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Chinese Stocks Drop After Central Bank Raises Reserve Ratio中国央行准备金率创记录股市暴跌   Chinese stocks have dropped nearly eight percent after China's central bank announced it would raise the amount of cash banks must keep on hand to a record high. China has been struggling to rein in excess cash to control inflation, but pressure is growing on Beijing to let its currency appreciate faster. 在中国央行宣布把存款准备金率提高到一个创记录的高点之后,中国股市暴跌近百分之8。中国一直在努力控制过多现金的流动,以遏制通货膨胀。然而北京政府正在承受日益增加的要人民币以更快速度升值的压力。China's stock market benchmark, the Shanghai Composite Index, plunged by 7.73 percent Tuesday after the People's Bank of China said it would raise the reserve ratio by one percent this month. 中国人民宣布将于本月把存款准备金率提高一个百分点后,具有指标性的上海综指星期二暴跌百分之7.7。The reserve ratio is to go up in two stages, half a percent on June 15 and another half on June 25, to a record high 17.5 percent. 存款准备金率分两步提高,6月15日提高半个百分点,6月25日再提高半个百分点,达到百分之17.5的创记录高点。The move marks the fifth time this year the bank has raised reserves to discourage excessive lending and investment. The bank last year raised interest rates six times to encourage savings and make lending more expensive. 这是今年中国央行第五次提高存款准备金率,为的是收紧过度贷款和投资。去年央行为鼓励储蓄、提高借贷成本,曾经六次调高存款利率。Michael Pettis is an associate professor of finance at Peking University. He says the problem is China's currency, the yuan, is undervalued and a gradual appreciation has not slowed the flow of cash. 迈克尔.佩蒂斯是北京大学金融学教授。他说,问题在于人民币币值过低,逐步升值还是没有能够起到减缓现金流通的作用。"The fact is none of these things are working. No matter what pace they use, hot money seems to be pouring into the country. And, that's very, very destabilizing for stock markets, banking markets, and everything else in the country," said Pettis. 他说,“事实上这些办法都不灵,不论他们以什么速度来提升币值,看来热钱还是照样涌入中国。这是股市、对业务和中国的所有一切活动中非常不稳定的因素。”The excess cash has fed inflation, which neared a 12-year high of 8.5 percent in April. Food prices were up a massive 22 percent. 过量现金流动导致通货膨胀,4月份百分之8.5的通胀率是近12年来的最高点。食品价格大幅攀升了百分之22。If inflation continues to rise authorities may have to take more drastic measures, to keep rising prices from stoking public unrest. 如果通胀率继续上升,当局有可能采取更有力的措施,以避免不断上升的物价引发民众骚乱。Pettis says China may be forced into a one-off revaluation of the yuan, perhaps by as much as 20 percent. 佩蒂斯说,中国有可能被迫以百分之20的幅度,一次性重新估价人民币币值。200806/41754Do you mind not slurping Denise?丹尼斯,可以不要咂着嘴喝茶吗?This is thirsty work.我说这么多话很渴。Now is everyone clear about what to do if there is a fire alarm?现在大家都清楚听见火警后该怎么做了吧?Its usually a false alarm anyway.一般都是假警报罢了。Thats not the point. Now Anna, what about smoking?那个不是重点。安娜,关于吸烟呢?No smoking on company premises. But it wasnt me, it was Mr Ingle.办公场所禁止吸烟。但那不是我,是英格尔先生。Mr Ingle!英格尔先生。I see, so it was Mr Ingle smoking in the warehouse. You should have told me Anna. Sorry!我知道了,所以是英格尔先生在库房吸烟。你应该早点告诉我,安娜。 对不起。Right, Im going to have to look into this.好了,我会调查一下这件事的。Back to work everyone… oh and take a biscuit with you.大家可以回去工作了……拿点儿点心吧。So Annas let the cat out of the bag – Mr Ingle wont be pleased – but at least she now knows what do if a fire breaks out.安娜把秘密说出来了——英格尔先生会不高兴的——但是至少现在她知道了火灾发生的时候自己该做什么了。 /201702/491071UN Says N. Korea Ejects Inspectors From Nuclear Reprocessing Plant北韩终止国际社会对其核设施监督   North Korea has taken dramatic steps toward fulfilling its threat to resume production of nuclear weapons material.北韩朝着实现其恢复生产核武器材料的威胁采取了极端的步骤。The International Atomic Agency, or IAEA, confirms North Korea has ended international supervision of activities at its main nuclear reprocessing facility in Yongbyon. Melissa Fleming, a spokeswoman for the U.N. agency, confirms it has complied with North Korea's demand to remove seals and cameras.国际原子能机构实,北韩终止了国际社会对其主要核设施的监督活动。国际原子能机构发言人弗莱明说:"There are no more seals and surveillance equipment in place at the reprocessing facility," she said.“北韩要求国际原子能机构拆除宁边设施上的封条和监视设备。”Fleming says the North has disclosed plans for the facility in the near future.弗莱明说,这项工作星期三已经完成,北韩为这个设施制定了近期计划。"The DPRK has also informed the IAEA inspectors that they plan to introduce nuclear material to the reprocessing plant in one week′s time," she said. "They further stated that from here on the IAEA inspectors will have no further access to the reprocessing plant."她说:“北韩还告诉国际原子能机构检查人员,他们计划在一个星期内将核材料运入这个设施。他们还表示,从现在开始,国际原子能机构检查人员不再能够进入这个设施。”South Korean officials say they are very concerned about North Korea's actions, which pose a serious challenge to an international deal aimed at ending its nuclear weapons capabilities.韩国官员表示,他们非常关注北韩的行动,他们认为这些行动对旨在终止北韩核武器能力的一项国际协议构成了严重挑战。Pyongyang promised South Korea, the ed States, Japan, China and Russia last year it would fully disable the Yongbyon facility, and declare its nuclear programs as a step toward eliminating them altogether. After submitting the declaration months past the agreed deadline, North Korea has refused to agree on a set of steps for outside teams to verify that the declaration is accurate.平壤去年曾经向韩国、美国、日本、中国和俄罗斯保,将完全终止宁边设施的活动,并提交核项目清单,作为完全去核化的一步。在超过最后期限几个月才提交核项目清单之后,北韩拒绝接受由外部团队核查其核清单准确性的一整套措施。The ed States says it will not remove North Korea from a State Department list of nations accused of sponsoring terrorism until there is a verification agreement. North Korea says the verification issue is separate from Washington's promise to remove it from the terror list. In recent weeks, it has threatened to restart the Yongbyon reactor, and says it is no longer interested in being removed from the U.S. list.美国表示,在就核查机制取得共识之前,不会把北韩从国务院一个被指责资助恐怖主义的国家的名单中去除。北韩表示,核查问题与华盛顿将北韩从恐怖名单中除名的保是两回事,最近几个星期,北韩威胁重启宁边反应堆,并声言,北韩对从恐怖名单中除名不再感兴趣了。South Korea has hinted it may delay energy and other assistance it committed to provide North Korea under the six-nation deal. That could further constrict North Korea's impoverished economy, which has endured strict international sanctions since Pyongyang tested its first nuclear weapon in 2006.韩国方面暗示,可能会推迟根据六国协议承诺提供给北韩的能源和其他援助。而这将使北韩贫困的经济进一步受到挤压。平壤2006年试验第一枚核武器以后,国际社会对北韩采取了制裁行动。200809/50340探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 10If, as it now seems, every single galaxy has a black hole at its heart, this can't be a coincidence. Perhaps black holes are an essential part of what galaxies are and how they work. No one had expected that black hole size and galaxy size could possibly be related. It suggested some mysterious invisible connection between a galaxy and its black hole. But what this was was a mystery scientists would have to wait three years to solve. The first breakthrough came when a new instrument was added to Hubble Space Telescope. This dramatically accelerated the discovery of new black holes, giving scientists a wealth of new potential leads to follow. For three years the data has been coming down to Earth. Amongst those who've been sifting through it, are two young competing researchers. What they were to discover this year would turn the world of cosmology on its head. Everyday I go to work, I don't really know what's going to happen, but I can count that it's going to be something exciting every single day.These past six months have been phenomenal in terms of black hole research. We've been extremely excited we were finding these black holes in, in, in numbers that we had never been able to do before. Karl Gebhardt and Laura Ferrarese were trying to find the fundamental connection linking black holes and their galaxies. So they searched through all the different galaxy characteristics, looking for any new links that might give a clue. But it wasn't until they looked at the property called sigma that the mystery began to unravel. Sigma is just a very, very fancy name for something that's actually very simple. Sigma is the speed at which the stars are circling in the outer reaches of the galaxy. The stars at the edge of the galaxy are so far away from the black hole that they are completely unaffected by its gravity.wealth: an abundance or profusion of something desirableunravel: investigate and solve (a mystery or puzzle) 200808/45325

To much patriotic fanfare, china launched its first ever moon-shot today, the Chang'e 1 orbiter named after Chinese goddess credited with flying to the moon will spend more than a year surveying the lunar surface. It's all part of the China's long term plan to be the first Asian country to land a man on the moon. With Japan and India accelerating their lunar programs and the ed States reviving its interest in the moon, it seems a new space race is on. As our China correspondent Lindsay Hilson now reports, it is as much about military might as it is scientific endeavor.China's first lunar orbiter the Chang'e 1 launched by the Long March 3A rocket from a site in Sichuan province. The launch was broadcasted with about a minute's delay, so if anything went wrong they could pull the plug. But it didn't. And in 20 days time the satellite should start orbiting the moon, taking 3D images and analyzing the distribution of elements on the moon surface. Today's launch marks a significant step in China's lunar mission. Party secretary Hu Jingtao has sent a congratulatory message. Some 2000 Chinese tourists paid 60 pounds each to watch the launch, no foreigners were allowed. This is a matter of national pride.This is our first probe to the moon and it's a symbolic event, I feel this is very important for us. Spending the money is a small matter for me, the main thing is to come here to witness the moment of the launch.It was Chairman Mao, back in 1958 who said China should compete with the US and the Soviet Union in space. The first Chinese rocket was launched in 1960 and the first satellite 10 years later. But it wasn't until 2003 that the Chinese sent a man into orbit: Yang Liwei, who said last week that he hoped one day to found the first branch of the Chinese Communist Party in space.We have a go for main engine to start. Now it seems there is a new space race. And lift off of Discovery. Another Discovery space shuttle was launched from Cape Canaveral yesterday. The astronauts on board will anchor a new European laboratory to the International Space Station--from which the Chinese had been excluded. President Bush recently talked of sending American astronauts back to the moon. We will build new ships to carry men forward into the universe, to gain a new foothold on the moon and prepare for new journey to the worlds beyond our own.(The engine ignition) Last month, Japan launched a lunar orbiter, the most technically complex mission to the moon since the Apollo program of the 1960s. India too has an increasingly ambitious space program. And it's planning a lunar mission next year. China's space budget is less than a tenth of NASA's . But the US military believes China will soon have the capacity to knockout American satellite communications, critical in any future war. China and the US both see space as a new potential battlefield. Today's launch is another way for China to show the world that it is a power to be reckoned with. Lindsay Hilsun, Channel 4 News. 200805/39912

探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 13They discovered that when a famine was able to trigger an effect was different for the grandmother than the grandfather. The grandmother appeared susceptible while she herself was still in the womb, while the grandfather was affected just before puberty. And the timing of this sensitive period was telling us that it was tied in with the formation of the eggs and the sperm. This was critical, because now they knew how it was happening. Environmental information was being imprinted on the egg and sperm at the time of their formation. At last, a clear picture of an inherited environmental effect was beginning to emerge. All they needed to do now was to compile their findings. Bygren drew up a rough diagram, and sent it to Pembrey.Hand-drawn, this is what Olov sent me. You know, he was too excited to wait for the thing to be drawn up properly. You know, he sent me the data. Er, in fact I was recovering, er, from having something down to my heart. So he sent it saying, er, I hope this, helps you get better quickly, because it was so exciting.When Pembrey plotted out the diagram, he was immediately struck by its significance. Once I had plotted out the, the full extent of those results, it was so beautiful and such a clear pattern. I knew then, quite definitely, that we were dealing with a trans-generational response. It was so coherent, and that's important in science that the effect was coherent in some way, was tied in when, when eggs and sperm were being formed.The diagram showed a significant link between generations, between the diet in one and the life expectancy of another. When you think that you have, have found something important for the understanding of the thing (it...) itself, you can imagine that this is something really special.It's up there with I am... I'm a sort of fair-weather supporter of Liverpool. It's up there with Liverpool winning the Champion's League.You can only have it once in your lifetime.This is gonna become a famous diagram. I, I'm convinced by that. I get so excited every time I see it. It's just amazing. Every time I look at it, I find it really exciting. It's fantastic.Pembrey and Bygren had the first conclusive proof of an environmental effect being inherited in humans.New Words amp; Phrases:puberty: The stage of adolescence in which an individual becomes physiologically capable of sexual reproduction. 青春期plot: To represent graphically, as on a chart 以图表画出fair-weather: Present and dependable only in good times 只适于顺利时候的只在好的时候出现或可信赖的200807/45050

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