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美国《》杂志创刊于1953年。1953年12月《》杂志出版第一期,为月刊,主要面向广大男性读者。关于美国人的文化,我们专门向上海外教网的外教Ashley请教了以下问题:1、How widely is Playboy known is the U.S? 《》在美国有多流行?几乎所有的美国人都知道《》杂志,不论男女,它是一本月刊(Monthly)。2、Is Playboy a porn magazine? 《》杂志算色情杂志吗?Does Playboy contain lots of porn pictures and words? 《》杂志中是否充斥着许多色情的图片和文字?是的,我想《》应该算是色情杂志,其中有许多比较裸露的(naked)的图片。3、Is there any restriction for the sale of Playboy? (such as not to kids, etc.)销售《》是否有一些限制呢?(比如不允许卖给孩子等等。)是的,是有一些限制的,将《》卖给18岁以下的孩子在美国将被视为非法的。就像卖香烟一样,如果您看上去像个孩子,您会被要求出示您的身份(ID)以明您可以购买该杂志,否则您是无法买到的。当然也有一些小贩为了利益照样将《》卖给一些未成年人,这种现象在许多国家都存在。4、Is Playboy more expensive than any other magazines?《》要比其他的杂志贵一些吗?是的,《》显得要贵一些。美国大部分的月刊的内页在150-250,价格约2-3.5美元。5、 Is there another magazine in the US serving in the same way as Playboy? 在美国还有和《》类似的杂志吗?有的比如阁楼风情杂志。 /201002/96088Online dating has just been revealed to be one of the most common ways to start a relationship. But new research reveals that the concept is still highly flawed.据称,网上约会是开启恋情的一种最常见的方式,然而新研究揭示这一想法大错特错。An analysis of 400 studies into online dating shows that while it offers access to plenty of other singles, users can be overwhelmed and put off by the volume of choice, defeating the purpose.一项对400份网上约会资料的分析报告显示,尽管网络交友给许多单身者提供了机会,但用户们在大量选择面前会感到不知所措,甚至想逃离,违背了网络交友的本意。The research, by Northwestern University and published in the journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest, found that the processes involved don#39;t lend themselves to forming strong relationships.美国西北大学发表在《公众利益心理学》期刊上的这一研究发现,网上约会并没有帮助人们建立牢固的关系。The findings also indicated that the concept of an online profile is not entirely useful and ;can result in the objectification of potential partners;.研究结果还表明,网上个人简介也没那么有用,而且;可能造成对潜在伴侣的物化;。Lead author Eli J Finkel explained: ;Online dating is a terrific addition for singles to meet. That said, there are two problems.;该研究报告的主要作者伊莱bull;Jbull;芬克尔解释说:;网上约会是单身男女相遇的一个极佳的辅助渠道。尽管如此,还是存在两个问题。;First, poring over seemingly endless lists of profiles of people one does not know, as on Match.com, does not reveal much about them.他说,首先,像Match.com那样的网站上陌生人的个人简介似乎多得数不清,但就算认真看了这些简介,对这些人依然知之甚少。Second, it ;overloads people and they end up shutting down,; he said.其次,这么多个人资料;让人们的大脑超载,最后只好罢工;。He compared it to shopping at #39;supermarkets of love#39; and said psychological research shows people presented with too many choices tend to make lazy and often poor decisions.他将这种情况比喻成在;爱情超市;购物。芬克尔说,心理研究显示,当人们面临太多选择时,往往会随便做决定,做出的决定则通常很糟糕。While the algorithm may reduce the number of potential partners from thousands to a few, they may be as incompatible as two people meeting at random, Dr Finkel explained, adding the odds are no better than finding a relationship by strolling into any bar.研究的作者们还质疑eHarmony.com等网站提出的一种算法,即根据人们的兴趣或个性做出配对,研究者将其比喻成爱情的房产中介。The study#39;s authors also questioned the algorithms employed by sites such as eHarmony.com to match people based on their interests or personality - comparing it to having a real estate agent of love.芬克尔士解释说,这种算法也许能把成千上万个潜在对象减少到几个,但是这几个人也有可能像两个偶遇的人一样互不相容。芬克尔补充说,靠这一算法找对象的机会并不比随意走进一家酒吧去找对象的机会更大。;There#39;s no better way to figure out whether you#39;re compatible with somebody than talking to them over a cup of coffee or a pint of beer,; Dr Finkel said.芬克尔士说:;要想知道你和一个人是否处得来,没有比一起喝杯咖啡或啤酒,当面交谈更好的方法。; /201202/170511

Bridal bootcamps are big business for women desperate to drop pounds before their wedding. But according to new research, the more pressure a bride-to-be is under to lose weight, the more she will gain after her big day. 对结婚前急于减肥的新娘来说,新娘训练绝对是很重要的事情。但一项新研究发现,新娘减肥时面对的压力越大,婚礼后增重将会越多。 A study from Flinders University in South Australia, published in the journal Body Image, found that 85 per cent of women wanted to lose weight before their weddings, with an average goal of 9kg (20lb). 弗林德斯大学发表在Body Image期刊上的一项研究发现,80%的女人想在婚礼前减肥,一般来说,平均目标是剪掉9公斤(20磅)。 Researchers monitored the weight of nearly 350 brides from one month before their weddings and six months after. They found that almost half of the participants actually lost weight, with most losing between one and two kilos. But those under most pressure to drop pounds gained the most in the months after their marriage, with an average weight gain of 2.14kg. 研究人员对近350名新娘的体重进行监控,整个监控从她们婚礼的前一个月到婚礼后的六个月。他们发现,几乎半数以上的新娘真的减掉一些体重,大多减去1到2公斤。但那些减肥压力最大的新娘在婚礼后的几个月内增重最快,平均增重2.14公斤。 Dr Ivanka Prichard, who lead the study, told the Sydney Morning Herald: 'My understanding of the situation is that they are restricting their eating and also exercising before the wedding, then afterwards it was as though it didn't matter any more. 领导这项研究的伊万卡·普里查德士对《悉尼先驱晨报》说:“我对此的理解是,这些新娘在婚礼之前限制饮食并且坚持锻炼,然而婚礼后她们就不在认为这很重要了。”   She added that the impetus to lose weight before one's wedding comes not from the bride, but from the media and those around them. She said: 'If you go to a bridal store it is common for them to ask brides if they want to order a dress in a size smaller than they currently are. There is huge pressure to lose weight from family members, wedding magazines and even dressmakers and a third of participants in her study had actually been told to lose weight before their weddings.   她补充说:“婚礼前减肥的动力并不是新娘自己,而是媒体以及她们周围的人物或事物。当你去新娘商店时,店员会问新娘是否想要一条比她们现在的身材尺寸小一点的礼,这是很普遍的现象。”家庭成员,婚礼杂志甚至裁缝都给了新娘们巨大压力。实际上,研究中三分之一的新娘在婚礼前都被告知说要减肥。   'You have to remember your partner is marrying you because he loves you, not how you fit into the dress.'   “你要记住,你的伴侣想要娶你是因为他很爱你,而不是你的裙子多么合体。” /201110/156941Success is the ability to live your life the way you want to live it, doing what you most enjoy, surrounded by people you admire and respect. In a larger sense, success is the ability to achieve your dreams, desires, hopes, wishes, and goals in each of the important areas of your life. 成功是一种能力,让你能够过自己向往的生活,做自己喜欢的事,与自己尊敬及喜爱的人在一起。从更广泛的意义上说,成功是在生活每一个重要的领域中达成梦想、渴望、希望,愿望和目标的能力。 /201109/151960

I Could Do It Slower我可以干得慢一些Patient: What do you charge for pulling a tooth?病人:拔一颗牙收费多少?Dentist: Fifty dollars.牙医:50美元。Patient: Fifty dollars for a couple of minutes#39; work?病人:只几分钟的活儿就要50美元?Dentist: Well, I could do it slower, if you like.牙医:好的,如果你喜欢的话,我可以干得慢一些。     /201206/185838Woman asks 911 to send cutest copA US woman who called 911 to get "the cutest cop I've seen" sent back to her home got a date all right, a court date. The same sheriff's deputy arrested her on charges of misuse of the emergency dispatch system. Washington County Sheriff's Sgt. David Thompson told KGW-TV of Portland it all started with a noise complaint called in last month by neighbors of Lorna Jeanne Dudash. The deputy sent to check on the complaint knocked on her door, then left without leaving anything. Thompson said Dudash then called 911, asking that the "cutie pie" deputy return. "He's the cutest cop I've seen in a long time. I just want to know his name," Dudash told the dispatcher. "Heck, it doesn't come very often a good man comes to your doorstep." After listening to some more, followed by a bit of silence, the dispatcher asked again why Dudash needed the deputy to return. "Honey, I'm just going to be honest with you, OK? I just thought he was cute. I'm 45 years old and I'd just like to meet him again, but I don't know how to go about doing that without calling 911," she said. "I know this is absolutely not in any way, shape or form an emergency, but if you would give the officer my phone number and ask him to come back, would you mind?" The deputy returned, verified that there was no emergency and arrested her for misusing the 911 system, an offense punishable by a fine of up to several thousand dollars and a year in jail. Thompson said it was the first case he knew of in which someone called the emergency line for such a personal reason. "That's taking up valuable time from dispatchers who could be taking true emergency calls," he said. 一名美国妇女拨打911报警电话,要求“她所见过的那个最可爱的警察”再去她家一趟,结果,这名女子确实有了个约会,不过是在法庭上。 这名女子因滥用紧急报警系统被她眼中那位“最可爱的”副警长逮捕。 华盛顿郡警署警长大卫·汤普森告诉波特兰(美国俄勒冈西北部港市)KGW电视台,上个月,洛娜·珍妮·杜达什因制造噪音遭到邻居们的电话投诉。于是,警署的副警长被派去了解情况,他敲开了杜达什家的门,后来没有留下任何东西就离开了。 汤普森说,后来,杜达什拨通911报警电话,要求那个“可爱警察”再去她家一趟。 杜达什对派遣员称:“他是我见过的最可爱的警察。我只是想知道他的名字。唉,一个好男人来到你的家门前,这种事情可不会常发生啊。” 接着,杜达什又说了一通,派遣员沉默了一小会后,再次问她为什么要让副警长返回她家。 她说:“亲爱的,我对你说实话,好吗?我只是觉得他很可爱。我已经45岁了,我只是想再见到他。可是除了打911,我也不知道该怎么办。” “我知道,无论怎么说,这绝对不算是紧急情况,但是你能不能把我的手机号码告诉他,让他再到我家来一趟呢?” 于是,那位副警长又到杜达什家去了一趟,确认没有任何紧急情况发生后,以滥用911报警系统的罪名将其逮捕。犯此罪的人会面临高达几千美金的罚款和一年的监禁。 汤普森说,以这种私人借口打报警电话,他还是第一次遇到。 他说:“这会占用派遣员的宝贵时间,真正的紧急呼叫电话可能会因此打不进来。”Vocabulary:all right :确实;的确(例如:She is ill all right.lt;她确实病了。gt;)deputy :副警长Sgt.:sergeant的缩写形式(警长)cutie pie :有魅力的姑娘或男子;情人 /200809/47191摘要:在开放的现代社会,跨文化的言语交际显得愈发重要,已经成为现代交际中引人注目的一个特点。交际中的文化差异随处可见,言语环境中的文化因素受到普遍重视。下面是英汉文化中十大常见差异。 1. 回答提问 中国人对别人的问话,总是以肯定或否定对方的话来确定用“对”或者“不对”。如: “我想你不到20岁,对吗?” “是的,我不到20岁。” “不,我已经30岁了。”英语中,对别人的问话,总是依据事实结果的肯定或否定用“Yes”或者“No”。如: "You're not a student, are you?""Yes,I am.""No,I am not."2. 亲属称谓 英语的亲属以家庭为中心,一代人为一个称谓板块,只区别男性、女性,却忽视配偶双方因性别不同而出现的称谓差异。显得男女平等。如: 英文grandparents, grandfather, grandmother, 而中文“祖辈、爷爷、奶奶、外公、外婆”。 再如,父母同辈中的称谓,英文uncle和aunt, 而中文“伯伯、叔叔、舅舅等,姑妈、姨妈等”。 还有,英文中的表示下辈的nephew和 niece是不分侄甥的,表示同辈的cousin不分堂表、性别。 3. 考虑问题的主体 中国人喜欢以对方为中心,考虑对方的情感。比如: 你想买什么? 您想借什么书?而英语中,往往从自身的角度出发。如: Can I help you?What can I do for you?4. 问候用语 中国人打招呼,一般都以对方处境或动向为思维出发点。如: 您去哪里? 您是上班还是下班? 而西方人往往认为这些纯属个人私事,不能随便问。所以他们见面打招呼总是说: Hi/Hello!Good morning/afternoon/evening/night!How are you?It's a lovely day, isn't it?5. 面对恭维 中国人的传统美德是谦虚谨慎,对别人的恭维和夸奖应是推辞。如: “您的英语讲得真好。” “哪里,哪里,一点也不行。” “菜做得很好吃。” “过奖,过奖,做得不好,请原谅。” 西方人从来不过分谦虚,对恭维一般表示谢意,表现出一种自强自信的信念。如: "You can speak very good French.""Thank you.""It's a wonderful dish!" "I am glad you like it." 所以,学生要注意当说英语的人称赞你时,千万不要回答"No, I don't think so."这种回答在西方人看来是不礼貌的,甚至是虚伪的。

我们造云,云造雨,雨干扰了球赛的举行,所以人们讨厌吸烟者!!!Late one night at the insane asylum one inmate shouted, ;I am Napoleon!;Another one said, ;How do you know?;The first inmate said, ;God told me!;Just then, a voice from another room shouted, ;I did not!;疯人院 一天晚上,在疯人院里,一个病人说:;我是拿破仑!;另一个说:;你怎么知道?;第一个人说:;上帝对我说的!;一会儿,一个声音从另一个房间传来:;我没说! /201202/171288

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