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1、Meet Darren Prew, 37, and Kerry d, 33, from Hered.来看看这对来自赫里福郡的夫妇吧:37岁的达伦·普鲁和33岁的凯瑞·福特、They’ve just had the most extraordinary wedding you’ve ever seen. They just got married dressed as Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.他们所举办的婚礼是你看过的所有婚礼中最不同寻常的,夫妻二人分别装扮成龙妈和雪诺3、Their best man (Mike McKeown, 33) was dressed as a White Walker. Their best woman (Carey McKeown, 35) was dressed as Ygritte.他们的伴郎、33岁的麦克·麦基翁装扮成异鬼,伴娘、35岁的凯里·麦基翁装扮成耶哥蕊特、The father of the bride — Terry d, 66 — was Hodor, and the groom’s sister — Samantha Crump, 39 — was dressed as Brienne of Tarth.新娘的爸爸、66岁的特里·福特装扮成阿多,新郎的、39岁的萨曼莎·克伦普装扮为布蕾妮5、The organisers hired Eastnor Castle, near Ledbury, the ceremony.婚礼组织者还租下了莱德伯里附近的伊斯特诺城堡,来举办这场婚礼6、The elaborate makeover of the -strong wedding party took more than 50 hours of fitting, styling, and theatrical makeup — handled by a professional team.这场精心设计和装扮的婚礼是由一个专业团队打造的,试衣、造型、化妆等环节总共花费了50多个小时7、The groom’s brother-in-law was also the mighty Khal Drogo, while the mothers of the bride and groom played Catelyn Stark and Melisandre.新郎的夫装扮成马王卓戈卡奥,这对新人的两位母亲扮演猫姨凯特琳和红袍女梅丽珊卓8、Bride Kerry explained: “I was on Facebook one evening and I saw an ad seeking couples to marry Game of Thrones style. I mentioned it to Darren. I said, ‘Who on earth would do that?’ Little did I know that he then went online and applied — without telling me!”新娘凯瑞说:“有一天我在Facebook上看到一则广告,说要寻找一对新人举办冰火主题婚礼于是我和达伦说了这事,我还说‘到底有谁会做这种不同寻常的事呢?’然后他就去网上申请了,居然没告诉我!” 3183

SAN FRANCISCO — The blizzard continues: “Frozen ” is coming to theaters.旧金山——暴风雪还将继续:迪士尼公司将推出《冰雪奇缘(Frozen )The Walt Disney Company on Thursday used its annual shareholder meeting to make several movie announcements, the biggest being about a big-screen follow-up to “Frozen,” the animated musical that took in more than .3 billion globally in .周四,华特迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Company)在年度股东大会上宣布了几项电影计划,其中最大的是《冰雪奇缘续集年,这部动画音乐片在全球赚得逾亿美元Disney provided no details about the story or a release date but said the directors and producer of the first film would return the second.迪士尼公司没有提供电影情节或上映日期等细节,但它表示,第一部的导演和制作人将参与第二部的制作A sequel helps assure the long-term viability of what has become one of Disney’s most crucial franchises. Sales of “Frozen”-related merchandise now total roughly billion annually, and helped power Disney to a record .5 billion in profit last year. “Frozen” has also been fast-tracked Broadway, and a Florida theme park attraction is in the works.续集再次明,迪士尼的这部重要改编电影具有长久生命力目前,《冰雪奇缘衍生品的年销售额约为亿美元,去年帮助迪士尼公司实现了75亿美元的利润,打破了历史记录《冰雪奇缘还很快被改编成百老汇音乐剧;佛罗里达州正在修建一个《冰雪奇缘主题公园“We’re going back to Arendelle,” John Lasseter, chief creative officer Walt Disney Animation Studios, told the crowd, referring to the kingdom in “Frozen.” The film follows two Nordic princesses, one of whom has the magical power — not always controllable — to conjure snowstorms, and their goofball snowman sidekick, Olaf.“我们将返回阿伦黛尔(Arendelle),”华特迪士尼动画公司的首席创意官约翰·拉塞特(John Lasseter)对观众说阿伦黛尔是《冰雪奇缘中的那个王国第一部讲述的是两位北欧公主,其中一位具有召唤暴风雪的神奇魔力,但她并不总能控制好她们还有一个傻乎乎的雪人伙伴——雪宝(Olaf)Disney is trying to use “Frozen” to drive ticket sales its next live-action movie, “Cinderella,” which opens on Friday and is expected to take in at least million over its first three days. “Cinderella” will be shown with a new animated short called “Frozen Fever,” which finds one of the princesses, Elsa, with a bothersome cold.迪士尼正努力用《冰雪奇缘拉动下一部真人电影《灰姑娘(Cinderella)的票房销售《灰姑娘将于周五(3月日)上映,预计头三天将至少赚取6500万美元《灰姑娘将和新动画短片《冰雪奇缘:生日惊喜(Frozen Fever)一起上映,短片讲述的仍是拥有召唤冰雪魔力的公主艾莎(Elsa),那种魔力总是给她招惹麻烦Disney held its annual meeting at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater here, which is a few blocks from its Lucasfilm , and used the moment to reveal that a previously announced “Star Wars” spinoff movie, set release next year, will be titled “Rogue One.” Additionally, Disney revealed that “Star Wars: Episode VIII” will be released in theaters in May . “Episode VII” arrives this December.迪士尼公司的年会在旧金山的艺术宫殿剧场(Palace of Fine Arts Theater)举办该剧场离迪士尼的卢卡斯电影分公司(Lucasfilm )只有几个街区之遥迪士尼利用这个场合宣布,之前已定于明年上映的《星球大战(Star Wars)续集将命名为《星球大战:侠盗一号(Rogue One)另外,迪士尼宣布,《星球大战8(Star Wars: Episode VIII)将于年5月上映《星球大战7(Episode VII)将于今年月上映The official business portion of the meeting was uneventful. Two shareholder proposals were defeated by wide margins, including one to end a practice of allowing one executive (currently Robert A. Iger) to serve as both chief executive and chairman. All members of the Disney board were comtably re-elected.这次会议的事务部分平淡无奇两项股东提案以极高票数被否决,其中一项提案意图终止允许一位执行官(目前是罗伯特·A·伊格[Robert A. Iger])同时担任首席执行官和主席的做法迪士尼董事会的所有成员都轻松重新当选The rest of the meeting unfolded as usual. Shareholders questioned a beaming Mr. Iger about perennial concerns ranging from pin trading at theme parks to the disappearance of an obscure character called Figment, a purple dragon from an Epcot ride at Walt Disney World. Mr. Iger was also grilled by a shareholder over depictions of smoking in PG--rated films released by the company under secondary labels.会议的其余部分像往常那样展开股东们向容光焕发的伊格提出各种老生常谈的问题,从主题公园的徽章交易到一个名叫Figment的小角色的消失——它是迪士尼乐园未来世界里的一条紫龙还有一位股东向伊格提出质问:公司子品牌发布的若干家长指导观看级电影中出现了抽烟画面And, as always, there was a very specific question from a child, this time from a 6-year-old named Brooke: Who was the first Disney princess to walk on a Disney cruise ship? A surprised Mr. Iger punted to Thomas O. Staggs, who was recently promoted to become the company’s No. executive and was sitting in the front row.像以往一样,大会上总会有一个由某位孩子提出的特别问题今年的问题来自一个来自名叫布鲁克(Brooke)的六岁孩子:谁是第一个踏上迪士尼邮轮的公主?倍感意外的伊格把问题推给了托马斯·O·斯塔格斯(Thomas O. Staggs),后者最近刚被提升为该公司的二号主管,他坐在前排“We couldn’t choose just one,” Mr. Staggs said, saving the day.“我们不能只选一位,”斯塔格斯这样答复来救场Bee the meeting began, the sound system played “Let It Go” from “Frozen” while shareholders posed photos with costumed characters representing major movie divisions like Pixar (Buzz Lightyear) and Lucasfilm (Stormtroopers).会议开始前,背景音乐里播放着《冰雪奇缘的主题曲《随心而行(Let It Go),股东们和戏装人物合影,这些人物分别代表几个主要电影分公司,比如皮克斯动画工作室(Pixar,巴斯光年[Buzz Lightyear])和卢卡斯电影公司(风暴兵[Stormtroopers])One new twist was that Disney executives marveled at the company’s steadily climbing stock price. Disney shares rose percent on Thursday, to ..一个新转折是,迪士尼的执行官们惊喜地发现,该公司的股价在稳步攀升周四,迪士尼的股价上涨了%,达到1.美元 368




  At the end of ;Furious 7;, while watching Brian OConner (Paul Walker) and Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) enjoy family time on the beach with their son, their best friend Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) murmurs, ;It never goodbye.;在电影《速度与7的最后,布莱恩(保罗·沃克 饰)和他的妻子米娅(乔丹娜·布鲁斯特 饰)在海滩上晒着太阳、享受美好的家庭时光,他们最好的朋友多米尼克(范·迪塞尔 饰)则呢喃道:“不说再见”But as the lives of the two protagonists, OConner and Dominic Toretto, ked off in different directions during their final ride, with OConner car disappearing within a canyon, Toretto knew it was farewell to his rival and friend. And fans of the series knew it was farewell to both OConner and beloved actor Paul Walker.但是就像多米尼克和布莱恩两位主角的命运一样,他们在最后一次竞速中分道扬镳随着布莱恩的车子消失在山谷之中,多米尼克知道,这次真得要和这位亦敌亦友的伙伴说再见了而粉丝们也明白将和布莱恩以及他们心爱的保罗·沃克永别了In the middle of filming “Furious 7” in , Walker died in an unrelated car crash at the age of 0 in Calinia. This was a tragic death an actor who was fascinated with cars and rose to fame in this cherished street-racing series. It isnt clear yet where the storyline will go in future installments in the franchise without OConner.因为出演《速度与系列影片,爱车如命的保罗名声大噪而悲剧却悄然而至:年,《速度与7尚在拍摄之中,而保罗·沃克却因为一场与影片拍摄无关的车祸在加州意外去世,年仅0岁没有了布莱恩,电影未来续集的故事走向都变得一片茫然Walker helped conceive the original film when he told director Rob Cohen, “I want to do a movie where Im racing cars or Im an undercover cop.” Walker and Cohen combined the two and that how The Fast and the Furious came to be, wrote Automobile Magazine ahead of the opening of Fast and Furious 6.在《速度与6上映之前,《汽车杂志曾报道过《速度与的诞生,其构思也有保罗的贡献他曾对导演罗伯·科恩说:“我想拍一部关于赛车或是扮演卧底警察的电影”保罗和罗伯·科恩将这两个构想合二为一,《速度与就此诞生He often gave suggestions to maintain the movies integrity and credibility. “Being a car guy, I always want things to be more authentic,” he told the magazine.保罗也常常建言献策,让电影更加浑然一体、真实可信在接受采访时,他说: “作为一个汽车迷,我希望影片能拍得更加真实”Walker had a large collection of cars in his garage. ;Remember the lightweight E36 M3? BMW brought 60 of them to the States, and I have seven of them,; he told Automobile.保罗的车库里有着大量的私藏他在采访中透露:“还记得轻量车E36 M3吗?宝马在美国只销售了60台,而我就有七台”He owned a race team and drove at speeds often reaching 0 miles (3 km) per hour in daily life, according to an interview with ET online in May, .而据年5月ET online的采访报道,保罗还拥有一自己的赛车队,而他开车时,以超过0迈小时(3公里小时)的速度行驶更是家常便饭As OConner in the Fast and Furious series, which Walker called a “dream job”, he permed many of his own stunts. OConner loses several times to his best friend Toretto in the movies, but Walker, no doubt, was the most skilled driver among the cast.在《速度与系列中扮演布莱恩,保罗一直称其为一份“梦寐以求”的工作他在片中更是亲自完成了很多高难度动作虽然电影中,布莱恩在赛道上好几次输给了自己最好的朋友多米尼克,但是现实里,保罗无疑是剧组里车技最好的Walker wrote on his Twitter that acting was only something he was doing “on the side”. He was an outdoorsman, ocean addict and had a passion many other things in life. He was heading a charity event when he passed away.保罗曾在自己的推特上写道,演戏只是他的“副业”他热爱户外运动,酷爱海洋,对很多事都充满去世之时,他正在赶赴一个慈善活动的路上In his short life, Walker certainly lived up to these words he told ET: “You only live one time – I want to get it all in.”在他短暂的生命中,保罗·沃克忠实地践行着他在接受ET采访时所说的那句话:“人只能活一次,我希望能活得淋漓尽致” 373

  看惯了好莱坞的花边新闻,分分合合,你有没有注意到这些长情夫妻?让我们来分享他们对待婚姻的;经营之道; Years Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith ; December 31, 1997Quotes about the Love and Marriage ; Will: ;Families are like a business. The key is one person having a vision of what it needs to be and being able to pull everyone together. That Jada sure.;年婚姻:史密斯夫妇婚姻之道;;威尔;史密斯:经营家庭就像做生意关键在于有一个人能够纵观全局,了解需求,将所有人有力地组织起来我妻子就是这样一个人 Years Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley ; November 1993Quotes about the Love and Marriage ; Michelle Pfeiffer: ;Compatibility is important, and respect. Because that sexy to me. Were both homebodies. Im not sure about the opposites thing. It may attract initially, but it what eventually breaks people apart.;年婚姻:米歇尔;菲佛与大卫;E;凯利婚姻之道;;米歇尔;菲佛:相互包容很重要,彼此尊重也一样其实这样很性感我们都是恋家的人我觉得相互对立不靠谱,一开始可能会很吸引人,但是最终会让人分道扬镳18 Years Warren Beatty and Annette Bening ; March , 199Quotes about the Love and Marriage ; Annette Bening: Youve got to make peace with it. By and large it okay. Youre an object of people projections, certainly with my husband being so famous so many years. That out of your control.18年婚姻:安妮特;贝宁与沃伦;贝蒂婚姻之道;;安妮特;贝宁:心平气和一点儿总的来说没什么大不了的你是人们议论的一个话题而已,我老公红了那么多年已经是即成的现实这又不是我能掌控的19 Years Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw ; October 1991Quotes about the Love and Marriage ; Steven Spielberg: ;Ive stayed in my marriage this long because I never disagree with my wife. Whatever she says is the right choice.;19年婚姻:斯皮尔伯格夫妇婚姻之道;;史蒂芬;斯皮尔伯格:我们的婚姻之所以能这么长久,完全是因为我们没有意见相左的时候老婆说什么都是对的19 Years John Travolta and Kelly Preston ; September , 1991Quotes about the Love and Marriage ; Kelly Preston: ;You have to keep creating a marriage. We talk about everything. We grow and change together, because nothing ever stays the same; youve got to continue evolving.;19年婚姻:特拉沃尔塔夫妇婚姻之道;;凯莉;帕斯顿:婚姻需要创造我们无所不谈,共同成长变化,因为没有什么是一成不变的必须时刻准备着35 Years Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi ; June , 1975Quotes about the Love and Marriage ; ;I suppose it about keeping love alive, learning how to fall in love over and over again, not taking each other granted, giveness, trust. Whatever it is, it works us.;35年婚姻:帕特里克;斯韦兹和丽莎;妮米婚姻之道;;保持爱情的生命力,反反复复坠入爱河,不要以为遇见彼此是理所当然的,宽容,信任,至少对我们来说是如此56 Years Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens ; May 9, 195Quotes about the Love and Marriage ; Kirk: ;Her vicious sense of humor. The surprise birthday party she threw me that year in Paris when she invited every girl Id gone out with there.;56年婚姻:道格拉斯夫妇婚姻之道;;柯克;道格拉斯:迷恋她坏坏的幽默感那年我在巴黎过生日,她出人意料地给我办了一场生日派对,把那儿所有跟我出双入对过的姑娘都请来了 Years Danny DeVito and Reha Perlman ; January , 198Quotes about the Love and Marriage ; ;Love. Love. I mean, really. You know what? Who knows. The secret to success is to try to never figure that out!;年婚姻:丹尼;迪维图和雷亚-普尔曼婚姻之道;;爱吧,爱吧谁知道呢?也许婚姻的成功就在于不要去寻找什么所谓秘诀35 Years Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi ; June , 1975Quotes about the Love and Marriage ; ;I suppose it about keeping love alive, learning how to fall in love over and over again, not taking each other granted, giveness, trust. Whatever it is, it works us.;35年婚姻:帕特里克;斯韦兹和丽莎;妮米婚姻之道;;保持爱情的生命力,反反复复坠入爱河,不要以为遇见彼此是理所当然的,宽容,信任,至少对我们来说是如此35 Years Ron Howard and Cheryl Howard ; June 7, 1975Quotes about the Love and Marriage ; Ron Howard: ;See, getting married, if youre doing it right, is transming, because the you that will result from that is not the same you as bee you entered into that new state.;35年婚姻:霍华德夫妇婚姻之道;;罗恩;霍华德:结婚结得对,就是一场转变,你从此步入了崭新的世界5 Years Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman ; January 9, 1958Quotes about the Love and Marriage ; Paul Newman: ;I have steak at home; why go out hamburger?;5年婚姻:保罗;纽曼和乔安娜;伍德华婚姻之道;;保罗;纽曼:家有花香,何必捻草?





  Under a sky ablaze with fireworks, more than 600 drummers decked out in brilliant red filled the square between the Water Cube and Bird’s Nest stadiums in Beijing last week to welcome leaders to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting. The spectacle recalled the dazzling opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, and no wonder — both were choreographed by the renowned Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou.焰火照亮的夜空之下,600多名身着鲜红装的鼓手填满了水立方和鸟巢之间的广场这是上周在北京举行的亚太经合组织(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)峰会欢迎各国领导人的仪式壮观的场面令人回想起年北京奥运会开幕式的盛况这并不奇怪,因为二者均由中国著名导演张艺谋策划The extravaganza came near the end of what has been a year of ups but also downs Mr. Zhang, who first rose to global fame in the early 1990s with art house favorites such as “Raise the Red Lantern” and “Red Sorghum.” Earlier this year, he was dealt a hefty fine by the authorities violating family planning policies. Then, last month, his most recent film, the critically acclaimed Cultural Revolution-era drama “Coming Home,” was passed over by Chinese officials submission to the Oscars in favor of a relatively obscure French-Chinese co-production.在这场华丽的表演中,张艺谋这起起伏伏的一年也接近了尾声上世纪90年代初,他凭借着《大红灯笼高高挂和《红高粱等艺术影片在国际上崭露头角今年早些时候,他因为违反计划生育政策,遭遇了政府部门开出的巨额罚单到了上个月,他的最新剧情片《归来未被中国官员选中代表大陆角逐奥斯卡奖《归来把背景设置在文化大革命时期,获得了舆论好评,但选中的是一部没什么名气的中法合拍片Despite the apparent setbacks, Mr. Zhang appears to be moving ward with his work unfazed. Most recently, details were released about his first co-production, a highly anticipated action blockbuster called “The Great Wall” that has been several years in the making.尽管表面看来经历了种种挫折,但张艺谋似乎部就班,不为所动最近,关于他首次涉足中外合拍片的一些细节浮出了水面这部名为《长城的动作巨制备受期待,已筹备了数年At the U.S.-China Film Summit in Los Angeles this month, it was confirmed that the new movie will have a budget of million as well as feature English as its primary language — another first Mr. Zhang, who doesn’t speak the language.在本月于洛杉矶举办的中美电影峰会(U.S.-China Film Summit)上,传出了关于这部新片的确凿消息影片预算为1.35亿美元(约合8.7亿元人民币),英语对白为主——对于不会讲英语的张艺谋来说,这又是一次新的尝试The film will be produced by Le Vision Pictures, where Mr. Zhang is artistic director, and Legendary East, a Hong Kong-based production outfit set up by the American company Legendary Pictures. Production is scheduled to begin in February and the movie is expected to be released in theaters in .《长城将由乐视影业和传奇东方联合制作前一家公司由张艺谋担任艺术总监,后一家公司总部设在香港,是美国传奇影业(Legendary Pictures)旗下的制作公司该片定于明年月开拍,计划于年上映Set in the th century, the film reportedly will explore the mysteries of the Great Wall with science fiction elements. Edward Zwick, who directed “The Last Samurai,” was reportedly set to direct the film in , but later dropped out, because of scheduling and creative issues. It was announced in March that Mr. Zhang would take over the project instead.影片背景设定在世纪,据报道会探索长城的谜团,并且带有科幻元素有报道表示,该片原定由《最后的武士(The Last Samurai)的导演爱德华·兹威克(Edward Zwick)于年拍摄,但由于日程和创意方面的原因,他退出了这个项目今年3月,片方宣布由张艺谋接手Speaking at the Beijing Film Academy in June, Mr. Zhang, who could not be reached comment this , said that he had been approached several times about the project over the years, but had been reluctant to commit himself out of concerns about the film’s budget and storyline, according to the Hollywood Reporter.本报未能联络到张艺谋为这篇文章置评不过,《好莱坞报道(Hollywood Reporter)称,他今年6月在北京电影学院的讲座上表示,《长城的片方这几年找了他好几次,但出于对该片预算和情节方面的顾虑,他一直没有答应“Now the production is big enough and really appealing,” he said. And, importantly him, he said, “the Chinese elements are leading elements in the film.”“现在制作规模够了,故事也很吸引人,”他说而且,对他来说更为重要的是,“中国元素是片中的主要元素”“It’s good the promotion of Chinese culture,” he added.“有利于弘扬中华文化,”他接着说But Le Vision’s parent company, LeTV, is grappling with financial problems. After several years of explosive growth, LeTV spiraled downward this year after it was publicly admonished by government regulators in July and then ced to suspend trading of its stock four times, resulting in losses of billion renminbi, or .6 billion. Caijing, a respected Chinese business magazine, reported this month that LeTV’s problems appeared to be tied to high-level political struggles.不过,乐视影业的母公司乐视集团正面临着财务问题经过几年的爆炸性增长,乐视今年急转直下7月,政府监管部门对其作出了公开谴责,后来公司又被迫四次停牌,市值蒸发了0亿元人民币根据中国著名商业杂志《财经本月的报道,乐视的问题似乎与高层政治斗争有关It is unclear whether LeTV’s troubles will affect Mr. Zhang, who has served as artistic director Le Vision Pictures since May . Le Vision was the production company behind Mr. Zhang’s “Coming Home,” which was widely expected to be a shoo-in as China’s submission to the Oscars this year.张艺谋自年5月开始担任乐视影业的艺术总监尚不清楚,乐视遭遇的麻烦是否会波及张艺谋他执导的《归来也由乐视影业制作,曾被广泛认为是今年中国参评奥斯卡的不二之选Instead, it emerged in October that “The Nightingale,” a small-budget film directed by Philippe Muyl, had been chosen to represent the country at the Academy Awards. Even the film’s makers were stunned.然而,月揭晓时,被选中代表中国大陆角逐学院奖的影片,却是费利普·弥勒(Philippe Muyl)执导的小成本电影《夜莺就连该片的制片方也颇为震惊“Untunately, it’s impossible to know exactly why they chose our film, but I can certainly say that we were very surprised,” said Steven René, one of the film’s French producers.“没办法,不可能确切地知道他们为什么选中了我们的片子,但我可以肯定地说,我们非常惊喜,”《夜莺的法国制片人之一斯提反·雷诺(Steven René)说China’s Oscar nominees are chosen in an opaque process led by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, China’s top entertainment regulator. It’s not publicly known who sits on the selection committee or what their criteria are. But in the past, the committee has shown a strong preference a small circle of big-name Chinese directors. Of the films submitted to the Academy consideration since 1979, were directed either by Mr. Zhang, Feng Xiaogang or Chen Kaige. Works by Mr. Zhang alone have been submitted seven times. Two of his films made the short-list of nominees.Based on that record, most critics had expected officials to choose either “Coming Home,” Diao Yinan’s bleak thriller “Black Coal, Thin Ice” or Peter Chan’s “Dearest,” a child abduction drama. “Nightingale,” about the road trip of an old man and his granddaughter, was screened just a week in one city bee the Oct. 1 nomination deadline and so only barely eligible consideration by Academy rules.中国的奥斯卡参评影片由行业的最高监管机构国家新闻出版广电总局负责遴选,过程并不透明外界无从知晓评委由哪些人组成,也不知道评判标准是什么不过从过去的选择来看,评委显示出了对几位中国著名导演组成的小圈子的强烈偏好在1979年以来选送角逐学院奖的部作品中,有部出自张艺谋、冯小刚或陈凯歌之手单是张艺谋一人,就有七次被选中代表中国大陆参评,其中两部获得了最后的提名(《英雄代表的是香港——译注)考虑到这样的历史记录,多数影评人估计,官方的选择或者是《归来,或者是刁亦男导演的基调灰暗的悬疑片《白日焰火,或者是陈可辛(Peter Chan)执导的以拐卖儿童为主题的剧情片《亲爱的《夜莺讲述的是一位老人与孙女结伴远行的故事,在月1日的提名截止日期前,仅在一座城市放映了一周,勉强符合学院奖的参评资格But in the eyes of the Chinese film critic Raymond Zhou, the surprise selection of “The Nightingale” may be a reflection of a shift in the mindset of the Chinese nominating officials. China has never won in the category, Mr. Zhou pointed out, and in failing to make the nomination list years in a row, China “kind of lost face.”不过,在中国影评人周黎明看来,意外选中《夜莺或许反映出中国负责选送的官员,观念发生了转变他指出,大陆影片从未赢得奥斯卡最佳外语片奖,而且已经连续年没有获得提名,“有点丢脸”“To jump outside the limited coterie of big-name directors and look toward international co-productions is a good thing,” he added. “It indicates a new kind of openness.”“跳出大导演的小圈子,把目光投向国际合拍片,实际上是件好事,”他说“这显示了一种新的开放性” 19

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