引起爆炸,造成这名男子全身18%的面积烧伤,烧伤部位集中在胳膊上半部分和臀部。”报告说,可能是他身上没穿什么衣,致使了较大面积的烧伤。报告中说:“那只受困蜘蛛的命运目前还不清楚,来此处游玩的其他游客认为那可能只是一只没有什么害处的隐身蜘蛛,并不是漏斗网蛛。”NRMA Careflight救援机队说,一月份,他们曾受命赶到这里的一间住所,当时的情况是,一名男子在他朋友房间用脚踢一只在墙上爬行的蜘蛛,结果他的腿两处断裂。 Vocabulary:nudist : 裸体主义者burn : 烧伤;灼伤(如:burns on the handlt;手部的烧伤gt;)buttocks : 臀部be bunkered : 陷入难以摆脱的困境 /200808/46204;W; means wide connection.W代表广联互通。Wuzhen is located in Zhejiang province, an economic powerhouse in East China. 乌镇位于中国经济强省浙江。More than 80 percent of the country’s e-retailers, 70 percent of exports, and 60 percent of e-commerce relies on platforms based in Zhejiang. 我国80%以上的电子零售商、70%的出口以及60%的电子商务都是依托浙江省内的平台开展业务。Tongxiang itself, which Wuzhen is a part of, is home to 560 Internet enterprises, over 30,000 registered retailers and 48 Taobao service stations.仅桐乡市就有560家互联网企业,3万多家登记在册的零售商和48个淘宝网务站点。The essence of Internet is connection, the value of information lies in interflow. 互联网的精髓在于互联,而信息的价值在于互通。The World Internet Conference brings opportunities and vigor to Wuzhen, a city which perfectly reflects nature, tradition, development and modernity.世界互联网大会为乌镇带来了机遇和活力,而这个城镇本身就完美体现了自然、传统、发展与现代。;U; means universal vision.U代表全球视野。With a theme of ;Innovation-driven Internet Development for the Benefit of All – Building a Community of Common Future in Cyberspace;, the conference will be composed of forums, an expo, and a release event in addition to the opening and closing ceremonies. 在创新驱动,造福人类——携手共建网络空间命运共同体的主题下,本届互联网大会将举办论坛、览会、发布活动以及开闭幕式等活动。The conference will host 16 forums covering 20 hot issues, such as Internet economy, Internet innovation, Internet culture, governance in cyberspace and international cooperation on Internet.大会将举办16场论坛涵盖20个热门话题,包括:互联网经济,互联网创新,互联网文化,网络空间治理以及互联网国际合作,等等。World leading Internet achievements will be on display at the Light of the Internet Expo.全球领先的互联网成果将在互联网之光览会上展出。;Z; means zealous ideas.Z代表充满的想法。Wuzhen’s Xizha scenic spot and Wucun county have been selected to host brainstorming activities for Internet and tech giants, such as Alibaba, Foxconn, Jinritoutiao, 58.com.乌镇西栅景区和乌村会举办互联网和科技界大咖头脑风暴活动,大咖们来自阿里巴巴、富士康、今日头条以及58同城等。;H; means humanitarian care.H代表人道主义关怀。Industry experts and insiders from across the globe have been invited to attend. 全球的行业专家和内部人士都受邀出席本次大会。It is the first time that the Light of the Internet Expo will be open to the public. 互联网之光览会也首次对公众开放。Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and over 310 well-known enterprises will attend the expo. 微软、IBM、SAP、阿里巴巴、腾讯、百度以及310多家知名企业都将现身览会。A total of 6,300 multilingual students from 15 universities in Zhejiang province will serve as volunteers in reception centers, main venues, news centers, airports and hotels.来自浙江15所高校的6300名多语种学生在接待中心、主场馆、新闻中心、机场和酒店提供志愿务。;E; means economic benefits.E代表经济收益。Cross-border and rural electricity suppliers, sharing economy, big data, cloud computing, Internet finance and intelligent equipment have become common place in daily life, not to mention information economy is now an important contributor to Chinese GDP.跨境和农村电力供应、分享经济、大数据、云计算、互联网金融以及智能设备已经在日常生活中普及,更不用说,信息经济如今已经是我国国内生产总值的重要组成部分。Innovation-driven development is key to succeeding in the international economy, and innovative Internet development will bring prosperity to the whole world. 创新驱动发展是在全球经济中取得成功的关键,而创新的互联网发展将为整个世界带来繁荣。The Chinese Internet Plus initiative lays the foundation for digital China construction, boosting Internet innovation and bringing untold benefits. 中国的互联网+战略为数字中国建设奠定了基础,促进了互联网创新,还带来了无数利好。The rapid development of the Chinese Internet is set to bring more opportunities to international enterprises and entrepreneurs.中国互联网的快速发展必将为全球的企业和企业家们带来更多机遇。;N; means new future.N代表新的未来。The Wuzhen International Internet Convention Center, a permanent home for the World Internet Conference, was designed by Wang Shu, a professor at the China Academy of Art, winning a Pritzker Architecture Award. 世界互联网大会的永久场馆——乌镇互联网国际会展中心由中国首位普利兹克建筑奖得主、中国美院教授王澍领衔设计。Covering 81,000 square meters and consisting of three functional areas (a conference center, a reception center, and an exhibition center), the venue will meet the needs of the event, including hosting meetings, forums, and exhibitions. 会展中心占地8.1万平方米,由三个功能区组成(会议中心、接待中心以及展览中心),将满足世界互联网大会的所有需求,包括举办会议、论坛和展览。The conference center is composed of a main venue and 18 meeting rooms, while the exhibition center has eight pavilions. 会议中心由一个主场馆和18个会议室组成,展览中心有8个展馆。The interior decoration of the venue meets the standards of most large international conferences with a complete set of facilities, plus fast and reliable Internet services.会展中心的内部装饰达到了举办大型国际会议的标准,设备齐全,网络务快捷稳定。 /201611/478980福建省厦门市妇幼医院专家在线提问

福建省厦门脱毛团购Carlo Montemagno is seen with a foam bioreactor for carbon capture in Edmonton on Friday, Jan. 6, 2017.2017年1月6日星期五,在埃德蒙顿,Carlo Montemagno和碳捕获的泡沫生物反应器在一起。Dr. Montemagno has engineered a new way to capture CO2 from industrial-gas emissions.Montemagno士已经设计了一个新方法从工业排放的气体中进行碳捕获。What if carbon-dioxide emissions could be transformed from a liability into an asset?当二氧化碳排放量从负债转化为资产会怎么样呢?That’s the -million question behind the NRG COSIA Carbon XPrize, a global competition to create technology that converts CO2 into valuable products.这就是加拿大油砂创新联盟(COSIA)和NRG能源所设立的2000万美元的碳清洁技术奖(XPrize)所提出的问题,这是一项全球性的关于将二氧化碳转化为有价值的产物的科技竞赛。“In energy and climate, few ideas are as potentially transformative as the idea of turning the economics of CO2 and climate change on its head,” said Marcius Extavour, director of technical operations for the prize.本次奖项的技术实施负责人Marcius Extavour表示:“在能源和气候领域,没有什么点子能在变革型的潜力上和转化二氧化碳和改造气候相提并论。”Nine Canadian companies are among the 27 teams that have advanced to the semifinals.有9家加拿大公司所属的27队伍入围了半决赛。Ten finalists will be announced in 2018 and a winner will be revealed in 2020.2018年将决出进入最后决赛的十强队伍,冠军则将于2020年公布。Here’s a look at some of the Canadian semifinalists.以下是一些入围的加拿大队伍:Ingenuity Lab, Edmonton来自埃德蒙顿的;心灵手巧实验室;Ingenuity Lab director Carlo Montemagno has engineered a new way to capture CO2 from industrial-gas emissions. His technology harnesses photosynthesis, the process plants use to convert carbon dioxide into chemical energy using light.该实验室负责人Carlo Montemagno已经设计了一个新方法从工业排放的气体中进行碳捕获。他的技术是利用光合作用,通过使用光照射植物将二氧化碳转化为化学能。The technology mimics the biochemical reactions of photosynthesis in non-living materials to generate the energy to transform the carbon dioxide into valuable products. It takes the CO2 from flue gas and builds the carbons up into long chains, with the result being that 47 different specialty chemicals can be produced.这项科技模拟了光合作用的在非生活物质环境中的生化反应,以产生能量将二氧化碳转化为有价值的产物。Dr. Montemagno added that plants require a significant amount of energy to grow, so they’re not very efficient at sequestering carbon to produce value-added chemicals. But in his technology, no energy has to be spent to keep an organism alive, so all the output can go toward the products that one wants to create.Montemagno士补充道,由于植物需要大量能量才能生长,这样它们在进行碳封存以制造具备附加值的化学品时效率就不是很高。但是在他的技术里,无需任何能量就可以保有机体存活,这样所有的能量产出就将用于制造目标产物。“This efficiency is game-changing, opening up new opportunities for the sustainable production of products we all need from waste,” he said in an e-mail.他在一份Email中表示:“这个效率是颠覆性的,为我们生产从废物里回收的所有我们所需的可持续产品打开了新的机会之门。”Terra CO2 Technologies, Vancouver来自温哥华的“地球二氧化碳科技公司”Terra CO2 Technologies is developing a technique to transform acid rock drainage and carbon-dioxide emissions – two damaging byproducts of mining – into a stable substance.该公司正在开发一项科技以转化矿山酸性排放以及二氧化碳排放量——两个由于采矿所带来的具有破坏性的副产物——成为一种稳定物质。Acid rock drainage refers to the acidic water that results when sulphide minerals are exposed to air and water and produce sulphuric acid, which is harmful to wildlife if it leaks into waterways. Mining companies must use costly methods to contain the drainage, including treating it with lime and storing it in large tailings ponds.矿山酸性排放指的是含有硫化物的矿物暴露于空气、水中时,将产生硫酸,硫酸如果泄露到水体里将成为对野生动物造成危险的酸性水。矿业公司必须使用价格不菲的方法来控制排放,包括使用石灰来处理或者将其储存于大型尾矿池中。Terra CEO Dylan Jones said the company aims to solve the environmental threat of acid rock drainage and save mining companies money. Their technology treats the drainage through an electrochemical process that separates the sulphur from the mineral.公司负责人Dylan Jones表示,公司的目标是解决矿山酸性排放所导致的环境威胁,并节省矿业公司的开。它们的技术将排放物通过一个电化学装置以将硫化物从矿石中分离出来。The company uses a common iron-sulphide mineral called pyrite or “fool’s gold” as an example. It pulls CO2 out of the air and combines with the iron to make an iron carbonate, which is stable in normal atmospheric conditions and doesn’t produce any acid.公司使用一种常见的硫铁矿物,即黄铁矿,亦称“愚人金”作为示范。它将空气中的二氧化碳抽出,并和铁结合生成铁的碳酸盐,这个产物在自然空气中可以稳定存在,而且不再产生任何酸类物质。“Our application for the technology is huge for the mining industry,” Mr. Jones said. “We’re looking at it as a cost-saving technology.”Jones先生表示:”我们的应用科技对于矿业公司而言意义重大,我们将其视为一项节省开的技术。“Carbicrete, Montreal来自蒙特利尔的”碳凝土“Cement produces a great deal of greenhouse gas emissions – about one tonne of CO2 for every tonne of cement.水泥生产产生大量的温室气体排放——差不多每生产一吨水泥就会排放一吨的二氧化碳。That’s why Carbicrete invented a way to make concrete without using cement.这就是为什么这家公司发明了一个新方法,即不使用水泥的情况下来制作混凝土。Instead of using cement to bind together the concrete, the company uses steel slag, a byproduct of the steel-making process that mostly ends up in landfills. In doing so, it avoids the CO2 emissions associated with cement.这家公司使用钢渣来取代混凝土中的水泥,钢渣是炼钢过程中产生的副产物,大部分时候都被当垃圾填埋了。这么做的结果就是避免了因生产水泥而产生的二氧化碳排放。Mehrdad Mahoutian, who originally invented the technology at McGill University, added that precast concrete products are normally cured with heat and steam, but Carbicrete cures its concrete with CO2 gas, which permanently sequesters the CO2 and keeps it out of the atmosphere.在McGill大学发明这项技术的Mahrdad Mahoutian补充道,预制的混凝土产品一般来说都是通过热源和蒸汽来加工,但是公司使用的是二氧化碳来构造混凝土,其永久性的将大气中的二氧化碳封存起来。In effect, the product is carbon-negative concrete.结果就是,这个产物就是无碳的混凝土。“We’re taking garbage, and we’re turning it into a valuable product and solving climate change all in one step,” CEO Chris Stern said.负责人Chris Stern表示:”我们拿走了垃圾,一步就将他们转化成了具有价值的产物,而且同时还解决了气候变化问题。“CarbonCure Technologies, Dartmouth, N.S.来自新斯科舍省达特茅斯市的”碳加工科技公司“Nova Scotia-based CarbonCure Technologies has also developed a way to use CO2 to make better concrete.坐落于新斯科舍省的该公司也是通过开发了一个新方法来将二氧化碳变成更好的混凝土。The company takes CO2 from any industrial source – a power plant or a refinery, for example – and injects it into concrete, where it is sequestered and turned into a solid. The process reduces the carbon footprint of the product by taking CO2 out of the air and turning it into a solid material, which happens to make concrete stronger, and also cuts down the concrete producer’s costs.这家公司从任何工业来源,比如发电厂或者冶炼厂,获取的二氧化碳注入混凝土,然后二氧化碳就被封存起来变成了固态。这个过程通过将二氧化碳从空气中剥离并转化为一种固态物质以实现碳封装,这种固态物质还能让混凝土的强度变大,同时可以降低混凝土制造商的成本。There is more concrete manufactured on the earth than any other material, so this technology has the potential to reduce significant quantities of CO2, vice-president of sustainability Jennifer Wagner said.负责可持续发展的副主管Jennifer Wagner表示,在地球上,混凝土生产得比其他材料多得多,所以此项技术有潜力减少大量的二氧化碳。“The technology makes concrete stronger, greener and less expensive to manufacture.””这项技术让混凝土的强度变大、更环保也让生产变得更便宜。“ /201701/487674福建厦门市妇保医院收费标准 厦门妇保医院做整形好吗

厦门复合彩光祛斑Curse Words in ShakespeareThe works of William Shakespeare are often held up as the epitome of good English. However what most people aren't aware of is that they are full of sexual innuendo and that they even contain the odd curse word. In fact there are even references to the C-word, with it being alluded to three times in Shakespeare's plays. Once in Hamlet, once in Henry V and most blatantly of all in Twelfth Night, where the character Malvolio actually spells the word out.CIA/MI6 Overthrowing Democratic GovernmentsIn the west we're taught at school that we are the good guys and that the rest of the world are the bad guys, and that it's our job to sp our “democratic values” around the globe. However what we're not taught is that our governments (namely the British and American) have actually at times masterminded the overthrow of democratic governments in order to pursue their own nefarious ambitions. There are numerous examples of this, particularly in South America and the Middle East, one of the most notable being the ousting of Iran's democratically elected government in the early 1950's.College Drop OutsAnother thing not often spoken about at school is that many of the worlds most successful and intelligent people didn't actually like education and in some cases left it altogether. In fact, Albert Einstein, the very poster boy of intellectualism, intensely disliked school. He compared being at school to like being in the army and resented the way it tried to put boundaries and constraints on people. Other famous people who were critical of organised education include Victor Hugo, Leonardo da Vinci and the writer Alexandre Dumas.Historic PornographyIn history class, when we learnt about ancient Greece and Rome, we were taught about the wars, literature, art and invention of those classical civilisations. However what was never mentioned was the obsession the ancient world had with sex. It permeated almost every aspect of society and was graphically represented in much of their artwork. In fact when places such as Pompeii and Herculaneum were excavated they were found to be covered in erotic frescoes and sexual inscriptions. So much so that the discoveries were kept from public view and sometimes even vandalised so as to obscure their explicit nature.Fascist Coup Planned for AmericaAnother piece of history that you probably weren't taught about at school concerns a little known plot to implement a fascist takeover in the ed States. The plot, recently investigated by B Radio 4, was led by wealthy industrialists and bankers, including Prescott Bush (grandfather of George W. Bush), who were displeased with Franklin D. Roosevelt's progressive political policies in the early 1930's. The plan may have succeeded were it not for a Marine Corps Major General named Smedley Butler, who blew the whistle on the plot after being approached by the influential power brokers who wanted him to lead the uprising.Columbus Didn't Discover AmericaThe truth is that Columbus wasn't even close to being the first to discover the New World. The Vikings visited the Americas some 500 years before Columbus did and there are also people who believe that the Chinese beat him to it as well. On top of this there is the simple fact that there were people in the Americas before Columbus arrived. It's only a vestige of Eurocentric imperialism that leads us to think of America as having been “discovered” in the traditional sense and it's left many people who are native to the continent with the feeling that their pre-Columbus history has been ignored and devalued.Playing Video Games is Good For YouChildren are often chastised for wasting their time playing computer games. However research shows that games can help improve reflexes, eyesight and intelligence. Shoot-em-up games in particular were shown to aid visual skills. There is even a doctor from New York's Beth Israel Medical Center, named James C. Rosser, who co-authored a study suggesting that surgeons that played games were faster and less prone to making mistakes than their non-game playing counterparts.TV is EducationalTV, like games, is another thing that is often seen as being a bad influence on people. The criticism it gets however couldn't be more misguided, as television is in fact one of the most educational things ever invented. It allows people to learn about the entire world from the comfort of their own living room and has been responsible for the collective education of a large chunk of humanity for the last fifty years. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the Moon Landings, the plight of Africa and global warming are just a few of the things we've been informed and updated about by television. May it continue to entertain and illuminate us long into the future.Fractional Reserve BankingFractional Reserve Banking is a system of banking that essentially allows banks to lend out money that they don't actually possess. It's legal and operates to varying degrees across the planet. It's the root cause of inflation and is something that few people know about and even fewer people understand. If people were educated about it, they wouldn't allow it to continue. However as our education systems are more concerned with the superficial than the essential, we'll probably all continue in ignorance of it until the world economy collapses under the weight of our collective debt.The Drug Use of Poets and WritersOne of the greatest ironies of education is the way children are constantly told of the dangers of drugs and alcohol while at the same time being encouraged, and sometimes forced, to learn about poets and writers, most of which were notorious drug users, alcoholics and womanisers. Famous figures in literature who are associated with drugs include Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas de Quincey and Jack Kerouac. One popular drug of choice amongst writers was laudanum, a solution of opium in alcohol, and was commonly used for both medicinal and recreational purposes, particularly during the Romantic period. Author Aldous Huxley was also open about his drug use, writing about his experiences with LSD. In fact I'm sure that in a hundred years time teachers will be forcing children to learn about Marilyn Manson and Pete Doherty in much the same way that they try to teach them about writers of poetry and fiction today. /200804/35924 The dumbest #39;smart#39; objects of 20162016年最不智能的9种智能产品In 2016, we#39;ve seen a whole lot of new gadgets join the Internet of Things (unfortunately, we#39;ve also seen them harnessed by hackers to bring downhuge swaths of the internet). From appliances to clothing, companies really want to sell you the tech that#39;ll make your life ;smarter,; but sometimes it just makes it slower and dumber. Let#39;s look back on some of the most ridiculous and useless internet-connected gadgets that were produced in the past 12 months.2016年,我们看到很多新设备加入互联网(不幸的是,我们也看到他们被黑客打倒了大片)。从家用电器到装,公司很想出售一些能使你的生活“智能化”的产品,但有时反而会适得其反。让我们来回顾在过去的一年里出现的一些最荒谬和最无用的互联网连接设备。1. Smart mattress智能床垫Some smart beds will promise you better sleep and posture, but this one in particular will turn you into a private investigator looking to catch a cheating spouse in the act. Regardless of knowing if it#39;s comfortable, the Smarttress alerts you ;whenever someone is using your bed in a questionable way.;一些智能的床会让你有更好的睡眠质量和睡眠姿势,但也会让你变成一个检查配偶是否出轨的。除了检测这个床垫是否舒适,它会在有其他人占用你的床的时候提醒你。The mattress comes with sensors inside the bed that can detect pressure and send messages to the app, which spares no details. The app not only detects movement on the bed, but also records the intensity and speed at which people are getting it on.床垫内的传感器可以检测压力和发送邮件给你的应用程序,它不会放过任何一个细节。它不仅检测床上运动,还可记录强度和速度。2. Smart water bottle智能水瓶How do you know if you need to drink more water? Well, there#39;s a list of factors: dry lips, dizziness, headaches, low urine output and increased thirst. Yet, this smart bottle wants you to listen more to your phone than to your body.你如何知道你需要喝水了?这有一系列的诱因:嘴唇发干、头晕、头痛、尿量低和口渴。然而,这种智能瓶能在你的身体意识到缺水前就提醒你。The Hidrate Spark 2 tracks your water intake by syncing with a mobile app and recording how many ounces of water you drink a day, which can also be tracked by remembering how many times you refilled your bottle labeled with the number of ounces on the side.Hidrate Spark 2会通过移动App跟踪你的水摄入量和记录你一天喝了多少盎司的水,还可以根据在有盎司数标识的水瓶里灌了几次水来跟踪你的饮水量。3. Smart laundry peg智能衣挂钩The clothespin dates back to the 1800s, but in 2016 it became ;smart.; Meet Peggy, the laundry peg that#39;s supposed to ;help you lighten the load; by telling you when the washer cycle is over and if the weather is nice enough to hang your clothes outside. The device connects to your phones and sends you alerts when the weather changes or when you need to remove your clothes.这款智能产品的使用可以追溯到1800年,但在2016年它才变得“智能”。 Meet Peggy,这种洗衣挂钩能够“帮助你减轻负担”,它会在洗衣机洗好衣的时候提醒你,并告诉你天气是否适宜晾晒衣。该装置连接到您的手机,它会在天气变化或是需要转移晾衣的地方时发消息提醒你。However, you know when your cycles are over when the washer and dryer stop making noise. And you know when the weather is ugly by simply looking outside, or checking your weather app. Therefore, the product is basically just another way hackers can get into your home.然而一般情况下,你只需注意洗衣机是否停止发出噪声就能来判断洗衣是否结束。另外你也只要抬头一看外面的天气或者看一下天气预报app,就能知道是否会下雨了。因此,这个产品基本上只是一种黑客进入你家的方式。4. Smart trashcan智能垃圾桶Usually things that go in the trash are of no value and don#39;t need any kind of inspection, but QUBE wants to change that with ;the world#39;s first smart trash can.; The QUBE claims to help you monitor your trash and help you recycle by using innovative technology.通常在垃圾桶里东西是没有价值的,不需要任何检查,但Qube试图用“世界上第一个智能垃圾桶”来改变这一现状。Qube声称可以帮助你监控你的垃圾,帮助你利用创新技术回收垃圾。The QUBE will remind you to recycle, monitor when the trash was last taken out, and tell you to change the air freshener. These are all things people usually remember to do anyway, by the smell and all, but now there#39;s a 0 ;elegant; stainless steel can that#39;ll constantly remind you with annoying mobile alerts.Qube会提醒你注意垃圾回收,在垃圾最后被倒出来的时候进行监控,并告诉你更换空气清新剂。但这些人们通常可以通过嗅觉和其他感觉器官来判断。现在有一个300美元的“优雅”不锈钢,会不断用讨人厌的移动警报提醒你。5. Smart belt智能皮带You#39;d probably never think that a belt could be integrated with artificial intelligence, yet Belty managed to do it and make it seem stylish. The Beltyautomatically makes you think, ;why do I need this?; Then your second thought will probably be, ;what if it#39;s hacked and they make it so tight I can#39;t breathe?; The first question is rational; the second one is far-fetched — but if it makes you think twice about buying this product, that#39;s not a bad thing.你可能从未想过一根皮带可以与人工智能相结合,但Belty做到了,并使它看起来很时尚。这个belty会让你不自觉就觉得,“为什么我需要这个?”然后你想可能会是,“如果是黑客入侵,他们把它系得很紧我不能呼吸该怎么办?”第一个问题是合理的;第二个问题有些牵强,但如果它让你三思而后买这个产品,这并不是一件坏事。The Belty is great that it uses technology to track fitness, water intake, and posture, but for 5, you might be better off getting the same in a stylish smart watch or activity tracker.这个belty运用现代科技追踪健康状况,水的摄入量,和动作,但你要花395美元,可能更值得买一个时尚的智能手表或运动手环。6. Smart refrigerator智能冰箱If you want a refrigerator with a screen, might as well just stick an iPad on it. Samsung unveiled a smart refrigerator this summer that connects to wi-fi to help manage groceries and leave notes behind for family members.如果你想要一个有屏幕的冰箱,不妨把iPad粘在冰箱上。三星在今夏发布了可以连接Wi-Fi的智能冰箱,来帮助管理杂货和给家庭成员留言。The Family Hub has three internal cameras that connect to your phone to help you see what you do and don#39;t have inside the fridge. So it#39;s basically a ,000 alternative to classic grocery list written on paper with a pencil.这个家庭中心内部有三个摄像头,它能够连接到你的手机,你可以通过手机看冰箱里有什么。所以它基本上是一个6000美元替代用纸笔完成购物清单的替代品。Sure, it plays music, has a calendar, and even entertains the kids, but it could probably also get hacked — just like everything else.当然,它还播放音乐,也有日历,甚至给孩子提供游戏,但它也可能像别的东西一样会被黑客攻击。7. Smart cookie oven智能烤箱Everyone loves cookies, but buying a smart cookie oven to make them seems like a bit much. The CHIP cookie oven promises to have freshly baked cookies in just 10 minutes, but regardless of the time, it just seems easier to make a much larger batch using the regular old oven.每个人都喜欢饼干,但是买一个智能烤箱似乎可以多烤一点。这个烤箱承诺在短短10分钟内就烤好饼干,但不考虑时间的因素,使用老式的烤箱似乎更容易做更多饼干。The CHIP, which retails for 0, can only bake four full-sized cookies at a time. If you were go the traditional way and bake a large batch in the oven, you#39;d have anywhere between eight and 12 cookies in under 30 minutes — and it#39;s also cheaper.芯片的零售价为150美元,但一次只能烤四寸的饼干。如果你用传统的烤箱,在烤箱烤一大批饼干,你也能在30分钟内烤完8到12块饼干,也更加便宜。8. Smart bottle opener智能开瓶器File this under ;great, yet stupid gift ideas.; The BOx bottle opener claims to be the ;world#39;s first smart bottle opener; but it#39;s not groundbreaking. This bottle opener sends a message to your friends via Messenger every time you open a bottle — crazy, right?这项发明是伟大的,但也是愚蠢的。”这个开瓶器号称是“世界上第一个智能开瓶器”,但它不是突破性的。这个开瓶器能在你开酒瓶的时候通过短信发消息通知你的好友,这很疯狂,对吗?Despite it being not that different from the typical bottle opener, the BOx does have a nice design made with stainless steel and solid wood.尽管与普通的开瓶器并无二致,但它拥有精良的设计,是由不锈钢和实木制成的。9. Smart wine bottle智能酒瓶Just like you don#39;t need a smart bottle opener, you don#39;t need a smart wine bottle. The Kuvee is a bottle of wine with a screen on it that helps you learn about your favorite wines. There#39;s really nothing more to it, aside that it keeps track of the wines you#39;ve tasted and can keep bottles fresh for up to 30 days.就像你不需要一个智能开瓶器一样,你同样不需要一个智能酒瓶。kuvee是一个有屏幕的酒瓶,它可以帮助您了解您最喜爱的葡萄酒。除了它还能为你的葡萄酒保鲜30天,其余也没别的什么功能。The website claims that ;the more you sip, the smarter you (and the bottle) get,; but in reality the more you sip, the drunker you get and the less information you#39;ll retain.该网站声称,“越喝,你(和酒瓶)就越聪明,但实际上你喝得越多,你就越醉,脑海中保留的信息也更少。 /201701/488739在厦门治咖啡牛奶斑要哪家医院好厦门双眼皮整形哪里好



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