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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201507/386636A barramundi is a really positive sign.澳大利亚肺鱼的标记真是振奋人心It means there must be water nearby and a chance of catching some food.它意味着附近肯定有水源 有可能搞到些食物It#39;s a whole river.Still want to be a bit careful with rivers,even this far inland.这是一整条河 就算身处大陆深处 碰到河流也要小心Still got saltwater crocodiles here.咸水鳄鱼仍然可能出没But look. It#39;s only knee-deep,and it#39;s crystal clear.但是你瞧 水只有没膝深 而且清澈见底For the survivor, lost in this hot-and-dry environment,对于迷失在这种干热环境中的生存者而言it doesn#39;t get any better than this,cools you down and makes life bearable again.这种情形再好不过 它能让你冷静下来 重新焕发生机Very, very, very nice.This is probably why that aboriginal camp was there.非常 非常 非常棒 也许这就是为什么土著会在那边扎营They were close to a water source.Okay, I need a refill.Oh, simple pleasures.距水源很近 好 把水壶灌满 快乐就这么简单Arnhem Land#39;s freshwater streams are home to black bream and jungle perch.阿纳姆地的淡水溪流 是黑鳍鲷和水马骝的乐园But other creatures also patrol these shallows.Water snake!但是其他生物也会从这些浅水巡游而过 水蛇Yeah, you can just see his tail under here.没错 看 它的尾巴就在下面Good-sized one. Get him up on this bank.It#39;s a file snake.个头不小 把它搞上岸 是条锉蛇Look. That really rough skin.That#39;s why they#39;re called that.看 表皮很是粗糙 所以才给它们起了这么个名字And these guys, what they do,use their tail,wrap around,look,这东西 会使什么招呢 利用自己的尾巴 绕过去 看好了 like he#39;s trying to do to my fingers ,cling on to a branch,就这样缠住我的手指头 绕根树枝and as he gets his prey,will constricts it and then swallow it.一旦捕住猎物 就锁紧它 然后整个的吞下 Article/201612/486466

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201509/396671

How to Calm Job Interview Nerves面试前好焦虑,怎么办才好?Calming Job Interview Nerves—a Monster guide.稳定面试焦虑情绪--一份 Monster 指南。Most people d job interviews, but by approaching them in the right way and taking note of a few key things, you can make sure you don#39;t freeze on the big day. You should aly know your CV like the back of your hand, but there#39;s no harm in giving it one last so you can immediately answer any questions about your past employments and education. There#39;s no way you can prepare for every question they throw at you, but if you#39;ve thought about possible responses to the more common questions, you#39;ll be less likely to be tongue-tied during your interview.大多数人都害怕工作面试,但用正确的方式应付面试并注意几个重要事项,你就可以确保自己不会在那重要的日子里吓呆。你应该已经对你的履历很熟悉了,但最后再读一下也无妨,这样一来你才可以迅速回答任何关于你过去工作经验和学历的问题。你不可能准备好面试官丢给你的每个问题,但如果你有思考过比较常见问题的可能答复,你在面试时就不太可能会结结巴巴。Getting a good night#39;s sleep before the interview is important so you feel fresh. You may want a swift drink to help you doze off, but you definitely don#39;t want to be waking up with a hangover, so keep it to one. Traveling to your interview can be stressful; try to do a trial run before the day of your interview so you know exactly how long it takes and can plan accordingly. If you#39;re made to wait in reception before you#39;re taken into the interview room, use that time to have a few deep breaths and think about some small talk you can have with your interviewer—even something as simple as commenting on the nice decor in the office or the good recent weather helps break the ice and put you at ease.面试前睡一晚好觉是很重要的,这样你才会觉得精神奕奕。你可能想要来一杯帮助自己入眠,但你绝对不想要带着宿醉起床,所以喝一杯就好。到面试地点的路程可能会很麻烦;试着在前一天试走一趟,好让你了解确切需要时间,并可以依其作规划。如果在被带到面试房间前,你被要求先在接待处等候,那就利用那时间深呼吸几次,并想一些可以和面试官小聊的话题--即便是一些像聊聊办公室漂亮的装潢,或聊聊最近宜人的天气这样简单的事情,这都有助打破冷场并让你感到自在。Even if you#39;re not feeling confident, make sure you act confident. Always try to use appropriate body language in your interview, such as making a positive but not finger-crushing handshake, looking your interviewer in the eye, and sitting up straight in your chair. If you can, try and get your interview arranged in the morning. That way, you don#39;t have a whole day for things to run over in your mind, and you can get it out of the way. If you have an interview arranged in your lunch hour, you might feel rushed to get out in time. And if you#39;re having it after work, you may have had a stressful day, and so might your interviewer.就算你不觉得有自信,也要确保你表现出有信心的样子。永远试着在面试时利用合适的肢体语言,例如一个带有自信但又不会把人家手握断的握手、直视面试官双眼,还有在座位上打直腰杆坐好。如果可以的话,试着把面试安排在早上。那样一来,你就不会有一整天让事情在你的脑中转来转去,你可以把那先解决掉。如果你把面试安排在午休时间,你可能会觉得在时间内赴约很赶。如果你在下班后才要面试,你可能已经过了一个压力很大的一天,面试你的人可能也是。Finally, the best bit of advice is don#39;t worry, just relax and be yourself. The job interview is as much for you to see if you like the company as it is for them to see if they like you, so go in with an open mind.最后,最好的建议就是别担心、放松就好,还有做你自己。工作面试是要让这间公司的人看他们喜不喜欢你,另外也是要让你看看自己喜不喜欢这间公司,所以带着开阔的心胸进去应试吧。This guide was brought to you by Monster. For more advice, jobs, and career tools, visit monster.co.uk.这份指南由 Monster 带给您。想要更多建议、工作机会、还有职场工具,请上 monster.co.uk。 Article/201509/397286l drove Michael, Marlon,我开车载着迈克尔 马龙Tommy Chong, who was in my band, from Cheech and Chong,我团里的汤米 也就是Cheech and Chongfrom Chicago to Detroit.从芝加哥一路开到底特律l take Michael directly to Motown.直接带迈克尔去城so l said, #39;Berry, l#39;ve got these kids here我说 贝瑞 我这有一群孩子#39;and they#39;re number one coming out of the block. #39;一上场就大受欢迎l said, #39;The lead singer#39;s eight.我说 主唱8岁;He can out-dance anybody you ever saw.却是个舞棍;Jackie Willson, James BroWn.比杰基·威尔逊与詹姆斯·布郎还强#39;lf you close your eyes and listen to him after l finish teaching him,你只要闭上眼听他唱歌 等我训练完他后#39;the best singer you ever heard in your life. #39;一定是你此生听过最棒的歌手lt was not easy to get a children#39;s group signed to Motown.儿童乐团要进城不是件易事And Bobby Taylor knew that when he called Berry鲍比·泰勒很清楚 当他打给贝瑞and said, #39;l#39;ve got something so special, you gotta see it, #39;并说 我挖到宝了 你一定要来看看that Berry would jump once he did.贝瑞看完一定会答应Because he would not have taken them to Berry to waste his time.不然他不会去浪费贝瑞的时间The next morning, Berry Gordy called me from Los Angeles, and he says,第二天早上贝瑞·戈迪从洛杉矶打给我说;l want you to bring them out here.;带他们过来That#39;s how they got to Motown.他们就这样进了城 Article/201508/394521

Also, the food service staff: how will their jobs change还有餐饮务人员:他们的工作将会怎样改变?and will they be required to undergo additional training将会要求他们接受另外的训练或者or more education.School authorities: will school更多的教育吗?学校领导,那些领导authorities be required to meet stricter wellness plans?须要制定更严谨的健康方案吗?How will they incorporate this into their curriculum and他们怎样将此纳入他们的课程体系how will they afford the costs.Will schools lose out又怎样负担由此带来的成本?禁止一些食品on making a profit by not allowing certain foods in出现在学校餐桌上会不会影响到学校的the school.The USDA: what is the most nutritious,盈利?农业部:学校能够接受的最有益most realistic and affordable requirements for school最现实和最负担得起的要求to meet.Dietetic practitioners: do the dietetic是什么?健康饮食倡导者:健康饮食professionals need to step up as a nutrition authority?专业人员须要升格为营养专家吗?Do they need to be leaders in their communities for他们须要在他们的社区内成为倡导健康的health promotion.Local farmers: is this an opportunity引领者吗?当地农民:这对于持农村农业在to support rural agriculture in the local markets?当地市场的发展是个机遇吗?Could schools get seasonal produce or maybe meat学校可以从当地农民那里获得时令性农产品from local farmers.And the food industry: how will或者肉类吗?还有食品工业:更加严格的指南stricter guidelines affect the food industry as far as将会怎样影响食品工业,具体比如说what foods are allowed to come into schools?什么食品能够得到许可进入学校?Will there be a shift in the market demand for school学校食品的市场需求是否将会有一个foods.As you heard there are many people that转变?正如你听到的,学校营养法规school nutrition legislation affects.The first act we影响到了许多人,我们将要提及的第一个will talk about is the child nutrition reauthorization法案是2004年的儿童营养修订法案act of 2004 which went into effect for the start of它是2006年的学年伊始开始the 2006 school year.This act requires schools that生效的,这项法案要求那些参与国家学校participate in the national school lunch program to午餐计划的学校成立一个由form a committee with designated stakeholders指定的相关权益人组成的委员会including a student, a parent, a school board member,包括一名学生,一名家长,一名校董事a school food service worker, administrator and a一名校餐饮务人员,一名管理者和一名community member.The goal of the committee was社区成员,这个委员会的目标是to develop a local school wellness policy addressing制定一套当地学校健康政策,涉及physical activity, nutrition education, school based体育锻炼,营养教育,以学校为基础的wellness activities and nutrition guidelines for all健康活动以及针对在校日期间所有foods available during the school day including可用食品的营养指南,包括那些竞争性食品the competitive foods such as vending machines,比如自动售货.(为募捐所举行的)家制bake sales, school stores and a la carte items.糕饼义卖,学校商店,以及自选商品A potential problem with the act is that it is required这个法案的一个潜在的问题是,它要求that all school districts must have a wellness policy所有学校片区都必须制定健康政策but it doesn#39;t say that a policy has to be good.但它并未说明这个政策必须有多英明It really leaves the standards up to the local school也就相当于把标准的确定权留给了当地的学校district.For all we know it may be the school#39;s goal片区,所有我们知道的就是,学校的目标to have a vending machine in every hallway.可能是在每一条过道上放置一台自动售货机Now some schools may have great wellness policies现在,有一些学校已经有很好的健康政策in place but there is so much variation from school出台了,但学校和学校间的差异确实to school.This may be due to the fact that there isn#39;t很大,这可能是由于实际上缺少really an incentive to having a good wellness plan.刺激来制定一项好的健康计划Nor is there disincentive for having a bad wellness也没有消极因素来制定一项不好的健康plan.Iowa tends to implement local control of计划,爱荷华州倾向于对学校片区进行school districts.Iowa recently passed the healthy地方控制,该州近来于2008年春通过了kids act in the spring of 2008.The rules were健康儿童法案,这些规定在2009年published in the spring of 2009 and it just started春天出版并将于2010年的今年秋天being implemented in schools this fall in 2010.在各个学校开始实施 Article/201504/368493This one always draws in the comments.这段总是引发热评and then when you think he#39;s probably done,当你认为他可能已经喝完了he goes, ;oh, hang on, there#39;s still a bit left.;他却说 ;等下 还剩一点呢;there#39;s a little bit left.还剩一点呢I mean, no one can see that. I can#39;t see that.He didn#39;t need to do that.其实 没人看得见 我就看不见 他没必要那么做Hopefully, that will help,help me go a bit further.希望这帮得上忙 能帮我走得更远And that#39;s a taste that I can still taste when I close my eyes and wince,bad.每当我闭上眼睛 想起那种味道都会战栗不已 太恶心了Definitely the most difficult,definitely the most painful,下面这个 绝对是最艰难 最痛苦and definitely, for me,the most memorable moment.并且对我来说 绝对是最值得纪念的时刻At number one,on a raft in the Pacific,giving myself an enema.我的最佳时刻 是在太平洋的一个竹筏上 给我自己灌肠Physical discomfort is definitely a part of ;Man vs. Wild; for me,对身体的挑战 绝对是《荒野求生》的一部分but this next clip was eye-watering in its discomfort.但是接下来的这段让我痛到流泪Panama was quite a historic moment,I think, in the program我 认为巴拿马那段经历不论是对于节目 对于贝尔 还是对于and for Bear and for all of us who were involved.所有制作人员来说 都是历史性的一刻This is my number one.这是我的最佳时刻 Article/201612/485267Caterpillar and Snail同理心的力量--毛虫哥与蜗牛的故事In the garden, there#39;s a caterpillar and a snail, and they#39;re basically best friends. They hang out 24/7. They do dinner, movie nights, crafts, oh, and they#39;re, like, really into cosplay on top of, like, whatever else caterpillars and snails do, like, eat leaves or something.花园里,有一只毛毛虫和一只蜗牛,它们基本上算最好的麻吉。它们二十四小时都混在一起。它们一起吃晚餐、看电影、做手工艺 ,噢,而且它们真的很迷角色扮演,除了其它毛毛虫和蜗牛都会做的事之外,像是,吃树叶还是什么的。Anyways, one day they#39;re on their way to a party that#39;s right outside the garden, and they have to go through the fence to get there. So the caterpillar goes right through, but the snail is stuck. Her shell is just too big and it won#39;t fit under the wire, so she#39;s like, ;Crap! I can#39;t get through! Maybe, like, can you lift up the wire, or maybe we can build a little bridge or something?; And the caterpillar#39;s like, ;Dude, just go under.; But she can#39;t. There#39;s just no way that the shell is gonna fit.总之,有一天它们在前往花园外的派对的路上,而它们得穿过围篱才能到那。毛毛虫直接过去,但蜗牛卡住了。她的壳太大,那穿不过铁网下面,所以她就像这样说:“糟糕!我过不去!或许,你可以抬起铁丝网,或是我们也许可以建个小桥还是什么的?”毛毛虫这样回答:“好哥儿们,从底下过去就是了。”但蜗牛她没办法。那壳根本不可能过得去。And the caterpillar#39;s like, ;Go under, come on. We#39;re gonna be late, and I#39;m trying to hook up with that super cute ladybug.; But it#39;s not happening. The shell will not fit under the wire, and at this point, Snail#39;s getting kinda frustrated because it#39;s not like she doesn#39;t wanna go to the party, but for some reason, Caterpillar just isn#39;t getting it.毛毛虫就像这样说:“从底下过,快啊。我们要迟到了,我可是要试着把那只超可爱的瓢虫耶。”但蜗牛过不去。壳没办法从铁丝网下过去,此刻,蜗牛感到有点挫败,因为又不是说她不想要去派对,但因为某种原因,毛毛虫就是无法理解。;Yeah...it#39;s not that easy for me. I just can#39;t crawl under the fence like you can, so I would really appreciate your help here. Maybe we can, like, go a different way, or the...; And this just, like, sets the caterpillar off.“是啊...这对我来说没那么容易。我就是没办法像你那样从围篱底下爬过去,所以我会非常感谢你此时此地的帮忙。或许我们可以,像是,走别条路,或者...”然后这就把毛毛虫惹火了。;What the heck! Just because I can crawl under stuff doesn#39;t mean that I have it easy. Do you even know what it#39;s like to have 16 feet?! You don#39;t, because finding shoes is a complete nightmare.;“搞什么!只因为我可以从那玩意底下爬过去不代表对我来说就很容易。你知道有 16 只脚是怎样吗?!你不知道,因为找鞋子是场全然的噩梦。”;Whoa, whoa, whoa, I#39;m not saying you have it easy. I#39;m just saying I can#39;t go under the fence because of my shell, that#39;s it. I have a shell and you don#39;t, and there#39;s some stuff that#39;s easier for you that#39;s harder for me, just like, I don#39;t know jack about finding shoes because I don#39;t have feet!;“哇、哇、哇...我不是说对你来讲很容易。我只是说,因为我的壳的关系,我没办法从围篱底下过去,就这样。我有壳而你没有,有些对你来说比较容易的事对我来说比较困难,就像是,我压根不了解找鞋子这回事,因为我没有脚!”Caterpillar thinks about this for a second and realizes the snail is right. I mean, he#39;s never had to think about shells or slimy trails, and that#39;s a privilege that the snail has never had because she has to think about that stuff all the time. That#39;s part of being a snail. And it#39;s kind of like that for everyone, right?毛毛虫想了会,发现蜗牛是对的。我是说,他从来不用考虑壳或是黏答答的足迹,但那是蜗牛从未享有的特权,因为她必须时时刻刻想着那玩意。那是当一只蜗牛的一部分。而对大家来说都有点像那样,对吧?I mean, we all have our own struggles and challenges, and some of them are small, and some of them are huge and really unfair and beyond our control. And a lot of the time, it can be hard to see what someone else deals with because you#39;ve never been in their shoes...or shell. I mean, like, maybe you#39;re gay, or trans, have a disability, or different religion, or, of course, the obvious one, you#39;re a member of a different race. I don#39;t know what it#39;s like to be you, and you don#39;t know what it#39;s like to be me. So it#39;s really important to stop and try and see the other side so we can help each other overcome those obstacles together. It#39;s like sometimes you#39;re the snail, and sometimes you#39;re the caterpillar.我是说,我们都有我们自己的挣扎和挑战,那些事有些微不足道,有些则很庞大、且非常不公平、又超出我们的控制。很多时候,可能很难看见别人面临的困难,因为你从未处在他们的立场...或壳里。我是说,像是,可能你是同性恋,或跨性别者,有缺陷,或有不同的宗教信仰,或者,当然,很显然的那一个,你是属于不同种族的一员。我不知道身为你是怎样,而你也不知道身为我是怎样。所以停下来并试着看另一面是非常重要的,这样我们才可以同心协力帮助彼此克那些困难。这就像有时候你是那只蜗牛,但有时候你是那只毛毛虫。Oh yeah, okay so, then the snail and the caterpillar figured out that if they went to the other side of the garden, they could get through a little break in the fence. And while it took a little longer to get to the party, they did the trip together, which is what made it so great. So they got to the party. The caterpillar hooked up with the little ladybug. Snail taught everyone how to do the Wobble, and the party was everything.没错,好啦所以,接着蜗牛和毛毛虫想到,如果它们去花园的另一边,它们就可以从围篱的小缝隙穿过去。虽然花了比较多时间才到派对,但它们一起完成这旅程,那就是让这旅程如此美好的事物。所以它们抵达派对。毛毛虫和小瓢虫调情。蜗牛教所有人跳摇摆舞,派对棒呆了。The End结束This is illustrated by the very talented and lovely Kat Blaque, and written and narrated by yours truly, Chescaleigh. Please check out Kat#39;s channel and don#39;t forget to subscribe. Byeee!这部影片是由才华洋溢又可爱的 Kat Blaque 绘制,由你真挚的 Chescaleigh 写下以及配旁白。请看看 Kat 的频道,还有别忘了订阅喔。掰掰! Article/201511/408612

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201510/400107Statins have been heralded抑制素被认为是as the greatest discovery since antibiotics,自抗生素以后最伟大的发现and their ability to deal with cardiovascular disease它们对于心脏血管类疾病的治疗has made them the most prescribed medicine in the world.使它们成为世界上最常用的处方药In the UK alone,仅仅在英国 six million adults pop one every day.就有六百万成年人每天用一粒Statins are fantastic drugs,抑制素是很了不起的药物no doubt about it. They#39;re life-savers.这是毋庸置疑的 它们是救命良药We may not be sure HOW they do that我们不知道它是怎么做到的 but we know that they do.但它就是做到了So if you take a statin,所以如果你用抑制素 your cholesterol level will drop.你的胆固醇水平就会降低If you take a statin,如果你用抑制素your risk of heart attack and stroke will fall.你心脏病发作和中风的几率就会变小Statins reduce the amount of cholesterol,抑制素可以降低胆固醇also known as lipids, in the blood.也就是血液里的脂质的含量The Government recommends that statins be given政府建议所有患过心绞痛 中风to all those who have had a heart attack, a stroke or angina.或者是心脏病发过的病人都用抑制素Mrs Parsons? Susan, come on in.帕森太太 苏珊 进来吧But now health officials are recommending statins be prescribed但现在卫生官员建议to those who are simply可能心脏病发或中风的人deemed to be at risk of a heart attack or stroke也用抑制素because their cholesterol is raised above normal.因为他们的胆固醇含量高于正常水平 Article/201503/365522Record-high temperatures scorch Xinjiang新疆遭遇罕见高温或破历史极值It#39;s baking in northwest China#39;s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.中国西北部的新疆维吾尔自治区正经历着高温侵袭。Record-breaking temperatures are expected in the next two days.预测未来2天里会有持续打破历史纪录的高温天气。A heat wave has been scorching the region in the past week, with the highest-level heat alert for five days.过去的一周这个地区5天内经历了最高级别警报的一股热浪。Temperatures in most areas climbed above 35 degrees Celsius.大部分地区的气温达到了35摄氏度。On Monday, the mercury hit 46 degrees in the region#39;s city of Turpan.周一,吐鲁番温度达到46摄氏度。Meteorologists attribute the unusual heat to strong subtropical high pressure.气象学家将这种高温天气归结为强副热带高压。People have been warned to suspend outdoor work.当地人民已被通知不要在户外工作。 译文属 Article/201507/387034

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