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Olympic Panda Debut Eight pandas are on display in Beijing to celebrate the summer OlympicsCountdown to the Olympics,the Beijing Zoo introduces eight Olympic pandas that will be on display through this summer's games.Visitors waited in long lines to buy tickets to the renovated panda hall at the zoo where the animals will be held in a newly expanded glass enclosure. This enclosure will maintain a constant temperature similar to their natural habitat. Each of the two-year-old cubs was flown in from quake-striken Sichuan Province to Beijing where they are expected to draw millions of eign and domestic tourists to the zoo.The pandas were selected by Internet users from among candidates at a Panda Protection and Research facility near the epicenter of the earthquake. MSN.com, I'm Dara Brownepicenter——The point of the earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake. 05。

  • The Indoor Antenna室内天线Brian didn’t have cable TV. He didn’t have satellite TV. He had an antenna his TV. He had an indoor antenna. But it was an old antenna. The reception was bad. He needed to buy a new antenna. He went to Best Buy. The antennas were in boxes. He looked at the boxes. Which antenna was the best? He asked a clerk at Best Buy. “Which antenna is the best?” he asked the clerk. The clerk said, “This is the best antenna.” He showed Brian the box. Brian asked the price. “What is the price?” he asked. The clerk said the price was . Brian took the antenna home. He plugged one end of the antenna into his TV. He plugged the other end of the antenna into the wall socket. He turned on his TV. The reception was bad. He returned the antenna.布莱恩没有有线电视也没有卫星电视他有一根电视天线是一根室内天线但已经很老旧了信号总是不好他想再买一根天线他前往百思买购买天线天线装在盒子里他看着这些盒子哪根天线最好?他询问百思买店员他问道:“哪根天线最好?”店员回答:“这根最好”他将盒子展示给布莱恩布莱恩询问了价钱他问道;“多少钱?”店员回答50美元布莱恩买回了家他将天线一头电视机将另一头插入壁式插座他打开电视信号还是不好他将天线退了译文属原创,,不得转载 95。
  • Vanessa: I can’t wait until the new employees start work. We need the help.瓦妮莎:我等不及让新进职员着手工作了我们需要人手Daniel: It won’t be a while. Background checks have to be done first.丹尼尔:用不了多久首先要对他们进行背景考察Vanessa: Background checks? Are those really necessary?瓦妮莎:背景考察?真的有必要这样做吗?Daniel: You’d be surprised. We’ve been burned bee. We don’t want to hire anyone with prior instances of negligence or anyone else who has been involved in a corporate scandal. Sometimes we even get people with fraudulent credentials.丹尼尔:你会大吃一惊的我们有过前车之鉴我们不想雇佣任何因疏忽犯错的人或卷入公司丑闻的人有时我们甚至遇到有欺诈前科的人Vanessa: Isn’t a background check kind of invasive? What do they check , a criminal record?瓦妮莎:背景考察难道不是一种侵犯吗?他们想要考察什么,犯罪记录吗?Daniel: Yes, but that’s just the beginning. Investigators check driving records, credit reports, school transcripts, sex offender lists, and much more.丹尼尔:是的,但是这只是开始调查人员还会检查驾驶记录、信用报告、学校成绩单、性犯罪者名单等等Vanessa: I had no idea.瓦妮莎:我不明白Daniel: When someone runs your Social Security number, all kinds of things come up. Investigators also check court records and medical records.丹尼尔:当别人调出你的社保账号,所有的个人信息都会暴露无遗他们还会调取你的法庭与医疗记录Vanessa: That’s amazing.瓦妮莎:太不可思议了Daniel: On top of all that, they often speak with past employers and character references.丹尼尔:最重要的是,他们还会向你的前雇主咨询Vanessa: And the new hires are okay with the company doing this kind of invasive background check?瓦妮莎:那新职员也同意公司进行这种侵犯式的背景调查?Daniel: You were.丹尼尔:你也经历过的Vanessa: Me?! You mean they ran a background check on me bee I was hired?瓦妮莎:我?!你是说我受雇前也进行了背景调查?Daniel: You bet.丹尼尔:没错Vanessa: So they know all about…瓦妮莎:所以他们知道我的所有......Daniel: What?丹尼尔:什么?Vanessa: get it.瓦妮莎:算了译文属 975。
  • rough不平静的,rigid严格的,Check out at a.m.After a few rough years, I decided to let my son try the rigid structure of the military. Once he’d completed basic training, he took a two-day assignment. Midmorning on the second day, I was surprised to receive a call from my son, who was still at his hotel. “Why aren’t you on the road yet?” I asked. “Well, I’m all y to go, Dad.” he replied, “But the sign on the door says, ‘Check out at a.m.’”离馆时间上午点经过几个不平静的年头,我决定让儿子去接受军队严格的灌输他在完成基本的训练之后,接受了一个两天的任务第二天上午十点多钟,我借到儿子从旅馆打来的电话,我吃惊地问他为什么还不上路,他回答说:“爸爸,我已经准备好要走了可是门上的牌子说‘离馆时间上午点’”1. rough不平静的也有“粗鲁”的意思: His reply was a bit rough.他的答复过于粗鲁了一点 .rigid严格的也有“僵硬”的意思: She was rigid with fear.她害怕得全身僵住了3.military军队也可以作形容词,是“军人的”的意思: His bearing was very military.他很有军人气概 .assignment 工作, 任务His assignment was to follow the spy.分配给他的工作是跟踪这个间谍5.check out 付账后离开He couldn't have checked out so early.他不可能这么早就离开 18。
  • Bk-E7Q_OVNC(T^L1q+v[1xJW*1f5mw+Pfpt*“I’m not coming to this art fair again,” said Molly. “Why aren’t you coming to this art fair again?” asked Teri. “There aren’t enough visitors,” Molly said. “That’s sure,” said Teri. “There aren’t enough visitors spending money.” “That’s sure,” said Molly. Visitors stopped and looked at Molly’s paintings. Visitors stopped and looked at Teri’s paintings. Visitors said Molly’s paintings were very nice. Visitors said Teri’s paintings were very nice. But no one bought anything. “No one buys anything,” said Molly. “They stop. They look. They say, ‘Oh, how pretty.’ Then they walk on.” Molly and Teri had not sold one painting. They lowered their prices. They put “Sale! 50% Off!” tags on all their paintings. But no one bought a single painting.gU3%+cHIC8S7!t-SU8HOL,ET)Z0lyDs)Gh6^;@BWIS+JiF5),0bHoIH-w+vc8( 98。
  • [00:.18]Listen and Share[00:.]Perfume and new marker 香水和麦克笔[00:.]词汇扫描[00:5.81]Instructional assistant 指导员助理[00:30.36]Second-graders 二年级生[00:.70]Perfume 香水[00:38.71]Marker 麦克笔[00:.6]英文原文[00:.31]As an instructional assistant a public school,[00:7.60]part of my job involves teaching small groups of children.[00:50.75]One day I was in charge of some second-graders,[00:53.59]who were concentrating on their artwork.[00:55.50]As I reached across to help a student,[00:57.38]he remarked that something smelled good.[00:59.3]I was pleased that he noticed my perfume,[01:01.8]until he held a wide felt-tip pen up to his nose and said,[01:.58]"Yep. New markers." [01:.]中文大意[01:.8]逐句对照[01:8.1]As an instructional assistant a public school,[01:5.]part of my job involves teaching small groups of children.[:01.87]One day I was in charge of some second-graders,[:.7]who were concentrating on their artwork.[:.7]As I reached across to help a student,[:.86]he remarked that something smelled good.[:.18]I was pleased that he noticed my perfume,[:.1]until he held a wide felt-tip pen up to his nose and said,[:35.5]"Yep. New markers." [:.9]多学一点[:5.7]instructional assistant 指导员助理[:9.7]instructional 指导性的[:5.7]instructor 指导员 讲师[:57.85]assistant 助手,助理[:01.3]manager assistant 经理助理[:.5]second-graders 二年级生[:.18]grades 小学[:.]He first began teaching in the grades.[:7.]first-grade[:.]eighth-grader[:36.9]tenth-grader[:.]freshman(大一学生)[:6.]sophomore(大二学生)[:8.]junior(大三)[:9.66]senior(大四)[:55.3]reach across 伸过去 俯身[:.85]marker 麦克笔[:.75]er[:19.]play[:1.19]player 运动员[:3.]marker[:7.66]记分员[:3.7]重新听一次故事原文[:35.]As an instructional assistant a public school,[:38.]part of my job involves teaching small groups of children.[:1.]One day I was in charge of some second-graders,[:.]who were concentrating on their artwork.[:6.]As I reached across to help a student,[:7.96]he remarked that something smelled good.[:9.93]I was pleased that he noticed my perfume,[:51.98]until he held a wide felt-tip pen up to his nose and said,[:55.6]"Yep. New markers." 1。
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