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长乐做人流多少钱且安全保宫好湖南镇中医院在线预约Michigan has 883 operating wind turbines.Theres been a big push for wind farms since 2008. That was when lawmakers decided a certain amount of our electricity must come from renewable resources, and utilities built wind turbines to comply.The cost of building wind farms has fallen dramatically since then. But nobody is rushing to put up more turbines.In fact, the man who has developed the wind farms we have in northern Michigan says his enthusiasm for wind is waning.Marty Lagina used to drill for natural gas. His new company, Heritage Sustainable Energy in Traverse City, builds wind farms and Lagina has been surprised by how angry it makes the neighbors.;We thought we were doing something really good,; he says. ;We still do, but to be the target of these vicious attacks, it gets old pretty quickly.;Heritage has been sued in both counties where it has built wind farms, and also has filed one lawsuit of its own.The most recent suit against the company claims turbines on the Garden Peninsula in the U.P. are a threat to human health and the lives of birds.Lagina finds some criticisms of wind energy ridiculous, but he will acknowledge there are issues, like the noise.;They make some sound and to some people, at least ostensibly, its very aggravating,; he says.Even though the cost of building a wind farm today is less than half of what it was when he started about five years ago, Lagina isnt sure its worth the trouble.;The wind industry is sort of on the cusp of being the low-cost producer,; he says. ;But the big obstacle went from price to this pushback.;But pushback from the neighbors is not the only problem. Not everyone in the electricity business thinks wind is a good deal. Dan Dasho at Cloverland Electric Cooperative in Sault Ste. Marie is one skeptic.;Ive talked to a lot of people who are thinking about projects, but they could find no one to buy the output,; he says.Cloverland supplies electricity to the eastern U.P., and Dasho says the cooperative will be looking to burn natural gas to meet its electricity needs in the future. Dasho says the problem with wind is it doesnt blow all the time.;So what do you do for the rest of the time?; he asks. ;Well, youve got to have a gas generator to back up that wind. So the cost of wind isnt just the wind generator, its wind plus gas, so you have the capacity there when you need it.;Looking inlandWind proponents contest that math. Skip Pruss was the states chief energy officer in the Granholm Administration and now has a consulting business called 5 Lakes Energy. Pruss says all energy generators need backup, and the electricity is fed into a common market.;Every generating source, whether its a coal plant, a natural gas plant or a wind farm or a solar farm, that is backed up by other generation sources,; he says.And Pruss says the cost of backing up wind power is negligible.He says people living in coastal areas like Benzie County and Leelanau County may never warm up to wind farms. But he says new studies have shown the wind blows better than they thought in the center of the Lower Peninsula.;We can build a lot more wind capacity in central Michigan, in agricultural areas where wind becomes the most reliable revenue stream and crop or harvest for farmers,; he says.But even some farming communities are tired of windmills. Most wind farms in Michigan are in Huron County. Earlier this month, the county approved a moratorium on new ones.201504/369983长乐做无痛人流会不会痛 Europe Greek taxation欧洲 希腊税收A national sport no more逃漏税再也不是全民运动Greek tax dodgers are being outed希腊严惩逃漏税者Greek officials used to shrug off tax evasion as “a national sport”. The finance ministry focused on raising revenue through indirect taxes such as value-added tax. Meanwhile income from a flourishing black economy financed the building of second homes on the islands, in Greece’s Arcadian heartland or moved into bank accounts abroad.希腊官员曾经将逃漏税看做一场“全民运动”,对其并不重视。财政部主要通过增值税之类的间接税收来增加收入。同时,繁荣的黑市经济创造的收入一部分走入希腊田园牧歌般的中部的二手房市场,一部分流入境外账户。Those days are over. As Greece struggles to put its public finances in order, property owners have been hit by a volley of new taxes and holders of Swiss bank accounts are under uncomfortable scrutiny. Hot Doc, an investigative magazine, recently published a list of 2,000 Greeks who kept accounts at a Geneva branch of HS.这样的日子一去不复返了。当希腊挣扎着稳定公共金融秩序的时候,房产主受到了各种新税种的连番轰炸,瑞士持股人也处于监控之下,无法安心。调查性杂志《热门档案》最近公布了一份名单,曝光了2000位在汇丰日内瓦分行开户的希腊富人。Costas Vaxevanis, its editor, is adamant that to publish the list was in the public interest. (Many hard-up, law abiding Greeks would agree.) He argues that reforms of taxation have not gone far enough, despite recent efforts by the conservative-led coalition government of Antonis Samaras to pursue 54,000 taxpayers who sent 22 billion (.5 billion) abroad in -11. About 15,000 people transferred funds that were not declared to the tax authorities; the government now hopes to rake in an extra 2.25 billion in taxes.杂志总编辑哥斯达斯·瓦瑟瓦尼斯坚称,公布这份名单是保护公众利益。(许多经济拮据并遵纪守法的希腊人会认同这一点)。 他声称,尽管最近保守派的安东尼斯·萨马拉斯领导的联合政府做出了许多努力,追查在至2011年间将220亿欧元(合285亿美元)转移到国外的54,000位纳税人,但税制改革还远远不够深入。大约有15,000人转移到境外的资产是未向政府申报的资产,希腊政府现在则希望税收收入快速增加22.5亿欧元。Mr Vaxevanis is due to be tried in Athens on November 1st on charges of violating data-privacy laws by publishing the list that contains names of politicians, shipowners and businesspeople. He accepts that some accounts held legitimate funds. Yet many of the 200 people contacted by the Hot Doc team either claimed the list was a fake or begged him not to publish their names, he says.瓦瑟瓦尼斯预计会在11月1日因“违反数据保密法,擅自公布包含政客、船商及企业老板姓名名单”受审。他承认一些账户持有的是合法资金。然而,他还说,《热门文章》杂志团队取得联系的200人,或声称名单是伪造的,或乞求他不要公布他的名单。Those most embarrassed by the revelations are two former socialist finance ministers, George Papaconstantinou, and his successor, Evangelos Venizelos, now leader of Pasok (the PanHellenic Socialist Movement). In 2010 Mr Papaconstantinou requested the list, put together by a former HS employee, from Christine Lagarde, then his counterpart in France. He asked Ioannis Kapeleris, the head of SDOE, the Greek financial police, to check out ten names. Although they turned out to be suspected tax evaders, Mr Papaconstantinou never pursued the matter. The CDs containing the names and a copy made on a USB stick were “mislaid”, Mr Papaconstantinou told parliament. The next head of SDOE, Ioannis Diotis, a former public prosecutor, told Mr Venizelos an investigation into the stolen list could face legal problems. The matter was quietly dropped.在此次揭发事件中最为难堪的是两位社运党籍前财政部长:乔治·帕帕康斯坦提诺及其继任者、泛希腊社会主义运动党现任领导人伊万格勒斯·维尼则罗斯。2012年,帕帕康斯坦提诺曾向法国财政部长克里斯蒂娜·拉加德索要过这份由一位前恒生员工制成的名单。还曾要求希腊独立税务调查组——相当于希腊的财政警察——负责人扬尼斯·卡佩勒瑞斯调查其中的10个人。尽管调查结果显示这些人有逃漏税嫌疑,帕帕康斯坦提诺却从未追究下去。他告诉议会,记载名字的CD及装有副本的USB存储器“不知道被放在哪儿了”。继任的希腊独立税务调查组负责人、前检察官扬尼斯·戴奥蒂斯告诉维尼则罗斯,调查丢失的名单可能会遇到一些法律问题。此事因此就被悄然搁置了。Yannis Stournaras, the current finance minister, a technocrat, has asked Paris to send another copy of the list, which dates from 2007. Yet it may still be hard to catch up with tax evaders. According to Mr Kapeleris, delays in digitising tax records have meant that many documents going back more than five years are shredded.现任财政部长雅尼斯·斯托纳拉斯是位技术官员。他要求巴黎再给他提供一份2007年以来的名单副本。然而,想抓住那些逃漏税者还是很难。据卡佩勒瑞斯说,由于实现税务记录数字化过程落后而缓慢,5年多以前的许多文件都被粉碎了。The sheer scale of Greek tax evasion angers the European Union and IMF officials trying to knock Greece’s economy back into shape. One recent study suggested up to 30 billion of revenue goes uncollected every year. Ms Lagarde, now the IMF managing director, has said publicly she cares more about village schoolchildren in Niger than Athenians “who are trying to escape tax all the time.” Mr Vaxevanis’s trial will be closely watched.希腊大规模的逃漏税激怒了欧盟及国际货币基金组织里那些尝试将希腊经济扳回正轨的官员。最近一份研究表明,希腊每年会流失约300亿欧元的税收收入。现担任国际货币基金组织总裁的拉加德女士公开表示,相比起“一直尝试偷漏税的”雅典人来说,她更关心尼日尔的农村学龄儿童。对瓦瑟瓦尼斯的审判将会受到密切关注。翻译:陈莎莎译文属译生译世 /201608/461122长乐村卫生站无痛人流手术

长乐妇幼保健站做人流好吗Migrants in the Mediterranean地中海移民The numbers nightmare令人发指的人数Ever more people are drowning while trying to get to Europe越来越多的人在前往欧洲的道路上溺水身亡IN THE sea separating north Africa from the European Union, the phrase “calm waters” now has an ominous ring. After the weather improved this week, almost 8,500 illegal migrants were rescued. Some brought tales of horror: of chaos in Libya, of mistreatment and torture at the hands of people-smugglers, and of deaths at sea. As many as 400 died on April 12th when their boat capsized, apparently because they rushed to one side when rescuers appeared.在欧洲和非洲的海峡之间,“平静的水面”这个词语现在可不是什么好预兆。本周天气转好之后,差不多有8500民非法移民获得了救援。他们中的一些身上有着骇人听闻的遭遇:有的来自混乱的利比亚;有的遭受走私者非人折磨;还有一些直接在海洋上失去了生命。4月12号,因为一艘船只倾覆,约400民非法移民者丧生,因为当救援船出现时,他们同时涌向了船的一侧。Migrants sometimes lie to get sympathy. But the Italian authorities are taking seriously a claim that a trafficker threw to sharks the body of a dead (or perhaps unconscious) migrant, apparently overcome by fumes.这些非法移民有时候会通过撒谎来得同情。但是意大利当局发布了一份严肃的声明说有一些走私者将死者(或者说仅仅是丧失意识)的躯体扔给鲨鱼,不过这明显是一种掩人耳目的做法。The latest wave of arrivals confirms that the EU faces a challenge of unprecedented proportions. According to the International Organisation for Migration, more than 15,000 people have reached Italy since the start of the year. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees says not enough is being done to save lives.最新一波的移民潮肯定会让欧洲面临一次前所未有的挑战。根据联合国移民署的统计,从年初开始已经有超过15000人抵达了意大利。但是联合国难民署的高级专员表示为了拯救生命,我们做的还远远不够。On humanitarian grounds alone, the EUs present response, Operation Triton, is inadequate. The remit of its vessels is to patrol within 30 miles (48 km) off the Italian coast. Triton replaced the bigger Operation Mare Nostrum, which Italy suspended at the end of 2014 partly because other EU countries would not share the burden of search and rescue. Italys partners say they have migration and asylum problems of their own. Anyway, many migrants who come ashore in Italy disappear north before being identified—with the connivance of the Italian authorities. Both numbers and drownings seem likely to rise.从人道主义的角度上来说,欧盟对此现象的反应—Triton组织的行动并不够。该组织在意大利30海里(48千米的)海岸线上巡逻。Triton代替了之前一个更大的组织——Mare Nostrum,该组织因为欧盟其他成员国不愿负担搜索和救援的责任而被搁置。意大利的盟友们则表示,他们有各自的移民和救助问题。无论如何,因为意大利当局的默认,之前那些通过意大利渐渐消失的北部海岸线入境的非法移民都获得了正式身份。而现在,无论是移民人数,还是溺亡的人数看上去都会继续增加。译者:曾擎禹 校对:毛慧译文属译生译世 /201504/371827长乐市中山医院做宫颈手术 罗联乡妇女医院做血常规检查

长乐市中心医院做四维彩超检查 Until recently, many ecologists didnt study the effect of evolution on population dynamics because evolution is much slower than the predator-prey cycle.直到最近,许多生态学家都没有研究种群动态进化所带来的影响,因为进化的速度远远慢于捕食的周期。But a study suggests that adaptive evolution might actually play a role in the dynamics ofthe predator-prey relationship.但是研究表明,适应性进化可能影响着掠食者与被掠食者之间的动态。Cornell University biologists studied the population dynamics of green algae and rotifers, the microscopic aquatic animals that feed on them.康乃尔大学的生物学家研究了以绿藻为食的轮虫的种群动态。They expected that the rotifers would eat the algae and multiply until the algae population crashed.他们预测,轮虫将会吃掉绿藻并繁衍后代直到绿藻的种群锐减。This would then cause the rotifer population to crash, which would allowthe algae population to recover, and the whole cycle to begin again.由于绿藻的减少,轮虫的种群也会锐减,这时绿藻种群便开始恢复,整个循环周期便又开始了。What they observed, however, was that there was some lag between the time the algae population reached a certain density and the time the rotifer population began its recovery.但是他们观察到在绿藻种群到达一定的密度之后,轮虫种群并没有立刻开始恢复。Why? And how does evolution fit into all this?为什么呢?进化过程是如何与之一致的呢?Well, it turns that some algal cells are resistant to digestion, although this resistance comes at a cost: they reproduce more slowly.实际上,有些藻类细胞会对消化产生抵抗性。尽管这些抵抗也是有代价的:它们的繁殖更加缓慢。As the more dominant, non-resistant strains of algae crashed, the resistant algal cells began cloning themselves more rapidly, and this temporarily stabilized the algae population.由于处于优势,不抗消化的绿藻品种数量减少,抗消化的绿藻细胞开始更加快速的繁殖,这就暂时稳定了绿藻种群。In the meantime, the rotifer population crashed because the rotifers had less to eat,allowing the non-resistant strains of algae to recover.同时,轮虫种群随着它们食物的减少而减少,这就让不抗消化的绿藻品种开始恢复。Once the non-resistant algae became common again, the rotifer population increased, completing the cycle.一旦不抗消化的绿藻又变得普遍了,轮虫种群就开始增长,完成整个循环周期。So basically, adaptive evolution enabled the algae population to reestablish itself by delaying the time it took the predator population to recover.因此,适应性进化使得绿藻种群能够通过拖延捕食者种群恢复的时间来重建自己。Understanding the effects of adaptive evolution may help scientists to better understand the behavior of drug-resistant bacteria and outbreaks of disease.对适应性进化影响的了解将会帮助科学家更好的明白抗药菌的行为以及疾病的爆发。201412/348429长乐市妇保医院联系电话玉田镇儿童医院地址



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