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乌兰察布去咖啡斑多少钱土默特左旗去除黄褐斑多少钱探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 13They discovered that when a famine was able to trigger an effect was different for the grandmother than the grandfather. The grandmother appeared susceptible while she herself was still in the womb, while the grandfather was affected just before puberty. And the timing of this sensitive period was telling us that it was tied in with the formation of the eggs and the sperm. This was critical, because now they knew how it was happening. Environmental information was being imprinted on the egg and sperm at the time of their formation. At last, a clear picture of an inherited environmental effect was beginning to emerge. All they needed to do now was to compile their findings. Bygren drew up a rough diagram, and sent it to Pembrey.Hand-drawn, this is what Olov sent me. You know, he was too excited to wait for the thing to be drawn up properly. You know, he sent me the data. Er, in fact I was recovering, er, from having something down to my heart. So he sent it saying, er, I hope this, helps you get better quickly, because it was so exciting.When Pembrey plotted out the diagram, he was immediately struck by its significance. Once I had plotted out the, the full extent of those results, it was so beautiful and such a clear pattern. I knew then, quite definitely, that we were dealing with a trans-generational response. It was so coherent, and that's important in science that the effect was coherent in some way, was tied in when, when eggs and sperm were being formed.The diagram showed a significant link between generations, between the diet in one and the life expectancy of another. When you think that you have, have found something important for the understanding of the thing (it...) itself, you can imagine that this is something really special.It's up there with I am... I'm a sort of fair-weather supporter of Liverpool. It's up there with Liverpool winning the Champion's League.You can only have it once in your lifetime.This is gonna become a famous diagram. I, I'm convinced by that. I get so excited every time I see it. It's just amazing. Every time I look at it, I find it really exciting. It's fantastic.Pembrey and Bygren had the first conclusive proof of an environmental effect being inherited in humans.New Words amp; Phrases:puberty: The stage of adolescence in which an individual becomes physiologically capable of sexual reproduction. 青春期plot: To represent graphically, as on a chart 以图表画出fair-weather: Present and dependable only in good times 只适于顺利时候的只在好的时候出现或可信赖的200807/45050内蒙古医学院附属医院丰胸多少钱 Energy Analyst Sees Russia as Key Oil Supplier to Europe俄修建油气管使西欧更依赖俄能源 Vladimir Socor, an energy analyst based in Germany, told Washington audience Monday planned new pipelines will consolidate Russia's position as a leading supplier of oil and gas to Western Europe.  在德国的能源分析人士弗拉基米尔.索科星期一在华盛顿发表讲话说,计划中的石油和天然气新管道将巩固俄罗斯作为西欧首要石油和天然气供应国的地位。Socor says that oil and gas pipelines advocated by Russia in the Balkans will add to Western Europe's dependence on Russian supplied energy. Concerning oil, he said the planned pipeline between Bulgaria and Greece is a major success for Russia as it will be the only Russian controlled pipeline within the European Union.  索科说,俄罗斯提议在巴尔干地区建造的石油和天然气管道将使西欧国家进一步依赖俄罗斯的能源供应。他说,计划在保加利亚和希腊之间修筑的输油管道是俄罗斯的一大胜利,因为这将是欧盟国家内唯一的一条由俄罗斯控制的管道。The deal was agreed last year and construction is expected to begin soon.  这项输油管道协议去年达成,修筑工程预计很快开工。Socor told an audience at Washington's Center for Strategic and International Studies that Moscow hopes for a similar success in gas. Its plan, he said, is to build the South Stream Pipeline under the Black Sea to Bulgaria and Western Europe. Socor said a competing European Union proposed gas line from Central Asia called Nabucco is losing support. 索科在华盛顿的国际战略研究中心发表讲话说,莫斯科希望在天然气方面也同样取得成功。他说,俄罗斯计划要在黑海海底修筑通往保加利亚和西欧的南流管道。索科说,南流管道受到欧盟拟议中的从中亚开始的纳布科天然气管道的竞争,但是纳布科计划得到的持越来越少。"With Nabucco's real prospects dwindling, Turkey, like Austria, like the Hungarian government, and like Bulgaria are losing confidence in Nabucco and are opting for the only alternative visible to them, which is South Stream," he said. 他说:“由于兴建纳布科管道的希望日趋渺茫,土耳其、奥地利、匈牙利和保加利亚政府,都逐渐对纳布克计划失去信心,只好转而做出现有的唯一选择,那就是南流管道。”Socor said Nabucco, intended to carry mostly Turkmenistan gas across Turkey to the Balkans, will happen only if the European Union and the ed States give the project high level support.  索科说,纳布科计划是让大部分来自土库曼斯坦的天然气,穿越土耳其抵达巴尔干地区,这一规划只有在欧盟和美国的大力持下才能付诸实施。Socor said through pipelines Russia is gaining control over the export of oil and gas from the former Soviet republics in Central Asia. "Russia is combining Central Asian gas reserves with its own gas reserves into a single pool under Russian commercial and physical control to supply both Russia and Europe," he said. 索科说,俄罗斯通过管道正在逐步控制中亚地区前苏联加盟共和国的石油和天然气的出口。他说:“俄罗斯正在把中亚的天然气储备与本国的天然气储备整合为一体,置于俄罗斯商业部门控制下,向本国和欧洲提供天然气。”Turkmenistan is Central Asia's biggest gas exporter and Kazakhstan is the biggest oil exporter. 土库曼斯坦是中亚最大的天然气出口国,而哈萨克斯坦是最大的石油出口国。To counter what he sees as a potentially dangerous European dependence on Russian energy, Socor advocates a dialogue with Iran, which could lead to Iranian gas being supplied to the Nabucco pipeline. Such a dialogue is opposed by the ed States. 为了抗衡他所说的欧洲对俄罗斯能源依赖的潜在威胁。索科提议与伊朗开展对话,从而能让伊朗向纳布克管道输送天然气。但是美国反对与伊朗对话。 200804/36185Well he was a bit unfriendly, but Anna got what she needed.他有点不友好,但是安娜完成了任务。Here are the phrases she used: I just want to make sure that...这些是她用过的表达方式:我只是想确定……Could you possibly clarify...你能澄清一下……I just want to check...我只是想核对……Just to be absolutely clear...只是想百分百确定……One thing I wasnt sure of was...有一件事我不太确定的是……Well, everything in the warehouse seems to be okay.仓库里的一切似乎都没问题。Back in the office, Tom is having less luck.回到办公室,汤姆就没这么走运了。Really? Here it says 5,000 not five...oh...真的吗?这里写着是5000而不是5……Its going to be a long day for him!这对他来说会是漫长的一天!Until next time. Bye!下次见。再见! /201612/483620呼和浩特整形医院在线咨询

呼和浩特中医院整形中心Former Japanese Foreign Minister Likely to Assume Leadership各界预期麻生太郎将出任日本首相  Former Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso is widely expected to assume the post of Prime Minister this week. Aso is a pro-American leader whose party faces a serious political challenge if it does not address domestic economic fears. 外界普遍预计,日本前外相麻生太郎这个星期将出任首相职务。麻生是一位亲美的领导人,不过如果他所在的政党不解决国内民众对经济的担忧,那就会面临严峻的政治挑战。Taro Aso's grandfather, Shigeru Yoshida, and father-in-law, Zenko Suzuki, were both Prime Ministers of Japan. Now, the former foreign minister is overwhelmingly likely to assume the top job himself. 麻生太郎的外祖父吉田茂和岳父铃木善幸都出任过日本首相。现在,这位前日本外相自己也极有可能担任这个最高职务。Members of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, or LDP, are expected to elect him president of the party in Monday's upcoming election, lining him up to become prime minister. 日本执政党自民党党员在星期一举行的投票中预期会选举麻生太郎担任该党总裁,进而顺理成章地成为日本首相。Despite his privileged background, Aso is widely seen as a having a populist appeal. He is a former Olympic sharpshooter who enjoys Japanese comic books and speaks with what some describe as a blunt style. 尽管麻生来自特权阶层,但人们普遍认为他有民粹主义的色。他曾经是奥林匹克神手,还喜欢日本漫画书,有人说,他说话从来不转弯抹角,而是直言不讳。Taniguchi Tomohiko, an adjunct professor at Tokyo's Keio University, says Aso is likely to cooperate closely with the ed States. 日本庆应义塾大学副教授伊藤友彦认为,麻生有可能跟美国密切合作。伊藤友彦说:"He's not a shy person to acknowledge that the ed States is the first, and second, and third, and fourth most important nation for Japan," said Taniguchi Tomohiko. “他会毫不掩饰地承认,对于日本来说,美国是头等重要的国家。”Taniguchi says Aso will push hard to break a legislative stalemate that halted Japan's role in refueling vessels assisting U.S.-led stabilization efforts in Afghanistan. Washington views Tokyo's contribution as important and has called for it to resume as soon as possible. 伊藤友彦说,麻生将会极力设法打破日本在通过一项立法方面陷入的僵局,这一僵局使得日本无法为船只加油,以协助以美国为首稳定阿富汗局势的努力。华盛顿认为东京在这方面的贡献非常重要,并要求日本尽快恢复加油。Aso has angered Beijing in the past with statements of support for Taiwan, which governs itself but is seen by China as a breakaway province. Jeffrey Kingston, Asian Studies Professor at Temple University in Japan, says Aso is likely to temper his China views to accommodate the ed States."Washington wants to make China feel like a stakeholder in the international system," said Kingston. "And, I think if Aso does indeed win, we're going to see a toning down of his rhetoric and moderation of his views."The LDP has governed Japan for nearly all of its history following defeat in World War Two. However, Kingston says the party is expected to face its most serious challenge yet, in general elections expected to take place later this year. 日本自从二战战败之后,自民党几乎一直是日本的执政党。然而,金斯敦认为该党在预计今年晚些时候举行的大选中可能将面临从未遇到过的最严峻挑战。"The LDP is definitely on the ropes. There's just been a series of blunders, mistakes, and setbacks," added Kingston. "And they haven't really addressed the issues that people really care about - you know, the b and butter stuff." 金斯敦说:“自民党肯定将面临岌岌可危的处境。日本目前存在着各种各样的失误、错误和挫折。他们还没有真正解决这些人民切实关心的问题,就是面包和黄油这样的问题。”Japan's stagnant economy is the dominant political issue right now, and the country's two previous prime ministers resigned abruptly over perceived mishandling of economic affairs.  日本停滞的经济是目前主导性的政治问题,两位前任首相据说是因为处理经济问题不当而突然辞职。Aso has vowed to stimulate Japan's domestic economy, possibly by increasing government expenditures. Opponents say he will slow the pace of economic reforms Japan sorely needs. 麻生承诺要刺激日本国内经济,有可能会通过增加政府开来实现。反对人士认为,麻生会放慢日本迫切需要的经济改革步伐。200809/49763内蒙古自治区医院韩式隆鼻多少钱 on the dot ———— 在指定的时刻(俚语)英文释义 (SLANG) Exactly at a stated time.例句 Our bus will leave our hotel at 6 oclock on the dot tomorrow morning, so we need to get up early.我们的大巴将在明早6点准时出发,所以我们必须早起。 /201606/446450呼和浩特京美医院整形

内蒙古京美整形医院祛疤痕多少钱 China to Pay Record Prices for Australian Minerals中国宝钢同意高价购买澳洲铁矿石  Chinese steel makers have agreed to pay record prices for iron ore from the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia. In a deal signed this week, Australian mining giant Rio Tinto has secured increases that almost double the price of some grades of the mineral. 中国钢铁公司同意以高价购买西澳大利亚皮尔巴拉地区的铁矿石。根据这个星期签署的一项协议,澳大利亚采矿业巨人力拓公司为一些矿石争取到高于过去几乎一倍的价格。Australia's resources boom shows no sign of slowing down, thanks largely to demand from Asia.  澳大利亚的资源开采热潮毫无减退迹象,这很大程度上要归功于亚洲的需求。This week Anglo-Australian minerals company Rio Tinto has been negotiating with China's biggest steel maker, Baosteel, which has traditionally set the international iron ore price for China's other steel producers. 这个星期,力拓矿产公司和中国最大的钢铁公司宝钢进行谈判。宝钢通常为中国其它钢铁公司在国际市场购买铁矿石制定价格。In 2007, the Chinese imported 383 million tons of iron ore, up 17 percent from the previous year.  2007年,中国进口了3亿8千3百万吨铁矿石,比前一年增加了百分之17。In the past, China has paid Brazilian and Australian exporters the same amount for minerals. But this year Australian miners demanded more, insisting their iron ore is higher quality and - because Australia is closer to China - is costing less to transport. 过去,中国付给巴西和澳大利亚矿石出口商同样的价格。但是今年澳大利亚方面要求提高价格,他们说自己的铁矿石品位更高,而且由于澳大利亚离中国近,所以运输费用相对较低。Rio has secured an 80 percent price increase for the iron ore known as Pilbara fine and a 97 percent increase for iron ore lumps from its operations in northwestern Australia - 10 times last year's percentage increase. The scale of the deal has surprised many analysts. 力拓得以将皮尔巴拉铁矿石提价百分之80,将西北地区铁矿石提价百分之97,这是去年提价幅度的10倍。这笔交易使许多分析人士感到吃惊。A spokesman for Rio Tinto said the deal was "very significant," as iron ore is one of the company's key commodities, along with copper and aluminum.  力拓矿业公司的一名发言人说,这是一项“非常重要的”交易。铁矿石和铜、铝一样,都是该公司的主要商品。Rio Tinto chief executive Tom Albanese believes more good times lie ahead for his company. 力拓公司的首席执行官汤姆.阿尔巴内塞相信,他的公司未来的前景将更好。"Overall, Rio Tinto believes that this global shift will see the size of our key markets double over the next 15 years, as demand balloons in line with rising urbanization in developing countries. And, that is also very good news for Australia," said Albanese. 他说:“总体来讲,力拓相信全球市场的转移,伴随发展中国家快速都市化的需求膨胀,将使我们主要市场的规模在今后15年翻一倍。而且,这对澳大利亚来说是个非常好的消息。”Australia's mining boom has fueled a decade-and-a-half of unprecedented economic growth. 澳大利亚采矿业的繁荣造就了过去15年前所未有的经济增长。It is driven by soaring demand for iron ore and coal from China and India. 其推动力正是中国和印度对铁矿和煤炭需求的迅猛增长。The bonanza has the potential to end Australia's long-term current account deficit and push the country's international trade balance into surplus. 蕴藏丰富的矿藏有可能让澳大利亚摆脱长期的经常账赤字,并且推动其在国际贸易中获得盈余。But despite such massive earnings in the minerals sector, there are fears that the higher income from exports could increase inflation in Australia and push up domestic interest rates. 虽然澳大利亚在矿业方面获得巨大的收益,有人却担心出口带来的更高收入会在国内引发通货膨胀,并且拉抬国内利率。But Australia's mining boom has cushioned the economy from the worst effects of the global credit squeeze. 然而,澳大利亚的矿业繁荣使它的经济在全球信贷危机的恶劣影响下得以喘息。200806/42810乌兰察布开韩式双眼皮多少钱内蒙古医学院附属医院减肥瘦身多少钱



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