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东莞那间医院疏通输卵管最好广州番禺哪里治疗宫颈炎最好Secrets Of Silk Production蚕丝生产的秘密Fifteen hundred years ago in China, silk production was a state secret.在1500年前的中国,蚕丝的生产方法是国家机密。The silk trade was so valuable that anyone who tried to take silkworm eggs or mulberry seeds out of China was put to death. Then in 552 AD, two monks smuggledsilkworm eggs to Constantinople, and silk production sp worldwide. Now that the secret’s out, we can safely talk about how silkworms and humans make luxurious silk cloth.当时,丝绸贸易的利润是如此丰厚,不论谁试图从中国向外走私蚕卵或桑籽都将会被处死。直到公元552年,两个和尚偷偷把蚕卵携带到了君士坦丁堡,丝绸生产被传播到了全球。既然秘密已经被公开了,我们就可以安全地谈论蚕和人类如何制造丝绸了。A silkworm actually isnt a worm at all. Its a type of caterpillar that once existed in the wild, but now only survives in domesticated form. Silkworms are fussy eaters, dining only on mulberry leaves. When a silkworm has had its fill, it spins a cocoon from a single strand of silk, two to three thousand feet long!蚕事实上根本就不是蠕虫。它其实是一种鳞翅目幼虫,曾经生存于野外,但现在存活的只有人类家养的。蚕对事物很挑剔,它只吃桑树的叶子。当它吃够了,就会吐丝结茧,它的茧是由一根长达两三千英尺的丝结成的。According to legend, a Chinese empress discovered how to harvest silk when a cocoon fell into her tea. She plucked it from the teacup by the loose end of the silk, then unraveled the whole cocoon. To harvest silk commercially, cocoons are first steamed to kill the pupae inside. This is because the silkworm would break the silk if it began to emerge as a moth. Next the cocoon is dunked in hot water, rather than tea, to dissolve the sticky coating that binds the silk. Then a machine unwinds the single strand that makes up each cocoon. Twisted together, these strands make the fine th used to weave silk cloth.据传说记载,有个蚕茧掉到了中国一位皇后的茶水中,这位皇后从而发现了获得蚕丝的方法。她拿着蚕丝散开的一头把蚕茧从茶杯中拿了出来,接着解开了整个蚕 茧。商业上获取蚕丝时,首先会把蚕茧蒸一下以杀死里面的蛹。这是因为当蚕蛹蜕化为蛾子破茧而出时会咬断蚕丝。接着,将蚕茧浸入热水中,而不是泡在茶水中, 以溶解把蚕丝互相粘在一起的粘性覆盖物。然后会有种机器把构成每个蚕茧的那根丝抽出来,这些丝缠在一起就制成了用于纺织丝绸的细丝线。 /201206/188525广州市去哪里做人工受精最好 Castles are usually enormous structures requiring strong foundations and the use of heavy construction materials such as stone. If the foundations are not strong enough, the castle could collapse. The idea of building a castle in the air-with no foundation at all-is, of course, ridiculous. That is why this idiom is used to describe ideas that are not realistic, as if they are dreams or fantasies. So when someone describes a plan or course of action that we believe may be impossible to achieve, we tell him, ;Youre building castles in the air.;城堡通常是一个很大的建筑,需要有坚实的基础,还要用到大量石头之类的建筑材料。如果城堡的基础不够牢固,很可能会坍塌。建立在空中的城堡是没有基础的。因此,“在空中建城堡”当然是一个很荒谬的想法。因此,我们可以使用这个成语形容那些不太现实的想法——因为这种想法往往是梦想或幻想罢了。所以,当有人描述一个计划或行动时,我们觉得那是不可能实现的,就可以告诉他:“你的想法就如空中楼阁一样。”A similar idiom is ;building castles in the sand.; We know that, on a beach, sand castles are inevitably and easily destroyed by the tide. They are not built to last a long time. So when we say someone is ;building castles in the sand,; we mean they are creating something that wont endure very long.类似的一个成语是“在沙滩上建城堡。”我们知道,沙滩上的城堡不可避免地而且很容易被海浪摧毁,不可能持久。所以,我们说有人是“在沙滩上建城堡”,意思就是他们正在创造的东西持续不了多长时间。注:本文译文属原创,,。201204/178335If we are looking for Martian bugs,如果我们正在寻找火星的虫子,we should search for life forms at least as tough an alien as this.我们寻找的应该是生命形式至少是非常异类的外星人。Im looking at Mars in a point of view of microbe.我在以微生物的观点寻找火星上的微生物。And its a microbe I really need very, very tiny amount of water.它是一种微生物,我认为真的只是需要非常,非常微量的水。I could probably live my entire life happily in the tiny drop of water about the size of the point of a pen.我或许可以靠着一钢笔大小的水幸福地过我的整个生活。Now weve shown over the years that orgamisms live in salt crust on the earth have enough sunlight coming in so that they can go through their day to day activities but still be protective from the radiation.现在我们已经明在过去多年来,生活在地球上的微生物住在盐结皮里,有足够的阳光照射进来,这样他们就可以过它们的日常活动,但仍受辐射保护。And we know theres salt crust on Mars.而且我们知道火星上有盐结皮。ars has a long term wobble to its orbit.火星的轨道有一个长期的摆动。And every five million years or so,而每五百万年左右,the poles end up tilting 45 degrees toward the sun.两极最终朝太阳倾斜45度。A way of thinking about the Phoenix landing site is to think about the polar regions on earth, imaging you are there in winter.对于思考凤凰登陆地点的一种方式是考虑到地球上的极地地区,想像你在冬天的时候。Its very inhospitable, very cold, very alien.它非常不友善,非常冷,非常陌生。You think how can anything survive here.你觉得有什么东西能在这里生存下去。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/181685肇庆妇幼保健院输卵管通水

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天河区长安医院输卵管再通怎么样好不好When people go out to a restaurant, some prefer a buffet-style eating place, where you can go back to the food serving tables many times and take lots to eat or drink with no restrictions. The problem, of course, is that diners in these places tend to overeat. And if you dont eat everything on your plate, you may feel guilty about wasting food.人们外出就餐时,有些人喜欢自助餐。在那里你可以取很多食物和饮料,然后大吃特喝,不受任何限制。这当然会出现一个问题,就是这些吃自助餐的人往往会吃得过饱。如果你不把盘子里的东西吃干净,你可能会因浪费食物而感到内疚。Now imagine that your plate is not real, but only your mind, and that all the food on it means all the work you have to do that consumes your time. Sometimes, we may feel like we have too many items ;on our plate; in our mind. Then we may feel a bit guilty telling friends, ;Sorry, I am so busy just now that I cant see you. I simply have too much on my plate.; Of course, in this case we mean too much to do, not too much to eat.现在想象一下,你的盘子不是真实的盘子,而是你的大脑。它里面装的当然不是食物,而是所有你必须做的工作。这些工作会占用你时间。有时我们可能会觉得我们脑海中萦绕着太多需要处理的工作,然后我们可能会有点内疚地告诉朋友:“对不起,我不能和你见面了,因为我手头的事太多了。”当然,在这种情况下,这个习语的意思是指你需要使劲地工作,而不是使劲地吃东西。 注:译文为201204/177576 Im in the baking heat of the Kimberley in north Australia. Out here, over 3,000 people each year get bitten by snakes. Im gonna show you what to do if you come face-to-face with one. Its an olive python. Lets just get him out here. There you come. Well just leave his head on the ground. They are always calmest when they got their head on the ground like that. This is a pretty common snake in Australia. And here we go. Well just get his head. Hell probably live off like rodents, skinks, even other, actually other small snakes. And one thing theres no shortage of in Australia are snakes. In fact, I think its something like 21 of the 25 most poisonous snakes in the world are actually in Australia.我在澳洲北部最炎热的地带金伯利。在这里,每年有超过3000人被毒蛇咬伤。我会为你们展示与蛇面对面时应该怎么做。这是条巴布亚蟒。我们把它抓出来,出来。让蛇头留在地面,这样它就不会挣扎攻击。巴布亚蟒在澳洲相当常见。现在抓住其头部。它的食物有啮齿动物、石龙子、甚至是其它较小的蛇类。实际上,澳洲最不缺的就是蛇,全球毒性最强的蛇,在澳洲就有21至25种。The Aborigines have always lived in harmony with the land, only taking what nature can maintain. And today, they are the only people in Australia allowed to kill indigenous species. They would carry their live prey until they needed to eat it. As Im not a native Australian, Im gonna let this snake go. As its so humid, I dont need a shelter tonight. Ill just sleep under the stars.当地土著人一直与这片土地和谐相处,只索取自然界富余的资源。现如今,他们是澳洲唯一一群能猎杀本土物种的人群。他们会等到要吃的时候才将猎物杀死。我不是澳洲本地人,因此我会放了这条蛇。今天空气太潮湿了,晚上睡觉就不需要庇护所了。我会以星星为伴进入梦乡。Its kind of hard to sleep at the moment just because Im still just pouring in sweat. Its so humid. But it has just given me time just to sit and look around and listen. I can hear the river flowing. Theres a distant thunderstorm. So I can hear the odd crack of lightning occasionally. And it just gives me that time just to go actually, wow, this is special. And its just for me a real privilege to be in somewhere so wild but also so unique. And that for me keeps my spirits going.这个时候很难睡着,因为我依然汗流浃背。天气太潮湿了。不过这让我有时间静坐一会,观察四周,聆听大自然。我听见河流的声音。远处有雷雨。所以我能时不时听见奇特的咔嚓声。实际上,这也让我有时间继续前行,这种感受很特别。能到这么独特的地方一游,对我真的是一种优待。而且会让我的灵魂继续前行。原文译文属!201207/189102天河哪家医院能让大阴唇变大广州治不孕不育需要多少钱




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