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屈原故里端午文化节于2012年6月21日在湖北省秭归县隆重举行。这场盛大的2012屈原故里端午文化节开幕式暨纪念晚会,在秭归凤凰山下的屈原祠广场上隆重举行。整场演出分“史诗千古”、“家国情怀”和“盛世欢歌”三个篇章,大型歌舞吸引观众眼球,著名歌星韦唯、韩磊登台献唱,赢得掌声雷动。Zigui, a small town in Central China#39;s Hubei province, is the hometown of Qu Yuan, the famous patriotic poet of the Warring States Period who lived more than two thousand years ago. According to tradition, Qu Yuan is one of the reasons why we celebrate the Dragon Boat festival. The original town of Zigui was submerged under water, to allow for water storage, as part of the Three Gorges Dam project. So how do migrants from old Zigui spend the Dragon Boat Festival?Xiong Huike runs a restaurant at Xilingxia village in Zigui County. He and his family emigrated from old Zigui town before the water level of the Three Gorges Reservoir reached 135 meters in 2003. During Dragon Boat Festival, he still climbs the mountains to collect mugwort leaves, a local tradition.Xiong Huike, migrant, said, ;It#39;s a tradition. I always climb up to gather mugwort as the festival approaches.;The celebration is also a time for warding off harm and disease for the rest of the year. Xiong Huike hangs the mugwort leaves as a talisman on his front door to protect his family.His family prepare Zongzi, rice wrapped in reed leaves. It was used toward the fishes away from Qu Yuan#39;s body, nowadays it#39;s a popular festival snack.Xiong Huike also said, ;Our life improved after we moved. I have my own restaurant now, and I#39;ve bought a car. But it#39;s more difficult for our large family to gather together in one place for the Dragon Boat Festival.;Xia Ruixue, Zigui, Huibei Province, said, ;Xilingxia village is one of the new villages built for migrants in Zigui County. Its inhabitants are people who relocated from the Three Gorges Dam. During Dragon Boat Festival, they keep the old traditions alive.;Hanging mugwort leaves isn#39;t enough to keep children safe from harm and disease. Another migrant in the village boils mugwort leaves and bathes her granddaughter in the water.Xilingxia village in the new Zigui county stands at the entrance to Xiling Gorge. Its inhabitants live along a stretch of mountain here.Xiong Huike, migrant, ;My whole family used to live below here. Now it#39;s been submerged under water. I miss my hometown.;Over 3000 thousand people in the old Zigui town moved to higher ground to enable the building of the Dam. Life has improved for these migrants, and the Dragon Boat Festival has changed with it. Article/201206/187943How do I find a headhunter?我应该怎样寻找猎头呢?With job headhunters and recruiters, the best way to find a really good headhunter is through referral. Find some other people who have worked with a headhunter and get the name of the specific recruiter that they have worked with. You can also check with your Better Business Bureau or your Chambers of Commerce. Additionally, you can also call around to other employment agencies and find out what types of relationships they might have with executive recruiters. Certainly you can go to the internet but you might not always get an honest picture of who this company is going to be, so your best bet is to contact recruiters armed with a lot of questions. And be sure that those recruiters answer your questions to your satisfaction.在猎头和招募方面,寻找好的猎头和招聘人员的最佳方法就是通过介绍。结识一些曾经跟猎头工作过的人,查明他们曾经一起工作的招聘人员的具体名字。你还可以联系商业信誉局和商会。此外,你还可以联系其他招聘机构,查明他们与执行招聘人员的关系。当然你可以上网查找,但是或许你不能真正地了解公司的情况,所以,你最好准备好一些问题之后联系招聘人员。确保这些招聘人员给你的回答让你满意。Thanks for watching How To Find A Headhunter.感谢收看“怎样寻找猎头”视频节目。 Article/201212/214705E|GK[aC#A|~Te~]|E;Nz|Hps,IR)n|wVIf you#39;ve over-used lipstick, and it will look pretty obvious because it will come off on your teeth, all you need to do is put your finger in your mouth and then just drag your finger out. Any excess lipstick will be around your finger and you won#39;t have any problem.*E7l~8qF98Yv^O如果你使用过多口红,你会很明显看到它剥落到你的牙齿上i;s~fOQ^BTe7aeFyy。你需要做的仅仅是把手放入嘴中,之后再拔出来vxTSDZgnIrjpIT。多余的口红将会附着在你的手指上,你就不会有任何的烦扰+u7;c;qX_l1j%*GE-(。E_87C9%h[A!1z_I]a词语解释: **6H((e|!gD4NtTZ1. lipstick n. 口红 c%^[NVrglK2. drag v 拉,拽7!TcNg)sRBYZYF0M8IViJOOLY~p|snm)6i1*w Article/201111/161629Fonts are brillo, they come in all shapes and sizes and colours. That doesn#39;t mean you#39;re allowed to go mad and use just ANY font though: these ones are banned, for the public good.字体千姿百态,从形状,大小到颜色各有不同。然而,这并不意味着你可以肆无忌惮地使用任何字体。在公共场合,有一些字体是禁用的。Step 1: Arial1.ArialArial#39;s been around so long, now, that it#39;s comforting and familiar in the same way that makes middle-aged men trade in their wives for a younger, sexier model. Arial is therefore the pixel equivalent of a frumpy, disappointing housewifeArial已经面世太长时间了,已经太舒适,太熟悉了,就像一个中年男子想要把自己的妻子换成更年轻,更性感的模特的那种感觉。因此,Arial字体就像没见过世面的失望的家庭主妇。Step 2: Times New Roman2.Times New RomanTimes New Roman is rarely appropriate in a futuristic web2.0-enabled society. It#39;s clumsy, and has weird ugly sharp twisty bits coming off each of the letters. Ack, what a mess. Pick something properly classy like Verdana or Calibri, and let Times die.在比较新潮的web2.0互联网时代,Times New Roman是非常不适用的。这种字体非常笨拙,在每个字母的末尾都有非常丑陋的弯曲的一点。乱七八糟。选择Verdana或Calibri这样比较经典的字体,让最先使用Times New Roman的泰晤士报去死吧。Step 3: Papyrus3.PapyrusPapyrus makes everything you type look like it was written in Ancient Greece!, albeit by a ROBOT FROM THE FUTURE. That#39;s not a good thing. If you#39;re using it, why not go whole hog and flip the colour to green and write “Save the trees! Please don#39;t print this e-mail unless you really need to...” in your email signature like any of your emails are worth printing off.Papyrus从任何角度看上去都像是古希腊文,不过是由来自未来的机器人书写的。这并不是好事。如果你正在使用这种字体,为什么不更彻底一点,在你的邮件签名中,把颜色调成绿色和白色,书写“拯救树木!请不要打印此邮件,除非确实需要!”这样看上去好像你的邮件都值得打印出来一样。Step 4: Comic Sans4.Comic SansThe granddaddy of all unusable fonts. Initially intended to be a quick comic book substitute, Comic Sans quickly found itself over used to the point of eye-bleeding saturation, and is now rarely seen outside the realm of ignorant passive aggressive office notes.这是所有不适用的字体的鼻祖。最初用于一本喜剧书籍,后来,Comic Sans字体逐渐被滥用到令人眼睛充血的饱和状态,现在,在被动的具有攻击性的疏忽的办公室便条之外已经很少使用。Step 5: Curlz5.Curlz“Look at me!”, this font says. “Look at how what I write perfectly embodies the sort of person I am! I#39;m a bit crazy, and a bit different. I stand out!”这种字体说,“看看我!看一下我书写的多么完美,体现了我是多么完美的一个人!我有点个性张扬,有点与众不同,我鹤立鸡群!”It doesn#39;t matter that you can#39;t actually what they#39;re writing, because the sort of person that chooses a nonsense font like this invariably hasn#39;t got anything important to say anyway.你认不出他们写的是什么并不重要,因为选择这种毫无意义的字体的人没有任何重要的事情要说。Invariably written in pink, and accompanied by acres of rubbishy clip art.有人还偏偏喜欢选用粉红色字体,还用大量垃圾一样的艺术字。TRUE STORY: the email invite to last year#39;s VideoJug Christmas Party was written entirely in red and green ‘Curlz#39; and the entire office was SICK BLOOD.一个真实的故事:去年VideoJug的圣诞节派对邀请函就是完全用红色和绿色的Curlz字体书写的,办公室所有人都感到恶心。In short: be careful about which fonts you use, because the wrong one makes you look like a proper wally.简言之,谨慎选择自己使用的字体,因为错误的字体会让你看上去像个十足的笨蛋。Thanks for watching The Top Five Fonts To Never Ever Use感谢收看“永远不要使用的五种字体”视频节目。 Article/201209/200102

VideoJug presents a guide on how to make breaking up go as smoothly as possible. Breaking up is always hard to do, but by following these six steps during the break up, you will experience a more amicable split.VideoJug这段视频指导你怎样使分手过程尽可能的顺畅。分手总是很困难,但是遵循以下六个步骤,可以实现更加和平地分手。Step 1: Courage1.勇气Once you have decided your relationship is not working and want to end it, act immediately. Don#39;t let things carry on, this is unfair on the both of you. Have a long think about why you are unhappy and what you want. Once it is clear in your head you will be able to cope with telling your partner.一旦决定你们的恋情不能继续下去了,想要分手,立即行动。不要拖拖拉拉,这对双方都是不公平的。仔细想一下为什么两个人在一起不开心,你想要的是什么。一旦明确下来,你就知道怎样告诉你的另一半。Step 2: Arrange to meet2.安排会面Set up a specific time and place to meet face to face, explaining that you need to talk. This will likely warn your partner something is wrong, preparing them also.安排特定的时间和地点,面对面坐下来,向对方解释你们需要谈一谈。这会提醒你的另一半可能出了什么问题,让他们也提前做好准备。Arrange to meet somewhere comfortable to you both, where you can talk openly.安排一个双方都感觉到舒适的地方,这样双方可以敞开心扉。Don#39;t break up over the phone, or even worse, by text or email. This is cowardly, and will haunt you later.不要通过电话,或者更糟糕的,通过短信或电邮来分手。这是懦弱的,而且以后还会藕断丝连。Step 3: Get to the point3.直截了当When you meet, don#39;t beat about the bush. Pretending everything is fine, then springing it on them after a couple of hours will be confusing.见面之后,不要拐弯抹角。一开始假装一切都好,几个小时之后才说出分手会让人迷惑不解。Pick your words carefully to let them down as gently as possible. Be tactful, not brutal.小心措辞,尽可能委婉地说出分手理由。尽量做到委婉,不要鲁莽。Even if there is a third party involved never mention it. This only adds insult to injury.即使有第三者牵涉在内也不要提及,这除了伤害之外还会造成羞辱。Step 4: Focus on the positive4.想想好的一面They will be hurting and will have many questions. Answer these as honestly as possible but don#39;t get drawn into an argument.Reiterate why you need to break up. Stay calm, even if they don#39;t.他们会伤心,会有许多问题。尽可能诚恳地回答他们的问题,但是不要陷入争吵。坦诚地说明为何想要分手。保持冷静,即使对方不冷静。Let them know what a great person they are and how they deserve someone who can give them what they want - and that person isn#39;t you.让他们知道他(她)是很好的人,他们应该找一个更好的伴侣,而那个人并不是你。Step 5: Don#39;t give them hope5.不要给他们希望Stay firm. Be clear that its over. Don#39;t be manipulated into giving it another try - this is not fair on either of you.态度一定要坚定,明确表示两个人结束了。不要让他们觉得还可以尝试一下,这对任何一方都是不公平的。Step 6: Clean break6.划清界限Don#39;t arrange to meet up in the near future. You will both need a period to get used to the split and let wounds heal. This doesn#39;t ruling out staying friends but gives you time to adjust and move on.近期不要碰面。两个人都需要一段时间来适应分手,让心里的伤口愈合。两人不排除以后做普通朋友的可能性,但是你们必须有时间来调整。Step 7: Done7.完成。Thanks for watching How To Break Up The Right Way.感谢收看“怎样以正确的方式分手”视频节目。 Article/201211/210273

利比亚反对派攻入卡扎菲最后的堡垒——阿齐齐亚兵营,卡扎菲的地下藏身堡垒被曝光,里面的通信设备一应俱全,里面还有一条秘密通道,卡扎菲可能就是从这条通道逃走的。 After Libyan rebels stormed Mummar Gaddafi's private compound in southern Tripoli, journalists have been allowed to enter the Bab al-Aziziya bunker for the first time. A mysterious place now revealed. A network of corridors separates a series of debris-filled rooms, communication centers and offices. One of the offices contains a strongbox and a number of arch lever files, as well as a fax machine and computer terminal. Letters in Arabic addressed to Muammar Gaddafi's son, Seif al-Islam are found. The finds indicate this was certainly a bunker used by the Gaddafi family, particularly Seif himself. A rebel fighter in Tripoli said, "Bab al-Aziziya, it's for Muammar house, you know that. Nobody can come in here. But now we are free we can do everything in his house. It's for the people now." Bab Al-Aziziya lies in southern Tripoli, and occupies an area of about six square kilometers. It is surrounded by anti-fire walls with sites for weapons. The walls are estimated to be four meters high and half a meter thick.For many years, the compound is regarded as Libya's political center and the symbol of Gaddafi's power. Buildings inside the compound are connected by extensive networks of underground tunnels that lead to adjoining districts and possibly stretch to the Mediterranean coast. Rebels found no sign of Gaddafi after storming his compound. Some speculate that he and his family have left Tripoli through the secret tunnels.词汇学习:1. storm n. 暴风雨(雪) vt. 猛攻 vi. 怒气冲冲地走 与storm相关的习语:a storm in a teacup茶杯里的风暴(小事惹起的轩然);take sth. /sb. by storm(以猛烈袭击)攻占某处或袭取某事物。2. compound n. 化合物;大院 a. 化合的 vt. 加重;使化合3. bunker n. 贮存燃料的容器;沙坑;地堡 v. 将燃料装进;把(球)击入沙坑4. anti-fire 防火的 anti-为前缀,表示“反对;防止”,例如anti-war 反战。 Article/201108/151113

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