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The astronomical rise in the value of bitcoin—which has surged more than 8,000 percent over the course of 2013—has created a new breed of digital currency multimillionaires.随着比特币价值的飙升——2013年全年其价值激增到了原先的80倍,一群新兴的虚拟货币千万富翁诞生了。The 34-year-old Roger Ver began investing in bitcoins in early 2011—and made his first million from the virtual currency that same year—which saw prices skyrocket from around The numbers are in for the opening weekend of Apple’s new iPhones: 10 million sold in just three days. That’s a lot of new iPhones, and a large number of them are going to people upgrading from older cellphones.苹果(Apple)新款iPhone开售首个周末的销售数量已被统计出来:仅在三天内就售出1000万部。这可真是很多的新iPhone,其中有很多是由准备更换旧手机的顾客购买的。So where do those millions of used gadgets wind up?那数百万部旧手机去哪了呢?A sampling of data from GameStop, EcoATM and Gazelle, companies that resell used electronics, shows that around the time a new iPhone makes its debut, plenty of people sell their old devices or trade them in to save money on their new iPhone.转售二手电子产品的游戏驿站(GameStop)、EcoATM和Gazelle的数据样本显示,苹果推出新版iPhone时,很多人会将旧设备卖掉,或以旧换新。Those phones that are not sold often end up being stashed in sock drawers or given as gifts to friends or family members, some research suggests.#8232;GameStop, a game retailer that buys and sells used electronics and games, said it held a trade-in event last weekend. In three days, it accepted more than 15,000 devices. The items that were traded in the most included the more recent iPhones, like the 5, 5S and 5C, the company said.一些研究显示,那些没有出售的旧手机通常会被塞到抽屉里,或被当做礼物送给朋友和家人。买卖二手电子商品及游戏用品的零售商游戏驿站表示,该公司在上周末举行了回购活动。他们在三天内收到了逾15000个电子设备。该公司表示,他们收到的最多的是不久前推出的iPhone,比如iPhone5、5S和5C。EcoATM, a company that buys used cellphones through a network of kiosks, said that since the release of the iPhone on Friday, it had seen an 80 percent increase in iPhone trade-ins at its 1,100 kiosks in the ed States. It declined to say how many devices it accepted over all.通过售货亭回购旧手机的EcoATM表示,自苹果公司从周五开始出售新版iPhone以来,该公司在美国的1100个售货亭的交易量上涨了80%。但该公司拒绝透露他们总共回购了多少部手机。Gazelle, a reseller that allows people to mail in their used electronics for cash back or credit on Amazon, said it was making 180 offers a minute in the week leading up to the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on Friday. The iPhone 5 accounted for 38 percent of the devices being traded in ahead of the release. Gazelle also noted that in the week Apple introduced the latest iPhones, the number of trade-ins of Samsung products tripled compared with the week before.转售商Gazelle则允许人们邮寄二手电子产品,以换取现金或亚马逊账户金额。该公司表示,在iPhone 6和6 Plus于周五上市的那一周,他们每分钟会完成180笔交易。在该公司于新手机面市前收购的旧设备中,iPhone 5占38%。Gazelle还指出,在苹果推出最新版iPhone的那一周,三星(Samsung)产品的收购数量比前一周增加了两倍。Many older devices are not traded in at all. A study by OnePoll, a research company, found that about 54 percent of American consumers say they own two or more unused cellphones. The study estimates that Americans own about billion worth of used cellphones.很多顾客都没有出售旧手机。调查公司OnePoll发现,大约54%的美国顾客表示,他们有两部或者更多闲置手机。该调查估算,美国人拥有价值约为340亿美元(约合2086亿美元)的旧手机。Apple also offers a trade-in program at its stores, working with Brightstar, a company that buys and sells used electronics. An Apple spokeswoman declined to provide the number of old iPhones that were traded in over the weekend.苹果也与买卖二手电子产品的Brightstar合作,在其店内推出了以旧换新活动。苹果公司的一名女发言人拒绝透露上周末的以旧换新活动收到的旧版iPhone数量。On an earnings call last year, Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said he liked the environmental aspect of the trade-in program, adding that the high resale value of older iPhones made it a “win-win” for buyers and sellers.在去年的营收电话会议中,苹果首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)表示,他非常喜欢以旧换新活动发挥的环保作用,并表示,旧版iPhone的转售价值较高,这对买卖双方来说是“双赢”。 /201410/332584.30 to before settling at . He bought his first bitcoins at around .34岁的罗杰·沃在2011年上旬开始在比特币上投资——同年他从这种虚拟货币上赚到了第一桶金。罗杰见了比特币价格上升的轨迹,从约0.3美元起步、飙升至32美元、最后以2美元收盘。他最初是以约1.34美元的价格购得比特币的。With prices currently hovering above ,000, his virtual wealth has since exploded. Ver says he doesn#39;t feel ;richer; but that his wealth is ;much more liquid than it would be in a normal bank account.;现在比特币的价值在1000美元上下徘徊,沃拥有的虚拟货币的财富也随之暴增。沃并没有觉得自己“更加富有了”,因为他的财富“比一般的存款更具有流动性。”Ver is one of hundreds of investors that have struck it big with bitcoin. But his association with the virtual currency extends far beyond just owning it.沃是数百个靠比特币发家致富的投资者之一。但对他来说,比特币远远不仅是一种所有物。At ,000, Ver regards bitcoin as ;incredibly cheap,; noting that if it gains in popularity as he anticipates, each bitcoin would be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.当比特币的价值达到1000美元时,沃还认为比特币“便宜的令人不敢相信”,依照他的推测,比特币的人气还会上升,到时它的价值会达到数万乃至数十万美元之多。;The rapid price rise is due to people with money starting to realize how important of an invention bitcoin is,; he said.“比特币价值上周的原因在于,持有财富的人开始意识到这种虚拟货币的重要性。”他说。;Bitcoin will experience many bubbles along its way to improving the lives of everyone on the planet. I#39;m not concerned with the short-term price fluctuations,; he added.“比特币将经历许多经济泡沫,但最终它将改善世界上每个人的生存境况。对于其短期间的价格震荡、我并不担心。”他补充道。Ver, who currently uses bitcoins to pay factories in China to produce electronics components for his company, says he plans to use them ;to promote the ideas of Voluntaryism and economic freedom; in the future.沃目前正用比特币来付几家为公司制造电力电子器件的中国企业。他说,他将使用比特币来宣传自愿主义和经济自由主义。 /201312/269051Amazon’s Kindle is a tech-industry miracle. That sounds over-the-top; it’s not.亚马逊(Amazon)的Kindle是科技行业的一个奇迹。这话听起来很夸张,其实不然。In 2007, when the company first unveiled its e-er, the device was an expensive ugly duckling whose future looked marginal at best. The first Kindle, which sold for 0 and was made by a company that had no track record in hardware, had a lot to overcome: the reluctance of the book industry to change its business model, the sentimentality of ers for the printed book, and its egregious industrial design, which looked like the product of the Soviet space program.2007年公司首次推出它的电子阅读器时,这款设备就是个昂贵的丑小鸭,前景显得微不足道。第一代Kindle售价为400美元(当时约合3000元人民币),出自一个毫无硬件制造背景的公司,并且面临重重困难:图书业不愿意改变其商业模式,读者对纸质书怀有依恋的情愫,而且产品设计很笨拙,看上去像是苏联太空计划的产物。Worst of all, the Kindle was a dedicated machine. Its only purpose was to let you books that you purchased from Amazon’s online store. In the age of smartphones and apps, when a single phone does just about everything, most dedicated devices have had a rough ride. Sales of snapshot cameras and digital have crashed because their functions were eaten by phones.最糟的是,Kindle是台专用的机器。它的唯一用处是让你阅读从亚马逊的网店购买来的书。在智能手机和应用的时代,一部手机是无所不能的,专门性的设备大多处境艰难。快拍相机和数码相机的销售遭遇灭顶之灾,就是因为它们的功能被手机取代了。But not the Kindle. Amazon’s e-er hasn’t merely survived, but thrived, thanks to a single-minded focus on the needs of obsessive ers. Each year Amazon slightly improved the Kindle’s prices, hardware and software, making it more competitive with print, and roiling the publishing industry in the process.但Kindle不一样。由于专注考虑重度阅读者的需求,亚马逊的电子阅读器不但活了下来,还发展得有声有色。亚马逊每年都会对Kindle的价格、硬件和软件做出改进,让它和纸质书相比更具竞争力,也让出版业陷入恐慌。Now, with its newest Kindle, the Voyage, Amazon is refining its e-er once more. The Voyage’s main trick is a high-resolution display that mimics the look of a printed page. Text on its screen appears at a resolution of 300 pixels an inch, which is on par with the high-resolution displays now found on most of our other mobile devices.现在亚马逊推出了Kindle的最新款Voyage,再一次对它的电子阅读器进行了改良。Voyage的主要卖点是模仿印刷纸面效果的高分辨率屏幕。这种屏幕上的文字是以每英寸300像素的分辨率显示的,与现在市面上多数移动设备的高分辨率屏幕可等量齐观。Compared with previous Kindles, text on the Kindle Voyage appears both sharper and in starker relief against the background. Graphics, like charts and graphs, look just as clear as they do in any black-and-white book.比起此前的Kindle,Kindle Voyage上的文字更清晰,和背景形成更鲜明的凸出效果。图表等图形看起来也更清晰了,就像在白底黑字的书上一样。The effect is beguiling. If you look at the new Kindle for any stretch of time, you don’t just forget that you’re ing an e-book; you forget that you’re using any kind of electronic device at all.这样的效果让人心旷神怡。捧着新款Kindle阅读,无论读多长时间,你都不会意识到自己是在读电子书,甚至都想不起自己是在用一台电子设备。Amazon says the Voyage offers a better approximation of print than has ever been available on an e-er, but for me, it’s far better than that. It offers the visual clarity of printed text with the flexibility of an electronic device.亚马逊说Voyage是有史以来和印刷品最接近的电子阅读器,但在我看来,它要比纸书好得多。它有印刷文字的视觉清晰度,又有电子设备的灵活性。Given that combination, the Voyage functions as something like the executioner of the trusty old hardcover. Until recently, there were only two remaining reasons to hang on to books — either you just couldn’t get on board with the way a Kindle page looked, or you were suspicious of Amazon’s power and larger motives in the publishing industry, and you saw the printed book as the only bulwark against its overreach.有了这两个因素的结合,Voyage在某种程度上就成了一个刽子手,我们忠心耿耿的精装书老朋友们将死在它的刀下。继续看纸书的理由,近年来已经只剩下两个——要么你无法接受Kindle里书页的样子,要么你对亚马逊的势力以及在出版业的布局持怀疑态度,你认为要想遏制它的过度扩张,纸书是唯一一道屏障。The first reason is now gone. The Voyage, which at 9 and up is Amazon’s most expensive Kindle, doesn’t look just like the printed page. Like other Kindles, it does things the printed page can’t do.第一个原因已经不存在了。Voyage的售价为199美元起,是目前亚马逊最贵的一款Kindle设备,它不只是做出了纸张印刷的视觉效果。和其他Kindle一样,它还能做纸书做不到的事。Reading a long tome (say the “Game of Thrones” series) and you want to keep track of the characters? X-Ray, a feature built into most Kindle books, shows you a handy pop-up guide of every person you encounter. Need to look up a word? Just tap on it. Want to flip back and forth between footnotes and the main text? It’s just a matter of tapping; ing David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest” on a Kindle isn’t the workout it is in print.看一本大部头的时候(比如“权力的游戏”系列),想厘清人物的脉络?多数Kindle书里都有一个叫X-Ray的功能,通过一个很实用的弹出框来介绍你读到的每个人物。想要查某个单词?点一下就行。想在脚注和内文之间来回翻看?也是点按几下就可以的事;在Kindle上读大卫·福斯特·华莱士(David Foster Wallace)的《无尽的玩笑》(Infinite Jest),不用像读纸书那样顺便健身。The Voyage is Amazon’s thinnest Kindle, but I found that advantage to be of little significance; Amazon’s other recent Kindles have also been very thin.Voyage是亚马逊迄今最薄的一款Kindle,但我发现这个优势没那么明显;亚马逊近来推出的其他Kindle也很薄。The Voyage also includes a new way to turn pages built into the plastic border of the device, right under where you’d rest your thumbs while holding it. To turn, you slightly pinch with either thumb; on other Kindles, you had to lift your finger and tap the screen. (You can also turn that way on the Voyage.) I found this method to be also only slightly helpful, because turning pages on other Kindles really wasn’t much of a hassle to begin with.Voyage还引入了一种新的翻页方式,内置在设备的塑料边框里,也就是在夹持着设备的手指下。要翻页只需用手指轻轻捻一下;在其他的Kindle上,你得抬起手指触击屏幕。(在Voyage上也可以用这种方式翻页。)我发现这种方法只能说是略有益处,因为翻页在其他Kindle上本身也谈不上是个多大的麻烦。So the only real reason to chose the Voyage over the other Kindles — the Paperwhite, which goes for 9, and the entry-level er, which is but doesn’t have a light — is its high-contrast display. For me, the Voyage’s display justifies the price. If you often, you’ll want a high-quality screen, and this is one you’ll appreciate every single time you .那么要选Voyage而不是其他Kindle——比如售价119美元的Paperwhite,还有售价69美元、但是没有背光的入门级Kindle——理由就只剩下一个,它的高对比度屏幕。在我看来Voyage是配得上这个价格的。如果你阅读量很大,就需要一个高品质的屏幕,而这块屏幕,你每次用它都会注意到它的好处。 /201410/337341

No matter how careful you are, it’s impossible to cover all your tracks when having an affair–US general David Petraeus found out the hard way.不管你有多小心,想要完全掩盖掉婚外情行径也是不可能的,美国上将大卫#8226;彼得雷乌斯以身试法,教训惨痛。Petraeus, 60, was caught having an extramarital relationship with his 40-year-old biographer Paula Broadwell, who is also married. The scandal forced him to resign as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on Nov 9.现年60岁的彼得雷乌斯被爆出出轨丑闻,对方是40岁的已婚传记作家保拉#8226;德维。这桩丑闻迫使他不得不在11月9日辞去了美国中央情报局局长一职。The affair was exposed after the FBI found intimate content in e-mails sent between the two. The scandal not only raised moral issues, but also threw online privacy and surveillance into the spotlight.此前,联邦调查局发现了二人之间亲密暧昧的电子邮件,使得这段婚外情曝光。这桩丑闻不仅引发了道德问题,更是让网络隐私以及网络监控成为人们关注的焦点。If a spymaster can’t prevent his personal e-mails from being snooped, what hope is there for the rest of us? Is online privacy just an illusion?如果就连间谍头头都无法保自己的私人电邮不被偷看,剩下我们这些普通人还指望什么呢?难道网络隐私压根不存在?In fact, Petraeus and Broadwell were very discreet when communicating by e-mail. Not only were they using pseudonyms, they were also using a method known in the intelligence community as the “dead drop”.事实上,彼得雷乌斯和德维之间的在互通电邮时十分谨慎小心。他们不仅使用化名,还采取了情报机构非常熟悉的手段,即“情报秘密传递点”。According to Slate magazine, a dead drop is a tactic favored by terrorists trying to evade government surveillance of their communication networks.美国《石板》杂志称,情报秘密传递点是恐怖分子在试图摆脱政府对其通讯网络的监控时,所采用的一种策略。Before the Internet, dead drops, often used by spies, would involve hiding a written message or package in a secret location or letterbox that only fellow operatives would know about.在互联网出现之前,间谍通常采用这种方法,比如将信件或是包裹藏在一个只有自己人知道的秘密地点或信箱中。According to an AP report, Petraeus and Broadwell used a high-tech version of this technique. Rather than sending messages by e-mail, they left them in a draft folder or in an electronic “dropbox”. The other person could then log on to the same account and the draft e-mails there. This avoids creating an e-mail trail that is easier to trace.美联社的一份报告称,彼得雷乌斯和德维使用了高科技的情报秘密传递点。他们不通过电邮传递信息,而是将信息存放在草稿夹或秘密的电子邮箱里。另一个人便可以登陆同一账号并读取草稿邮件。从而避免产生更易于追踪的电子邮件发送记录。But Petraeus should probably have known better. Using the dead drop tactic is not exactly secure. The same method was used by the perpetrators of the Madrid train bombing in 2004, which killed 191 people.但是彼得雷乌斯本该更精于此道。使用这种秘密传递点的方法并不完全保险。制造2004年“马德里火车爆炸案”的凶犯曾用过相同手法,该事件致使191人丧生。Over the years, law enforcement agencies have grown accustomed to terrorists using the dead drop, and technologies have been developed to counter it.这些年来,执法机构已经对恐怖分子采用该方法习以为常了,也研究出了应对手法。The FBI also captured Broadwell’s IP address. With this, the identity of the person who sent an e-mail or visited a website can be tracked.联邦调查局还获取了德维的IP地址。通过该地址,发件人或访问网站者的身份都可以被追踪到。Someone trying to remain anonymous can hide e-mails by routing them through different servers or using public computers that don’t keep activity logs. But often people make mistakes, leaving their e-mails traceable by investigators.一些想要匿名的人可以使用不同的务器,或是那些不记录活动日志的公用电脑来发送邮件。但是人们经常犯错,使自己的邮件能够被调查者追踪到。With cloud services and more storage capabilities, thousands of pages of e-mails that users think no longer exist may simply be stored out of sight but within easy reach of watchful authorities.随着云务的出现以及存储容量的增加,用户以为不存在的成百上千封的电邮,只是被保存在你看不到的地方罢了,而警觉的政府部门则可以轻而易举地获得它们。In Petraeus’ case, experts believe Google cooperated with authorities to access the e-mail accounts he and Broadwell used.在彼得雷乌斯事件中,专家相信谷歌与政府部门合作,获取了彼得雷乌斯与德维的电邮账户。Google acknowledges that it receives requests from government agencies around the world to “provide information about users of our services and products”, according to a policy statement it posted online.从谷歌的一份网络政策声明中我们可以获知,谷歌承认收到过全球许多政府机构关于“提供使用谷歌各种务以及产品的用户信息”的要求。Of all the free webmail services, Google collects the most data from users of its Gmail service, including IP addresses, key words in e-mail text, information from search queries and webpage visits.在所有免费电邮务中,谷歌收集了最为全面Gmail用户数据信息,包括IP地址、电邮内容的关键字、搜索信息和网页访问记录。So what are the lessons to be drawn from the general’s downfall? First, never cheat. Second, e-mails offer only limited privacy. Once an e-mail is sent, or even just saved as a draft, things are out of your control.所以,我们可以从这位彼得雷乌斯上将的垮台中学到什么呢?第一,永远不要欺骗。第二,电邮只提供有限的隐私。一旦电邮发出去,哪怕即使是存到草稿箱,一切就由不得你了。 /201211/210758



  There are many things that look amazing, mysterious or beautiful under the microscope, but there are few things that beat a close-up look at life emerging.在显微镜的镜头之下,许多寻常事物都会变得令人叹为观止,即神秘又美丽,但与生命诞生伊始的特写镜头相比,它们还是逊色太多了。Some of the winning images in this year's Nikon's Small World photomicrography contest capture some of the first moments inside the eggs of animals including starfish and butterflies.在今年的尼康微观世界显微摄影(Nikon's Small World photomicrography)大赛中,有几张获奖作品拍摄的是动物卵中小生命诞生的最初形态,这些动物包括海星和蝴蝶。I was lucky enough to be one of the judges for this year's competition, and among the most memorable of the 2,200 entries were images of the first few cells at the very beginning of an organism's life. I've gathered some of the best photomicrographs of these early moments in this gallery.我有幸成为了今年大赛的评委之一,在入围的2200张参赛作品中,有几张展现了生命诞生最初的细胞形态,我认为这些照片才是最令人难忘的。于是,我从这些一流的显微照片中挑出了几张,奉献给读者朋友们。Mouse Embryo Stem Cells Surrounded by Trophectoderm Cells由滋养外胚层细胞包围的鼠胚胎干细胞 /201009/114125

  Google is a godsend for all of us, from those who stutter and stumble through life to even the most knowledgeable of folks looking to confirm their facts and figures.谷歌(Google)是上天给我们所有人的恩赐。有了它,无论文化程度高低,都可以在谷歌上了解自己不懂的东西。A well-placed nugget of information courtesy of Google GOOG 0.22% (or Yahoo, sure, or Bing, but come on—you use Google) can prepare you for a challenging conversation or nervy meeting, and it can display for you, stripped bare, any person’s minor errors and major accomplishments.如果善用谷歌提供的知识宝库【当然还有雅虎(Yahoo),或者必应(Bing),但是相比于谷歌,你懂的】,你就能从容应对一次有挑战的谈话或会议。但同时谷歌的“人肉”能力也会把你剥得干干净净,展示在人前,无论你有多小的错误或多大的成就。俗话说,能力越大,责任越大,但是谷歌有的时候也会把我们引上邪路。就在本周,《纽约》(New York)杂志写道,拒绝用谷歌“约炮”已经形成了一场“新禁欲活动”。下面谨列出过于依赖谷歌所导致的“七宗罪”。But with great power comes great responsibility, and sometimes Google leads us astray. Just this week, New York magazine wrote that resisting from Googling a potential date is “the new abstinence.” Here are the seven deadly sins that come along with relying too heavily on the G-force.贪婪:对知识的渴求导致犯错Greed: When your thirst for knowledge leads to errors人们常说,机会总是青睐有准备的人,然而《财富》杂志(Fortune)总编辑苏安迪却因为准备得太充分而吃了个大亏。当时他正与雪佛龙(Chevron)公司的CEO约翰o沃特森一起用餐,苏安迪问沃特森在圣迪亚哥教士队的董事会中扮演了怎样的角色。事实上苏安迪是在吃这顿饭之前用谷歌搜索了一下约翰o沃特森的名字,然后在维基百科的一个页面上发现这球队的董事会里赫然列着约翰o沃特森的名字。但事实上,这两个人只是重名,担任球队董事的是另一个约翰o沃特森。They say fortune favors the well prepared, but whenFortune managing editor Andy Serwer sat down to dinner with Chevron CVX -0.43% CEO John Watson, preparation backfired. Serwer asked Watson about his position on the board of the San Diego Padres, a factoid he’d picked up doing pre-dinner research on Wikipedia, a page he had been directed to through The Big G. Turns out that’s another John Watson. Oops.沃特森的属下马上去追查了这个消息的原始来源,现在维基百科上的这个词条已经被修改了过来。但在《财富》杂志社却始终有一种淡淡的背叛感挥之不去。毕竟记者们如果没了谷歌还能干什么呢?但是谷歌总是爱把维基百科的搜索结果排在前面。现在我们对维基的信任已经动摇了——或者说至少苏安迪对维基的信任动摇了。Watson’s team at Chevron has hunted down the original source and the Wiki entry has since been changed, but here at Fortune, a vague feeling of betrayal lingers in the air. After all, where would reporters be without Google? But Google gives preference to Wikipedia, and Wiki now hath poisoned our trust. Or at least Serwer’s.暴食:知道得太多了Gluttony: When you gather too much information有时,大家可能会发疯似地谷歌任何东西,比如你的朋友、你的老板、你老板的小三、你老板的老板、你朋友的老板的小三的老板的(并不是说我们真的这样做过)……有时你希望了解的事情未必是你需要知道的,有时有些事情你本不该知道,但一旦知道了又忘不掉。这就是所谓的“信息消化不良”。比如《财富》的一个实习生曾经在谷歌里“人肉”很多人的名字,最后竟然发现他一个大学同学的父亲是个登记在案的性侵犯者。Sometimes, you might go on a rampage and Google everything. Your friends. Your boss. Your boss’s significant other. Their boss. Your friend’s boss’s significant other’s boss’s dog (not that we’ve ever done such a thing). Sometimes you learn things you really didn’t need to know—things you, perhaps, shouldn’t know, but can never quite forget. It’s TMI. It’s a little like the time a Fortune summer intern started to dump names into the Googlesphere only to find out that a college friend’s father was a registered sex offender.色欲:网络泛滥Lust: When researching a romantic interest gets creepy如果你还单身的话,那么大多数时候,你抱着认识别人的目的上谷歌,肯定是为了干一些羞羞的事。比如疯狂在Facebook上看异性的照片,一条一条地查看十来页的搜索结果,或是偷看一下别人的Instagram账户(如果是公开的)。但是如果你真的交了好运,与你搜到的网友见了面,你又会遇到一个两难问题:当对方告诉你她的一些隐私时,你是该假装惊讶,还是承认你已经知道了?因为在谷歌的帮助下,你已经知道了她的大学校友,她喜欢的颜色,她的家庭住址,她家车库门口的小路铺的是什么样的石子(这要感谢街景地图)……我们暂时说到这儿。Sloth: When you lazily rely on the opinions of others懒惰:失去自主思考的能力Sometimes Google impressions trump first impressions. In a piece on Match.com, author Steve Friedman writes that he once went out with a sex-columnist who decided to cancel their second date after her post-date Google search turned up some of his articles, even though she thought he was sweet and funny in person.有时谷歌带给你的印象会打败你的第一印象。比如作家史蒂夫o弗里德曼在Match.com的一篇文章中写道,他有次与一名两性专栏作家一起约会,后来那位女作家第二天在网上搜索了一下弗里德曼的文章,就取消了他们原定好的第二次约会——尽管她原本觉得他本人非常幽默体贴。Worse yet, sometimes there is no chance for a first impression. People are relying more and more on online reviews, and as a result, companies or products with low reviews or simply not a large total of reviews don’t get business. Michael Luca, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School, released a 2011 working paper that found that a one-star increase on Yelp leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue for restaurants. But what happens to new restaurants that haven’t been reviewed much yet, or restaurants that hire a new chef and up their game? Sometimes, there’s more to reality than what Google can tell you.更糟糕的是,有时候你根本没有时间来形成第一印象。现在人们已经越来越依赖在线,因此那些正面评价少的产品或者仅仅是总体评价不多的企业或产品就会没生意。哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)副教授迈克尔o卢卡2011年发表的一篇论文称,一家餐馆在点评网站Yelp上的排名每增加一颗星,收入就会提高5%到9%。但是如果一家新开的餐馆评价还不多,或者是那些餐馆换了大厨,是否也不值得去尝一尝呢?有些时候,有些事实是谷歌无法告诉你的。Wrath: When you tamper with Google results暴怒:操弄歌搜索结果Wikipedia is notorious for allowing users to change the text—and, what do you know?—sometimes they do it to suit their own purposes. After Chile beat Spain two-nil in this year’s World Cup, the Wikipedia entry for the Chile National Soccer Team’s page was changed to say, “Dear Spain, LOL. Say bye to the World Cup…… From Chile.” Or take the change from mid-May, when the New York Rangers came back from a 3-1 series deficit against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. A few days later, the Pens’ Wiki page listed the Rangers as the owner of the team. Malicious, yet creative.维基最著名的一点是允许用户修改词条,有些时候人们会出于个人意图对词条进行胡乱修改。本届世界杯智利2:1战胜西班牙以后,维基百科上智利足球国家队的主页被改成了:“亲爱的西班牙,哈哈哈,跟世界杯说再见吧——智利。”另一个例子是今年五月中旬的斯坦利杯季后赛期间,纽约游骑兵队以3:1领先匹兹堡企鹅队。几天后,维基百科的企鹅队页面资料显示,企鹅队的拥有者是游骑兵队。虽然恶毒,但是不得不说还挺有创意。Envy: When you’re jealous of someone else’s Google results嫉妒:见不得别人“晒幸福”Social media can lead to envy. It can lead, possibly, to depression. In a 2013 study, University of Michigan researchers Ethan Kross and Philippe Verduyn texted people while they were using Facebook, and found that as time on Facebook increased, a person’s mood and overall satisfaction with their lives declined. In other words, Facebook can make you jealous. It can make you feel more alone than connected. Kross and Verduyn didn’t look at other social media networks, but it’s fair to say that looking through lists of other people’s accolades, impressive resumes, and social media clout can just as easily turn you green around the ears.社交媒体可能导致嫉妒,甚至有可能导致抑郁。在2013年的一份研究中,密歇根大学(University of Michigan)的研究员伊森o克劳斯和菲利普o凡尔顿发现,随着人们花在Facebook上的时间越来越长,他的情绪和对生活的总体满意度就会下降。换句话说,Facebook可以让你产生嫉妒心,让你觉得自己变得更孤独,而不是更合群。克劳斯和凡尔顿没有调查其它社交媒体网络,但是我们可以想象,当你打开一个人的社交网络页面,看着其他人留下的一串串赞美和祝福,再看看他光鲜的履历,估计很容易就会让一个不如意的人黯然神伤。Pride: When you expect other people to have Googled you傲慢:希望别人在谷歌上搜索自己Sure, we live in a world where Googling someone has become more than common courtesy—it’s practically basic hygiene. Business meetings, dinner dates, job interviews: Google, Google, Google them. But when you sit down with someone and find out that theyhaven’t Googled you, and they have no idea who you are, what you’ve done? Painful. But it shouldn’t be.当然,当今社会,在谷歌上搜索某个人的背景已经成了很正常的事,就跟饭前要洗手一样普通。无论是商务会议、请客吃饭、招聘求职,都要先把对方在谷歌上“人肉”几遍。但是如果你和某个人坐在一起,发现对方根本没有在谷歌上搜索过你,他们也不知道你是谁,你是什么感觉?估计会有些伤自尊,但是完全没必要。Fortune (and Fortune!) favors the bold. Mind your sins. Go forth and Google, sparingly.《财富》(和真正的财富)都喜欢大胆的人。小心这些“原罪”时不时出来作祟,但你完全可以继续使用谷歌,只是要注意节制。 /201407/309509

  Nokia, the company that made a huge bet on the Windows Phone operating system and will be formally acquired by Microsoft within months for .4 billion, is about to launch a new smartphone this month running an operating system based on Google#39;s Android.诺基亚,下了大赌注在微软Windows Phone上,而且将要正式被微软以74亿美元收购了。就在此时,诺基亚却打算在本月推出搭载谷歌安卓系统的智能手机。The Wall Street Journal reports that Nokia#39;s new phone, which has leaked a few times during the last few months under the codename Normandy, will run a modified version of Android that doesn#39;t include Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, and the Google Play store for Android apps and other content. That means Google won#39;t generate any revenue from Nokia#39;s phone, even though the operating system is based on Android.华尔街日报报道表示,在过去几个月里,一直有消息传出,诺基亚将这个智能手机计划命名为诺曼底计划。在诺基亚版的安卓手机中,部分谷歌开发的功能将不会出现,比如Gmail,谷歌地图和谷歌应用商店等。这就意味着,谷歌将不会从诺基亚的安卓智能手机中获得任何收益。The so-called Nokia Normandy will be formally announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Nokia is scheduled for a press event on February 24, which is when we should get our first look at the phone.诺基亚的这次诺曼底计划将在2月24日举行的巴塞罗那全球移动大会上正式宣布。届时,我们将一睹诺基亚的安卓手机风采。Nokia#39;s phone will likely be targeted at emerging markets where cheap smartphones are more popular than top-tier devices like the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4. The Normandy will have Microsoft and Nokia services like Nokia#39;s Here maps and a separate Nokia app store, according to the WSJ report.诺基亚的安卓智能手机将主要面向新兴市场。新兴市场中,价格便宜的智能手机比高端手机如iPhone 5S和三星Galaxy S4更受欢迎。根据华尔街日报的报道,该手机将安装有微软和诺基亚所研发的一套务产品,如Here地图,以及诺基亚安卓应用商店。 /201402/275493Let#39;s face it. Condoms are a bit of downer. So how do we convince guys to put it on? And make durex the favorite choice.事实是,带套真的比较不爽。要如何说男人们使用套套并选择杜蕾斯的套套呢?When you are a twenty-one year old stallion, what might be the best reason to put it on?对20来岁的小伙子来说,戴套的第一大理由是什么?;I#39;m pregnant.;我怀了。To be honest, guys don#39;t really care that much about sexually transmitted diseases. But babies, they just won#39;t disappear with a visit to the doctor.说实话,什么淋病梅毒男人没在怕的,但小孩?他们不会随着拜访医生而消失。So we thought, let#39;s simulate the experience of having a new born. And give you a taste of what it really feels like.所以我们做了个手机程序,让你尝尝那到底是什么滋味。We created a mobile application where you can knock-up a friend#39;s phone. Downloadand install the application. Find a phone to mate, and gently rub the two phones against each other. And there you go!这个程序不仅模拟养小孩,还可以“搞大”朋友的手机。下载安装,去搞别人的手机,轻轻地前后擦,成功。The baby will require your utmostattention: feed it, tickle it, rubble, bubble, or hugit...using every trick in the book to make it stop crying!这个模拟程序会跟真小孩一样烦你,要喂奶,要逗他玩,要哄睡觉,还要抱,要想尽办法让他不要哭闹。Everytime you close the application, you will be reminded: use durex. With facebook connect, the world will know you#39;ve become a dad. Invitations for baby events will start poping up on your profile.而每次你关闭这个程序,会显示用杜蕾斯的提醒。它还会更新你的facebook状态“我当爹啦”。各种婴儿相关活动的邀请也会随之而来。On durex condom packages we place QR texts that link to a durex baby anti-knock-up application. Download it, and you are baby-free, at least until the real magic happens...我们在杜蕾斯的盒子上印了个二维码,它连接到杜蕾斯“防小人”手机程序的下载地址,下载这个程序,世界终于清静了—至少在你真的搞大了女朋友肚子之前。 /201306/244795


  I said goodbye to my mouse last month. It was time to advance, I thought, to a higher plane of input, a trackpad that works like a tablet#39;s screen. Instead of point and click, I#39;d swipe and flick.上个月,我和自己的鼠标告了别。我原以为,是时候使用升级版的输入设备了,我指的是触控板,它的工作原理和平板电脑的屏幕类似。相较于用鼠标点击,我更倾向于在触控板上用手指扫动和轻点。A few weeks in, I was missing my mouse. Moving a folder across a 27-inch iMac screen with the trackpad was like lugging a grand piano across the Sahara -- I had to keep taking breaks along the way, as I ran out of pad.仅仅过了几个星期,我就怀念起我的鼠标来了。使用触控板在27英寸的iMac屏幕上移动文件夹就好像拖着一架巨大的钢琴穿越撒哈拉沙漠――我在这个过程中必须要不时地休息,因为我的触控板不够大。This can#39;t be progress. Determined, I rustled up a dozen of the latest input devices, regular mice and trackpads, but also vertical mice, pen- and knob-shaped mice, a touch-screen stylus, even a controller that lets you wave your hands around without touching anything, a la #39;Minority Report.#39;这实在谈不上进步。毅然决然地,我搜罗了十几款最新型的输入设备,其中不仅包括普通型鼠标和触控板,还包括垂直型鼠标、笔型鼠标、球型鼠标和触控笔,甚至一个不需要触摸就能感应你双手动作的控制器,感觉就像电影《少数派报告》(Minority Report)中的场景一样。What I discovered: Thirty years after the Macintosh took the mouse mainstream, I couldn#39;t find anything more precise or comfortable for operating a computer. More important, I found the mouse has managed to reinvent itself over the years -- it#39;s like the Madonna of PC peripherals.我发现:从30年前Macintosh电脑奠定鼠标方向的那一天起,直至今日,我仍然无法找到可以比鼠标更加精准和舒适地操作电脑的设备了。更重要的是,我发现,鼠标在多年中一直在不断实现创新――堪称电脑设备界的麦当娜(Madonna)。One reinvention stood out during my testing, a mouse whose unconventional look belied its natural grip: the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse by Microsoft. Other standouts I tested were Apple#39;s Magic Mouse, the Penclic Mouse and Logitech#39;s Ultrathin Touch Mouse.在我的测试中,一款革命性的鼠标脱颍而出:那就是微软(Microsoft)的Sculpt人体工学鼠标(Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse)。这款鼠标外观特立独行,同时又有着自然舒适的抓握感。我测试的其他几款出类拔萃的鼠标包括:苹果公司(Apple)的Magic Mouse、Penclic鼠标和罗技(Logitech)的超薄触控鼠标(Ultrathin Touch Mouse)。Picking a control device is kind of like choosing shoes -- some go for Air Jordans, others for Christian Louboutin heels. Everyone has their own size and physical fit -- sometimes even a medical need. (My right-handed editor swears by a trackball mouse in his left hand.)选择操控设备就像选择鞋子一样――有些人偏好耐克空中飞人(Air Jordans)运动鞋,有些人则青睐克里斯提#12539;鲁布托(Christian Louboutin)高跟鞋。每个人都有自己的尺码和脚形――有时候人们还要求鞋子具备医疗功能。(坐在我右手边的编辑正抱怨着他左手用着的轨迹球鼠标。)Though PC sales have declined in recent years, mouse unit sales slipped only 3% in the past 12 months, according to industry research firm NPD. In other words, a good chunk of laptop buyers are adding mice to their productivity ensembles.尽管最近几年PC电脑的销量有所下滑,但是据行业调查公司NPD称,在过去的12个月中,鼠标设备的销量仅下滑了3%。换句话来说,很多便携式电脑买家为提高整体效率都添置了鼠标设备。To test my efficiency using a mouse and other input devices, I used a program scientists developed to study the speed-accuracy trade-offs in human muscle movements, called Fitts#39;s Law. My scores, based on clicking scattered dots on a screen, were at times nearly twice as fast with a mouse as with a trackpad. Most hands are more relaxed on a mouse, so starting and stopping are easier, say the ergonomists.为了测试我在使用鼠标和其他输入设备时的效率,我使用了一款科学家开发的用来测试人类肌肉在速度与准确性上协调程度的程序:菲茨定律(Fitts#39;s Law)。我的得分按点击分散在屏幕上的点来计算,我使用鼠标时的得分几乎是使用触控板时得分的两倍。人体工程学家表示,大多数人的手在使用鼠标时更加放松,因此发出点击动作和终止点击动作更简单。Of course, for flipping pages or pinching to zoom, finger gestures on a touch screen or trackpad are the more efficient way.当然,在执行翻页或屏幕缩放的动作时,用手指在触摸屏或者触控板上进行操作更加高效。Both Apple and Microsoft have integrated finger gestures into their latest computer operating systems. Apple sells iMacs with a trackpad option. Microsoft built the latest Windows version in the hope that users touch the screen itself.苹果公司和微软都已经把手势控制整合到了各自最新的电脑操作系统之中。苹果公司在销售iMac电脑时提供了选择触控板的配置选项。微软在构建最新一代Windows操作系统时希望用户可以进行屏幕触控。A touch-screen monitor on a desktop or laptop sounds good, but it invites what some call #39;gorilla-arm#39; fatigue. After forcing myself to use only the touch screen on a Windows 8.1 laptop, I found myself propping it up at an angle in my lap so my hands could rest on the side. (Microsoft says the touch screen is meant to supplement, not replace, other inputs.)台式电脑或笔记本电脑的触摸显示屏听起来不错,但是它会带来一种人们称作“大猩猩臂”的疲劳感。在强迫自己只使用Windows 8.1笔记本电脑的触摸屏后,我发现自己不由自主地把笔记本电脑以某个角度撑在了大腿上,这样我的手就可以搭在边上休息了。(微软表示,触摸屏的设计初衷是对其他输入工具构成补充,而并非有意取代其他输入工具。)Then there is a problem of universality: Designers haven#39;t yet come up with a common language for touch on computers. In Windows 8.1, a swipe from the left lets you switch between apps, while on a Mac trackpad, three fingers, moving in the same direction, open a widget dashboard. And neither movement is particularly intuitive.除此之外,还有一个关于通用性的问题:设计师们尚未制定出电脑触屏方面的统一标准。在Windows 8.1系统中,从左向右划过屏幕可以让你在不同的应用程序间进行切换,而对于Mac触控板而言,三只手指划向同一个方向可以打开应用面板。并且,这两种动作都不是人类的自然动作。The emerging world of touchless computing confuses things more. The Leap Motion, which tracks the movement of hands, lets you do cool tricks. But every compatible program comes with its own set of new moves you have to learn. And the accuracy of floating fingers is low. Leap Motion says its device isn#39;t a replacement for the mouse, just an accessory for software that benefits from 3-D controls.日渐成型的无触控电脑技术把一切变得更复杂了。能够感应手部运动的Leap Motion可以让你体会变戏法的感受。但是,每一款兼容的应用程序都需要你通过学习掌握其特定的手法。此外,Leap Motion对处于运动状态中的手指的感应灵敏度也较低。Leap Motion公司表示,这款感应设备并非鼠标的替代品,它只是3-D控制类软件的一个附件。Mouse designers have made leaps in ergonomics. Many are now more vertical, better mimicking the posture of a hand in its natural resting state. #39;Your fingers are curled into your palm, but not all evenly,#39; says Edie Adams, an ergonomist at Microsoft.鼠标设计师在人体工程学上已经实现了突破。现在,很多鼠标都更加趋向于垂直型,以便更好地模拟手部在自然状态下的姿势。微软的人体工程学家伊迪#12539;亚当斯(Edie Adams)表示:“你的手指向掌心弯曲,但并不是每根手指的角度都相同。”My favorite mouse was one she worked on, Microsoft#39;s wireless Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse ( or less). It looks like a plum, with an overly ripe area where you rest your thumb. It is comfortable enough to use for hours, the mouse equivalent of orthopedic shoes. And props to Microsoft for apparently getting it to run on one pair of AA batteries for a whole year. I#39;ll even use it on my Mac.我最喜欢的鼠标就是伊迪的团队研发的,即微软的无线Sculpt人体工学鼠标(售价为60美元或更低)。它看起来像是一个李子,拥有一个可以让拇指得到休息的宽敞区域。这款鼠标舒适到可以连用几个小时,堪称鼠标界的矫形鞋。这款微软鼠标还有一个明显的优势,那就是它可以依靠两节AA电池运行一整年。我甚至在我的Mac电脑上也使用它。The runner-up was the even more vertical Penclic. That familiar pen shape gave me a sense of control I wasn#39;t expecting.位居第二的是更具垂直性的Penclic鼠标(其售价为90美元)。这款鼠标运用了大家熟悉的笔型设计,它给我带来了意想不到的操控感。Today#39;s mice also do a better job at adding features through gestures, so they don#39;t get overloaded with extra buttons. Apple#39;s Magic Mouse may be less comfortable to hold over extended periods than the ergonomic options, but it does the best job of integrating touch commands on its smooth, flat surface -- such as swiping with two fingers to advance through pages or browse photos. Logitech#39;s Ultrathin Touch Mouse puts similar gesture functionality into a body small enough to travel with a laptop.当今的鼠标在通过感应触控手势来增加设备功能上表现得越来越出色了,所以它们不需要再设计额外的按键。与人体工学鼠标相比,苹果公司售价70美元的Magic Mouse或许长时间使用没有那么舒适,但是对于在平滑表面上感应触控指令这一点上,Magic Mouse的表现是最为出色的――比如使用双指轻扫鼠标表面,便可以浏览页面和照片。罗技公司售价70美元的超薄触控鼠标也具有类似的触控功能,这款鼠标纤巧的体积非常便于随便携式电脑一起携带。The idea shouldn#39;t be to try to #39;out-mouse the mouse#39; with new kinds of inputs, says Josh Clark, a computer interface designer and founder of the firm Global Moxie. Rather, we#39;re moving to a world of technology and input devices designed to fit specific times and places: touch screens on the go, voice activation for TVs, hand gestures to browse a store display with products.电脑界面设计师、Global Moxie公司的创始人乔希#12539;克拉克(Josh Clark)表示,试图用新型输入设备“取代鼠标”的理念是不正确的。我们正在进入科技和输入设备的新世界,新工具将为特定的时间和地点而设计:随处可见的触摸屏、声控电视、用手势浏览商店产品等。I spend a growing part of my day with smartphones and tablets, but like many professionals, when I need to get work done, I#39;m still sitting in a chair facing a big computer screen. And there, the mouse remains king.我在一天中使用智能手机和平板电脑的时间越来越多了,但是,与很多职业人士一样,当我需要完成工作时,我仍旧习惯坐在书桌前,面对宽大的电脑显示器。此时此刻,鼠标依然为王。 /201403/280869。


  Last week, engineers sniffing around the programming code for Google Glass found hidden examples of ways that people might interact with the wearable computers without having to say a word. Among them, a user could nod to turn the glasses on or off. A single wink might tell the glasses to take a picture.上周,探查谷歌眼镜程序源码的工程师们发现了一些隐藏的功能,人们或许不用吭一声,就能操作可穿戴式计算机。比如,用户可以用点头的方式开启或关闭眼镜。用眨眼示意的方式也许能给眼镜下令,让其拍照。But don#39;t expect these gestures to be necessary for long. Soon, we might interact with our smartphones and computers simply by using our minds. In a couple of years, we could be turning on the lights at home just by thinking about it, or sending an e-mail from our smartphone without even pulling the device from our pocket. Farther into the future, your robot assistant will appear by your side with a glass of lemonade simply because it knows you are thirsty.但是,不要以为这些示意动作的必要性会长久。很快,我们就可能用思维来操作智能手机和计算机。再过两三年,我们可能只要一想开灯,家里的灯就开了,或者不用从口袋里掏出智能手机,就把电子邮件发出去了。再以后,你的机器人助手会把一杯柠檬水端到你身边,因为它知道你渴了。Researchers in Samsung#39;s Emerging Technology Lab are testing tablets that can be controlled by your brain, using a cap that resembles a ski hat studded with monitoring electrodes, the MIT Technology Review, the science and technology journal of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, reported this month.麻省理工学院(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)的科技杂志《MIT技术》(MIT Technology Review)本月报道称,三星新兴技术实验室(Samsung#39;s Emerging Technology Lab)的研究人员正在测试能用人脑控制的平板计算机,实现的方法是让人带上一顶像滑雪帽那样的、布满了监控电极的帽子。The technology, often called a brain computer interface, was conceived to enable people with paralysis and other disabilities to interact with computers or control robotic arms, all by simply thinking about such actions. Before long, these technologies could well be in consumer electronics, too.这种通常被称为脑机接口的技术,原来的构想是为了让瘫痪或有其他残疾的人,只需要用脑子想一些动作,就能操作计算机、或控制机械臂。过不了多久,这类技术也可能会被用到大众化的电子产品上。Some crude brain-ing products aly exist, letting people play easy games or move a mouse around a screen. NeuroSky, a company based in San Jose, Calif., recently released a Bluetooth-enabled headset that can monitor slight changes in brain waves and allow people to play concentration-based games on computers and smartphones. These include a zombie-chasing game, archery and a game where you dodge bullets — all these apps use your mind as the joystick. Another company, Emotiv, sells a headset that looks like a large alien hand and can brain waves associated with thoughts, feelings and expressions. The device can be used to play Tetris-like games or search through Flickr photos by thinking about an emotion the person is feeling — like happy, or excited — rather than searching by keywords. Muse, a lightweight, wireless headband, can engage with an app that ;exercises the brain; by forcing people to concentrate on aspects of a screen, almost like taking your mind to the gym.市场上已经有一些简单的读取脑信号的产品,人们能用它们来玩简单游戏、或者移动屏幕上的鼠标。最近,总部在加利福尼亚州圣何塞的神念科技(NeuroSky)推出了一款具有蓝牙通讯能力的耳机,该耳机能通过监测脑电波的细微变化,让人们在计算机和智能手机上玩基于注意力的游戏,包括追僵尸的游戏、射箭,以及躲子弹的游戏,这些游戏软件都用你的大脑作为操纵杆。另一家公司Emotiv正在上市一款看上去像一只巨大的外星人手的耳机,它能读取与思维、感觉和表情相关的脑电波。该设备能被用来玩像俄罗斯方块这样的游戏,或者通过想一个自己正在感受的情感——比如开心或兴奋——而不是通过关键词,在Flickr照片里搜索有关图片。而名为Muse的轻便无线头箍,能与一个“锻炼大脑”的应用软件互动,它会强迫人们将注意力集中于屏幕上的某些方面,就像是带你的大脑去健身房。Car manufacturers are exploring technologies packed into the back of the seat that detect when people fall asleep while driving and rattle the steering wheel to awaken them.汽车制造商正在研发能够装入座位靠背的技术,这种技术能监测到人在开车时睡着,并通过震动方向盘来叫醒他们。But the products commercially available today will soon look archaic. ;The current brain technologies are like trying to listen to a conversation in a football stadium from a blimp,; said John Donoghue, a neuroscientist and director of the Brown Institute for Brain Science. ;To really be able to understand what is going on with the brain today you need to surgically implant an array of sensors into the brain.; In other words, to gain access to the brain, for now you still need a chip in your head.然而,现在市场上已有的这类产品很快将会过时。布朗大学脑科学研究所(Brown Institute for Brain Science)所长、神经科学家约翰·多诺霍(John Donoghue)说,“如今的脑技术,就像试图从一架软式飞艇上听下面足球场中的谈话。用如今的技术,要想真正了解大脑里的活动,你需要用手术在大脑中植入一个传感器阵列。”换句话说,至少在现在,想获得大脑信息,你仍需在大脑中装个芯片。Last year, a project called BrainGate pioneered by Dr. Donoghue, enabled two people with full paralysis to use a robotic arm with a computer responding to their brain activity. One woman, who had not used her arms in 15 years, could grasp a bottle of coffee, serve herself a drink and then return the bottle to a table. All done by imagining the robotic arm#39;s movements.去年,由多诺霍牵头的一个名为“大脑之门”(BrainGate)的项目,让两位完全瘫痪的患者,通过能响应其大脑活动的计算机,来使用机械臂。其中一位15年来都不能用自己手臂的妇女,能端起装有咖啡的瓶子,让自己喝上一口,然后把瓶子放回桌上,这些都是通过想象机械臂如何动作来实现的。But that chip inside the head could soon vanish as scientists say we are poised to gain a much greater understanding of the brain, and, in turn, technologies that empower brain computer interfaces. An initiative by the Obama administration this year called the Brain Activity Map project, a decade-long research project, aims to build a comprehensive map of the brain.但是,那个装入大脑的芯片可能很快就不需要了,因为科学家称,我们正在能够更深入地了解大脑,这转而将会提高脑机接口技术的能力。奥巴马政府今年启动了一项名为“人脑活动图”(Brain Activity Map)的计划,这项为期十年的计划旨在绘制全面的脑活动图。Miyoung Chun, a molecular biologist and vice president for science programs at the Kavli Foundation, is working on the project and although she said it would take a decade to completely map the brain, companies would be able to build new kinds of brain computer interface products within two years.卡弗里基金会(Kavli Foundation)科学项目副总裁、分子生物学家全美永(Miyoung Chun)正在参与这一计划。她表示,完成大脑活动图的绘制虽然需要十年时间,但公司可以在两年内制造出新型的脑机接口产品。;The Brain Activity Map will give hardware companies a lot of new tools that will change how we use smartphones and tablets,; Dr. Chun said. ;It will revolutionize everything from robotic implants and neural prosthetics, to remote controls, which could be history in the foreseeable future when you can change your television channel by thinking about it.;全美永说,“人脑活动图将给硬件公司提供大量新工具,这会改变我们使用智能手机和平板计算机的方式。这将带来彻底的改变,从植入式机器肢到人工神经功能器官。还有遥控器,在可预见的将来遥控器会成为历史,到那时,只要你想换到哪个频道,电视机就会换到那个频道。”There are some fears to be addressed. On the Muse Web site, an F.A.Q. is devoted to convincing customers that the device cannot siphon thoughts from people#39;s minds.我们现在还需缓解一些人们的担忧。在Muse网站上有专门的问答页,竭力让顾客相信,其设备不会吸走人的思想。These brain-ing technologies have been the stuff of science fiction for decades.这类读脑技术几十年来一直都是科幻小说的内容。In the 1982 movie ;Firefox,; Clint Eastwood plays a fighter pilot on a mission to the Soviet Union to steal a prototype fighter jet that can be controlled by a brain neurolink. But Mr. Eastwood has to think in Russian for the plane to work, and he almost dies when he cannot get the missiles to fire during a dogfight. (Don#39;t worry, he survives.)在1982年的电影《火狐》(Firefox)中,克林特·伊斯特伍德(Clint Eastwood)扮演的战斗机飞行员被派往俄罗斯,他的任务是偷取一架可以用大脑神经连接控制的战斗机原型。但伊斯特伍只能用俄语思考才能启动战斗机,而他差点因为不能在空战中指挥飞机发射导弹而命丧黄泉。(别担心,他活下来了。)Although we won#39;t be flying planes with our minds anytime soon, surfing the Web on our smartphones might be closer.尽管我们不会很快就能靠思维来驾驶飞机,但靠思维用智能手机上网可能已为时不远。Dr. Donoghue of Brown said one of the current techniques used to people#39;s brains is called P300, in which a computer can determine which letter of the alphabet someone is thinking about based on the area of the brain that is activated when she sees a screen full of letters. But even when advances in brain-ing technologies speed up, there will be new challenges, as scientists will have to determine if the person wants to search the Web for something in particular, or if he is just thinking about a random topic.布朗大学的多诺霍称,目前用来读人脑的技术之一,是被称为P300的方法,当一个人看到满屏幕的字母时,计算机可根据被激活的脑部区域来识别这个人在想哪个字母。但是,就算读脑技术发展的速度加快了,科学家仍会面临新的挑战,比如他们需确定人们是在想上网络搜索某个特定的东西呢,还是在想着某个随意的话题。;Just because I#39;m thinking about a steak medium-rare at a restaurant doesn#39;t mean I actually want that for dinner,; Dr. Donoghue said. ;Just like Google glasses, which will have to know if you#39;re blinking because there is something in your eye or if you actually want to take a picture,; brain computer interfaces will need to know if you#39;re just thinking about that steak or really want to order it.多诺霍说,“仅仅因为我在想餐馆里的一份三分熟的牛排,并不意味着我真想把牛排当晚餐。就像谷歌眼镜需要知道,你是因为眼睛里有东西而眨眼呢,还是因为你确实想拍张照片。”脑机接口需要知道,你只是在想牛排呢,还是确实想点一份。 /201410/339018


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