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India to Strengthen National Security Following Bomb Attacks印度连遭炸弹袭击后强化国家安全   Indian authorities have announced a series of measures to strengthen security following recent bombings in major cities, including the capital. The government has come under attack for not doing enough to counter terrorism. 印度当局宣布了一系列的措施来加强安全,因为印度大城市,包括首都在内,最近接连发生爆炸事件。政府由于在反恐方面没有做出足够的努力而受到批评。Indian Home Secretary, Madhukar Gupta says a new counter-terrorism center will be established to prevent terror attacks in the country. He says more police personnel will also be recruited, and closed-circuit TV cameras installed in crowded places such as shopping malls.  印度内政秘书古普塔说,当局将建立一个新的反恐中心来防范印度国内发生恐怖攻击。他说,当局也会招募更多的警察,并且在购物商场等人多的地方装置闭路电视摄像机。Officials also acknowledged they must be y to deal with threats from home-grown militants.  官员也承认,他们必须做好准备应付国内武装份子的威胁。The measures, which are part of a revamp of the police and intelligence apparatus, were announced days after the Indian capital was hit by a series of bomb blasts. 这些措施是在印度首都遭受一系列爆炸袭击的几天后所宣布的,这些措施实际是重整警察和情报机构的一部分。New Delhi was the latest target of bomb attacks that have killed more than 100 people in major cities during the past four months. The pattern of attacks has been similar, low-intensity bombs planted in crowded areas such as markets. 新德里是最新爆炸袭击的目标,过去四个月以来在主要城市炸死了一百多人。爆炸攻击的模式都很类似:低强度的炸弹被放置在拥挤的地方,例如市场。The bombings have led to strong criticism that the government lacks an effective counter-terrorist policy, and intelligence agencies are not able to tackle the menace.  一系列爆炸事件引发了公众的强烈批评,他们指责政府缺乏有效的反恐政策,情报机构没有能力应对这种威胁。Prime Minister Manmohan Singh admitted Wednesday there are "still vast gaps in intelligence and these need to be overcome." 印度总理辛格星期三承认,“在情报和政策上还有很大的鸿沟须要克。”Home Secretary Gupta says efforts are being made to strengthen vigilance and intelligence gathering.  内政秘书古普塔说,当局已经在努力加强警惕和情报收集。"There is a very specific element and component of this, which is basically a joint task force between the central agencies and the concerned states which work together, sharing of information, getting linkages, pool information from various other places and various other states where these things have happened," he said. 他说:“这里有具体的组成部分。基本上是中央情报机构同有关各邦联合行动,分享信息、建立联系、从其他地方和曾发生爆炸事件的邦把信息集中起来。”But the government has turned down calls by the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party for the reinstatement of a tough anti-terror law that was scrapped by the government after it came to power. The BJP says the law is needed to tackle the growing terror threat, but the government says it was misused to harass Muslims. 但是政府拒绝了反对党印度人民党要求的恢复严格的反恐法,自从这届政府执政后取消了反恐法。印度人民党说,需要这项法律来阻止恐怖威胁。但政府说,这条法律被用来骚扰回教徒。Information and Broadcasting Minister, Priya Ranjan Das Munshi says the law will not be revived.  信息和广播部部长蒙什说,不会恢复这项法律。"Categorically, I say no, no, no," he said. "It [the law] was acutely draconian against human rights."  他说:“绝对不会恢复,我会说不、不、不。这项法律严重违反了人权。”Security experts are also urging the government to pay closer attention to the threat posed by home-grown militant groups. A group called Indian Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for several of the recent bombings.  安全专家也在敦促政府要更密切注意来自国内武装份子的威胁。一个名为“印度圣战者”的团体声称对最近几次炸弹袭击负责。Previously, India pointed the finger at Pakistan-based Islamic militant groups for terror attacks, but there are fears the recent attacks were the work of a locally based group. 以前,印度指责在巴基斯坦的伊斯兰激进团体发动这些恐怖袭击,但他们担心最近的袭击是当地一个团体所为。200809/49275

Individual income tax个人所得税A: This is the Foreign. What can I do for you?A: 你好,这里是国际税务所,请问有什么帮助的吗?B: This is Tom Black and I am from England. I have something to inquire abou the income tax.B: 我是来自于英格兰的汤姆·布莱克,我想咨询一些关于个人所得税的问题。A: Sure, go ahead.A: 好的,请说。B: Heres the thing. I am a sales representative in China and my company is based on my income in England?B: 事情是这样的,我是我们公司在中国的销售代表,我们公司总部设在英格兰。那么请问一下我需要交纳个人所得税吗?A: Well, it depends.A: 这得根据不同情况而定。B: On what?B: 那么是根据什么情况呢?A: It depends on how many years you have been in China.A: 是根据你在中国居住的时间的长短而定的。B: Well, I have been in China for only six months.B: 我刚刚到中国六个月。A: You are quite welcome. Bye.A: 很高兴为您效劳,再见。 /201603/429974

Scripts:Accompanied by his wife and attorney, Texas oil man Oscar Wyatt arrived at Federal Court, unsure what his sentence would be. Wyatt had aly pleaded guilty to conspiracy in a scheme to defraud the massive oil-for-food assistance program. Prosecutors presented evidence of Wyatt, talking with Saddam Hussein about access to Iraqi oil, skirting international sanctions. Another Wyatt attorney called the 83-year-old Tycoon an American Hero. And noted letters of support from celebrities and ordinary citizens who said Wyatt saved or changed their lives. Among the letter writers, heart specialist Michael DeBakey and actress Farah Fawcett. Wyatt stood before the judge breaking into tears. The World War Two fighter pilot saying:"I would never do anything to hurt my country." He apologized to friends and family.Can you explain what you said in court apologizing for the cameras are here?Why should I apologize to you?Judge Denny Chin heavily praised Wyatt's past humanitarian acts. But said the oil trader clearly broke the law defrauding the oil-for-food program. He added considering Wyatt's background, it's still hard to understand why he did it. The judge went lighter than the recommended sentencing guidelines ordering Wyatt to serve a prison term of one year.Well that was not what I would have like, but it was a fair situation as far as I am concerned. I think the judge did the best thing he could do, and what he had to work with . Wyatt's Texas socialite wife was pleased since her husband could have faced two years or more in prison. I am just so proud of my husband. When the judge was talking about him, I was y to just burst.Wyatt's sentencing comes two weeks after Chevron oil admitted obtaining Iraqi oil illegally through third parties. And paid thirty million dollars in penalties. Wyatt's lawyer said in court in a fact everyone was doing it.This doesn't excuse what Mr.Wyatt did, but it was the culture of the market place.Wyatt also agreed to forfeit eleven million dollars to the government. After pleading guilty in October, Wyatt told reporters he didn't want to waste any more time at 83 years old. The quicker it's over the better. Wyatt will serve his time in his native Texas at a minimum security prison camp.Richard Roth, CNN New York. Notes:Oil-for-Food Assistance Program: 伊拉克石油换食品计划Forfeit: To surrender, be deprived of, or give up the right to on account of a crime, an offense, an error, or a breach of contract. 200807/43557

UN: 22 Countries in Danger of Famine联合国粮农组织:22穷国最缺粮 The ed Nations food agency says 22 countries are particularly threatened by the global food crisis that has seen soaring prices increase hunger and led to protests and riots in some countries. The FAO says these countries are vulnerable because they suffer from chronic hunger and are forced to import food and fuel. 联合国粮农组织说,在目前的全球粮食危机中,22个贫穷国家受到的威胁最大。粮食和燃料价格暴涨导致越来越多的人遭受饥饿,并且在一些国家引起了抗议和暴乱。The 22 countries particularly vulnerable to food security problems are listed in a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) prepared for a meeting next week in Rome. The U.N. food agency says these countries suffer from chronic hunger and are forced to import much of their food and fuel.  联合国粮农组织在一份为下个星期举行的会议所准备的报告中列出了22个食品问题最为严重的国家。粮农组织指出,这些国家长期以来一直存在饥饿问题,食品和燃料都严重倚赖进口。FAO economist Kostas Stamoulis used Eritrea as an example, a country he said imports 100 percent of its petroleum. 联合国粮农组织的经济学家考斯塔斯.斯塔默里斯以厄立特里亚为例说,这个国家的石油百分之百依靠进口。"They have to bear the burden of high petroleum import costs," he said. "They import 80 percent of the major grains produced in the country and they were hit by the fact that prices of major grains have increased substantially," he said. “他们必须承受进口石油成本高昂的负担。他们百分之八十的主要粮食都倚赖进口。粮食价格大幅上升给他们的打击非常大。”In addition, Stamoulis says nearly 75 percent of Eritrea's population is undernourished.  斯塔默里斯指出,厄立特里亚几乎百分之75的人处于半饥半饱营养不良的状态。The FAO economist said all the countries on the threatened list had a higher than 30-percent hunger prevalence. Stamoulis said many of the endangered countries are in Africa.  这位联合国粮农组织的经济学家还说,在所有被列入粮食危机名单的国家中,百分之三十以上的人正忍饥挨饿,其中很多是非洲国家。"African countries from the point of view of undernourishment are the ones that are overall in the worst situation than in other regions," he added. "The continent has extremely high prevalence of hunger." “说到营养不良,非洲国家跟其他地区相比,总的来看,情况是最糟糕的。在非洲大陆,饥饿现象极为普遍。”The FAO will host a conference that opens next Tuesday where delegates from all over the world will discuss high food prices and the challenges to reduce food insecurity, posed in the long-term by climate change and other factors. A number of world leaders are expected to attend.  联合国粮农组织下个星期二将在罗马主持召开一个关于全球粮食危机的会议。届时,来自世界各国的代表将讨论如何对付食品价格暴涨,以及如何在气候变化等因素影响下保障粮食供应。很多世界领导人都将出席这次会议。The U.N. agency says the meeting will be a "historic chance" to re-launch the fight against hunger and poverty and boost agricultural production in developing countries. 联合国粮农组织说,这次会议将为重新发动一场战胜饥饿和贫困的全球运动提供一个历史性机会,尤其是帮助提高发展中国家的农业生产方面。斯塔默里斯说:"We are trying to attract the attention of the international community and bring people in the same venue to make decisions, outline plans, set up strategies for facing the short and long-term consequences of high food prices for food security," he explained. "This is a high level conference on challenges. And we believe that a lot of these challenges must be faced through coordinated action among countries and not in isolation." “我们试图引起国际社会的关注,让人们共同做出决定、草拟计划、制定战略,以解决食品价格暴涨给食品安全所带来的短期和长期问题。我们认为,其中的很多挑战都需要各国协调行动来共同面对,而不是孤军奋战。”The FAO report says the conference should agree on plans to boost local food production and increase investments to stimulate production. It adds that leaders need to agree on assistance to the poor, including food subsidies and cash transfers. 联合国粮农组织的报告说,在下个星期的会议上,各国需要就如何增加粮食生产以及如何通过增加投资来刺激生产等问题取得一致意见。各国领导人还需要就如何帮助穷人达成协议,其中包括提供食品补贴和现金转让。 200805/40424

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is expressing concern over Burma's decision to exclude pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi from future elections. The statement from ASEAN follows the completion of Burma's draft constitution. But the regional bloc still says it will not interfere in Burma's domestic affairs.  东南亚国家联盟对缅甸当局有关不准民主运动领袖昂山素季参加未来选举的决定表示关注。东盟是在缅甸通过宪法草案之后发表声明的。不过,东盟仍然表示不会干预缅甸的内部事务。Singaporean Foreign Minister George Yeo says Burma's decision to bar Aung San Suu Kyi from participating in elections is odd and out of date. Singapore currently holds ASEAN's rotating leadership. Yeo spoke late Tuesday in Singapore, where foreign ministers from the 10-member organization are holding meetings. 新加坡外长杨荣文说,缅甸当局决定禁止昂山素季参加选举是奇怪的、过时的。新加坡目前是东盟的轮值主席。杨荣文星期二晚间在新加坡发表讲话。东盟10国正在新加坡举行外长会议。But, in keeping with ASEAN's history of non-interference in member states' affairs, Yeo also said the group could do little about Burma's decision. 杨荣文同时表示,遵照东盟不干涉成员国内部事务的传统,东盟对缅甸当局的这项决定几乎不能采取任何行动。On Tuesday, Burma's state-run radio said a 54-member commission had approved the draft constitution. It prohibits Aung San Suu Kyi from participating in elections because she was married to a foreigner. The democracy leader was married to a British national, who died of cancer in 1999.  缅甸官方电台星期二说,由54人组成的委员会已经批准了宪法草案。宪法草案规定,鉴于昂山素季与外国人结婚,因此不得参加选举。这位民主运动领袖与一个英国公民结婚,她的丈夫已于1999年死于癌症。Roshan Jason is executive director of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus in Malaysia. He said ASEAN's statement on Burma was weak, especially since it recently signed a charter that calls on member states to protect human rights in the region. 罗山.贾森是东盟设在马来西亚的缅甸问题议会委员会负责人。他说,东盟针对缅甸发表的声明是软弱无力的,考虑到东盟最近刚刚签署了敦促成员国保护本地区人权的宪章,尤其是这样。"I think ASEAN has failed in its first attempt to uphold its promises to make sure the region consists of countries which respect human rights," said Jason. 他说:“我认为,东盟在首次做出尝试的时候,就没有履行有关确保本地区各国都尊重人权的承诺。”Aung San Suu Kyi has spent 12 of the last 18 years under detention, and is currently under house arrest in Rangoon. Her party won a landslide election in 1990, but the military government refused to recognize the results. Since then, it has prevented the party from taking office. 在以往18年期间,昂山素季受到12年拘押,目前被软禁在仰光。她的党在1990年选举中获得压倒胜利,但军政权拒绝承认选举结果。此后,军政权一直不准这个党的成员担任公职。Jason said he does not expect ASEAN to take a stronger stance anytime soon, because addressing human rights in Burma could force other member states to acknowledge their own shortcomings. 贾森说,他不指望东盟会很快采取更强硬的立场,因为一旦涉及缅甸的人权问题,就会迫使其他国家承认本国的缺点。"You have countries in the region as well, member states of ASEAN, who have, who are in their own way, levels, committing human rights abuses," noted Jason. "You've got draconian laws in various countries; you've got arbitrary arrests; you've got former military dictatorships taking the form of civil, political groups." 他说:“本地区还有东盟的其他成员国,这些国家也存在侵犯人权现象,只是方式和水平不同。一些国家存在严酷的法律,存在任意逮捕现象,一些前军事独裁政权换用了文官和政治组织的形式。”Jason also says the bloc is choosing money over the basic rights of Burma's people, as many ASEAN members have strong business interests in Burma. ASEAN has argued that trade will help bring about reform in Burma, one of the poorest countries in the region. 贾森还说,很多东盟成员国在缅甸有着很大的商业利益,因此把金钱置于缅甸人民的基本人权之上。东盟坚持认为,贸易将有助于缅甸实行民主。缅甸是东南亚最贫穷的国家之一。Burma says it will hold a national referendum in May to approve the new draft constitution. The international community has criticized the document because Aung San Suu Kyi and independent political parties were barred from the drafting process. Burma's military government says general elections will be held in 2010.  缅甸表示,将在今年5月举行一次全民公投,决定是否批准新宪法草案。昂山素季和独立政治党派被禁止参与这部宪法的起草过程,因此宪法草案受到国际社会的批评。缅甸军政府说,将在2010年举行大选。200802/27662

Contessa Brewer: Joining me to discuss how the damage from Katrina could affect the economy, from Washington is David Wessel, deputy bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal. David, nice to see you today.David Wessel: Nice to see you.Contessa Brewer: So how much has hurricane Katrina affected oil and gas production here?David Wessel: Well, the, the Gulf of Mexico, as you point out, is a very important center of oil exploration and production. And even more important it's a port for importing oil and other energy materials into the ed States. So the reason oil prices has spiked is because their concerns that the supply will be disrupted. We won't really know how bad it is for a few days till we assess the damage. But we're very vulnerable there as you point out.Contessa Brewer: Yeah. we heard,urh, initial reports that you know, Chevron for instance was flying over a huge refining plant out there along the Gulf Coast that some of these big platforms with the big ocean-going liners coming in to offload their oil. They may have been damaged there; they could prevent those supplies coming in. The president is considering releasing some oil stock from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but if the refineries can't handle that work, how would that help?David Wessel: Well, it , it wouldn't help what the Strategic Petroleum Reserve has is raw material that would have to be refined. The problem is this comes at a moment when we don't have a lot of access refining capacity and when oil markets were aly on edge because demand for oils from around the world has been so strong. So it is a very delicate moment. I think it actually goes beyond that, because one fifth of all the nation's imports and exports come out of the ports down there in the areas affected by the hurricane. And if it turns out that those ports are damaged, it'll take a while to reopen. The economy effects could go beyond the energy ones.Contessa Brewer: Ok! That's good to know. I didn't even realize it was such a big import situation.David Wessel: A lot of , a lot of the nations' grain is exported through those ports, you know, goes down the Mississippi River so...Contessa Brewer: So you are talking about that perhaps prices could go up for all kinds of goods?David Wessel: Right or we could sell less of it, absolutely. I mean that's a thing it's so interesting. You know it's obviously devastating for the people who live there and those pictures are so upsetting and you can't imagine what it's like to be there. As a center of production in the US, of the overall US economy, it's not very big. About three percent of the GDP is in this area. That's not very big. But our imports and exports of energy are very important part of that region's economy. And that could have national implications .Contessa Brewer: Well let's talk a little bit too about the insurance industry because certainly (right) it's aly been a long hurricane season. How is Katrina going to affect them when you're talking about early estimates being more than nine billion dollars in insured losses?David Wessel: Well. Clearly the insurance industry is gonna pay off a lot of money to home owners, and to businesses that have lost property or have had their businesses interrupted. The total losses are being talked about in the range of 25 billion dollars although those estimates are always very squishy so early on. What this means is that the insurance companies and particularly the reinsurance companies those are insurance companies that insure insurance companies are gonna spend a lot of money. There isn't any reason to worry about the financial stability of the system. They have a lot of resources. They've reserved for this. So it's gonna be a big cost, it's gonna hurt their earnings, it's aly hurt their stock prices. But I don't think it's gonna have big ripples outside the industry, except for one thing, it always happens like this. They have a big disaster and even though they prepare for disasters and even though they have insurance business,it almost always leads to rating increases across the board for people who buy properties, casualties and liability insurance.Contessa Brewer: Ok, David thank you so much for joining us with your perspective on that and today you've offered several new angles for us to ponder there. David Wessel with Wall Street Journal.200807/44003

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