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2017年12月11日 08:29:07

Why Taylor Swift Maybe Shouldnt Write a Song About Her Breakup为什么泰勒·斯威夫特不应该写有关她分手的歌After months of dating-which included memorable moments like that romantic Caribbean vacation, dinner parties with BFF Karlie Kloss, and of course the original #swangoals-pop star Taylor Swift and her DJ-producer boyfriend Calvin Harris have officially called it quits. There was ;no drama,; according to People: ;Things just dont work out sometimes,; an anonymous source said. ;No one cheated.;个月约会之后--约会内容包括一些纪念性时刻,比如浪漫的加勒比度假,与最好朋友卡莉·克劳斯的晚宴聚会,当然还有原创微#前进吧天鹅--流行歌手泰勒·斯威夫特和她的音乐制片人男友凯文·哈里斯正式宣布分手据《人物杂志所述,两人分手;没有闹剧;,;有时候事情就是无法解决;,据无名人士说道,;没有人出轨;While we hope that true, Swift fans are aly anticipating her breakup songs about the split. But Tay may not want to put pen to paper just yet. Although writing about your feelings (see: Swift entire discography) is commonly thought of as helpful post-breakup, it may actually prolong the healing process.当我们希望这是真的时,斯威夫特的粉丝就已经期待有关她分手的歌曲了但也许泰勒还未想要将这段感情付诸于纸笔尽管写下自己的心情(见斯威夫特的完整唱片)通常来说对于刚分手是有帮助的,但事实上却很有可能延长;疗伤;过程In a study from the University of Arizona, published in Clinical Psychological Science, researchers recruited 90 participants who were recently separated or divorced, and divided them into three groups. The people in the first group were told to write about their feelings in a journal. The second group completed ;narrative expressive writing; exercises (in which they put their thoughts into story mat, with a beginning, middle, and end). And the third group simply chronicled their day-to-day activities without mentioning their emotions at all.年亚利桑那大学开展的一项研究中,该研究在《临床心理科学上发表,研究人员招募了90位参与者并将他们分成三组,这些人最近刚刚分居或离婚研究人员让第一组的人在日记上写下他们的感受让第二组人员完成;叙述表达写作;的练习(在练习中,他们将自己的想法照故事格式进行写作,要有开头,中间和结尾)第三组就记录他们的日常活动,一点都不提自己的情感Surprisingly, participants in the first and second groups who also happened to be ;high ruminators;-meaning people who think very deeply about upsetting situations-reported greater emotional distress in follow-up sessions eight months later.令人惊奇的是,同样也是;好思考的;第一二组的参与者--指的是会对自己的苦恼处境反复思考的人--在八个月后的随访会议中低落情绪也更多The researchers suspect that those people who naturally tend to dwell, writing about a painful breakup may actually prolong the agony. ;This study is important because it challenges our notions about what might be the thing to do to promote healing after a divorce,; lead author David Sbarra, PhD, a psychological scientist at the University of Arizona, told ScienceDaily when the study first came out. ;It makes us reconsider the things we do to try to put our lives back together.;研究人员怀疑对于那些原本就倾向思考的人来说,将痛苦的分手过程写下来可能真的会延长自己的痛苦;这项研究很重要,因为它挑战了我们的概念,即有关离婚后做什么事情才会疗伤的概念; 该研究刚发表时,首席作家大卫·斯巴拉在接受《每日科学访问时说道,大卫是亚利桑那大学的心理科学家,;它让我们重新思考我们为了过回原本的生活而去做的那些努力; T.Swift, the healthiest strategy might really be to shake it off.对于泰勒·斯威夫特而言,最健康的策略可能就是摆脱掉分手一事译文属 9979宜春注射美容1. NASCAR was started by bootleggers.纳斯卡赛车起源于私酒贩子和联邦税务稽查员之间的猫捉老鼠游戏 397樟树妇幼保健院伊婉玻尿酸伊婉玻尿酸型号艳冠假体艳冠假体隆鼻价格宜春韩美医院激光点痣多少钱

樟树微创丰胸的价格宜春韩美整形美容医院抽脂减肥价格A quick-thinking doctor saved the life of his pet tortoise after it nearly drowned - by giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.一位反应快的医生用人工呼吸的急救方式救了他那只快淹死的宠物龟The eight-year-old reptile, Atlas, appeared to have drowned in his water bowl at Ben Waterfall home in Swimbridge, Devon.这位医生名叫Ben Waterfall,在位于英国德文郡的家里,他发现这只8岁的爬行动物Atlas差点淹死中水盆里The horrified family doctor saw the tortoise half submerged in the bowl and picked him up to find he was not breathing.受到惊吓的医生发现这只乌龟一半都浸在了水盆里,急忙拿起来时已没了呼吸Dr Waterfall had been tending his garden when he had walked past Atlas run and noticed that his pet was in serious trouble. He said: I saw his back feet sticking up out of the water. I pulled him out but he was not breathing and was completely floppy.Waterfall医生当时正在修整花园,他经过Atlas的碗注意到他的宠物有大麻烦了他说:“我看见它的后腿伸出了水面外我把它从水里拉出来的时候,它已经没了呼吸,身体都瘫了下来”I did six minutes of mouth-to-mouth bee he slowly started breathing and blinking. The doctor, who works at a GP surgery in Barnstaple, North Devon, admitted: I was quite emotional at the time.“我做了六分钟的嘴对嘴的呼吸,然后他渐渐回复了呼吸开始眨眼” 这名在德文郡北部Barnstaple诊疗所工作的医生承认:“我当时很冲动”I first started doing it and I had my mouth over his whole head, mouth, nose and nostrils. Then I changed it to sort of breathing into his nostrils. “一开始做的时候我吞进了他的整个头、嘴巴、鼻子还有鼻孔随后我改变方法开始向它的鼻子吹气”He has a run outdoors which had some water in a concrete container about ten inches long - the same width as his shell. He had just fallen in. He was essentially dead.“它在户外有一个大约英尺长的喝水容器,和它的贝壳的宽度一样它跌了进去,快死了”Dr Waterfall wife Subhani had been putting the couple two-year-old son Harry to bed when her husband saved the life of their pet. The doctor told his son that Atlas had been swimming because the boy was too young to understand what was really going on.当Waterfull医生救他宠物的时候,他的老婆Subhani正安抚他们两岁的儿子睡觉医生告诉他的儿子说Atlas之前一直在游泳,因为他们的儿子还太小,没法理解He said: When my wife came downstairs she said that Atlas is supposed to outlive us. He is not supposed to die young at eight years old. Tortoises generally have lifespans comparable with those of human beings, and some have lived more than 0 years.他说:“当我妻子下楼的时候,她说Atlas当时可能会离我们而去它不应该在它只有8岁这么年轻的时候就死去” 乌龟的年龄和人差不多,有的还能活到0岁The pet owner took Atlas to the vet to be checked out and he was given antibiotics in case he had any water in his lungs.Waterfull医生带着Atlas去兽医院以便做进一步的检查,兽医也给了它开了一些抗生素以防肺里积水The guys at work think it is hilarious, added the doctor. There is a mixture of laughter and them kind of saying well done giving it a go.“看病的兽医说人工呼吸的事实在很搞笑” Waterfull医生补充道“他们都在笑,但也认为这么做确实很有帮助” 19387The newly appointed editor of Russian Vogue has courted controversy by putting Vladimir Putin's alleged mistress on her first front cover 俄总理弗拉基米尔#86;普京的绯闻情人近日首次登上俄罗斯版《时尚杂志封面,这让该杂志的新任主编陷入争议  The January issue features mer rhythmic Olympic gymnast Alina Kabayeva, 7, wearing a pound;1,000 gold Balmain dress with her hands on her hips  年1月刊的封面人物是前奥运会艺术体操选手、现年7岁的阿琳娜#86;卡巴耶娃,她双手叉腰,身穿一件价值.1万英镑的巴尔曼品牌金色裙装  Viktoria Davydova’s decision to give her such prominence in the magazine is one that is likely to irritate the strong man Russian prime minister who has scornfully denied a newspaper report that he has left his wife Ludmila, with whom he has two daughters, Miss Kabayeva  新任主编维克多莉娅#86;达维多娃让卡巴耶娃登上杂志封面的决定很可能会激怒俄罗斯“硬汉”总理普京曾轻蔑地否认了他为了卡巴耶娃而与妻子柳德米拉离婚的报道普京与妻子育有两个女儿  While there is no substantive evidence that Mr Putin, 58, is romantically linked to Miss Kabayeva, who also happens to be an MP Mr Putin's ruling ed Russia party, the alleged affair has long been the hottest gossip topic among Russia's elite  尽管没有充足的据表明58岁的普京与卡巴耶娃有恋情,但这起桃色绯闻一直是俄高层中最热门的八卦话题卡巴耶娃恰好还是普京领导的“统一俄罗斯党”的一名议员  The rumour first came to public prominence in when a Russian newspaper, owned by billionaire oligarch Alexander Lebedev, ed a source as insisting the story was trueMr Lebedev shut the newspaper down soon afterwards claiming it had not been a commercial success though many suspected the real reason was to appease an angry Mr Putin 绯闻首次曝光是在年,当时俄罗斯一家报纸援引其他消息来源称绯闻属实这家报纸的老板是亿万富豪寡头亚历山大#86;列别捷夫列别捷夫随后以不赚钱为名关停了这家报纸,然而很多人猜测真正的原因是为了安抚暴怒的普京  The rumours later escalated when bloggers claimed Miss Kabayeva had subsequently given birth to Mr Putin's love child. Mr Putin has angrily claimed that there is "not one word of truth" in any of the allegations, while Miss Kabayeva's spokesperson has refused to discuss what she derided as "nonsense."  随后谣言升级,有人在客中曝料称卡巴耶娃后来生下了普京的私生子普京愤怒地称所有这些“都是胡说八道”,而卡巴耶娃的发言人则嘲讽说这样的流言是“废话”,对此不予置评  Mr Putin has rarely been seen in public with his wife Ludmila in recent years, citing a heavy workload. He married Ludmila, a mer air hostess, in 1983, the same year as Miss Kabayeva was born 普京近年来很少与妻子柳德米拉一同在公开场合亮相,理由是工作繁忙1983年,普京迎娶了前空柳德米拉,而同年卡巴耶娃刚刚出生靖安县鼻部除皱价格宜春整形医院双眼皮

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