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赣州胶原蛋白注射去抬头纹赣州整形医院祛黄褐斑好不好Listening to gossip is fun — unless theyre whispering about you. Heres how to shut down the office busybody.听别人的八卦似乎是比较有趣的事情——除非别人窃窃私语的对象是你。以下方法可以帮你杜绝办公室流言。Step 1 Be kind1.友好Gossips act out of insecurity. So the next time the office tattler starts to share her suspicions that the new girl is bulimic, make a complimentary transition like, ;Have you lost weight? You look terrific.; Shell be so flattered shell completely forget what she was saying.八卦通常出于不安全感。所以,下次办公室那个大喇叭又说,她怀疑新来的女孩食欲过盛时,通过赞美她来转移话题,例如,“你是不是减肥了?你的身材看上去很好哦。”她听到会心里会非常舒,完全忘记自己刚才传播的流言。Step 2 Be positive2.积极Totally aggravate her by playing Susie Sunshine to her Nasty Nelly. If she growls, ;Doris snuck out at four yesterday,; say,;Good for her! She works so hard; (even if you, too, think Doris is a deadbeat.)说一些与她完全相反的话来刺激她。如果她嚼舌头说,“多丽丝昨天四点钟就开溜了。”你可以说,“不错啊,她的工作一向非常努力。”(即使你也认为多丽丝非常游手好闲。)Step 3 Dont encourage it3.不要鼓励流言Dont encourage her. Even if youre dying to ask her how she knows that two married colleagues have embarked on a torrid affair with each other, grit your teeth and change the subject.不要鼓励她。即使你非常想问一下,她怎么知道那两位已婚同事开始了火热的恋情,咬紧牙关,改变话题。Dont think that being friendly with the office gossip will keep you safe — gossips talk about everyone.不要以为和八卦的人比较友好就能保障你的安全——八卦的人会说任何人的闲话。Step 4 Entrap4.设计圈套Trap the big mouth by telling her a lie about yourself that you emphasize is top secret. Then tell your co-workers what youve done so they can report to you when the fake rumor has reached them—and then confront her when it does.给大嘴巴设计一个圈套,告诉她关于你自己的一个谎言,一再强调这是高度机密。然后告诉其他同事你的打算,这样他们就会在虚假的流言传到他们那里的时候报告给你——然后你就可以直接质问她。Step 5 Enlist your co-workers5.联合其他同事Make a pact with other employees that when the town crier gets going, youll all get going, too. She wont be able to gossip if no one is listening.和其他同事约好,当这个八卦的同事开始传播流言蜚语时,所有人都走开。如果任何人都不听她说,她就没有办法搬弄是非了。Step 6 Speak up6.畅所欲言Her lips are still flapping? Take her aside and ask her to really think about what shes doing. With as much tact and diplomacy as you can muster, ask her to refrain from talking about others to you.她仍然不闭嘴?把她拉到一边,让她认真反思一下自己的所作所为。利用你的全部智慧,让她克制向你传播别人是非的冲动。Step 7 Approach your supervisor7.报告上司As a last resort, talk to your supervisor. Stress that you tried handling the situation yourself. And dont make it personal— drive home the point that the gossip is affecting productivity.最后一个办法,告诉你的上司。强调一下你已经努力采取了很多方法来处理这个问题。讲述的角度不要私人化,强调一下流言蜚语会影响工作效率。According to a British survey, teachers are the worst workplace backstabbers, with a full 78% admitting to bitching about their colleagues.根据英国的一项调查,教师是最喜欢背后中伤的群体,78%的教师承认曾经背后说过其他同事的坏话。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/230075赣州好的整形医院 How can my spouse and I deal with anger?我和伴侣应该怎样应对生气的问题呢?The best way to get through your anger more productively is to avoid blame. Whenever you go into ;you; statements, you can aggravate your partner. Keep it in the ;I;, look for agreement, remember to breathe, stay calm and try to be flexible. Anger is about construction and so the opposite of the anger is about opening calm. Do whatever you have to do to get the alignment into calm in marriage communications.更有效地解决气愤的最佳方法是避免责备。无论何时,一旦进入“你”的表述方式,你就会激怒伴侣。一定要保持“我”的表述方式,两人尽量达成共识,深呼吸,保持冷静,保持灵活。愤怒的对立面是保持冷静。婚姻生活的沟通中,一定要采取一切措施来让双方的情绪冷静下来。Thanks for watching How To Deal With Anger Together With Your Spouse.感谢收看“夫妻双方怎样应对愤怒情绪”视频节目。201302/226324赣州丽人整形光子嫩肤手术多少钱

赣州俪人整形美容医院去除生长纹手术怎么样Owens Valley farmland remains barren for decades.欧文斯谷的农场因此荒废了几十年But in the 1990s, LA authorities begin the long process of restoring it.但上世纪90年代,洛城当局启动了长期的重建计划Its always been true that if you want something great,不入虎穴焉得虎子you may have to give up something great to get there.这是亘古不变的真理Weve sacrificed our blood and treasure for just about every great thing in America.我们挥洒着自己的鲜血与财富成就着美国一个又一个的奇迹The Los Angeles Aqueduct remains one of Americas most ambitious engineering efforts.洛杉矶引水渠是美国历史上最具野心的工程之一When they built the aqueduct to bring water down across an entire state,他们建成了水渠,将水引向整个加州what a feat that was and how it so fundamentally changed a whole part of the state of California.这是多么伟大的功绩啊,它又是如此彻底地改变了整个加州的面貌And when you fly over California now,每当乘飞机掠过加州上空I always look out the window and I look down,我总会透过窗子,俯瞰外面的景色you can see that glittering silver ribbon that runs the entire length of the state.将会看到它有如一条闪闪发光的银丝带,跨越整个加州徐徐飘扬It was always just magical to me.在我眼里它总是那么梦幻1914.The aqueduct is a year old.1914年,引水渠建成一周年America is booming.美国的繁荣仍在继续World War I creates massive demand for weapons, cars and oil.一战的打响,极大地刺激了对武器、汽车和原油的需求In just four years, the economy doubles.仅仅四年间,美国经济翻了一番America is poised to become the richest nation on earth.美国眼看就要成为世界上最富有的国家Three generations from the end of slavery,奴隶制瓦解后的三代南方黑人black Southerners are on the move in search of a better life.开始向北迁移以谋求更好的生活Between 1915 and 1930,one and half Million head north--在1915到1930年之间,150万南方黑人向北进发one in seven of the entire African-American population of the US.这个数目占到了全体非裔美国人口的七分之一Its called the Great Migration.这场运动被称为大迁移The North represented the promised land, to blacks in the South.北方在南方黑人的眼中象征着;应许之地;If you can go North, you can work.只要你到北方去就会有工作If you can go North,youre not going to have to step off the curb when whites walk down the block.只要你到北方去,当你在路上碰到白人时,你不必再卑微地闪到一边If you can go North,you can live in better neighborhoods and your children get a better education.只要你到北方去,你就能住上好一点的街区,你的孩子就能受到更好的教育Many head for the Ford plant in Detroit.很多人都进了底特律的福特汽车厂Ford is unique in paying black and white workers the same,a staggering a day,只有福特给他们的薪水与白人同等,日薪惊人地高达5美元five times more than a sharecroppers wage in Georgia.比佐治亚州的一个佃农多出五倍But equal pay doesnt mean equal treatment.但同等薪酬并不意味着同等待遇 /201212/217300赣州哪家医院脱毛技术比较好 赣州俪人美容医院切眼袋手术多少钱

全南县去除黄褐斑多少钱 UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can ID me.看你能否鉴别出我。I`m an annual celebration that includes parties and parades.我是一个一年一度的庆典,包含了聚会和游行。I start on the 12th day after Christmas and I end on Mardi Gras.我从圣诞节后的12天开始,在狂欢节结束。My biggest U.S. celebration is in New Orleans.我在美国最大的庆典是在新奥尔良。Im Carnival and I occur right before the season of Lent.我是狂欢节,我在大斋期前到来。AZUZ: Carnival season is on in New Orleans and it runs through Fat Tuesday.狂欢季在新奥尔良正在上演,它贯穿了油腻的星期二。One artist is honoring the city by using items that are associated with the celebration.有个艺术家在用与这个庆典有关的物件来装饰表示对这座城市的尊敬。This is a mosaic.这是一个马赛克。Its a type of art that uses small items to form a picture or a pattern.这是一种用小物件来构成图片和形状的艺术。In this case, the artist and his helpers are using recycled Mardi Gras beads.这次,这个艺术家和他的帮手用上了回收的狂欢节珠子。Theyre recreating a cityscape of New Orleans.他们在重造新奥尔良的城市风光照片。And when they`re finished, the 42-foot wide work of art is expected to set a new record.当他们结束时,这个42英尺宽的艺术品将会创造一个新纪录。All it takes is one and a half million beads, some very precise placements and a whole lot of patience.它总共用了50万个珠子,非常精确的放置和很大的耐心。 /201301/220203赣州同济医院激光除皱多少钱会昌县去眼袋多少钱



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