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euphoria ———— 欢快(名词)英文释义 (noun) An exaggerated condition of temporary joy and dreamy delight.例句 Yesterday my shy younger brother met a beautiful girl who seems to like him a lot, so hes been in a state of euphoria all day today.昨天,我的腼腆的弟弟遇到了一位似乎非常喜欢他的漂亮姑娘,所以今天他的情绪一直很欢快。 /201606/448961

[Harry Smith] You may not wanna watch this next segment. What do diet doctors, TV meteorologists and pet psych, psychics have in common? Fortune magazine columnist and workplace guru Stanley Bing says they are all jobs that pay well, are highly respected and perhaps most importantly they take a very special skill set to acquire. Bing explains his theory in a new book, that has a title we can't say on morning TV. So let's just say it's the 100 jobs and how to, how to get them, right? We've covered it up, you see the bull, right, (alright). Sorry, Stanley Bing, good morning to see, good to see you. [Stanley Bing] Nice to see you.[Harry Smith] Put in real life is (oh, Gil Schwartz serves CBS). Gil Schwartz, and you are in, in, in fact (Oh, I'm in the book, you know). Yeah, but you are in fact a vice president. (Oh, yes, executive vice president) executive vice president (don't, don't demote me,I mean~ )no, no ,no, but it's. (That's part of my, my, my beta factor, as we might call it) Is this~ because one would think a title of book like this is just something you might make up on the train as you're commuting into New York everyday, but this is in fact based on serious scientific data, is it not?[Stanley Bing] It, it is. I, I would, I felt it was important to get the exact number for every job er, that we are talking about. I mean the concept of this kind of job (right) is, er, you know everybody knows what it is and people actually kind of yearn to have one, (yeah) and I figure that the higher the number, (right) the more we could quantify it, [Harry Smith] 'Cause the fact is as you're sitting in life you'll see, I'm gonna call them bs jobs. Those are jobs you yearn for.[Stanley Bing] I personally do, (yeah, yeah) maybe people who don't, but I'm one of those who do.[Harry Smith] what, what is the ultimate one as far as you're concerned, who has or what is the ultimate bs job?[Harry Smith] Well, the person who has the highest number (right) in the book is, is Donald Trump. (right) Oh, because he's kind of the gold standard. It's a little bit like those tests you take in high school, with the top scores 800, the top beta factor for these jobs is 200, and he has the highest, but there are a lot, I mean, executive vice president of new media,(yeah) for instance, I mean, you know, you can (What is that?) you can work for 5 years and not know what you're doing and never have to prove yourself, and then there is also on the lower end, there're things like road kill collector, I mean, you get,you get to go outside a lot, you know, and get to eat what you find. So, it's, it's, it's a pretty good job, you know. And these are good jobs,you see this is not a bad thing. This is...[Harry Smith] Here is a serious question, where does this TV weatherman come into this show ?[Stanley Bing] Yes, yes, meteorologists on TV is, is in there and well, because, you know, the qualifications are unclear, and I think, you know, clothing is very important (right) for what you do, attitude is good, (perks, high perks) high perks (and high visibility) and the hours are admirable, (yeah, yeah) unless you make trouble for yourself like some people who,who tries to work too hard, (in your book, yes, exactly right)[Harry Smith] Now what would you say about like executive producers?[Stanley Bing] Executive producers is not yet in the book. (not in the book) But, I, you know, I'm working on an extended list, I'm sure it will be number 103 or 104. [Harry Smith] That's right, then it would be in the online edition. Now,here, I wanna show the science, because people don't believe there're serious (no, people think I'm) scientific method that's been applied here, and you go, you go back to Newton for your foundation, right?[Stanley Bing] Yeah, Newton based his law of thermal dynamics on force equals mass times acceleration(Fma), (right) and that also was the basis of E equals m c square(Emc2) , (right) you know, so I figure I'll start with that, because I don't understand that well, and it's a good place to start, and I figure that the beta (beta) of any job, we are gonna call it the beta of any job (which wouldn't be the same as the bs) yes, of any job is equal to the abuse that you're likely to take on the job in tens times the perks that you may have, in the case of weatherman on TV are very great perks,(right, right) that's in thousands, (and here we go) there is your salary (time to go) in tens of thousands, you know, and now it~ that's over hours, the bigger the number of hours that you got, the likely the lower the (got it) beta factors ((sure, sure, sure) are going to date, (so you want low hours) low hours (and high) high perks, high money, (and this is the big one here). This is career acceleration, this means, you know, how fast are you growing in your career, 'cause that's important if you just sit in there like a bonbon log, that's likely to be just one (yeah), ah, mine is er, is hovering at around three, 'cause I'm topped out. (so, yeah) I'm topped out, that's it, I'm not going anywhere, (you are not going anywhere, is it?) OK, no. But it's not[Harry Smith] But some, but somebody like, like P Diddy.[Stanley Bing] Oh, that, you know,(inaudible) he's got clothing line, (right) he's got the different names he's changing over,(yeah yeah) he's going up, he could have a 7 or an 8. (yeah) OK. So when you add these all up, just then you sort of cut to the chase. Mine is, my beta factor is 127, (Wo, that's a good number) I've been working hard for a long time. I've been trying to transform my job from a real one into one of these. (Presidential press secretary). We're, we're in the one sixties, I mean I haven't done the math, but although, you know, I would say that at the beginning of that job it could be low, (right) you know, and then after you works it for a while, he can get up into the one eighties, you know.[Harry Smith] Here we go, but in other, this is bs[Stanley Bing] Not a thing,this is just~[Harry Smith] Not one single part of it, great to see you, alright.[Stanley Bing] alright, as always, thank you. 200809/48757

China Announces Progress on Protecting Copyrights中国称保护知识产权取得巨大成功 China says it had great success in its crackdown on intellectual property rights violations in 2007. Officials say there will be even greater vigilance for the Beijing Olympics in August. 中国说,去年在保护知识产权方面取得了巨大的成功,而且在8月份北京奥运期间将更加重视这一问题。 Last year, Chinese authorities confiscated over 110 million pirated products - books, magazines, movies, music and software. 去年中国当局没收了1亿1千万件盗版产品,包括书籍、杂志、电影、音乐和软件。Chinese officials Thursday said this is a result of a new intellectual property rights strategy that began last year. Yin Xintian, spokesman for the State Intellectual Property Office, says authorities will be even stricter this year, especially with Olympic merchandise. 中国官员星期四说,这是去年开始执行的有关知识产权新政策所取得的成果。国家知识产权局发言人尹新天说,中国今年在打击盗版问题上将更加严格,尤其是对奥运有关的商品:"In order to make sure that the 2008 games are a great success China has improved the legal framework for IPR related to the Olympic Games," he said. “为了成功地举行2008年的北京奥运会,中国政府非常重视在知识产权保护方面的制度建设,在我们国家的专利法、制作权法和商标法等法的知识产权法律,对奥运期间的知识产权保护提供了非常强有力的依据。”Yin dismissed the idea that even with increasing arrests and confiscations, the problem may be growing faster than government oversight. 有人提出,中国政府虽然加强了逮捕和没收等执法措施,但是政府仍然无力控制盗版问题的蔓延。尹新天表示,这种说法是错误的。At the same time, officials acknowledge it is difficult to educate the public about copyright protection. Shu Chao, deputy director general of the National Copyright Administration, says China needs more time. 与此同时,中国官员承认,对公众进行有关版权保护的教育不是一件容易的事情。中国国家版权局版权司副司长许超说,中国还需要更多的"To be short, we only have a road map, we don't have a specific timeframe," Shu said. "That's to say we do have a goal as to completing how many enterprises." “总的来说,我们有路线图没有时间表,就是每年完成一定数量。”Companies around the world complain that open piracy of their copyrighted goods goes on daily in China, as well as in much of the rest of Asia. Illegal copies of Western movies, books and fashions are sold in markets all over China. U.S. entertainment and software companies say they lose billions of dollars in sales each year in China because of piracy. 世界很多国家的公司抱怨说,中国和亚洲其它许多地区经常明目张胆地盗版他们的产品。在中国各地,很多西方国家的电影、书籍和时装被非法仿冒并在市场上出售。美国业和软件业的公司说,由于盗版,他们每年在中国损失了几十亿美元的销售赢利。In one example, authorities in the ed States are investigating a counterfeit operation they think has links to China, after they discovered million worth of fake name brand products in New York and New Jersey. 举例来说,美国正在调查一起被认为跟中国有关的仿冒的案件。有关当局在纽约和新泽西州发现了价值可达2千5百万美元的伪冒名牌产品。Thursday, Chinese officials asked the international community to be patient. Besides the confiscating illegal products, they say, judicial protection of intellectual property rights is improving, patent applications are increasing and international cooperation is expanding. 星期四,中国官员要求国际社会保持耐心。他们说,除了没收非法产品之外,中国也正在加强对知识产权的司法保护,专利权申请越来越多,有关国际合作也越来越广泛。 200804/35469

Voters in the Midwestern state of Wisconsin are at the polls in that states primary. The main contest is on the Democratic Party side, where New York Senator Hillary Clinton has worked hard for a much-needed victory to slow the momentum of Illinois Senator Barack Obama. 美国中西部州威斯康辛的选民正在参加这个州的党内初选。竞争主要在民主党方面展开,纽约州参议员希拉里.克林顿竭力拉票,希望取得她急需的胜利,以减轻伊利诺伊州参议员奥巴马连连取胜的锐气。As the race went down to the wire in Wisconsin, Hillary Clintons campaign was accusing Barack Obama of plagiarism for his use of phrases similar to those used previously in a speech by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. 就在威斯康辛州的竞争陷入胶着状态时,希拉里.克林顿的竞选班子指控奥巴马剽窃,说他使用的词句同麻萨诸塞州州长帕特里克以前在演讲中说的话类似。Obama responded by saying that he and Patrick are friends and that they often share ideas and rhetorical flourishes. Although most independent pundits viewed the charge of plagiarism as exaggerated, they did see possible damage to Obamas image in the eyes of the voters, because his soaring oratory has been his strongest asset. 对此,奥巴马回应说,他和帕特里克是朋友,他们经常分享观点和言辞。虽然大多数独立学者觉得,说奥巴马剽窃有些言过其实,但是,他们也认为,希拉里阵营的这项指责的确可能伤害奥巴马在选民眼中的形像,因为澎湃的演讲一直是他最吸引人的本钱。In her campaign speeches, Hillary Clinton has been stressing the word ;solutions.; Clinton has said, in effect, that Obama speaks well, but that she offers real solutions to the problems that afflict the nation. 希拉里.克林顿在她的竞选演说中一直强调“解决”这个词。事实上,希拉里说,虽然奥巴马口才出众,但是,在面对困扰美国的问题时,希拉里才能为选民提供真正的解决办法。In her campaign appearances across the state, Clinton has focused on the economy and her plans to promote job growth. 希拉里在全国的竞选活动中把焦点集中在经济问题和她促进就业市场发展的计划上。;What we really need here in Wisconsin and across America is an economy that is producing good jobs with rising wages for everybody who is willing to work hard and I have been focused on the economy throughout this campaign,; she said. 她说:“威斯康辛和全美国真正需要的,是一个能为所有愿意努力工作的人提供良好就业机会和增加工资的经济,而我的整个竞选过程一直把经济问题作为焦点。”Obama brushes aside the notion that his rhetoric is insubstantial. He says he would inspire people to come together to solve problems. 虽然希拉里方面指责奥巴马的言辞没有实际意义,但是奥巴马并不理会这种说法。他说,他将鼓舞人们走到一起去解决问题。;The most important thing we can do right now is re-engage the American people in the process of governance, to get them excited and interested again in what works and what can work in our government,; he said. 奥巴马说:“我们现在能做的最重要的事情,就是让美国人民重新加入到管理国家的过程中来,让他们再次对我们政府工作的质量感到兴奋和有兴趣。”On the Republican side, Arizona Senator John McCain has a clear lead nationwide and no one expects his chief rival, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, to win the nomination, no matter how well he does in Wisconsin. But Huckabee has refused to quit, arguing that voters have a right to make a choice based on their own beliefs and principles, not on what party leaders say. 在共和党方面,亚利桑那州参议员麦凯恩在全国范围内处于明显的领先地位。外界普遍认为,无论麦凯恩的主要对手、前阿肯色州州长哈克比在威斯康辛州有如何出色的表现,他也不会赢得党内提名的竞争。但是,哈克比拒绝退出选举,他说,选民有权根据他们自己的信念和原则作出选择,而不是要听命于党派领袖。;What we need to do is make sure that the people of Wisconsin recognize that they are going out and voting their own conscience, not doing what maybe someone in Washington tells them to do and not doing what the establishment tells them,; he said. ;This vote is about the future of the Republican Party.; 哈克比说:“我们需要做的是确保威斯康辛人民认识到,他们可以出去,根据自己的良心来投票,而不是依照华盛顿的某些人的指示办事,并且不是听命于共和党权力机构而行事。这场选举关系到共和党的未来。”Huckabee says he represents conservatives who care about such issues as abortion, illegal immigration, and reduced taxes. 哈克比说,他代表那些关心人工流产、非法移民和减税等议题的保守派人士。McCain has broad appeal, which could prove important in Novembers general election in a state such as Wisconsin, which has been a battleground in past elections. But many conservatives in his party object to more liberal positions he has taken on such issues as taxes and immigration. 在过去的总统竞选中,像威斯康辛州这样的州一直是竞争激烈的战场。在类似这样的地方,麦凯恩广泛的号召力在11月举行的全国大选中可能会十分重要。但是,许多共和党的保守派成员反对麦凯恩在税收和移民等问题上所持的较自由的观点。Also in the Republican race is Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who has had to reduce his presidential campaigning in recent days in order to concentrate on defending his congressional seat back home. He now has a strong rival for the Republican congressional nomination and has cut back his national campaign schedule.作为一名德克萨斯州的共和党国会议员,在最近几天,荣.保罗不得不减少总统竞选活动,来集中精力保住自己国会议员的地位。他现在在竞选共和党议员提名过程中遇到了强劲的对手,这阻碍了他国家选举的进程。200802/27653

Obama Takes More Aggressive Tone Toward McCain奥巴马反击麦凯恩:你非变革动力 Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama took a more aggressive tone Wednesday in responding to attacks from his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain. The increasingly negative tone to the campaign for the White House comes amid polls showing McCain surging since last week's Republican convention. 美国民主党总统候选人巴拉克·奥巴马星期三用更加进攻性的口吻对共和党竞争对手、麦凯恩参议员的攻击进行反击。两党候选人在角逐白宫过程中反面语气越来越多,这是在民意调查显示共和党上星期召开全国代表大会以来麦凯恩的持率大幅上升的情况下出现的。On Tuesday, Senator Obama told a crowd in Virginia that John McCain would basically continue the policies of President Bush. 奥巴马参议员星期二在维吉尼亚州一次群众集会上说,麦凯恩基本上会延续布什总统的政策。Obama questioned McCain's claim to be an agent of change, adding "you can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig." 麦凯恩自称是变革的动力,奥巴马对他这种说法提出质疑。他还说,人们可以给猪涂上口红,但它还是一头猪。The McCain campaign pounced on Obama's comment as offensive and disgraceful, and said it targeted McCain's vice presidential running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. 麦凯恩竞选团队猛烈抨击奥巴马的话是无理的、丢脸的。他还说,奥巴马的话是指麦凯恩的竞选夥伴、阿拉斯加州州长萨拉·佩林。Senator Obama denied that charge Wednesday in Norfolk, Virginia, and accused the McCain campaign of waging a negative campaign against him that uses lies and underhanded tactics.  奥巴马参议员星期三在维吉尼亚州诺福克竞选时否认对他的指责,并谴责麦凯恩竞选团队开展负面的竞选,使用谎言和卑鄙手段来诋毁他。"Then we go another year or another four years or another eight years without addressing the issues that matter to you," he said. "Enough! I don't care what they say about me, but I love this country too much to let them take over another election with lies and phony outrage and Swift boat politics. Enough is enough." 奥巴马说:“我们可以按照现在的路线再走一年,或者四年,甚至八年,而不解决对你们来说是重要的问题。够了!我不在乎他们怎么说我,我非常热爱这个国家,我绝不允许他们利用谎言、伪装的愤怒和快艇老兵的政策再一次左右选举。这种情况不能再继续下去了。”The Swift boat reference is connected to Democrat John Kerry's presidential campaign in 2004, when he came under attack from fellow Navy veterans of the Vietnam War, who claimed he exaggerated his war record. 快艇老兵的说法是跟2004年民主党总统候选人约翰·克里有关。当时,他受到越南战争期间海军退伍战友的攻击,这些人指称克里夸大自己的越战经历。Obama's more aggressive tone in responding to the McCain campaign comes amid new polls that show the Republican ticket of McCain and Palin gaining on Obama and his vice presidential running mate, Senator Joe Biden. 在此同时,新的民意调查显示,共和党总统候选人麦凯恩和佩林的持率超过奥巴马和他的副总统竞选搭档乔·拜登参议员。Palin has proven to be a very popular pick among social conservatives and among some women voters. 对那些社会保守人士和一些女性选民来说,挑选佩林是非常得人心的。The Republicans have also fashioned an appeal to centrist voters, with McCain and Palin now casting themselves as political mavericks bent on changing and reforming Washington. 共和党人还设法迎合中间选民。麦凯恩和佩林现在把自己说成是在政治上有独立主张,决心改变和改革华盛顿的人选。Palin and McCain appeared together Wednesday at a rally in northern Virginia. 佩林和麦凯恩星期三共同在北维州一个集会上露面。"Because my friends, let there be no doubt, we are going to win this election, and let me offer an advance warning to the old, big-spending, do-nothing, me-first, country-second Washington crowd-change is coming, change is coming, and it's coming to our nation's capital and we will clean it up," McCain said. 麦凯恩说:“朋友们,请相信,我们即将赢得这次选举。我在这里预先提醒华盛顿那些老资格的、花钱无度、无所作为、个人第一,国家第二的人,变革即将来临,我们国家的首都即将发生变革。我们要把一切打扫干净。”McCain's rise in the polls and the quick ascendancy of Palin as a national figure have eroded Democratic confidence, and have spurred Democrats to urge Obama to fight back more sharply against Republican attacks. 麦凯恩在民调中持率上升,以及佩林迅速成为全国知名人物,这些因素削弱了民主党的信心,民主党因此要求奥巴马对共和党进行更加猛烈的反攻。The McCain campaign has also formed a group of Republican women called the Palin Truth Squad, which will defend the Alaska governor against what the Republicans believe are unfair Democratic attacks. 麦凯恩竞选班子还组织了一个由共和党女性组成的组织,名字叫维护佩林真相小组。这个组织将维护这位阿拉斯加州州长,免受在共和党看来是民主党对她的不公正攻击。200809/48207

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